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    What A Day Of Sport Today

    BUGGER, i forgot to record it..

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    Reading the title of this thread, i thought i was going to read about Moto GP, World Superbikes, and British Superbikes?. Disappointed or what?.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Thursday Morning, and we`re up early to have a shower and get underway. We want to get to Loddon early as when we went on Monday, we got the last mooring available, and boats still came in and had to turn round and leave. The weather has turned, and although we don`t have rain all day, there`s a mixed bag of heavy cloud, and patches of blue sky, and we get that all the way to Loddon. The trip up is pretty uneventful, with nothing to report, and very little river traffic all the way. As we turn up the Yare from the New Cut, we slow right down, as now we`re punching quite a hard tide, so up go the revs. We approach the mouth of the Chet, only to our freinds on "Tradition" entering the Chet ahead. As we enter, we notice the quay heading is broken and sticking out into the channel, but does`nt cause any issues, it does when we leave tomorrow though, but more about that later. We follow Tradition, and hope they don`t take the last spot ahead of us, us it`s a bit of a walk from Pye`s Mill moorings for someone with a knackered ankle (me), and someone with a knackered knee (Karen), but as we near the basin, it`s clear Tradition and us are the only ones in there, closely followed by another boat. So we pick our mooring and get settled in. We needed a couple of bits of shopping, so headed to the high street and went in to Rosie Lee`s to reserve our table for breakfast in the morning. When we return, we see a lot of other boats have arrived, and watch and help a couple of guys moor Gold Gem next to us. It`s clear these guys are fishermen, and soon get down to some fishing. I ask what their using as bait, and how deep they`re fishing, and then follow suit. I can`t be there too long, as about half six, we`re due in the the Raj for a curry. I`ve been fishing a while, with my float dipping under bites, but nothing really takes the bate, so i decided to change tactics and don`t strike at every dip of the float, then it disappears, and i strike. I got one on, but it does`nt feel big at all, just my usual small roach or perch. Little did i know, i`d hooked into a very large silver bream, about 7lbs in weight. I took a few minutes to fight it, having to let it run, then wind it in, then let it run again when it gets closer to the net, which was very kindly loaned to us by our new neighbours. Eventually, i wore it down, and my brother got it into the net, and i`d finally caught the biggest fish i`ve ever caught, it was a biggie, and at a size i never thought you`d get in the tight confines of the Loddon basin. We released my prize catch back into the water after taking photo`s for evidence, and i`m a happy man. We set off for the Raj and have another excellent meal, and on our return, i see the couple on one of Freedoms boats are sitting on the bank, so i ask if they`re ok, and find out Andy Banner from Freedom is aboard trying fix a newly fitted fuel pump that developed a leak. Even new parts can be faulty, and Andy was buried up to his shoulders in an engu=ine bay trying to fix a new part. I took the opportunity to hop aboard, with the hirers permission, and say hello. What a great guy, straight talking and hard working, he`s already been busy for many hours in and now he`s here at 8.30 at night trying to fix things. It`s never easy in the fleet industry. I say bye bye and return to Lightning and do a bit more fishing, though without luck this time. We sat doown and watched some football, and started to feel tired, and as early as 9.30 pm, we decided to go to bed. It`s been a long and tiring, but exciting day, and a day i`l remember for catching MY record fish, it`s taken years to do it, but thanks to the advice of a good freind and the guys on Gold Gem, i finally did it. Good night all.

    Jack Fellows And The Missing Boatyard!

    Please please please, DON'T say any more about the plot etc, as we have the book, but have yet to read it. We have all the Chris Crowther collection, with the exception of Blade Strike, and that's because it's not Broads related, and it doesn't even feature Jack Fellows. I've read very few books in my 60 years, 2 about Nigel Mansell, Swallows and Amaxons Forever, and the Chris Crowther Collection. Just goes to show I must have limited interests?.

