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  1. I think they`re right, forget the sea, get something that will allow you to cruise the entire Broads. If 38ft is your size, then an Aquafibre Lowliner 38 is a good boat, with dual steering. Whenever you decide, i`m sure others will advise you on their own preferences, but my advice would be to go for something that will go through ALL broads bridges.
  2. I think Dave has hit the nail on the head with his reply earlier. If the boat is on the south coast, i`m not surprised about this, i`ve heard of some horror stories about people being ripped off. Living near the south coast, we always hear stories of rip off prices, dodgy goings on etc, because of the age old belief, if you`ve got a boat, you`re loaded, and gullible, so often they`re happy to pull a fast one.
  3. Yeah, i suppose i should have used a different turn of phrase?
  4. Was there a member of the forum called Rondonay, i seem to remember that name from somewhere?.
  5. I remember reading a thread on here some time ago where a boat hired from Barnes Brinkcraft was taken over by a group of lads, some already smelling of alcahol, who promptly filled the boat with crates of beer. I don`t think they were on bird watching holiday
  6. Shame they Don't adopt that policy to drunken yobs then is'nt it?.
  7. Definitely Brundall, all facilities for performance coastal craft.
  8. Certainly not, you`re a realist like most people, but like me, you`re NOT afraid to be so, so much respect. It IS`NT racist to disagree with immigration, but it is racism to do, or wish harm or anything untoward on to anybody of a different race, irrespective of the colour of their skin. It IS`NT homophobic to disagree with LBGT etc, but it IS homophobic to do, or wish harm or anything untoward on anybody who has a different lifestyle to you. As for Hoseasons, what a bloody joke. All they`ve done is bring gutter politics into boat (and any of their other holiday outlets) hire. Could it be they`re desperate for bookings?. I`l not make any more comments on this thread, except to say, if the mods are not happy with this post, i`m happy for you to delete it.
  9. Are you saying he`s done the work, or could it be you`ve been mistaken, thinking the "quote" is an invoice?. Seems a bit strange you ask for a quote and they do the work without even speaking to you about it?.
  10. I forgot to say, the place where hired the canoes from had absolutely everything you would need from canoes to toilet rolls. They could do a complete, and i mean complete and VERY comprehensive package, where you turn up with your basic clothes, and nothing else, your canoes would be ready and packed, with ALL camping gear, cooking gear, food, Even some clothing if required, along with well presented route planners for various activities and route plans. I`ll take a look at Google satelite view and see if i can remember the place, and let you know.
  11. Hi Alan, When i worked in Toronto for 4 1/2 months in 96, we had a Sunday off (worked 7 days a week for the whole time), so drove up to Algonquin Park, and hired some canoes. There were 6 of us, so we hired 3 and paddled a 25 mile circular route. Some portageing and bear avoidance was necessary, and i had a cold, but by god it was brilliant, and i`d happily fly over there again to do a weeks holiday there. And do a lot of canoeing as well. The only other day we had off was another Sunday, where we drove round Lake Ontario (a bit bigger than Breydon Water) and went to Niagara Falls. What a disappointment that was, all "kiss me quick hats and cheap tacky hotels". At least i can say " been there, seen it, done it, bought the Tshirt (although NOT the Tshirt, i bought that from Algon Park). I did take loads of photo`s from Algon Park, but over the last 20+ years have lost them, which is a great shame, as they would be happy memories, plus, i think you would have enjoyed them.
  12. Hi Alan, I may be wrong, but i was told EVERY insurance policy is underwritten by Lloyds. I was told that some years back, so maybe things have changed.
  13. Hi Clive, this discussion was raised earlier in the year when someone posted they saw people fishing between 15/3-16/5 this year. A number of members seemed to think it was a dispicable crime, but i pointed out to them, it is NOT illegal to fish between the dates i`ve posted above. You are not breaking ANY law if fishing for migratory salmon and trout with the appropriate license, which ANYBODY is entitled to have. Any other breeds you may actually catch are simply a by product which has to put back immediately.
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