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    Nbn Quiz Night

    Great quiz, i arrived well over halfway through and still got 6. Hopefully, i`l see you all next week.
  2. Hi Alan, I`m so so sorry to hear of your very sad loss, and sincerest apollogies for this being late, i`ve only just come across this thread. Both Karen and i had the great privilage to meet you and Tan at Loddon and had quite a chat with you both on Ranworth Breeze, a meeting we greatly enjoyed. Words cannot convey how sorry we feel for you and your family. I hope one day we WILL meet up again so we can raise a glass together in Tans honour. With best wishes and deepest sympathies ................................ Neil and Karen.

    Why Is It?

    I think there was a previous thread about this a couple of years or so back. Someone posted a link to exactly that sort of thing, and i have to admit, i forgot all about it. However, if there still is a warm air blower from the engines sealed water cooling system, i may suggest we look into this on Lightning.

    Norwich Yacht Station Closed In Winter

    Don`t forget you might be able to moor at Brooms beside their fuel quay, and get the train beside the Yare public house which also does good food.

    Short Late November Break.

    Hi Howard, if any time you see Lightning out on the water, please feel free to ask to have a look aboard and ask some questions, i`m sure other syndicate members will be happy to show you around, but you never know, it might be me, but unlikely in December, January, or February. This year, Lightning will be getting very little use this month, and it`s been like that more often than not. Also, she always comes out of the water in early January for her annual overhaul and spruce up, and i believe does`nt get used a lot in January anyway.

    Short Late November Break.

    Hi Howard, Lightning does`nt go out very often in winter, so if you bought a share in her, you could use her for many weeks, and all free, as other owners can use unused weeks with only having to pay for the weekly handover by Brooms.

    Short Late November Break.

    Some time ago, there was a discussion on how many syndicate boats on the Broads, where i posted there are not enough smaller syndicate boats for 2 or 4 people, and not more fwd dv ones either. My own personal opinion is there should be at least another three of each being three 2 berth and three 4 berth, as not everybody is interested in the extra size and length of the more common 6+ berth ones that are available. A number of people told me when we`ve been on Lightning that they are interested in a syndicate boat, but are concerned about the sheer size of the larger boats.

    Wintertime Cooking

    I don`t drink at all, i`m allergic to alcahol, and Karen drinks wine, so the fridge is for milk for the best drink of the day.......... TEA.

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Karen and i have a Boxing tradition which we do EVERY year since we`ve lived here. Bournemouth pier is always open and free to the public, and the restaurant at the end is also open, so we always have lunch on the pier. Sometimes it`s bright and sunny and warm (ish) and sometimes it`s wet and windy, but it`s always enjoyable, and the only time (as locals) we ever go on the pier.

    Advice, Please

    Sanding varnish is`nt about smoothing it down, it`s about giving it a key to accept the next coat. Yes you can sand it by going up in grades, but to get a shine back, you will probably need to go up to 1500 or even 2000 grit.

    Advice, Please

    Sincerest apologies Ray, i misinformed you. These boats were built by Bounty Boats, but it appears two were either sold, or purposely built for Swancraft, and called "Swan Regent". They differed from the Maffett Cruiser and Paul Pleasurecraft variants, in that the Swan Regent versions had alluminium window surrounds, whereas the other two i mention had just varnished wood. I checked on Craigs Data Base, and put in E469 (your boats reg no) and it comes with some nice pics, and Goodal Gal is N695, and Kingfisher N694. Once again, sorry for the misinformation.

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    I know exactly what you`re saying Simon, i went into a travel agents down here near home about 3 weeks ago and asked for one, and they told me Hoseasons no longer have a paper brochure, and that everything is now done on-line. I agree it`s a shame, as there`s something about picking up the new brochure and flicking through the pages looking for any new boats. Sadly, that will no longer be an option.

    Advice, Please

    This is the sister ship to Maffett Cruisers Kingfisher which i hired many times. She was a really lovely boat, very well built, and very comfortable and easy to handle. If you need to know anything about this boat, it`s worth giving them a call to see if they can help. What i DO know is that this boat was built by and on hire from Bounty Boats at Brundall, and was called Bounty Bandit, which was then changed, but i can`t remember what to. Later, she was in "Paul Pleasurecraft" s fleet from Beccles, where i looked over her, and not in a good state, plus they painted the topsides white, with blue coachroof. She was then sold into private ownership, and became "Goodall Gal", owned by Mr Goodall, and was for some years moored on the private moorings on the North side of Beccles Yacht Station. I did`nt see her for some years, but last time i saw her, she was moored in one of the marinas on the Ant at Stalham, and was still i think called Goodall Gal.. I hope this helps?.

    Advice, Please

    If they want to take her somewhere to have work done on her, or have her checked out, John Cressy at Maffetts is first class having run several GRP / wood, and all wood hire boats. He once told me about when he bumped into the guy that bought Swallows (one his all wooden hire boats) sister ship Flamingo from him. He said the guy was`nt very happy, as he had to scrap Flamingo 5 years after buying her, and that in that time, he`d spent just over £1,000 on it. Johns reply was that he`d spend a lot more than that every year. Yes, Timber boats do need a lot of maintainance, but if kept on top of, and done regularly, they should last for a great many years, whereas if you put something off, it will lead a lot more problems. As said above, the good thing is, she has a GRP hull, which by comparison needs far less attention than wood.

    Wintertime Cooking

    I remember when i had my yacht moored at Upnor on the Medway. Whenever we went for a sail, we usually took Pot Noodles, along with ham and cheese sandwiches. They were always nice when dipped in Pot Noodle.

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