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  1. In another place there is one article post regarding a sale of equipment etc at Stalham Staithe this Saturday, 10am-2pm. This is the only place I can find it mentioned, Not doubting the original information but I am wondering if anyone else has heard anything? I may attend just out of curiosity, but it is a long journey if it is no longer on. A few years ago we, along with many others attended a boat sale that had been cancelled at the Bure Valley Railway and I don't want to be caught again. Thanks for any help.
  2. We moor the ‘other’ side of the bridge. ‘Er onboard insists we use the pilot. One day I may feel confident enough to take the boat through myself, but I’ll never have the courage to disobey swmbo. This does limit our journeys sometimes having to have a suitable height when the pilot is on duty, but when we return the difference between the two sides becomes apparent and the special nature of the ‘quiet side’ is very much appreciated. I love the broads because of the differences throughout the whole area. It may seem selfish to want to keep my little corner, but even if I were a millionaire I wouldn’t buy a boat that wouldn’t go through Potter bridge.
  3. Welcome from another Elysian 27 (rear cockpit) owner.
  4. As Grendel included in his reply, making sure ropes are where they are needed when next needed, also getting into the habit making sure that ropes are safely stored each time. When leaving and arriving at moorings there are many things to think about, and it’s easy to just leave the ropes laying somewhere until you have a minute, only to find they’re trailing behind you at best and around your prop at worst. Enjoy your boating.
  5. I would speak to George at Ludham Bridge. It's not too far from Horning etc. Other boatyards are available.
  6. I know nothing about this but a motoring column I read often says that an engine with a turbo should be run a low revs at the end of a journey in order for cooler oil to surround the (bearings?) in order to preserve the life of the turbo as if turned off when hot it has no lubrication. Just thought i’d Mention it!
  7. Don't do it. You'll regret it in the future, you can't just give up the seafaring life! ( In any case, it may be worth hundreds in years to come)
  8. We also got caught in long Stratton road works. To me the diversion signs weren’t clear that there wouldn’t be a closer diversion so had a long detour. Notice also various road closures overnight on the a11 route. It seems they think the holidays are over-depressing!
  9. We stayed overnight at Womack dyke waiting to pass through ph bridge. Earlier in the week the pilot had confirmed that we would go through about 5pm four hours later than the published low tide at Yarmouth I believe. Rang to check on Sunday morning only to be told we would need to go through by 1pm. No problem, he took us through about 12 with 6.5 showing on the office gauge. Not sure how/why the tide seemed to change by about four hours but I have always struggled to understand the details.
  10. I notice my question is in the hire boat section. If it needs moving, mods, please do so
  11. We are moored at Womack hoping to return to our Waxham mooring within a couple of days. We need about 6ft 2ins. For ph bridge. Given that the wind is supposed to die down tomorrow does anyone know how long the high water will remain?-it seems high here at the moment. We always use the pilot and will consult them later, but don’t want to bother them too early. Thanks for any info.
  12. Sadly no sign of the blue one! It’s probably sulking in the boat shed wondering if it will ever see daylight again.
  13. Robin has just left Richardsons. I am happy to report all fenders on Broad Ambition in place and the boat looking its usual grand self.
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