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  1. It came with a boat I bought but had no use for it
  2. What a shame I have not long given one of these away on another site
  3. Those were the older 10mm ones that were rejected
  4. The trust i am supplying asked for a 20mm drip shield rather than the std 10mm one , they take a bit longer but still managing 2 an hour on the remaining ender 3
  5. https://3dverkstan.se/protective-visor/protective-visor-print-guide/ Even with those settings they don't take an hour , only trying to help you up production, ignore me if you already know all this, sorry if it came across wrong, of course everything you get off is a bonus.
  6. Grendel what printer are you using?? These 3dverkstan ones print in 30 mins with the right settings, the prusa ones take longer, the one remaining creality printer I have running prints two off in an hour and one minute, that's 100% solid with a .4 nozzle
  7. These are going to a care home in Milford Haven , my elderly mother is altering scrubs that have been delivered in sizes xl to carers that are size 10 or less, she has told them what I am doing so sending a box full down to them
  8. https://avow.org/donate/ That's not a link asking for donation just to inform jawsOrca who is receiving them , I have ordered the parts, I was hoping they would arrive today but no show unfortunatly, I'm waiting for a ribbon cable for an artillery genius and extra .6 nozzles for that and the creality one , the creality is still producing with a .4 at the moment but only getting off 2 an hour .
  9. I too have been printing these off, was getting 4 an hour off two printers but currently waiting for a couple of spares for one printer which has slowed me down a bit, probably done around 160 up to now .keep up the good work everyone.
  10. Brilliant thanks I knew you guys would get it
  11. Apologies for the poor picture quality but it was in the day of the wind on film cameras
  12. Don't know if anyone remembers the name of this fine craft , or a make/model , my father and myself hired this around 1984/5 It was our first father son holiday after my parents got divorced , just looking through some old photos when I stumbled across these pictures and it jogged my memory of more happy times so wondered if it was still around , not 100% sure but pretty certain it was from Richo's
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