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  1. Belated Happy Christmas to all!
  2. Ah, not far from there then. I work at Block Fen quarry quite a lot, not far from the outdoor pursuites place. Wife is a born and bred fen local from Whittlesey. Now they have opened the new Ely Southern Bypass has it helped?
  3. Anywhere near Mepal Carole?
  4. Thanks JM, she is much better but mobility is poor so boating would be out of the question *cheers*
  5. Hope so Peter, 3 years is a long time. Wife was seriously ill back in February so forced to sell our boat after 14 yrs. 2018 has not been too kind to us
  6. Good Luck for your impending move! It's something we have thought about for some time now but whether it will be possible, I have no idea. We have to sell our home in 3 yrs time as there is no way we can pay off the interest only mortgage and we will be lucky to have 60/70K left over. Also, I have to keep working way beyond 65 unless the Lotto numbers come up for us.
  7. Jim


    Enjoying a glass of red vino now, well it is my only day off this week
  8. Very sad to hear the news, our sincere condolences to Clive and family
  9. Lol guys, was called Dart Tag, now Dart Charge. Or, when desperate, Blackwall Tunnel as alternatives. The thought of me taking the Passat apart and reassembling on the northern bank conjures up many thoughts.
  10. Never managed to use the Woolwich Ferry as it was always out of action when I did want to get on lol
  11. Jim


    I can understand that Peter. Recently, a retired emloyee of a company I work for stopped posting and it reached a point where we were all concerned for him. After a bit of digging we found him perfectly well but taking a break. He is also a keen angler so to spend more time with his wife and family, he agreed to take a break from 4 forums plus Facebook.
  12. Jim


    Also good the hear that Gracie is okay and just taking a break!
  13. Jim


    Have to say I agree with those who feel the place has changed. I understand that the forum has changed and evolved and hope that the new team can help bring back the happy feel here. As one of the founding members, I felt like a stranger here since last year!
  14. All the Best for a speedy recovery
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