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  1. How's does Robin manage with his trader?? , oh forgot it doesn't go anywhere..
  2. Ranworthbreeze maybe able to help you out with that question..
  3. Exactly what hylander said they used..
  4. I agree it's just a request not the law, but to make the whole problem go away just put the number temoraraly where they want it , in six months time it will be forgotten about and something else will crop up, its not a huge problem is it , just follow the guide lines and there is no problem and nobody needs to get uptight and stressed out about it.
  5. It's not 1966 anymore , ba is nothing like it was back then, they didn't fit deking, led lights ,mikuni or planner heating or even beta engines, things change , just put the numbers where they are required and problem solved, private boats/hire boats it doesn't matter just do as the ba ask and the problem has gone away...
  6. Bit like the engine in the griff tile van ..
  7. At least it will go further than Brundall to Reedham once a year
  8. The so called ***** button as you call it is because my wife is disabled and no use at all when it comes to mooring up, and my balance is at best questionable since an infection damaged my inner ear, it's pretty much to ensure we are safe and don't put ourselves or others at risk when manovering in tight spaces, like lots of things in life if it makes things easier and safer that's got to be a good thing, would you call abs on bikes like triumph tigers scardy cat brakes , no of course not , they are not essential but nice to have , thanks for all the other advice we have had a couple of quotes and are progressing with our purchase , sorry for not replying or updating thread sooner but we are surrounded by boxes and busy busy sorting stuff out for the house move..
  9. Just wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere preferably up north that could fit a bow thruster to an Alpha 35 ?? Just wanted to get an idea of price before we sign on the dotted line , it's way down on the list of things we need to do but needed a quote or an idea of approx cost so we can budget for everything else, boat will 99% be moored in Horning just need to confirm details when we move home on the 18th..thanks
  10. Upped our offer today as our original one was declined , it's not too far away from the asking price and what the estate agents have said the vendors are hoping for, so pretty confident that it will be accepted, our little boat has been sold and has been trailered away today, never thought that would be so hard to watch , gonna miss it more than I thought..
  11. We have placed an offer on a property in Ludham and its not yet been accepted but is under consideration, exciting times for us but still panicking if it does get accepted, may be looking for a permanent mooring as well as a new boat , no more paying to get our boat trailered across country , just arrived back after a six hour drive but fingers crossed wont have to do that too many more times...
  12. Better spending money upgrading the 90's galley and dated interior rather than tech, im sure that will make more of a difference to mum and partner than an upgraded charger and air con , get them out on the water and save the gadgets for indy
  13. How do you know the windows let little breeze in you have not even seen the boat yet.
  14. Why on earth do you need AC on a boat that size, if its just a weekend boat you might encounter half a dozen days a year ,just open the windows and drop the canopy
  15. Didn't waste any time, long time member on ybw. Hmmmmm, do some more research / splitting hairs if you wish, my answer will then be - AND? Griff And as for that comment, you asked a question you got an answer, end of...
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