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  1. We have turned Malanka there with 13ft sailing dinghy attached. We had to use the engine as nobody on the full staithe wanted to help us with ropes. Watch out for the brambles on the starboard side as they do stick out quite a bit. The issue perhaps with a 42 footer is the hull shape a bit lower down the river. If it’s low you may do some dredging. Not a place to get stuck. The channel is v narrow alright for us at 10ft and v shaped but some of the flat bottom 12 foot wide jobs may struggle a bit if water is low. M
  2. At last a topic concerning length and width that has no other references than cost. He he tin hat time. At the end of the day it’s a very simple matter of English common law. Offer and Acceptance. Simple as... What’s that old adage. You pays your money and makes your choice. no foul....
  3. Have swum in the broads for years and will continue to do so. The broads authority strongly advises many things over which it has zero authority, that’s why they strongly advise. Geldeston lock, Coltishal lock, salhouse broad. The first two are tops of rivers and unlikely to be compromised by algae. Salhouse rarely is but Ranworth is usually Unswimmable most summers. But have swum there historically. Take note of algal blooms and don’t swim in the fluorescent green stuff. If you let the nanny state out of its box you’ll never put it back
  4. We have twin saddle tanks and we take immense care to not add anything but clean cool water whenever we fill up. We filled up last Saturday when our for the day. We don’t use any sterilizing liquids of any sort as they actually create the problem you’re trying to eliminate. Think antiobiotic resistance and you’re not far wrong. Keep it fresh use plenty fill frequently and fannies your auntie
  5. Or bring lappy and use that instead of the tv
  6. Don’t forget if you need WiFi then buy a dongle great stuff and if you get a data only sim for it nobody knows you’re using it for WiFi. 30 quid for unlimited data from tesco lol If you have a fire stick or a doku or now tv bring it plug it in to tv and the dongle is your WiFi films all you want m
  7. As current custodians of Malanka, I can honestly say one other boat we would consider buyIng would be water rail, she is not modernized in the way that many are and has some beautiful quirky bits that I think are charming. Lovely boat superb history to go along with the boards and boaty stuff . We have Malanka because we didn’t want to get old saying WHAT IF, ten years later we are surely more educated and a lot less ignorant. Would we do it again. YES YES YES..... Good luck looking her over... Martin and Fiona
  8. On the topic of the lovely Izal, beloved of school caretakers everywhere in the 60’s and 70’s. When I was an undergraduate student many eons ago, we performed several assessments of the fallibility in terms of the penetration or lack there of said toilet roll and several more comfortable and or absorbent varieties to liquid or semi solid excrescences. Fear not dear readers we used a substitute material consisting of eColi cultures and other scientific “stuff”. Well after messing about for four hours with different combinations of loo roll, wetness and solidity, we incubated our experiments to read at a later date that week. The results were expressed in terms of sheet number to prevent pass through to fingers. Yes you know where this is going! Izal: 1 sheet that stuff was impervious to liquids and about as absorbent as a plastic bag. Andrex Foreign dog toilet roll cushioned pocket 4 ply designer loo roll: 12 yes 12, I say again 12 sheets required to prevent pass through. This translates to 240 poos per roll Izal and 20 poos per roll of foreign dog rip off cushioned fluffy clouds to achieve the same level of protection. Sore bums not withstanding we coupled this study with one of bathroom contamination on a live University Bathroom / Toilet / Smoking Room. Cold tap was 100% direct transfer every time. Even filthier than the bowl of the bog. Remember folks what’s the First and Last thing you touch in the bathroom after pooing then the subsequent “wash your hands” mantra. The COLD TAP.. He he, that’s why hospitals and testing labs have either foot taps or elbow taps. And of course Oulton broad public toilets. Hope you all enjoyed that back to enjoying BH beer and sun in the garden. Martin and Fiona
  9. I have four relatives on the menin gate, my father served in Burma and after that in the armoured fighting vehicles inspectorate during the Korean War. None of my relatives retained a single medal from any of the campaigns they fought in they all declined, every one of them. They just wanted to come home. They never forgot anything they just let it go... M
  10. I’m afraid in my opinion ( and who am I) if this is true, with side on only at Ranworth staithe, one assumes this will be stern to bow side on as stern to stern with two boats with stern wells . e.g. Malanka and Broad Ambition we could in fact have a jolly old chinwag and exchange mucous and other bodily fluids as we see fit. If the BA will explain the HUGE difference in risk between calmly mooring With no shouting or sweating and walking past a sweaty panting jogger in a park, or somebody coughing in tesco, then I would be suitably impressed. This looks like, walks like , smells like ignorant ( it’s not perjorative it’s a state of knowledge) Folks with authority wanting to be seen to justify their authority and having been asked by some civil service wonk to supply actions has thought for three minutes ( I’m generous ) and come up with this nonsense. Have these people not seen a train or a supermarket or a petrol station. I have to smile otherwise the cumulative pile of utter drivel on the topic of SARS COV-2 will induce an imbalance of geological proportions. Stay safe folks no kissing strangers and wash. Martin
  11. Felt a tickle in the back of the neck region, rang surgery to get telephone chat. By the time chat happened full blown shingles on the back of the neck AGAIN! Grrr arranged prescription for antiviral tablets to reduce the length and severity of the outbreak and lower the post herpetic neuralgia ( which sucks big time) . Rang pharmacy am, truck broken down , no meds, rang at lunch, still no meds, rang at 17:35 ( pharmacy shuts at six) meds finally arrived. Jumped in car to go get em. Phew took first tablet. If not taken within 72 hrs of that first tickle the anti virals won’t work and you’ll have it for two weeks, which is a bit of a bummer. With all this focus on SARS COV-2, I forgot to take my usual precautions and wham out came mr Herpes and Mr Zoster. How anyone without a car is expected to deal with that I don’t know. Oh well such is life. M
  12. We have two 25kg mudweights . Malanka is 39ft long 10ft6 beam and approximately 11.5 tons in weight. If Doug is reading this we have a windlass too. Those two hold her in a blow very well.
  13. Drink some, then they float.... M
  14. The United Kingdom is still great, our people are still selfless, our spirit still unbreakable, our willingness to sacrifice unbounded, our capacity for kindness boundless. Years and new generations have not changed us, immigration has not denigrated anything, it has made us richer in many ways, broader in outlook and hope. We are different now but still the same, Britishness is a thing, not a colour or a race or a creed. We are a magnificent coat of many cloths, it feels great again to be British. Despite doubters and nay sayers our Gurkha Logistics regiment built a 4000 bed hospital from scratch in nine days. Those little men from far away typify British, they always have. Our corner shops now sell weird stuff with labels we can’t read and we don’t care, that’s British. Corner shops, essential workers, NHS heroes, delivery heroes, list of brave selfless people is endless. Most of all: WE KEPT CALM AND CARRIED ON. Oh and it is nine thousand steps to mow our lawn. Martin and Fiona, Justin, Boris, Monty and Boots. Kindest Regards from West Suffolk.....
  15. Look at us / UK /WHO websites M
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