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  1. Seeing as I'm in the aircraft manufacturing industry, I actually build things with my hands, so the question is a bit irrelavent.. Karen however, the downsides for her working from home are increased energy costs, gas central heating, and electricity, using our box room as free office space, using our laptop for work, and my time required to set it all up, which being one evening should be payed for at overtime rates. Then there's tea / coffee, which we get free vend at work, the use of our broad band, the list goes on. The only up side for Karen is she DOES'NT need to use her car.
  2. That was in my mind when you typed it. Many a true word spoken in jest eh John?. Not aggressive at all Pally, but taking MMs point above, i just wondered why those members of this forum who jump to conclusions and critisize on certain facebook posts, yet say nothing about a pic posted on here?. I`ve noticed a lot recently where people are all too keen to be critical when it suits them, yet say nothing, or argue against their own point when challenged with evidence to the contrary on other issues.
  3. What I can't understand is you posted this on Friday, and nobody has yet shown any outburst of absolute disgust at the fact that in picture 2, you show a boat underway?. Had this been a pic of a boat underway on the Broads, people would have been demanding the arrest and imprisonment of the offending crew. That's what they're doing on Facebook, "they" being some members of this forum (you know who you are), dare I say a hint of hypocracy?.
  4. Me too. Some years back, Karen and I went to a lighthouse, can't remember whether it was Pirtland bill or the Lizard. The stairs spiraled inwards, as they would, and the first part was open, about 15ftish, and then there was about 8ft fully enclosed, the above that it was all open. Needless to say, I got about 10ft up the stairs and chickened out. Karen wouldn't go up on her own, so that was money, which was tight at the time, waisted as they wouldn't give us a refund.
  5. my advice is if you are looking for a boat on the broads, get a proper broads cruiser. you could pick up some really nice ones for £15,000, albeit a bit old, but half the fun is personalising it. If sea use is a must have, then you will have to sacrifice living space because of their design and shape, This is a smart looking little boat, but quite cramped inside, and (imho) not really comfortable for a weeks holiday. But with something like a Bounty 27, or ocean 30, or similar boats, you won`t have the speed, but considerably more living space. Speeding across the water is fun for a short while, but costs a fortune in fuel, whereas a more economical and leisurely 5 mph cruise through the trees and marshes, looking at amazing history, scenery, and wildlife is far cheaper, and far more relaxing. Just my opinion of course?.
  6. We also have a share for sale in the Lightning syndicate too.
  7. But then, you WOULD say that, you`ve long been a supporter of the Broads becoming a National Park, but just won`t admit it, go on marshy, admit it, you know you want to really?.
  8. Not dropped off yet. - Hanger Song lyric by Dire Straights, Hanger Straight at Silverstone.
  9. Went in there for breakfast this morning, came out with a couple of take out bacon sarnies and 2 take out teas. I think like a lot of places, you can't sit inside, but can buy take out food only.
  10. I forgot to offer my condolences to his family.
  11. This is very sad indeed. He's been a member of this forum for very many years (like me), and we finaly had the pleasure to meet him at Oulton Broad last September. Sadly, we were to be leaving soon, so never really had the chance to get together and have a chat and a cuppa, and I feel very sad to know we won't be seeing him this week. R. I. P Alan, and may you be cruising the the rivers of heaven.
  12. Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. There are many excellent public slipways both North and South, so if you can be more specific about your preferred area, we can give you more relevant info.
  13. Some interesting points there John, and although I disagree in a certain way, I respect your (and everybody elses) opinion. But your post just increases my belief that if "the person" DOES'NT use something, they shouldn't be expected to pay for it. Like you, Karen and I have no children, and it really bugs me to have to pay into the education system. And before people claim that's what my tax is paying for, my parents worked hard and payed their taxes for my education.
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