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  1. Take the CAT out of the petrol car to see what it produces the co2 figures are totally artificial M
  2. We’d have to come by a mooring planking though
  3. If I could trust myself to get two 40kg Aireheads into the dinghy without getting wet I might try the dinghy landing. We do it but from the spit mooring. Dogs love it. M
  4. I suspect the up to an hour is to catch the water hose users who just pop in for that. We were thinking if putting Malankas bow onto the beach area! Is that mooring? Its how it was done in the 50s certainly, and I don’t see a notice saying we can’t lol M
  5. Malanka

    Over Wide Load

    How did you guess lol yup containers. Bane of our lives, 3 million yellow dusters in 230kg metal banded bails in a twenty foot container and the fork truck died on hottest August Saturday morning for years, 17 tons total out, round, and back up inside by hand !! Wrecked my trapezius muscle right side. Still wrecked to this day, me and depot hydrocortisone are old friends. Plod made our lives hell too. M
  6. John you’re not wrong as that is what STORR is diesel generators to supply emergency leccy when a brownout happens due to unreliables. Really you couldn’t make it up, like converting a coal station sat on a coal mine with zero transport costs to use wood pellets imported from the US via road ship then road.... Face palm or what !!! M
  7. Mal will be electric by then. M
  8. We do both Grendel, depends which is cheaper. Leasing in UK is waaay more expensive than here. Both our lease deals are at rates less that 2%. In Uk it’s typically between 4 and 6%. You’re being ripped off. Those companies borrow money from the same place we do but you get charged 6% and I get 1.8%. Quite a ridiculous figure for margin that simply cannot be justified as anything other than greed. M
  9. Yeah Switzerland and public transport spoils us for choice. My point earlier was economic development will drive the future not mandates from Brussels. So I agree with you but not anytime soon the technology is not mature enough. I do have one question though. What are we going to do with all the diesel and petrol we get from crude from extracting the high value lubrication oils and volatile organics to make plastics? It’s not going to be used so what do we do with it?? lol
  10. Malanka

    Over Wide Load

    I posted that these deliveries were by drivers with certs from firms with certs, all the owner drivers we dealt with were great, neat trucks careful supervision of loading ( I was the FT driver too) What left our warehouse was on the money. What arrived as groupage was a completely different story. Illegal imports from the United Arab Jamihyria (Libya) from South Africa (when NM was still in his cell) machine parts were diamond drill bits heading to Scotland, bags of PVC we’re going to the Dunlop factory to make tennis shoes. We transhipped them to tankers. None of that cared two hoots for CPC or any of it. When it left us it was pucca, not so when it arrived. This was mostly in mid 80s and early 90s. We had fun......
  11. Where we live public transport is quick, efficient, cheap, readily available and simply the best I have ever seen or used. I don’t need a car here it’s our choice to have one. Even then I could use a red mobility shared car if I wanted. It’s our choice, any government that wants to remove that fundamental choice had better look long and hard first. M
  12. You know very well the answer to your question Charlie. Told you more than once. Mrs G can use her anytime. Lol
  13. Why not just write out in triplicate on 5 sides of A4 how and why this would on any planet be a good idea and I will consider it ... he he
  14. We have welcomed our middle son to take Malanka out twice so far, and our youngest will take her out this summer. I drummed into them there is no democracy on a boat and that they are in charge and need to let everyone with them know that is the case. I have no issues with them using the boat, they are responsible adults who know that with that comes accountability and they actually welcome that to demonstrate to us that our trust is well placed. They have never let us down and I do not anticipate that any of them ever will. If I cannot trust my own offspring brought up by us and nurtured by us and values given and encouraged by us then who on earth may I trust. M
  15. Malanka

    Over Wide Load

    Absolutely agree CPC is essential. No disagreement there. All haulers should and perhaps do have one. However having worked and run my own company involved in groupage distribution and storage in UK and internationally I can absolutely assure you that we received hundreds nay thousands of deliveries supposedly by CPC certified hauliers that were: unsafe downright dangerous misslabelled poorly loaded illegal All came of course with the correct paperwork that was worth precisely NOTHING. Quoting regulations and requirements is great but in the real world there’s a jungle out there so please remember reality strikes every time.. if that were not the case there would be no need for regulatory bodies would there. ... have a great weekend M
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