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    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    ECipa, everything you mentioned is in structural contact with the land, but once that structural contact with land is taken away, it then becomes the responsibility of the BA, as it`s isolated from land, and in the way of navigation. Yes, if things are structurally in contact with adjacent land, then it`s the responsibility of the land owners, unless it`s protruding into the main navigational area, where it then becomes a possibly serious, maybe even dangerous, navigational hazard and then becomes responsibility of the BA, because the rite of SAFE (and toll payed for) navigation is seriously compromised. I`m wondering why you obviously don`t want it to be the responsibility of the BA, are you a member?.

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    Hi East coast, Unfortunately your point DOES`NT stand up be cause bridges are NOT in the river, they run OVER it. If below the surface of the river, it`s the BAs responsibility. If however you were talking about the redundant structures at St Olaves and further up nearer Beccles, then because they now DON`T have a bridge to them, they themselves are the responsibility of the BA, or at least being safe for navigation past them.

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    It may be a quay heading issue, but if it`s interfering with NAVIGATION, then that automatically becomes the responsibility of the BA, which i was told a while ago totally overrides the EA`s responsiblity, though i admit, i don`t know whether that is true or not?.
  4. We had a lot of rain today down here in East Dorset, and it`s cooled down a lot thank god. Our front and back lawns are now just sprouting green shoots again, but are still in a very poor state, though our soil is more sand than loam, so they will never be great. It`s forecast to be very unsettled over the weekend, and YES, i`m more than happy for it, at least now i will be able to GET IN bed, rather than sleep ON it.

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good B&b?

    There`s one in Chedgrave (Loddon) about 100 yds from Loddon staithe, though i don`t know what it`s called, anybody else know what it`s called?.

    Old Broads Boats

    I can easily remember seeing photo`s in the catalogues of your boats in the 70s Clive, boats like Broadsventure, pacesetter, Fulmar etc etc, with white painted hulls, yet at the end of the boats details, there was a post script saying picture is of number 1, no`s 2-5 etc have bright varnished hulls. And yes, i did think at the time "i would`nt want one of those", so i can understand what you say.

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    I really can`t understand why you bring up waste and rubbish in this thread, it has NOTHING to do with it, so why bring it up, possibly to divert peoples attention away from the possible fact that the BA are being negligent in THEIR responsibilities to ensure a clear and safe navigational system?. No, if, as it looks, there is a real and present danger to navigation in a public waterway, the BA absolutely MUST take positive action to remove it IMMEDIATELY, rendering the river and banks safe. After all, is`nt that what we pay our tolls for?.

    Now And Then

    A good friend and former colleague of mine always used to say "believe NOTHING you read, and ONLY HALF of what you see", and this is a classic example of how right he was. I never believe what is reported on the news, it`s filmed and reported in a way to make you believe what they want you to believe. It`s great to be a cynic.

    Spitfire At Biggin

    I used to work in the big building opposite the cafe (if it`s still there?) in the 90s. We did get some free tickets for the airshow the first year, but then stopped getting them, unless we payed (at discount rate ) for them. However, somebody else who worked there told us to go to one of the shops in the village, where we bought tickets for half of the discounted price, so we did.

    A Good Place To Be!

    Our Archery club holds an annual MacMillan shoot, and usually raises over £1,000 for them. I`ve just got back into shooting again, due to a shoulder injury, and you can tell i have`nt shot for 18 months. Hard work or what?.

    Comfy Helm Seat

    That`s exactly what we do every time we use Lightning. The lower helm seat does not allow good visibility over the fwd cabin, having to crane my neck to see what`s in front, so we put two large cushions on it. It does mean my head is nearly touching the sliding hatch, but at least i can see more of what`s immediately in front of us, which is vital to see what`s in the water etc.

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    What i would expect is the mods come down heavy on those who turn a discussion into a personal attack, purely and simply because they don`t like the content of the original post, thus launching into personal abuse and insults to the original poster, something that HAS happened on numerous occaisions, and to numerous people .................................

    Fishing On The Norfolk Broads

    I don`t think your post was unfreindly etc, though i would have changed the phrasing but only slightly. Where you said "rather than", i would have put "as well as", so it would be making it a reciprocal request?. If you know what i`m trying to say?.

    Theft From Boats At Oulton Broad

    One last point, if i get banned from this forum because of this, then i, and if those that have come out attacking me will be honest enough to admit, will know that i have hit a nerve.

    Theft From Boats At Oulton Broad

    Perhaps if the police started to engage with the public, and work on what they find out, they may get more respect from them. I always grew up believing an innocent law abiding citizen has nothing to fear from the police. Unfortunately through personal experience, i know that is now not to be the case. I don`t have any faith in them, i don`t trust them, and i don`t have any respect for them anymore. And guess what, i don`t care one bit who thinks bad of me for saying so, you can slag me off if you want, but remember, i HAVE`NT made ANY personal insults to ANY individual members of this forum, i have just given my own personal view based on some facts and personal experiences, just a shame others on this forum are completely unable to afford ME the same respect?.

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