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  1. Hi John, Recent papers have indicated that the historic furore over the "alleged" effects of secondary smoking were to put it mildly. Overblown. So anything that shows a 95% reduction in noxious nasties (to use Tim's phrase) should at face value seem to be a good thing for everyone. The issues are that nobody has done long term exposure studies to the combustion by products of flavourings and preservatives in vape fluids / liquids. To be a fluid a vape mixture would have to be a gas by the way, otherwise it would be a liquid. Combusting something gives totally different breakdown products than enzyme driven digestion for obvious reasons. M
  2. Sounds Like a plan Timbo. I'm not a supporter of the nanny state in any shape or form (reference sausages and cancer, bacon, brown crisps and toast) and it sounds like you have got some very good and therefore independent of thought medics on your team which is very nice to read. I take such government (Health England) warnings along with the latest ones concerning salt intake which are also cropped findings not the whole truth, and put them in the bin, where such drivel belongs. I will explain the latter story over a beer if we get to see you over the next two weeks, it's quite a scientific scandal actually. I didn't go into the "no safe exposure limit" debate as I thought it would bore the pants off everyone. But items which are described as no safe exposure limit sometimes also have a metabolic pathway in the human body which metabolises it and excretes it as waste. Or simply fixes what's wrong (such as the light and dark reactions of DNA repair from damage due to radiation and mutation) Age spots are an example. So the simple garbage issued by the Gov of any stripe is never the answer, leave folks alone to draw their own conclusions, the people of the UK are not sheep to be driven this way and that over personal choice issues. Mainly at the whim of a PPE graduate who has never had a proper job in their entire, pitiable, miserable, holier than thou lives. RANT OVER....
  3. Malanka

    Brian Wards

    Love the place, Malanka has many parts from said establishment. I even bought one of them myself....LOL Don't get excited it was an oil filler cap a few summers ago, as some idiot (that would be me) left the one we had on the top of the rocker cover box and set off. Later said item was nowhere to be seen and the faint aroma of hot engine oil was quite obvious. The drip tray which at that juncture was fairly full had captured it and what goes into that tray stays in that tray until it's emptied next, no way, not goin down dere, nuttin doin boss. No way I was going to search gooey sticky black old engine oil to find a filler cap. So a quick fix with some tin foil and string and off to BW we went. Come to think of it the foil and string option worked very well. Unfortunately me and chandleries are like kiddies and sweety shops, who here cannot say the same...?It's as if I feel obligated to buy something, some new shiny thing I don't really need, but I know would look cool or better yet SOUND cool. Current objects of lustful thoughts are air horns or just horns that sound less like a strangled chipmunk than the current Malanka iteration. Thoughts on air horns / horns please ?? Two tone of course... I am afraid I am currently losing the battle to bring along two vuvuzela (not sure if that is the plural noun so I will leave it) for the England charge to the World Cup final (yes I am an optimist) The reason being Monty the young Airedale horse is absolutely petrified of the sound they make.. Oh well... One more sleep.... M
  4. PMI is investing Billions to try and move to tobacco free products, or reduced risk products, there are many studies indicating the 95% reduction in harmful carcinogens which is of course good news for those that wish to use that particular way to shorten their lives. Unfortunately for those studies and something that the study owners will not tell you is at what point the risk is reduced ? The amount available may be reduced by 95% but at what point are the associated risks reduced 95% as that relationship is not linear in any way shape or form. Personally I rely on alcohol and work related stress to shorten my life, poisoning by ingestion whilst stressed out on the sofa seems more civilized somehow. However as someone has already pointed out some studies in Japan have identified new carcinogens and toxic by products of combustion of food additives which whilst "safe" (whatever that is supposed to mean) to be ingested may be less so in vapour phase into the lungs. After injections the inhaled products are the second biggest risk area for medication manufacturers and we go and voluntarily suck in burned food additives...or worse tobacco combustion products...I'll stick to the gin.... Personally I love the smell of pipe tobacco, hate the smell of cigarettes of all stripes (just the smell of wacky backy just makes me want to puke) and just find vapes mildly amusing as someones head disappears behind clouds of nobody quite knows what. My objection is centered on the "non solo" nature of such activity in that if one doesn't pee up the leg of the guy/lady standing next to folks at the bar drinking, this effects nobody but the drinker and the guy or lady that cleans the pub loo. I'm not sure vaping or smoking may claim to do the same. I do not specifically mean secondary smoking as the controversy surrounding that issue is not yet completely in the public arena as far as I know. I do note however that vaping is about to be outlawed in cars in a few countries due to the vision impairment element of clouds of sweet smelling vapour obscuring the drivers view of the road. Just imagine four high power "vapers" in the same vehicle, apart from the humour element it would be fairly dangerous I would think. By the way if my tongue were more firmly in my cheek I would be biting it .....
  5. We may also pop over as we are in Norwich for two nights and weds (18th July) pm is not yet sorted as it's first sons graduation bash at UEA. We have five adults two doggies (one horse one growing horse) and one 9 month old....Any takers? Second thoughts maybe take away would be the best plan...lol M+F
  6. Malanka

