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  1. Malanka

    Closed Season - Have Your Say

    Done at home on kitchen table M
  2. Malanka

    Help With Boat Decking

    Hello, we we had the whole of Malankas decks replaced a couple of years ago. Half the cost over half actually was the time taken to chisel out the rotten members which at sub deck level were an integral part of the structure. We went from original 2 by 4 sections to buttressed inch marine plywood. If you’d like a taste of what that cost pls pm me. M
  3. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Ah Ray, No I don’t think about sinking at any time. Pretty sure that Nelson didn’t either , unless he was shooting at our French colleagues ( something he was rather good at I believe) Not absolutely convinced that Captain Cook didn’t consider it from time to time. I must admit crossing the Chanel in a moody 29 in the 80s was more of a worry. Lobster pots and container ships everywhere. ( Moody didn’t have radar) we avoided the ships ( just) but caught a pot which spun us round at 03:00 in a strong sea. Was a bit hairy, we had lines laid and harnesses on it was that bad. To be serious I am more concerned with wet shed security and access control issues. I have written to Clive with my concerns with no response as yet forthcoming. The near sinking sort of coalesced my thoughts, without friends in the shed she would be on the bottom at this moment. This cannot be all we can do! M
  4. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Quite Garry. Of quite some concern but my cup is always half full so we move onwards. I am effectively paid until August this year so not rushing into something not right. We see redundancy as an opportunity not an obstacle. Also means we get to return to the UK which Fiona and I now wish to do. I have been in similar situations three times before and taken the opportunity to grow so will do the same this time too. Thankyou for your best wishes M
  5. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Oh forgot to add can't help but notice that super paint job. Well done guys......
  6. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    OK all you avid wood work fanatics, what follows are some pictures which quite clearly indicate why I don't or more reasonably can't do these jobs myself and leave them to folks that have way more skill, way more knowledge and aren't 1000 miles away from the old lady to do what they do best. New Oak chine three quarter length starboard side this year and now full length on the port side too. All original Chine is now removed and replaced with 100% new Oak bits. Roger checked and the rotten bit just kept growing and growing so here we are with new chine both sides of the old Lady. I'm sure the new boards we attach to it / them will now be much more stable than before. So our little maintenance without major expense has kind of been defenstrated a little. Oh well stuff happens. Wish me luck for new job interview set up for week after next.
  7. Malanka

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Hi mate. I have a 6 inch diameter 12v aluminum bladed ambient fan. It came from an American RV it works brilliantly , hot or warm air is not required to demist the inside windscreen. Simple physics tells us that. The only reason to use warm or hot air is that warm air has the ability to contain more moisture and such works more quickly. However when removed the said screen then immediately mists over. Using cold or rather ambient air it doesn’t. SIMPLES... it works it’s as simple as that. End of, it works. I get up I use the blade to remove excess moisture then put fan on and bugger off to have breakfast. By the time I want to leave it’s clear and dry. Works when moving and raining too, both Easter and autumn cruising so yes it will work. M
  8. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    When in new job we are going to buy a tree. Log or whatever. Should sort it. Many takers Charlie?? M .
  9. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Ok a quick update. Phils guys have sent me a video of the starboard side chine and chine boards which in the video can clearly be seen are the original ones, copper nails and all. Well needless to say the rotted nature of the now lightweight boards was amply demonstrated by the use of screwdriver and the shower of rotten wood shards hitting the floor. These boards planks or whatever you want to call them are now being replaced so our little maintenance break just became much more major. Phil is clearing out the old ( from 1952) boards and replacing them with 2019 boards. When these last until 2077 the old lady will be 125 years old and I will be kind of dead. Wish us us luck more in process pics to follow . Martin and Fiona
  10. Malanka

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    A huge number of assumptions here. Older traditional boats weigh double or even triple the weight of “modern boats” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Usually have bigger prop diameter deeper keel usually made of Iron and a much bigger rudder. All of these individual items contribute to not needing a bow thruster. The problem if that’s the phrase needed a solution and bow thrusters are it. The reason wooden boats aren’t in the majority is simply cost. Maintenance costs building costs and so on. Not innovation or anything else. Costs drove the problem and a solution was found. There will come a day when I can’t access our boats high freeboard. When that day comes I will go for the alternative “modern craft”. My children will then be custodians of the old lady. Until then I will continue to poke fun at those extolling the virtue that is a solution to progress caused issues. 😇
  11. Malanka

    Lifejacket V's Dehumidifier

    Termites are brilliant enigmatic creatures. Fantastic area of study, termite cities, wars, conflict. Environmental devastation you name it they do it. No nuclear weapons though lol M
  12. Malanka

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    What’s a bow thruster for ? Ooops couldn’t resist. M
  13. Malanka

    Lifejacket V's Dehumidifier

    Just some numbers to give perspective. Parts per per million in air we breathe in roughly 400PPM. Air we breathe out when exercising roughly 40,000PPM. So so no you’re going to suffer any ill effects from the very small volume of gas in a canister for a life jacket. Nuclear subs run at something over 3000 PPM all the time with no ill effects. Humans show ZERO response to elevated levels of CO2 lower than 5000 PPM. At elevated levels what you feel actually isn’t real at all it’s feels like an inability to breathe however the oxygen is still being absorbed effectively. The stress felt is due to the elevated level of co2 not a lack of oxygen. Carbon Monoxide is the one to worry about. Not Carbon Dioxide. Humans produce huge volumes of this gas just respiring , but the human amount from any and all sources is dwarved by that produced by termites by an order of magnitude in fact. Those pesky devils also produce the worlds largest input of methane too. Pesky little blighters.
  14. Malanka

    Tudor Reformation

    I meant when it’s down as in on the roof cockpit open. Assumptions , assumptions, assumptions. ours which weighs at least 35kg was flipped up and held by its support legs in the wind. Justin has to lie on it to stop it being ripped off. Also don’t forget where wind goes water follows. Safely and securely attached, presumably it’s legs will support it but also hold it down. That’s a recipe for rattling and banging in the wind if ever I heard one. Think this through, there was a reason boatyards stopped making hard roofs. It wasn’t because they were lightweight and easily used????? We have a hard roof, we have modified it with modern materials, and reduced its weight by at least 10 or 15 kg. It’s still very heavy.. Im not guessing this is my practical experience. The reason is the size of the thing, and RTs cockpit is of a similar size... the thing cannot be allowed to diagonally flex or longitudinally flex, therefore using traditional materials good luck with that...Stick with canvas and remember the old push back cabriolet roofs on cars.
  15. Malanka

    Tudor Reformation

    Tim, May I add my two penneth. Anything you make for a solid roof will need to be inflexible or the slightest breeze will rip it off. Inflexible is another word for heavy. Nothing made out of wood for a roof should be described as lightweight as it simply isn’t. The hugely heavy two man job for a roof on Malanka has had Justin lying on it more than once to prevent it being blown up and off by broadband breezes. If you make it too light you’ll be making more than one... Just my two pennies. oh and we have black inlaid go faster stripes too. Although technically not in shed at the moment.

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