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  1. Hi Sue, Yes, we plan to, providing the internet signal is OK. Having a great cruise, though rain on and off every day, not too bad though. Lightning was spotless when we came aboard, and Dave said they left her as they found her, so many thanks for taking care of our lovely boat. In fairness, the only time in 6 years we've heard of any complaints was when somebody used one of the outside cleaning services.
  2. In a 'National Park" yes, most definitely, even the "type" of paint used must be scrutinised. . Did I say National Park?.
  3. And we're on your syndicate boat now, it's raining again☔.
  4. If you're going to moor southern Broads, how about Hippersons opposite Beccles YS, or Derby's Quay?. Then of course, there's Loddon, Greenaway Marine, Denny Walklins yard, or the old Aston yard, not sure of the name. Another one is Pearson Marine at Reedham opposite the top end of the New Cut.
  5. Seeing as you're there for two weeks, I would recommend staying above Stokes by until you have gained your confidence for mooring. Where mooring is concerned, take it slow, against the tide, and don't be afraid to ask someone ashore to help if necessary. Also, as mentioned by somebody above, find a clear less busy stretch of river and practice several times. One other bit of advice, try not to use too much throttle to turn quicker, often, going from forward to reverse and back several times in a confined space without using full throttle will often be a lot safer and turn the boat round easie
  6. Then that makes me ask questions, who owns the forum, and who decides what the TOS should be?. Is the forum "owned" by an or some individuals, and does that or those individuals decide who they want as mods and appoint them, as well as deciding what the TOS should be, or do they allow the mods to decide what's best for us members?.
  7. So why are people allowed to post such clips on YouTube (not Facebook as someone mentioned) if it's breaking laws, all forms of public media and fora are bound by the same laws, and naming and shaming IS'NT against the law. Anyway, suppose it was a boat being rammed by a boat full of drunken idiots, that boat being owned by a forum member living several hundred miles away, and knew nothing about it because "wemust'nt film it" and nothing got reported. I for one would be extremely grateful to anybody naming and shaming if it was the only way to let us know that Lightning had been hit, as
  8. We'll, if that's the case, I think the TOS need to be relaxed, absolutely no need for over zealous modding in my opinion.
  9. Yes I saw that last night on YouTube, if it's allowed to be viewed by a billion people+ on the worldwide Web, why does it break the forums TOS?.
  10. Feeling very envious of you now Sue, we've got another two weeks before we take Lightning out again, and we haven't used her since March. I really can't wait, as with the year we've had, we're desperate to get afloat and try to chill out. Have a great week, and enjoy yourselves. Ps, remember it's the AGM in 3 weeks, so have a good look around, see what like or don't like, and consider things to bring up there.
  11. Tell me about it. I think the two important questions to ask in your case Ian are a), how many times have you been under Ludham bridge without incident?, which the most likely answer would be "numerous", and b), would any extra training be necessary?, which the answer would very likely be "no". We're all human beings, not robots or computers, so we have human deficiencies and make simple instantaneous errors of judgement as in did above, no matter how many years of experience we have, which goes on in everyday life. I work in the aircraft industry and have done so f
  12. Look after Lightning, we're aboard her 2 weeks later. Hopefully, we'll meet up at the AGM on zoom on the 17th. Enjoy your first week aboard. If you're concerned about the weather being extremely windy, our home mooring is very sheltered.
  13. Hi Sue, Karen and I hope you have a really great first experience aboard Lightning. Some time I will tell you about our first week aboard, what an experience that was. Enjoy your first time afloat on our lovely boat.
  14. Our AGM (Lightning syndicate) is always held at Stibbington Station (at the start of the Nene Valley Railway) in their meeting room in October, basically for operational seasonal and central location reasons, though this year, because pof the cv farce, we're having an "on-line AGM via something called" zoom". Our allocation system is now automated negating the need for a time consuming pot luck draw, which allows more time to discuss operational issues etc. If you buy a share, you automatically take over that members allocation, which gives you a week every 12 or 13 weeks, and then each member
  15. Just a quick heads up, Lightning is a 43ft 6 berth Brooms built dual steer river cruiser, based on the Aqua fibre Diamond 43 mouldings, able to pass through all broads bridges at suitable tides.
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