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    Broom Boats

    Hi Helen, I heard from our chairman today that Brooms have agreed with with NYA for us to re-fuel and pump out. I would imagine they`ve done the same for Moonlight Shadow?.
  2. No, the people we are meeting live at Oulton Broad, so when we meet them, we'll be taking them home, hence the one way ticket
  3. Thanks all. I`m not sure where we`ll be on the Saturday night, it might be Brooms, or it might be Loddon, it depends what time we arrive at Lightning. If we`re late getting there it will be Brundall, but if we get away early, it will be Loddon. The train to Beccles and bus to Loddon sounds good though. I did think about a taxi, but that would be very expensive.
  4. I worked at Wolverton rail depot where i was fitting out trains. I only worked there for a month, hated the place. The Canal went around behind the place, and looked like a rubbish dump. Then a little way up the road to the Stoke Bruern museum, and it was really beautiful.
  5. Personally, for all those that say there`s nothing (at this time) to moan about, the very fact that the head office for "National Parks UK" is at Yare House should be evidence enough to which way things are going. I can see boating on the Broads becoming very expensive as we`ll probably be ending up subsidising the rest of the UKs National Parks, and if that happens, there will be an awful lot of unwanted boats, that will be totally unsuited to other waterways. The whole fiasco of "The Norfolk Broads National Park" has gone on for far too long, and the Norfolk public are going to have to fight to make sure this does`nt happen.
  6. Hi all, does anybody know (Jenny M especially) which buses run from Oulton Broad to Loddon, and which trains run from Oulton Broad to Brundall on Sundays please?. We`re taking my Brother and Sister in Law for a trip back to Oulton Broad from one of these bases, but not sure which one, so would like to know which ones and at what times so we can arrange on the day.
  7. I thought that when someone put a post on faceache, i thought the Heritage boats were designed on a traditional style launch, maybe i`m confusing them with something else?.
  8. Hopefully, i`l be there for the start this time.
  9. Think how much that would cost, something none of the mainstream authorities would want to pay towards, as they have more important things to pay for, such as all expenses payed trips on jets to climate change conferences etc, and huge salaries, bonuses, and expense accounts. Also, imagine how long it would take, with all the discussion groups, feasability studies, environmental impact conferences, and just general other wastes of tax payers money. Personally i think it`s a good idea, if it worked as hoped?.
  10. The White Horse it is then if that's OK?.
  11. Hi marshy, I would have thought easterlies would hold the levels back up river so not allowing the water to escape?.
  12. Sorry John, but I'm going to have to agree with you there........ AGAIN 😂.
  13. That will be great Alan, hopefully if we see you at Loddon again we can go for a curry in the Raj.
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