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  1. Sincere condolences. Although we have never met you are in our thoughts and prayers.
  2. I was not in the chat room but Bern decided to post this outside the chat room presumably to share with a wider audience. I thought that even had people encouraged her to stay in the chat room, it wouldn't have hurt them to do so in the wider group as well, even if they had just re-affirmed their chat room comments. I am sure Bern would not want to make this a major issue so I guess it's best left there as far as I am concerned.
  3. I am breaking my self imposed rule and making a post. Bern, who it seems to me, has been a long standing respected member and supporter in many ways, makes a statement and no-one who was involved tonight expresses any interest.
  4. johnb

    Maltsers Offer

    On groupon Norfolk burger and drink for two £14.95 almost 50% off normal price. If anyone is interested.
  5. I don't know if this was / is true, but when I took my test(s) in 1967, I got the chief examiner at one centre twice. I was told that it was the practice to allocate the same examiner as it indicated some consistancy. If it is so, let' hope Robin's examiner doesn't read the forum. Although Robin hasn't said anything bad, this guy seems as though he may take umbrage, and we don't have enough of that! I changed the term" head examiner" to "chief examiner" for reasons that certain readers will certainly understand and to avoid their comments!
  6. And how's Gracie???????????
  7. I doubt it! anymore than I can expain how I managed to have two quotation boxes here. Some things will remain a mystery for ever,
  8. I have been reading the Gracie thread. It states there that we shouldn't be afraid to have a different opinion, that other members are tolerant and other opinions make for good discussion ( not verbatim)so relying on the above I will, against my better judgement add my comments. I love newspapers and have done since I was a young teenager. I worked for one for a couple of years when I was 18+. We buy two newspapers every day, one of which we subscribe to. This one is not always readily available but because I have already paid for it then I will often go the extra mile to obtain it. I love the feel of newspapers as I do books. I love the challenge of the crosswords. When on the boat, we will cruise for a time then stop sit surrounded by food, coffee, books and newspapers. Do I sometimes wake up with newspaper pages all around me? I have to confess I do. Do I believe everything I read? No because "information" is usually greater than the space available therefore editing can / is biased. I hardly ever read adverts (or watch on television). I have no interest in articles about "celebrities" attending functions not what they are or are not wearing. I am not going to name the publications I am referring to, as I feel I may be running out of your tolerance, and I do quite like being here'
  9. I'm glad you asked because I had noticed her absence, but didn't like to ask. Hope all is ok
  10. And when you meet Jenny Morgan...... Welcome to the forum by the way.
  11. Enjoy your visit, I am afraid that when visits to our boat include cleaning/maintenance and having a ride out the former usually give way to the latter! Hope the weather is ok for everyone,
  12. We remember 1993 floods well, we were stuck on the quiet side (we moored in wroxham in those days). We waited at west somerton and travelled up to the bridge each day to see how things were. The pilots we great and helpful. They got us through I believe August bank holiday Monday by getting people out of the pub to provide ballast.
  13. Ask for two freebies when you next toll your boat, stress which year you want them for. If they don't comply tell them you have the whole forum ( those that agree with you ) behind you - the consequences for BA could be severe! I had been using those sent to me without checking the date. Good job we use the pilot could have ended up with a bang on the head instead of the ankle!
  14. I can think of absolutely no statement that we would all agree about (unless it is this one). There is one other participant /authoritythat has hardly been mentioned in this thread but if you added them to the discussion then it would be good for at least another 20 pages!
  15. I am no good at modelling ( or very little else that doesn't require two left hands) but I love these things that bring out the nostalgia within me. Not only for the 'real' things but the models we had when we were young. Thanks for sharing.
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