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  1. Look at us / UK /WHO websites M
  2. Better still STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!!! M
  3. Yes hospital grade dettol has been shown to be effective in killing Covid19 and Hep B and HIV. M
  4. Having had bacterial pneumonia twice in the last ten years and the antibiotics of last resort twice, I now find myself with asthma as well as the need for blood pressure medication. Im not particularly worried as I don’t touch my face or snog strangers and I wash my hands religiously. If anyone is concerned if they feel a bit pants if you don’t have a temperature but have flu like symptoms you have a cold. Colds are an afebrile (no temperature) disease. You might feel terrible but it’s not going to kill you. Covid and SARS and normal flu all give you a temperature spike. I have had real flu three times in my life the first time when I was 15, then 22 and later in my thirties and never since. I was washed out for at least three weeks of recovery with two weeks unable to even turn over in bed without breaking out in a deep bone aching sweat. Have faith in the system it does and will help but don't panic. Italy has thirty times our rate of infection we are a long way ( so far) from banning public gatherings. Having said all that the pasta section in tesco tonight had been subjected to an attack by panic buying locusts. Lol made me laugh all the way to the car... Good health to everyone M
  5. Time to be a pedant. Sewerage = pipes and fittings Sewage = contents of pipes and fittings Original article correctly identifies Sewage lol . it’s all a load of old Ssss poo M
  6. Grendel do you want fluffy pink ones ? Polly might have a pair lying about. M
  7. One of the simplest and hardest things to do is one which I learned as a lab based microbiologist almost 36 years ago. It’s simple and hard: DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. You would be amazed how frequently most people do this. All the mask wearing hand sanitizing and washing is not going to work if you keep touching your face. So follow the government advice, WHO advice. and: DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Martin
  8. Winter tyres are a legal requirement in Germany. Recently changed. Applies to visiting cars also M
  9. Used winter tyres for the past 16 years and continue to do so now we are in the UK. The extra rain performance in terms of grip when the temperature is below 12 degrees is unbelievable if you’ve never used them. Good decision Charlie
  10. The big one is Bobo, the little one is Monty. Otherwise known as Bomon
  11. This is a better view of them.
  12. These two boys will both be coming.
  13. Scary stuff Charlie, Wind and a 11 ton Woodie don't mix, momentum is a dangerous thing. The wind from the side once pulled a mooring post out at Ranworth when moored using the middle cleat on Malanka for stability in the high wind. Leaving was a nightmare. As you know our freeboard up forwards in huge so we always get off from the middle, without instant pressure on the ropes what happened to you could and has happened to us also. I think you handled it very well, as I would have expected you to. So no pressure in future then mate …..
  14. HMRC has specific powers of arrest for HMRC offences and these cannot be used for non- HMRC offences, for example, robbery. Arrests are made only by officers who have been trained and authorised to use the power. At any time HMRC has approximately 1,500 officers with the power of arrest. Basically in the UK HMRC can do or take whatever they want whenever they want, issue arbitrary fines and sequester money as they please. Court orders not required. probably a scam as they don’t require arrest warrants in the first place.
  15. Malanka

    Just A Dream

    You forgot the part about weaving from side to side my friend. Lol
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