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  1. Malanka

    Malanka Out And About Next Week

    We will be down south on way to Norwich ys Christian has an interview weds. Well here I am sitting bored rigid at Schipol airport, where I have been for the past three hours after finishing my interviews for a new job! Done book reading paper reading food eating. Am now reduced to people watching whilst charging my chargeables on the comfy seats. The finding of which after two hours flattening my bum on wooden ones made me feel very inadequate. The secret was the sign that read comfort zone!! Doh! Good thing is we-board in 30 minutes for a quick puddle jump to Norwich International airport ( sic) quick taxi as I don’t think Fiona will want to come get me after driving for ten hours. Hopefully she has some fizz chilling . I haven’t seen her since Tuesday morning and I’ve missed all the holiday packing and prep. Dog grooming and all that good stuff. I was stuck in a Hamburg hotel meeting room entertaining sorry lecturing to a bunch of folks about particle testing for injectable products. I kept them awake and hopefully get an invite to next years shindig which is in Vienna, which was where I had to skip the gig last year due to the arrival of gorgeous little Eliza. its so close I can almost feel it. I can’t feel my bum as that’s now completely fallen off . Can’t wait to smell the smell and know we’re going to wake up floating . Can’t beat that IMO. Playing guess the nationality before hearing the speaking at the moment, not doing too badly actually. Ok ok I should really leave now. So bored....... M
  2. Malanka

    Malanka Out And About Next Week

    Oh yes I surely will. Officially unemployed as of last Friday. I’m currently doing what is referred to as enjoying “gardening leave”. Sounds great but is boring as anything and pretty soul destroying. Before I get to boat I flew from Zurich to Hamburg yesterday where I will be speaking today and tomorrow at a pharmaceutical educational conference, then Thursday fly on to Amsterdam for a new job interview on Friday Then after that fly to Norwich for holiday with the family, it’s all go when you’re unemployed you know!! see everyone whose floating next week. M
  3. We will be taking the old lady out and about with a different crew next week. Justin is studying hard for his IB next year and won’t be joining us. But little Eliza and her mum will be along for the float. honk say hi or wave as we pass by. Looking forward to floating . M&F
  4. Malanka

    How Many Electric Posts?

    In our case 10 ton boat vs fisher person. Erm figure it out. They as we know the rules don’t abuse them and harmony rules. I wonder why that never ever happens. I fish I also boat simples. I have asked people to move ( they didn’t) I have told miscreants to stop trawling (they didn’t until we took a picture) why is this even necessary??? Please enlighten me
  5. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    I think in reality it’s everything off. I really don’t want to see her all ripped up it’s too upsetting. Hopefully I just see the after pictures M
  6. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Oh I forgot to mention we are going to revamp the galley too. Full size oven and separate hob unit. Achieved by moving the cooker forwards of where it is ( into the gangway) nice curved worktop to smooth the lines and Fannie is your auntie. Cant wait for that either M
  7. Malanka

    Our Time In Switzerland

    Wow what an amazing journey. Enjoy whilst still young was my fathers motto too. Wise words M
  8. Malanka

    Our Time In Switzerland

    It’s on the list but not for at least 5 yrs more. Too much left to do. We are seriously looking at properties in Norfolk and Suffolk at the moment for future retirement potential and rental income in between. I am jealous but it’s just not me YET, close but no banana. M
  9. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Oh my goodness! Finished, what’s that. I can’t say finished without mentioning the dreaded word. VARNISH Last restoration parts refers to big boat bits. Internal varnish is like the forth road bridge , a true “never ending story” M
  10. Dear All, Just a quick five minutes to let you all know something and explain why we haven’t been on the forum much since August. The firm I work for has been bought by another American firm and as a result our time in Switzerland may be coming to an end. Justin will complete his International Baccalaureate in June next year and then we ( Fiona and Myself) will be free to go wherever the employment takes us. we have lived outside the UK for 15 years now and we must admit To beginning to desire a return to blighty. We will of course go wherever the wind blows and enjoy our next adventure. We would also like to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of my mum. For those interested in such things she died suddenly and unexpectedly from meningitis aged 86yrs. The family are well, Christian graduated from UEA with a 2:1 in international development. He is working now and on his way to complete independence. Eliza will be 1 in a few weeks, she is now walking very well indeed and even has a few words as well. Helena will be returning to Canterbury in October to continue her studies in Animal Science. After his IB Justin intends to read Military History and Politics in the UK before embarking on a career within the UK military. So it’s all go and all change chez nous, which for those familiar with our comings and goings is pretty par for the course. Many many thanks to you all for a magnificent summer in which we met up with many new friends and supped large with ones of old. This year we did many new things and enjoyed every minute with friends old and new. Next year it’s that bloody bridge or bust.... See you all afloat. Martin Fiona et al.
  11. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Dear all, Drip leak has been repaired on the fuel pump, full engine service performed and new, less dentist waiting room LEDs, fitted in the saloon. We will be out from the 13th October please feel free to drop in and say hi. The party will be Fiona myself and the two aireloons. We may head south depends on weather , may just cruise about ooop north. We do intend to play as many two pence machines as we can and just have fun. This will be our last cruise before the top is effectively ripped off Malanka and new stuff done. We are anxious to enjoy our cruise but also apprehensive about the last restoration parts. Kind of we know it has to be done BUT. It’s a major investment but we think worth it. Martin Fiona Boris and Monty.
  12. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    OK just a quick update following the summer cruises. New batteries worked a treat and we didn't come near low or no power available for the fridge. Less successful were the LED lighting. "Warm white" was the description, major surgery operating room is more like it. Oh dear back to the drawing board with less "glaring" harsh tones is required. Phil says he has some so let's see what they look like. Currently the lady is having her injector pump repaired as there was a very very slow drip leak, more noticeable as a smell really, and an full engine service in preparation for the autumn cruise.
  13. Malanka

    Diesel Stench

    Just as an afterthought, birds die from ingesting the oil in an effort to clean themselves which is why making it sink into the water where bacteria can deal with it is the preferred option?. Nobody likes crude oil spills and to imply or infer otherwise is rediculous in the extreme, but frankly to compare diesel oil smells with crude oil spills and seabirds coated in the foul stuff, is to put it mildly a little crude. If one needs a hammer to make the point is it much of a point to make in the first place? Maybe in fact it was but one loses any support or credibility when anyone uses a completely over the top and quite inaccurate analogy. Quite similar in some respects to what is happening in daily politics and news media in the uk I believe. The standard of which gets lower every time I watch it. Even watching F1 this afternoon some moronic half educated presenter was describing an amount of people ? What is that supposed to mean ? I despair and will disappear down my little hole and stay there .
  14. Malanka

    Visitor Toll

    It’s the same stuff I use to remove luggage stickers from the back of my phone when I travel. I don’t use paper tickets so it makes sense. Also safer than a boarding card. M
  15. Malanka

    Visitor Toll

    Sticky stuff remover and a light plastic pan scourer works great in removing till plaque glue. Thank god we don’t have them anymore. I became quite adept at exactly placing the new one directly over the old one. No need for glue removal ... simples

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