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  1. johnb

    Keith Coo Wee

    My sympathy goes out to Lisa and her family. I never met them, but Lisa served me many a drink on Tuesday nights!
  2. johnb

    Tudor Reformation

    Well done to everyone involved. A piece of history given new life.I guess many like me, lacking the skills to help, have been watching and waiting for this moment.
  3. johnb

    My Day

    On friday, Whilst sorting out her clothes for our holiday er on board found £40 in old ten pound notes, changed them in the bank Saturday morning, spent Saturday afternoon! It's obviously the ". Money finding/spending seaon" . I wonder how many forumites are speculating now where there could be treasure in their house?
  4. johnb

    Local Bus Service To Be Drastically Altered

    We used the bus from Ludham to Stalham then Into Norwich. We stayed on the same bus but it changed numbers at Stalham. From Stalham into Norwich it was full and there were many people on and off between Ludham and Stalham. The service was certainly used that day and once again from Stalham to Norwich
  5. johnb

    Normal For N...

    There was a programme on bbc last year about a farm in north norfolk. It was called "normal for norfolk". The farmers mother died very recently and her obit. was in the Telegraph. She was about 102. Anyway the farmer had said that he understood doctors wrote this when they felt inbreeding had occurred. I promise you it wasn't me it was a norfolk resident.
  6. johnb

    Where Was This Taken?

    From a boat!!!
  7. Well done Essex Police Marine. So often we assume that items stolen soon leave these shores, but it seems it isn't always so.
  8. johnb

    Boat Being Untied.

    Many years ago at Potter. Halloween night. We were moored opp. H woods. In the morning we were outside h woods in a space we could never have motored into. About 4 cruisers set adrift and day boats blocking the bridge.
  9. johnb

    Loose Boats.

    May I refer the honourable member to the thread:"Mud Wherry Cast Off" Kind regards
  10. johnb

    Bridge Broad Marina

    Can't tell you up to date position. We moored there when it was still porter and Haylett. My problem was getting the crew out of Roy's and away from wroxham! The car park was prone to flooding and they had only one water tap between all the private boats, they moved the ones on the pontoons as the hoses drooped into the water. They then charged us for security lighting in the car park, but only put the lights where the hirers parked! Despite the above we were reasonably happy there and only moved because we were offered cheaper moorings. We to hear more up to date experiences.
  11. johnb

    Grumpy Old Git Moment

    You're are entitled to such moments-I've been having one for 40 years=as for 'er onboard.............
  12. johnb

    Groupon Warning.

    I don't know about most of the above, but I would probably not be as keen to use vouchers for meals, as the caterer could adjust the meal downwards when they know you are paying less money. We did have one good meal through Groupon, I believe. On the other hand, when our children bought us a gift of theatre and meal in London, the first time we were given the tiniest meal (a small bowl of rice to share and a small amount on a plate), on the other occasion the theatre couldn't supply seats etc etc and then we were persuaded to change the play and it was rubbish, so left half time. Couldn't complain because they were gifts.
  13. johnb

    Groupon Warning.

    Quick check on latest Littlebird, current savings 20%-60% on various offers. No-I don't have a vested interest apart from taking grand children out.
  14. johnb

    Groupon Warning.

    We are signed up to Groupon and Littlebird and get many offers that we have found useful and saved lots of money over the years. I think you can sign up geographically, (My wife usually does "admin"). We have got cheap tickets for the Circus in Yarmouth for instance as well as entry tickets for other attractions. These are often greatly discounted. When thinking of booking, we always check Littlebird and Groupon to see if there are any current offers. I think there have been two times when it hasn't worked out, one when we paid for small scratches to be removed from our car, but the process was really suitable. The trader confirmed this with Groupon and our money was refunded, another time the item was out of stock and again, the monet was refunded. On entry tickets we have saved a good proportion of the entry price using the above. The problem described sounds as though it is the restaurent at fault rather than groupon unless they were told to point out the offer was not for Bank Hols, and did not. Usually it is quite clear.
  15. johnb

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    That would be Griff, wouldn't it??

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