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  1. OK people, confessions time. I spent a couple of weeks messing about on the old lady. After arriving in the UK in early July I spent three weekends floating. Had some great times with Bluebell, sorted out all the worlds issues till early doors. Took some lovely photos. All of which came to a crashing halt when I sliced the top of my left index finger clean through. A very kind neighbor saved the tip with some vet nurse compression dressing skills. Last time we floated was last weekend and we took both Airedale boys. Saturday was great Sunday was wet wet wet. The weekend before floating we threw ourselves into the local culture and entered an amateur dog show. Boris got second place in the old gits category ( senior doggies) . we are enjoying our new life in Suffolk and being close to the old lady. More tales and photos to come when we’ve done our October trip. M
  2. We have a couple of them both 25kg. Windlass essential for my old bones M
  3. Moored in South Walsham out of the breeze on RHS just inside the broad. The water by the trees is inundated with bg algae. Yuchhhhh swathes of it just below the surface , quite horrendous. Moving off to Salhouse shortly. Oh and please be aware there is a crippled goose ( broken wing) in Ranworth, she is hanging out with the ducks as the geese have pushed her out...the ducks don’t care it seems... M
  4. To be quite honest about this, the fisherfolks who manage to annoy the bejeesus out of me each and every time I see them are those that insist that they moor far enough from the end of a mooring to put up several thousand pounds worth of gear. This space repeated down many moorings , Ludham Dyke being a prime example prevents multiple boats mooring up due to the essential fishing space. In one of our tales I encountered two such boats with humongous amounts of fishing gear between the two boats. Funnily enough they thought they had made the gap too small. They were wrong and the resulting reluctance to move their gear to facilitate mooring ensured a call to broads beat. We weren’t the first to report them and boys in blue caught up with them the next day. Their hire company did not do what the BBC did a few weeks ago and kick them off they just ignored the call stating we can’t ( won’t) do anything. was a Gem of an experience
  5. Not staying there I’m domiciling myself in Boreham at the premier inn there . Great pub next door
  6. Pharma Quality Consultant for M&F Pharma Quality Solutions. 6 months contract at a firm in East Lahndon mate innit. I'm M Fiona is F.
  7. Hi chaps. Anyone out and about this coming weekend. I will be taking advantage of the services available on Malanka on my first weekend after starting my new job ( house not yet sorted) will be heading out Friday night to return Sunday evening. Love to say hi to some new faces or old faces.... Martin
  8. Liz, our day last Sunday. Got up to glorious sunshine in Salhouse. Ate breakfast of champions, set off up the Ant and saw TWO SWALLOWTAIL flutterbyes We thought of you and were very chuffed with ourselves. Back in CH now planning our escape
  9. Malanka


    Week before last the bridge had 7 ft clearance. Last week 6ft5 so I’m not sure what effect the dredging is supposed to have or has had. Air pressure which was 1060mb and rainfall and the state of the north see seem more obvious targets that hauling mud out of Hickling. I agree lower bure would be of more likely benefit as it would ameliorate the effects of North Sea and pressure.
  10. Not a patch on our monstrous 3.5ltr BMC then. No idea why she has such a lump. But such a lump she indeed has. Spend all day at 600rpm. M
  11. I shut one eye past security lights at night. Works a treat. Our wheelhouse has a red light to maintain night vision too. M
  12. Malanka

    Fly Tipping

    Sorry John I disagree only with the pay peanuts get monkeys bit. The rest is spot on. Don't forget the going rate got us the current head of natural England. Pest birds anyone ? M
  13. Malanka

    Fly Tipping

    Sorry John I disagree a little. Some twonk decided that public service senior posts had to compete with commercial, you know WEALTH GENERATING jobs. I completely disagree with that premise. There are few Senior Quality people from commercial enterprises in public service. Reason, they can’t or actually won’t afford us. That tells you all you need to know about their desire for quality. The self aggrandizing few who are head of some public service or other have a vested interest in saying they have to be competitive with wealth generators like the head of GSK or BP, Then they actually on many occasions don’t employ them or anybody under them as they have no experience in public service... ! All I have to say about that is REALLY ? you couldn’t make this stuff up nobody would believe you. Chief execs and their rewards are scrutinized by the shareholders, who scrutinizes the same in the public sector? Certainly not the public!! I don’t care if they pay peanuts get monkeys just get an accountable and talented one. M
  14. Malanka


    If you want to start I. wroxham NBD are worth a look see. Not all yards check the mechanicals of their boats between hires. Useful for end of season hiring. No frills woodies Martham Boats all the way all day and on Sunday . Incredible friendly and flexible hired from them for decades. M
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