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  1. What make of yacht is it. I don't recognise the motiffe on the main? Or rather, I think I've seen it before but don't remember it.
  2. I had loads of the Orion from 1970, but sadly have lost them over time.
  3. Loddon is my second home, i`ve been there hundreds of times, but never seen it that high. I bet the Chet was wider than normal?.
  4. If you want to replace the sliding roof, get in touch with Andy at Freedom, they have one still on hire in its original format and layout. I say that, because i used to see Vega moored in Wroxham. She had the sliding top removed and replaced by a folding canopy, is she still like that?.
  5. We hired her sister ship "Orion" in June 70 when they were only a year old. She was an absolute stunner, and handled extremely well gliding through the water leaving hardly any wake. Sadly, she was sold off the broads and (i believe) went to the Thames and was for sale on one of the brokerages a few years back. They were trying to sell her as a house boat, and had been completely wrecked inside. I`m sure it was the Orion, as at the time, i`m sure all the others, "Vega, Sirius, and Castor" were still on the Broads. Id love to know if she is still around and what state she is in, anybody know?. As for the clip above, sorry sakibanski, but for your crew member to mess about on a small pitching fordeck in a choppy sea like that is just irresponsible. God forbid he fell overboard, although he`s wearing a lifejacket, he`s not wearing appropriate clothing for such a trip, let alone dance about on the deck without holding on.
  6. My day today starts with me still being loaded up with cold. The worst bit is not sleeping most of the night with sinuses so blocked, you go to bed with a headache, and wake up with the same one, but that's if you are lucky enough to actually get some sleep. What I need is to be steering Lightning out on the open rivers from up top, fully rapped up taking in plenty of that fresh Norfolk air while drinking a steaming hot mug of fresh lemon juice sweetened with a couple of spoonfuls of honey. The lemon and honey is already being consumed, but sadly 250 miles from the Norfolk Air.
  7. Some really great models there Vaughan. While talking railway's, I know a lot of people on here think Facebook is the anti-Christ, but there's an excellent Facebook group about Norfolk lost railways with some superb photo's of a time we'll never see again.
  8. Sorry to hear that Griff, you have our sympathies. I remember when we had a West Highland White called Snudge. We got him around my 11th birthday in 69, and he came with us for my first trip on the Broads in June 70. Sadly we lost Snudge to Cancer in lat 81 at the age of 12. I got more upset when we lost him, very much more so than when we lost close family members. I hpe Macie dog is looking down on you from above saying thank you for a good life?.
  9. Nowhere near Norfolk, but down here in our village (West Moors in East Dorset) we have an excellent butchers that we always use. They sell mostly locally produced meats, home made pies, free range eggs, as well as a lot of speciality cheeses (yes Alan "RB" it`s where i found Black Bomber) etc, where you always have difficulty finding elsewhere. If you live in a small community, it`s vital to shop locally to keep the small community businesses going. Yes you may pay a little more at a proper butchers, but we`ve always found the quality of meat etc far superior.
  10. Hi Matt, and all, I`ve just received an e-mail from our chairman. Lightnings restriction re Potter Heigham bridge is purely voluntary amongst the owners, but has no baring on insurance. Basically, we CAN take Lightning through, but if anything happens, or Lightning gets stranded through tidal restrictions, the owner who took her through (or attempted to) is solely responsible. I suppose with this in mind, the owners of the day (before my share ownership) decided on a voluntary no go through Potter Heigham Bridge, a move i would also support. Unless they raise it, or blow it up of course
  11. Hi Matt, To be honest I don't know, all I can think of is that it was a voluntary restriction on cruising ground due the the risk of possible damage which was agree'd on earlier in the syndicate before I bought into it. Now you come to question it, i'l ask our chairman and find out, it might make insurance a bit cheaper?.
  12. It will NEVER happen to me, we NEVER use Amazon, or Ebay, of any other of the on-line trendy shopping systems. Go to the shops to buy things, and keep people in work.
  13. Your post comes across as a bit sarcastic Vaughn, i hope i`m wrong?. With regard to your post above, Correct me if i`m wrong, but If you read Lakesailors post on page 1, later quoted by Simon (Broads01), you will see he does NOT say they will be moving the fleet North, he merely says "I wonder", which is questioning. I think his question is very valid, as operating one company`s fleet out of two yards is not exactly what you would call cost effective. If it were, i doubt Richardsons would have closed their Acle yard?. Aston boats at the height of the hire boat industry operated from Loddon and Beccles, but after the downturn in the popularity of hire boating, they then closed down their Loddon yard as it was no longer cost effective.
  14. Absolutely superb write up Malcolm, and some really great pics. We`ll be on Lightning mid March, so hopefully, we`ll see you then if you`re afloat.
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