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    Take Care When Buying A Fishing Licence.

    I bought mine at the Post office as normal.
  2. So sorry to hear you`ve sold your shares Sue, we`ll never see you afloat again. Anyway, obviously, it`s the right thing for you to do, so i hope you will be happy in the future.
  3. I forgot to add, i too am a keen angler, and i also fish from BA moorings, but ALWAYS move when boats need to moor. I always wait for their ropes too, and give them a friendly smile.
  4. Absolutely spot on, you beat me to it. If fishermen (and women) were to pay for a license to fish from all the BA free moorings, straight away they will be full of anglers who would NOT be obliged to move, so mooring would become a major problem for EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE. Imagine this on the Southern rivers where bankside moorings are non existant due to the tide ranges, you would never get ANYWHERE to more, apart from private marinas with the odd visitors mooring?.

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    I think you`re right, the Ocean 37 had quite a high freeboard, and the GRP hulled Eastwoods Caterina`s had what looked like that same shape and high freeboard, but with a step down by the rear cabin. I said before, i think (though not 100% sure) the timber hulled ones had a slightly narrower beam, but only by a few inches.

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Yes, this is one of the originals. The later version with split deck was built on an Aquafibre 37 GRP hull, which is the version you have.

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Ah, that must make me special. I bought Karen a bar of Bourneville today, so treated myself to a bar of Fruit and Nut, and i have`nt even touched it yet, am i good or what?.


    This reminds me of a very good friend who has now sadly passed away. He was a few years younger than me (i`m now 60), and in his mid teens bought a pair of unshrunk Levi`s, and being mid winter, and his parents home NOT having central heating, he decided to sit in a HOT bath to shrink them to fit him. Trouble was, being a "hot" bath, the die ran out into the hot water, which he did`nt think mattered. Well, a couple of days later, because the die got into his system and caused severe blood poisoning, his mens two veg swelled up like melons, his words and apparently no exageration, and stayed that way for a few days. While taking strong antibiotics, the swelling went down, but one did`nt stop, so throughout his adult life, he had 1 "plum", and 1 "garden pea". It did`nt stop him having 4 children though.

    Doctor Who

    That`s why i refuse to watch it.

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    You could be right there MM, i`m allergic to alcahol, so the thinners is also out lol.


    Hi Peter, Believe it or not, i actually came across him on faceache, which i was extremely surprised about. Yes, i know what you mean, i used to like Strowie, we often disagreed on things, but he was a decent guy, and one the forum would be better to have back.


    I`ve said this before but several tears ago, so i`l repeat it. One thing i do struggle with is trying to put things into words, to mean what i`m trying to say. Sometimes, i`ve posted things, and people have been a bit offended, but i had no intention to offend, but my choice of words was wrong, it`s something i continue to struggle with, and sometimes, in trying to word a post as correctly as i can, i can take an hour to write a few lines. Sometimes, it`s taken so long, i`ve lost the idea of what i wanted to say, so deleted the post before posting, sad, but that`s reality for me. While i know there are members on here that know i have very strong views on some subjects and have been very quick to say my opinion, i never hold a grudge or try to make others who i disagree with feel either upset, angry, or unwelcome, and would like others to know, anything i post is only my opinion or view, and NOT meant in offence to any individual. One example is this post alone has taken me nearly 2 episodes of "Shed and Buried" to compose, and i bet it still may be wrong somewhere?.

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hi Floyd (the GREATEST tv chef ever by the way), When you put her in in Brundall, you will probably have to fuel up at Brooms, as i seem to remember somebody saying they`re the only deisel supplier to the public in Brundall, though may be wrong on that, so if and when you do, keep an eye out for Lightning, she`s moored immediately before the fuel quay. We own a share in her, and will be on her from Sunday 18th November. If you`re in the vicinity around then, please feel free to come and say hello.

    Sheerline 1070

    What`s she called Bill, we`ll look out for you whenever we`re afloat on Lightning. If you`d rather not say on here, please pm me. We`re back on Lightning from mid November, so here`s hoping for a mild one, and with no north easterly winds like we had 2 years back in November, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    I`ve been a member of this forum now for many many years, and have at times taken a break. Sometimes i`ve made myself unpopular, other times, i`ve thought there are not many posts that i feel i can contribute to, but the one thing is great is the forum is always here, and is something ANYBODY is able to contribute to when you see fit. I do enjoy reading some of the holiday reports, and a lot of the reports about what`s happening on the Broads, so for those matters, i`l be a member for many many years to come. Well, until i make myself unpopular again?.....................................

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