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  1. That would be really handy to know, as my Brother and Sister in Law will soon be moving their boat (they live on) to the IBBTC near Oulton Broad. My SiL is a vetenary nurse, and will be looking for agency work when they get there.
  2. Unfortunately, i have no need for any of your mags. I do remember buying loads myself. I regularly bought PBO, MBY and YM. I stopped buying them when all they started testing was large unaffordable luxury boats and yachts, and only wanted to do features on sailing abroad, the Carribean and Med etc, so had nothing of interest or in common with me, and what type of boating i could afford. It`s a shame as they used to be a great monthly read, of which i used to look forward to.
  3. I think you need to get out more
  4. Hi all, Karen and i will be aboard Lightning for a week from the date above. Is anybody else about then, if so, please come and say hello. It`s always great to meet fellow forumites and put faces to names. I`m not sure where we`ll be going yet, although Loddon is a definite, and more than likely Oulton Broad, as my Brother and Sister in Law will hopefully be on their boat by then. Otherwise we`ll be doing it the right way, point her somewhere and see where we end up. One other point, we have a share for sale in Lightning, so will probably have the signs in the windows, so if anybody see`s us, and is considering buying into a syndicate, we`d be happy to give you a guided tour, and explain how the syndicate system works. Anybody about that week?.
  5. The chances are Paul, even those are built in China. I was told by a friend, albeit hearsay, that well in excess of 90% of the electronic goods around the worl are actually built in China. Whether that`s true or not i don`t know, but i know it IS a large percentage.
  6. Rubbish, just go and buy one, you know you want to. Why not buy a used one. Bikes these days are more leisure toys than cheap forms of transport.Yes you can buy cheap commuter machines, but bikes like these are toys, which rarely have more than 4 - 5,000 miles on 2 - 3 year old bikes. My Street Cup is just over 2 years old, and only has under 2,000 miles on the clock, yet can be bought for little more than £5,500. You can pick up some excellent Speedtriples for around £5-6,000 with low mileage and look like brand new machines, which is the same catagory as your Fazer 1000.
  7. I don`t know Alan, Griff does love his mighty Tiger 1050, and why not, great bikes, with an all round ability for fun and touring.
  8. I absolutely LOVED the Sprint RS. Lovely and very under estimated machine. I kept on badgering Laguna down in Maidstone to get their road test version out, and eventually, the salesman gave in and said "come back in half an hour and she`ll be ready". I WAS`NT disappointed. I had to keep the revs down because i was the first person to ride it, but even then, you could feel the low range torque. I always wanted one from then on, but they never lasted long, as they never really sold well, because people went more for the fully faired ST because of its better weather and wind protection. As for the "man maths", just do it, none of us are getting any younger, and as my dad always said, "you`re a long time dead".
  9. I wish we could go, but we can`t get a swap on Lightning.
  10. NO, i HAVE`NT changed my screen name, but i have changed the bike. I`ve never had a Triumph Speedtriple (Brilliant machines that they are), but i have had a Daytona 955i, and a Street Cup which i still have, and still have (albeit under restoration) a Daytona 1000, mine being chassis no 538, one of the very first Hinckley built Triumph sports bikes. I traded the Street Cup for this beaty below. A Triumph 1200 Speed Twin. Aint she just damned pretty?. This is my actual bike, but i won`t be picking her up til next Saturday.
  11. Looking at pics like yours, you CAN go off people you know? . Karen and i wish all the fathers on here a very happy Fathers day. Karen and i got together relatively late in life, neither of us have been married or attached before, so no children, so there are two days every year we never get to celebrate, Mothers day and Fathers day. However, that means we`re never putting our hands in our pockets to finance a childs lifestyle, and can enjoy a few luxuries in life. Anyway, to all the Fathers on here, have a great day, and i hope your children treat you as you deserve.
  12. Has anybody else noticed that since the small boat has gone, the underwater plants have become very apparent?.
  13. That`s exactly how i was taught to drive on roundabouts. For first exit, indicate left when entering on the inside lane of the approaching carraigeway and take the first exit, for second exit, stay in inside lane (outside when ON the roundabout), and indicate left when passing the first exit, then the 3rd or more exit, enter in the OUTSIDE lane of the approaching carriageway indicating right, then when you pass the 2nd exit (or the one before your required exit) while on the inside lane of the roundabout, indicate left while pulling over to the outside lane (left) and turn left at the junction, which is exactly what is shown in the picture. I hope i`ve described that the way i mean it?.
  14. I think people are just idiots. I remember a good few years ago i was travelling anti clockwise around the southern loop of the M25, i was in the 3rd lane out of 4 and going past the slip road for the M23 to Gatwick etc. A car came past me in the outside lane like i was standing still, cut across all 3 lanes, and actually drove across the beginning of the verge at the END of the slip road where it started to go uphill, then had turn a very sharp right to stay in the sliproad`s carraigeway, and on 2 wheels as well. If i had`nt seen this, and someone told me about it, i would have thought they would have been wildly exagerating the facts, but no, that is EXACTLY what happened. Mind you, the twatt WAS driving an Audi estate, and you know what they say about a lot of Audi drivers?.
  15. Looks like it`s wild moored to the bank. It seems to have been more popular back then.
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