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  1. johnb

    Broads Visit

    Enjoy your visit, I am afraid that when visits to our boat include cleaning/maintenance and having a ride out the former usually give way to the latter! Hope the weather is ok for everyone,
  2. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    We remember 1993 floods well, we were stuck on the quiet side (we moored in wroxham in those days). We waited at west somerton and travelled up to the bridge each day to see how things were. The pilots we great and helpful. They got us through I believe August bank holiday Monday by getting people out of the pub to provide ballast.
  3. johnb

    BA And Their Tide Tables

    Ask for two freebies when you next toll your boat, stress which year you want them for. If they don't comply tell them you have the whole forum ( those that agree with you ) behind you - the consequences for BA could be severe! I had been using those sent to me without checking the date. Good job we use the pilot could have ended up with a bang on the head instead of the ankle!
  4. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    I can think of absolutely no statement that we would all agree about (unless it is this one). There is one other participant /authoritythat has hardly been mentioned in this thread but if you added them to the discussion then it would be good for at least another 20 pages!
  5. johnb

    Playing Norfolk Trains

    I am no good at modelling ( or very little else that doesn't require two left hands) but I love these things that bring out the nostalgia within me. Not only for the 'real' things but the models we had when we were young. Thanks for sharing.
  6. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    I am sorry that I helped to contribute to diverting the thread from your photographs, which I very much enjoyed viewing. There are a number of topics that will always be diverted by some of us owing to certain strong feelings! Perhaps there ought to be a warning list at the top of each section!
  7. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    If any changes were made to make access easier, would this actually change the area so that it would lose the attraction it now has?
  8. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    I take your point MM but if some people are correct in their forecasts and the rivers continue to rise then other bridges may then be affected, so as Wayford bridge has been mentioned, which option would be implemented? A new higher bridge or close access to all but the smallest of boats? And then on to the next barrier??
  9. johnb

    Potter Heigham Bridge

    The broads have a large range of views and aspects. Breydon water can be rough, many other areas are tranquil and never so. There are places where there are shops and boatyards. Each area adds to the attraction of the Broads. If every mile were to be the same, I believe that fewer people would be e attracted visit here. Now we have people who hire or purchase boats that cannot visit every area usually owing to restrictions caused by bridges. Knowing their journeys will be restricted they still hire/purchase these boats, which is perfectly fine and their informed choice. So if we demolish one bridge or other impediment to boating, and take away one aspect of the broads in order to allow more access, perhaps attention may then turn to other bridges that do the same! Obviously an exaggeration but maybe illustrates emy point? It may be that some know we moor on the quiet side so feel this is a selfish attitude but the bridge is often a nuisance to us, as we always use the pilot (£10 each way) which also restricts the times when we can pass through. I notice that during the 15 mins. It has taken me to tap this into my phone there have been other replies so I hope I am still a little "on topic".
  10. johnb

    Has Anyone Seen Or Know?

    Thank you for the info. Owing to my broken ankle my wife has banned me from visiting the boat/norfolk until the spring, therefore if anyone gets any information I would be grateful to hear it.
  11. johnb

    Has Anyone Seen Or Know?

    Probably thinking of the same man I know he was around last year but I don't think I saw him this year. We spend a fair bit of time in the area. Last year I think he had some trouble with his outboard, but although he said it was fixed he didn't seem to move much.
  12. The gentleman (born the day war broke out I believe) who brought his boat and dog to the Broads every year? He had a regular pattern of travel previously but last year he seemed to spend most of the time at Stalham. I don't recall seeing his this year. He was a friendly chap and always good for a chat.
  13. johnb

    Thieving Gits

    I recently lost my mud weight. I recently replaced my mud weight. I recently broke an ankle in two places. None of this has anything to do with this incident!
  14. Okay maybe I am a bit over the top. They were ringing someone who hadn't had a an accident, to numbers that are registered with TPS. Maybe some of the rest was the result of the pain in my leg which has materialised in the last couple of days! Perhaps I had better kick the cat instead of posting, except I haven't got one.
  15. I spoketh too soon. This morning my wife had a call from a given number. "I understand you recently had an accident that was not your fault" My wife hasn't, told them they are completely wrong and hung up. The point is that I did have an accident (details in another thread) nearly two weeks ago. I spent a few days in a Norfolk Hospital and following an operation returned home to Essex. The fact they rang my wife's phone indicates their information came from the times when she was giving her number as a contact point. I will be contacting the telephone preference service to see if this call is in breach of their regulations. I have both their name and telephone number, and will put that number into my phone as a scam should they ring again. I have not added this info in this thread owing to what has left me a little confused in recent comments about what should and should not be added. (The accident must have done me good, because before it happened, I was usually a lot confused!) Maybe when the stitches are removed, I may be able to play the piano with my toes-I will keep you posted!)

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