    Body Recovered

    Hi Ricardo, Which way will you be heading, and which boat are you on?. We're currently in WRC, and will be heading for Loddon later this Morning, so if we know who to look for, we can give you a wave?.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    well, dinner was nice, and for what we had, it was very reasonably priced too, Thanks Jim. We had a nice meal in The Waveney at WRC, and got back to Lightning to watch the World Cup. Karen and I went up for a shower in their block, free to moorers, which was very refreshing, but walking back to the boat, we felt the odd spit of rain. We've had a real mixed bag of weather today. First thing this morning we had crystal clear skies, then when under way, it clouded up, with freshening winds. As we neared Oulton dyke for our run down to the broad and back, the winds really picked up, as did the revs to overcome them. Along with the winds came some big and threatening dark clouds, but to our surprise, they never opened up on us, and all we've had is a few spits with the ground around WRC not even showing a drop, and even that was when we were all tucked up for the night. Over all though, it's been a great day, and we again have big clear Norfolk skies, with a lovely bright moon. What a wonderful way to end the day?. Good night all.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    We wake early, haveing all slept like logs. I was enjoying a lye i, but had to get up to turn the heating off. God knows why it started, none of us switched it on. We really enjoyed our evening at the Beccles lido moorings, so peacefull, and with amazing sunsets, which we were lucky to witness, and the beautiful cloudless morning wad equally as good. We went into the village centre for some needed medication, and for breakfast. We filled with water and got underway, but had no issue with the bridge at this state of the tide. We have plenty of time, as our intended destination is WRC, which is a short cruise, so keep to about 4 mph all the way along the waveney, and decide to take a turn around Oulton Broad to ware away the time. By now the wind is gusting, and we really feel it in Oulto Dyke and Broad, but eventually make our way bake to WRC. Good job too, as we hadn't been there long, and a number of boats also arrived, one of them being Ranworth Breeze, with owner Jim on the helm, and struggling with such a high topped boat in strong winds. We help him to moor, and get to know our neihhbour, what a really decent guy. We're eating in the restaurant tonight, especially after Jims recommendation, but for now, i'l leave you and get changed for dinner.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Hi Alan, yes, exactly so. Jim's a really nice fella, and I know he appreciates all the hard work you put in to run the Ranworth Breeze Syndicate. I was telling him about our chairman Simon (whom I think you know?), and how Lightning has improved due to his hard work, so you, and our chairman Simon, should feel very proud. Without your(and our Simons) hard work, OUR, and I'm sure YOUR syndicate members wouldn't be enjoying such lovely boats?.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    For the first time ever, we couldn't have breakfast at Rosie Lee's, as they now close on Tuesdays, DAMN. So we had breakfast aboard, but had already made arrangements to return to Loddon on Thursday, and reserve a table for 4 for Friday morning. But we still enjoyed our tea and cake the afternoon before. That said, Caroline, bless her, said she would be happy to open up, do a lock in for the four of us, and have her breakfast at the same time. We declined her generous offer, as we didn't want to interfere with her much needed day off. I don't think you would ever get service like that anywhere else. Some excellent fishing advice I was given by a long time freind and colleague at work was, fill your swim with ground bait the night before, then reap the rewards in the morning. Sound advice, as it worked, sadly, for someone else. We started on our way for Beccles, but wanted to take Lightning to Geldeston lock, so after a really pleasant cruise, we saw we could get under the bridge, so had a very peaceful cruise to the lock, then back to Beccles. We saw the Lido moorings, but mis read the charges, and passed them by, only to find out we couldn't get under the bridge. We have a folding flag staff on Lightnings pulpit, which duly went down, but as we neared the cabin top to the bridge, we realised she would have got through, BUT, because our tv Ariel is mounted on a 4" high pivot which was barely an inch too tall, we had to reverse back and make back for the Lido moorings. I wouldn't have done that bridge attempt with tide, but it was still on the flood, so we had the double advantage of reverse gear, and a natural tidal brake. When arrived at the lido moorings, we realised we mis read the pricing, and were pleasantly surprised at how peaceful the mooring is, so I'd recommend it to anybody, air draught permitting of course. We sat down and did some fishing, and fought a few toddlers, either that, or caught the same toddler several times. Tiddlers I meant. I promised all I would cook dinner for tonight, so it was time for Spagbol. After dinner, we watched a bit of the World cup, and chilled out. It was 9.30 pm, and we're all tired so opt for an early night ........ Good night all.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Nice to see you Paul, but I do hope to see you later in the week, we will be in Loddon pn Thursday afternoon, then leaving Friday morning back to Brundall, so hopefully, we'll see you then?. It's Monday morning, and we're all up and showered etc and ready for the off. We leave Brooms and are heading south, but don't have a plan. As we near the mouth of the Chet, we decide to head for Loddon. We've been going with the tide, so have kept the revs down to about 4 mph, and it's been a peaceful cruise, with not many boats about at all. The cruise up the Chet was slightly challenging, with some gusting winds. I'm anticipating Loddon NOT to ne busy, due to the time of year ........ Just goes to prove I know nothing. We get to the basin and there's one space left, lucky us. We're all secured, and get free electric thanks to other people leaving credit on the leccy post. Over to see Caroline at Rosie Lees for tea and cake, and as usual, Caroline was her usual bubly self. Back on board, and we decide to go to the White Horse for dinner, but indulge in a bit of fishing. After a great meal in the pub, we retire to zlightning, and soon to bed after watching Auf Vedersein Pet. It's been yet anothe great day, wish some beautiful afternoon sunshine, and we're all feeling tired, Good night all.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    It's just after 8 am, and we haveing tea in bed, brought in by crew member Maria (Brother Trevs partner). Yesterday, we decided that seeing as we won't be leaving Brundall till this morning, we decided to stay on the south rivers, so if there's anybody afloat, please say hello if you see us.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Thanks for that Ian, i'd recommend the cafe their, amazing, but probably very fattening cakes.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Sunday morning, and I'm awake early so I'm up and make the tea. We're all up and about fairly soon after, and we decide skip breakfast and make an early start for Snetterton. The BsB was as good as ever, but the weather was not as good as last year with just a few spits of rain, but no "actual" rain, so we consider ourselves lucky. We leave early to avoid the jams getting out, but the crowds are already on their way, but it still was'nt bad. We arrive back at Brundall not long after 6, but are feeling a bit jaded, so we opted for dinner in the Yare, which was as good as usual. After dinner, we have a stroll down the lane past all the ex hire yards on the left, and the riverside bungallows on the right, many of which are for rent, and look at possibly making a future 2 week holiday plan, the first on Lightning, then the second in one of the many lovely riverside properties in Brundall, let's wait and see what happens. We're back on Lightning about 9, and all feeling the effects of the day, and after a chat for sn hour or so, we all in bed. Iy was a great, but tiring day, and one we will no doubt do again if we get Lightning for the same week as BSB, but's for the future, and right now, it's bed time, Good night all.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Hi Simon, The Hogue farm shop is about a mile or so past where the A11 / A14 split, and on the left. It's a lovely place, great for a stop off for refreshments, and for the loos, but the shop has some really nice food, BUT, it IS expensive. Karen loves their Tomato ketchup and now won't buy anything else, and at £3.80 a large bottle ......... She bought 3.

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Bought some special ketchup from the hogue farm shop, then back on the road. Not far to go now as we broke the back of the journey. Next stop sainsbury's at Thetford for some flowers for Mary Jane, and some allergy tablets for me, which we duly got. Next stop the St Georges Distillery for some English Whiskey for Karen, then round to see John and Mary Jane. We haven't seen each other for nearly 2 years, and it was a pleasure to see them again. We left the Hockam Eagle just after 2, and arrived at Brundall between half two to three, and loaded up Lightning. We were'nt hungry so had a bag of chips between us and a pancake roll. We waiting for the rest of the crew who we expect to arrive about 8.30 pm, but they arrive early. The weather is now very warm, with no rain, so we settle in for the evening. None of us will be late for bed tonight, it's been a long day with a long drive, It's going to be another busy day tomorrow with BSB at Snetterton, which is only half an hour away. Last year, we did the same, and when we got back to Lightning, we had a stunning evening cruise down to Reedham, so let's hope for the same tomorrow. But now it's time for bed, good night all.

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