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    Hoveton Little Broad

    Which one is Hoveton Little Broad, is it in the trees to the east of Wroham Broad?. If so, i think the entrance was well and truly overgrown, or have they cleared the access in the banks?.

    Yippee! Booked Our Broads Holiday For June/july!

    Hi Helen, We`ll be on Lightning from 29th June, though there`s a slim chance that may change, but if not, i`l keep a look out for Lustre if we go North, also, if you see us on Lightning, please feel free to come and say helo.

    Pacific Cruisers Late Start To Season

    Hi Simon, I would think that`s a mistake, i would encourage anybody who was looking to hire to call them just to make sure. I really can`t believe they`re leaving it that late, especially leaving easter out, it`s a busy and viable time of year.

    Beccles Old Bridge Passage In March

    I would agree with Grendel, alternatively, i`m not sure if Beccles yacht station is open this time of year, but if so, give them a call and they will be able to tell you, or alternatively, call Hipperson boatyard and ask them, the same goes for Deby`s quay, they`re 100 yds from the bridge, so they should be able to help you out. One thing i will say, if you have to wait for the clearance to be right when ABOVE the bridge, you could moor up at the Beccles Lido pontoon for a while. It`s a very pleasant spot, we moored there last June when we had an too little for the bridge. I`m really glad we did, nice picturesque spot, and some good fishing.

    Hiring First Time

    Thanks Simon, i must confess, i did`nt know that. As Howard says above, I would also recommend Bridgecraft as we`ve hired from them in the past, and had great service from them. I know they`ve already refurbished and relaunched some of their fleet, and that Howard has hired from them in the winter months, so definitely give them a call. You never know, they may appreciate having the odd boat out, as this would give them more space while moving the boats around for refurbs etc.

    Hiring First Time

    Hi Red, if you are staying on the North rivers, i`d DEFINITELY give Herbert Woods a call, as they do hire this time of year, one of our members, Howard, aka Norfolk Nog, is currently on one of their boats as we type. He`s not a solo cruiser, but you can`t do any worse that give them a call. And YES, they DO have bathtubs for 2, so ideal for a solo cruiser. Check out Howards thread "Quiet and Peaceful 12".

    Tis A Bit Blowy

    Very blowy down here in East Dorsetr yesterday, though a bit easier today. Now we can hear it pouring with rain. Bloody weather must get better soon, i have`nt ridden the cup for weeks.

    Hiring First Time

    Hi Red, When you say "Lady Sailor", is that on motor cruisers, or Yachts?. If it`s yachts, then try Easticks at Acle, or Hunters yard at Ludham, although whether you will find a yacht with an electric windlass and bowthruster i very much doubt. However if looking for a cruiser, there are hundreds to choose from. If getting back after a while, try the north rivers where the tides are lass of an issue for a solo sailor / cruiser. That said, i know some solo sailors / cruisers find it difficult to hire solo, as many yards won`t hire to them for insurance reasons.

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Hi all quizzers, Sorry i could`nt do the quiz last night as we had family round for a birthday Chinese takeaway. I won`t be able top do next weeks either, as i won`t be here, so you will all be free of me for a couple of weeks.

    Private Boat Hire Request

    Yes, i think Vanessan has hit the nail on the head. That said, you could always try a phone call to Herbert Woods, as i believe they might hire through the winter months. You don`t say which type of boat you are looking to buy, traditional aft cockpit, centre cockpit, forward drive, or sports cruiser?. Herbert Woods will likely have a number of those i`ve mentioned, but make sure you tell them exactly what type of boat you want to hire, as i`ve heard all too often of people hiring a high top dual steer, and then complain when they can`t get under any of the low bridges, which again is something to think about when you wish take the plunge and buy your own. Also, think about where you will be doing your cruising, if you already have plenty of experience in boat handling, you may wish to moor it on the southern rivers with their stronger tides and greater range of tidal difference. If you are NOT experienced, then the much slower tides and lesser tidal difference of the north rivers would be more beneficial, which i would seriously recommend. Some of the hire fleets have facebook pages, and often post up pages of how they are refurbing their fleet, Bridgecraft at Acle have, and they have already refurbed a number of their fleet and put them back in the water, so may be able to help. Freedom Boating at Thorpe also do, but they are based on the River Yare on the south rivers, and have strong fast flowing tides, which as i`ve said, if inexperienced, may be rather daunting for you. Anyway, have a think, and make a few phone calls, all you will hear is yes or no.

    Anton And Erin

    Lance Ellington also took part in the dancing, albeit the simple routines, but it was still good to watch.

    Anton And Erin

    Hi all, Nobody on here will know, but Karen used to teach ballroom dancing years ago, she has actually won medals for it. She`s an avid Strictly fan, and never misses a show. So 4 years ago, she said she would like to see Anton and Erins travelling show down here at the Bournemouth Pavillion, but did`nt know whether anybody she knew would want to go. Now, i`m no dancing fan, and i look like i`m dancing with three left feet, but seeing as i knew how much she wanted to go, i offered to go with her. I absolutely loved their show, and we`ve been every year since, being the last 4 years. Yesterday (earlier in the year than usual) was this years regular visit to Bournemouth, and we went to the afternoon show (matinee), and although slightly differnt in format, was as usual, a truly brilliant show. This time, we decided to wait by the stage door to see if they would come out and say hello. They did, as well as Lance Ellington, who regularly sings on Strictly, and also the lady singer "Lauren Emmett", and the back up dancers. We got to say hello to all of them and had some pics taken with them.What a great bunch they were, very down to earth and friendly, and always had time for those who waited by the door. Karen was absolutely made up, and yes, we will be going next year. I also told Anton that it`s about time the gave him a partner who could win lolol. It really was (and always will be) a great show, and i would always recommend anybody, dancing fan or not, to go and see it if you get the chance. I would be very surprised if you were disappointed.

    Nbn Quiz Night

    THREpenny bits please, it`s an abreviation of three penny bit. I got them all by the way.

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    I`ve never seen this thread before Griff, but what a fantastic thread it is, with some great photo`s from years gone by, and some really nice tales of past lives and friends. Thanks for posting it.

    Hoseasons 83 Brochure Wanted

    Hi Simon, I can remember a boatyard at Stokesby in the 80s, it was from where the boatshed is now. Although now there`s precious little left of it now. In fact, when my brother and his wife and co hired a boat in 82, they had a pumpout at the yard in Stokesby. I also remember Highcraft of the 80s and possibly 90s at Thorpe. It`s strange when you think of the number of yards at Thorpe, Maidencraft, Highcraft, Kingfisher Cruisers, Corig Cruisers, Hearts Cruisers, and probably some i`ve forgotten, and these are from the 80s, i bet there were a lot more before that.

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