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  1. Scary stuff Charlie, Wind and a 11 ton Woodie don't mix, momentum is a dangerous thing. The wind from the side once pulled a mooring post out at Ranworth when moored using the middle cleat on Malanka for stability in the high wind. Leaving was a nightmare. As you know our freeboard up forwards in huge so we always get off from the middle, without instant pressure on the ropes what happened to you could and has happened to us also. I think you handled it very well, as I would have expected you to. So no pressure in future then mate …..
  2. HMRC has specific powers of arrest for HMRC offences and these cannot be used for non- HMRC offences, for example, robbery. Arrests are made only by officers who have been trained and authorised to use the power. At any time HMRC has approximately 1,500 officers with the power of arrest. Basically in the UK HMRC can do or take whatever they want whenever they want, issue arbitrary fines and sequester money as they please. Court orders not required. probably a scam as they don’t require arrest warrants in the first place.
  3. Malanka

    Just A Dream

    You forgot the part about weaving from side to side my friend. Lol
  4. Acid rain and lake Eutrophication is another topic believed to have been one thing and now proven ( oops that inconvenient truth) sorry to be something else entirely. It only took one simple agricultural study to overturn 30 years of belief and assumption. Science is fun but not for the feint hearted. John! Eutrophication is also hard to say after a few beers. Or even before a beer. Allogenic, Autogenic, fractional distillation, semi quantitative mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, complement cascade, anti TNF (2nd gen) antigenic fragment, molecular conjugation. There is an entire lexicon of scientific terms used and abused daily by journalists who have not one scientific qualification between them with no clue what they actually mean or the context in which statements are theories, hypothesis, facts or beliefs. And to coin a phrase 97% of the information ( sorry ) a huge amount of the stuff in the public domain is put out there by Phd graduates in American Women’s Literature in the Victorian era. If you are wondering to whom I refer she is a lady representing Brighton in the Mother of Parliaments. She spouts opinions and beliefs and that’s fine as I add my BS filter of scientific Enquiry and consign what she says to the circular file. At least I can laugh about it. Getting irate or insulted or involving or investing emotion into a forum is silly. We are better than that. To those who would say “ all these scientists can’t be wrong” I would council caution and refer them to Albert Einstein’s response to a paper published in the 1930s entitled 100 scientists against Jewish science. All fully accredited and highly qualified. Einstein’s response was “ if I was wrong it would take only ONE”. It does not matter how loud the shout or how many shout it. One single fact and one single person can bring the entire steaming edifice crashing down. We could all do well to remember that now and again before getting upset about what people believe.
  5. Using the 97% is ridiculous as it has long since been shown to have been self selecting rubbish. Tens of thousands of Scientists were asked if man affected the environment, who on earth would say no, there was also more than one question which 97% generally agreed with. That does not mean 97% of Climate Scientists agree in CAGW. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It’s easily googled so I have no idea why anyone would use it nowadays. For anyone who believes a scientific consensus ( which there is not) is as fact I suggest listening to Richard Feynman a very famous scientist explaining what a theory is. Fascinating man and the reason I became a scientist. Flat earth is an example so are co crystals and tectonic plates, neutrinos, atoms, bacteria, all were once thought NOT to exist, it’s called science not belief for a reason. Facts start out life as a theory, which leads to a hypothesis which is what is called verifiable ie you can test it. One single thing that doesn’t agree with the hypothesis means the theory is WRONG. That’s science...
  6. Only one thing to say : Read the founding articles of the UNFCC. Which leads to the IPCC. Read the report Chapter one of their latest report . Not the summary for policy makers which is “influenced” to say the least. Chapter one is the science without the opinions tacked on. No might or could or perhaps for which science holds no place. Remember this, science cares not one iota what you choose to believe it matters what you can prove. Provide the Null Hypothesis ( look it up) and then read chapter one....
  7. We did Ludham bridge at 7ft3 a few weeks ago, when its that high there are no walkways its all water...Wouldn't have liked to do it with such winds as you've had Charlie mate. No snow in Suffolk. M
  8. Don’t worry never going to happen! there isn’t enough rare earth metals for the batteries currently mined number one! there isn’t enough copper currently mined for the cables number two! not enough metals for the electric motors number three! this would mandate an extra 20 GW of leccy ! So not gonna happen. 18 Billion funding gap due to the lack of fuel duty paid currently. 20 million of new charging points by 2035. That’s thousands a day from now until then! it takes 9 years of driving a leccy car to equilibrate the carbon from a diesel car. By which point the batteries don’t work so excess carbon. PMSL. The lack of joined up thinking is stultifying in its ineptitude but hey if it appeals to an incredibly uneducated and incredible ignorant 16 yr old Swedish girl it must be good eh!!!!! OMG this is so dumb it’s beyond belief.
  9. Some pictures from today : M
  10. We had to drop the top both ways was a tiddly taddly bit chilly. Real feel was 3 degrees. When sun went in later was bitingly cold. M
  11. Sorry Cabby mate I didn’t see the message but it was 7ft5 on way down at 12:45 and 7ft3 on way back three hours later M
  12. Getting my day in early. Arrive at shed take old lady out for a spin return to shed go home and relaaaxx. weather looks good so we are off out. Out about 11am . See you all there
  13. Charlie boy was playing it on the then newly fitted sound system thingymajig. I was trying valiantly to keep abreast of HMS Ambition at 11mph whilst towing, taking a video and helming with only two hands... Simples
  14. Having lived in Germany between 2003 and 2009 I can honestly say that the German people we met are friendly and approachable and genuinely lovely people. I’m afraid I don’t feel able to say the same for their political classes at the national level. On the local my neighbour was of a different political stripe to me but we shared many beers whilst he cut his lawn on a Sunday ( illegal) or put out his mums washing on a Sunday ( illegal) or whilst we talked whilst I washed my car on my drive ( illegal), once joined by the chief of the local police too. they genuinely didn’t care. Pity the national leaders cannot be so magnanimous M
  15. Our two eldest have both visited Aushwitz twice, both were immeasurably moved by the absolute cruelty of the place. There is a video at the Holocaust part of the IWM in London from a survivor who was asked if she could forget. She said in reply that it’s like a pebble being cast into the lake and there is an initial splash and then ripples gradually spread out and lessen over time but after all the ripples have gone and time has passed there is still a pebble on the bottom of the lake. God forbid we ever forget what was done there. M
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