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  1. We booked a night at Acle Travelodge this week in order to visit the boat and de-winterize it. We chose a cheaper booking which had a no cancellation clause. In view of the governments guidelines I cancelled the booking on line and it confirmed there would be no compensation. Absolutely no problem. But within a few hours we received a full value voucher to be used in the future. Well done travelodge- they may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they fulfill a need for us.
  2. johnb

    Bss And Tolls

    You don't have to be present if you can leave the keys somewhere. I would prefer to be there as any explanations are easier to follow for me.
  3. johnb

    Bss And Tolls

    Last year I was in the same position owing to having had an accident. BA were very understanding and promised to put a note on our 'record'. In the event Alan May came to the rescue at short notice.
  4. In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph (I think it was!) there was an article about Londoners renting holiday homes in counties (Norfolk was mentioned) and paying large amounts for long term lets. There may be a brighter side for some in the holiday trade.
  5. MM. please confirm date change. Liz, still waiting for estimate for building a boat shed. To Paul, three portions of 22, two 11 and 3 120 please. Do you all charge extra for services Nigeria, please?
  6. Probably only if the teenager could go to the bank of mum and dad to pay for it all in the first place!!
  7. Please define a 'long' summer please define a 'hot;' summer if there is a long hot summer what difference will it make to river levels, especially at certain bridges? This thread could continue until there is another boat for sale, the vendor just being able to add it at the appropriate time
  8. ‘Pigs will fly first’ is a gullible American that unlikely?
  9. johnb

    Survey No 2

    No. By my (wife’s) own choice we do not take our boat through ourselves but pay the pilot to do so for us, this restricts the times we can pass through but saves worry and repairs. So we Choose to pay extra to moor the other side by paying about £10 each way. Our choice, my cowardice.
  10. I couldn't decide a favourite mooring, mainly we like to be away from pubs etc. (I know that's unusual) but we're not unique. I would say along with Mark above that our home moorings are perfect for me, in that in having virtually no facilities it has everything. When we had engine trouble just sitting on the bank was a treat in itself, now we are moving again, we appreciate other places very much but when we arrive back at our mooring, the holiday hasn't finished until we drive home. As I couldn't think of a favourite and cannot really think of one I wouldn't like. It's the Broads, we are so fortunate to own a boat and can use it -every moment is precious.
  11. Said hi at ph. If I I had known there was cleaning to be done, I would have offered (my wife) to help. Now back home near Romford.
  12. During the dreaded brexit debate those who held my opinions were called all Kinds of things usuallly owing to my age about which I can do nothing. Now i am a ‘minor exception’. Sorry written at the same time as above.
  13. I wonder if anyone would like to put their positive ideas forward in a job description etc. for a Ranger? My idea is not to criticize the present arrangement but maybe there are other ways. Bearing in mind there is a budget, I notice that the salary is considered low-average. My thoughts are, in view of this, would someone following a vocation rather than a career be suited to the position? It seems to me that two very different skills are required; in the summer boating skills, the ability and personal authority to deal with difficult situations, in the colder months, the physical ability to work on the bank sides etc. Are these abilities always to be found in one person? Undoubtedly in some, but maybe not all. Is the ‘job-share’ always an ideal match? Is it possible to use different people for different seasons? Is there someone in the office who would love to be out there clearing in the winter? (!!) Leaving aside the present arrangements and negative feelings of the ‘yes man/woman’ needed and negative feelings towards BA itself, please. I realise these are more my questions than answers but I am sure there are many here who dream about doing at least some of the Ranger work-OK- I admit it- being paid to drive a launch around the Broads most summers, even with the occasional unpleasant moments that no doubt happen, appeals greatly. As for tree cutting etc in the winter, I am afraid I am not your man!!
  14. Thank you for the challenge, most of my family already think this subject is helping to send me crazy! The danger is that if at first, second or third they don't suceed they'll just keep producing more at public expense and they either get it 'right' or we just give up! (See how crazy it's sent me already-I'm already thinking 'they' would go further than imaginable......aren't I?)
  15. Be careful what you wish for. If the signs are deemed to be the wrong colour BA will probably start again with the correct colour, another £30.000 plus spent!
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