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    The following is intended to provide background not criticism in any way of anyone or any previous post. I didn’t take any replies to my post as critical in any way and it’s all good ... The most intimidating thing to do should you wish to be intimidating is to stay calm when confronted by swearing rudeness or aggression. It takes huge amounts of energy ( adrenaline) to stay angry and keep forcing things. No energy above normal to keep calm required. the last person to threaten to punch me was at Salhouse over 5 or six years ago now. I calmly and politely told him he was perfectly ok to try. The immediate oh sh*t moment on his face was priceless. Staying calm is easy if you want to. Being involved but not overtly intimidating is easy. Some have said and no criticism to those that deal with things differently that they would put a distance between themselves and the other protagonists. Well as someone that spent the first 20 years of my life being both physically and mentally abused, bullied, and afraid, call it what you like. I went out of my way to learn not to be intimidated and deal with things in the way I choose not the way others choose. 6 years worth of training is still there, I’m not as fit or as enthusiastic as I used to be but with age comes wisdom apparently and since I learned all that stuff ( what I learned was not a sport) I have used the physical side only once over 35 years ago now and involved the use of two fingers nothing more. The mental stuff I use all the time. I refuse to have my free time ruined by thoughtless idiots.
  7. Malanka

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I also swim but be careful if you go to Geldeston there are some folks that like to swim there "sans Vestements" so to speak. Which whilst perfectly ok is a little unexpected the first time witnessed. he he M
  8. Malanka


    Note attach attachment before hitting send....LOL
  9. Malanka

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    Hi Andrew, Although I don't disagree with you at all there were some extenuating circumstances which in the interests of brevity I didn't previously mention. We started to video only after the initial swearing and our polite but unwelcome contact, when it became obvious that they were not going to willingly cooperate, this was made perfectly clear when one of the drunks said " this is being video'd you c u next Tuesday". Our video was started after this implied threat, and was discretely being done by my son and was by no means visible to them at all and was mainly to collect the aggressive swearing and attempted delaying which we wanted to give to Broads beat by means of self protection from counter claims. So there were no reasons for them to be rude and aggressive at all they were just rude and aggressive people, who didn't like that fishing takes second place to boating. (They were sitting in front of and had rods resting on the notice telling them this) They were asked very politely to move their fishing gear and then took the best part of ten to fifteen minutes to comply. Bear in mind this was Womack dyke which is windy, busy and narrow. Remember all they were being asked to do was move up some fishing gear not the boat, the gap between boats was filled with fishing gear, more specifically two rods and three or four long keep nets (which proved to be empty) I am afraid if I did not like, or was sensitive to having video cameras pointed at me or pictures taken of me and my children then I would have to never leave the wetshed, this happens every day multiple times. You may be surprised but it would not be an exaggeration to say that in the summer season it is almost every one we see on the banks and every boat we pass in the water. We just accept it and wave and don't mind at all. OK sometimes it gets irritating we are human after all but mostly not. The irritating part is when the thirteenth person comes and asks to take photos and ask the same questions. It's hard not to sigh and say yes of course with good grace. Unfortunately anonymity is not something we enjoy whilst cruising as we happen to be the custodian of a boat that people want to photograph. I did it to nice boats and houses I liked when I hired boats for 35 years before buying one so I don't object. The teens hated it and "photo-bombed" quite a few holiday snaps in their time as teenagers. I have only objected once and that was when a photograph was taken when we were moored in Horning and the photograph became the front page of a website for an estate agents. The reason I objected was that my daughter then aged 14 was in the picture and her face was clearly evident. To be honest its also nice when people say nice boat and give us the thumbs up, I always say thank you as well because I am pleased they like the same things I like. One a similar vein there seems to be a belief that taking photographs or video in a public space is somehow restricted which is is not. Only in specific circumstances of commercial use would contravene such a scenario. The relationship here in Switzerland is even better as photos from your private space of and into someone else's private space is prohibited by law. From the pavement it's perfectly ok. Silly huh.. Anyway I hope that clarifies things a bit. Enjoy! Only two more sleeps...... Lists are being made and pre-packing commencing tonight...Roof bars and roof box to go.... Martin
  10. Malanka

    Moorings During The Busy Months

    For the asking to move part I really meant to say (but didn't) stern on mooring as its usually 2x 6 ft gaps to make one 12 ft gap which of course we can squeeze into quite easily. If there are huge gaps left by departing boats when side on moored, that really should be a no brainer for folks and they shouldn't need asking. We frequently move to make more space. Sometimes these spaces, perhaps near the escape ladders are filled with "fishing tackle" as justification not to move. I simply ask them to move with a smile, guilt does the rest. Last time I did this (Womack Dyke) I was called a c u next Tuesday. Broads beat was called and they caught up with the perpetrators later the same day. We weren't the only complainant it seems. I did call the boatyard to advise them of the behavior of their hirers, met with zero interest and a belligerent attitude. I even offered them video evidence, seems the mighty hire fee trumped basic good manners and aggressive behavior . Oh they were all drunk as skunks too which obviously didn't help. The C U next Tuesday comment was shouted in the full hearing of my wife, daughter and youngest son... even whilst we were videoing them for evidence purposes as we were just about to crush some valuable fishing gear as we were being blown by the wind. This was left in the river deliberately to prevent us mooring and was the last thing removed after tens of beer cans, seats, bait boxes and keep nets. Last thing to go was the rod....Oh well ... M
  11. Malanka

    Jabsco Toilet

    First thing we changed John. I can't think of a more wasteful use of valuable clean water on a boat with restricted supply than to flush down Urine and faeces with it. Doh ! Not to mention connecting, no matter how protected the clean water to the bowl of the bog which is also then connected to the black water.. Helooo. Eliminate the risk altogether, save money and save the valuable resource which is clean drinking water. Simples.... And before anyone asks no the river water does not smell the cabin out. It may have done in the 1970's but not today. Flushing the loo when crossing Breydon can also give a salty tang to the air ...LOL Cheaper than air freshener......
  12. Malanka

    Anyone For Hickling?

    Many thanks Charlie, who am I to disagree. M
  13. Malanka

    Anyone For Hickling?

    She is six six at the top of the pulpit rail . Probably a bit less with full tanks. I will measure again on Saturday. The rails match the profile further back. She is a 1953 broom commander 38 x 10ft 6
  14. Malanka

    Jabsco Toilet

    Better still don’t use white water to flush the loo use the stuff in the river. All goes to black tank of course but use the river.
  15. Malanka

    Oh Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saw a camouflage paint job AMG Merc V12 Coupé in Monaco on our wedding anniversary trip with the reg TOO 5LOW Made me smile... M

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