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  1. Now there speaks a man of intellegence.
  2. Why does a (so called) entertainment programe have to tackle "important issues of the day"?. If anybody wants to hear or see things about "important issues of the day", watch the sodding news or read a paper. Having said that, i`l NEVER watch the crap no matter what "important issues of the day" they show. Total and utter garbage, just the same as ALL crappy soap operas.
  3. Hmmmmm, Eastenders?. Always was, still is, and always will be the biggest load of UTTER CRAP ever put on television.
  4. Right, yards i`ve hired from. Aston Boats Loddon Aston Boats Beccles x2 Martham Boat Dev Co Buccaneer Boats Brundall Maffett Cruisers Loddon x lots Summercraft Wroxham x2 Moore & co Wroxham Herbert Woods Potter Heigham x2 (never again) Bridgecraft Acle x2 Kingline Cruisers Horning Pacific Cruisers Loddon. The above as i said are yards i`ve hired from in the past. Yards i`d hire from now (if we did`nt own a share in Lightning) are, Bridgecraft Acle Broads Boating Company Acle Summercraft Wroxham Freedom Cruisers Thorpe Pacific Cruisers Loddon
  5. We`re staying in a hotel in Gravesend for the Easter weekend. Went to Brands Hatch today, and round my Brothers for a chinese this evening. We got back here to the hotel half an hour ago, and the Moon was crystal clear, and absolutely enormous, it must be at its nearest part of its orbit. It`s an amazing sight to see.
  6. Makes a change from lads on Herbert Woods or Barnes Brinkcraft. I wonder how long it will be before people say "lads on boats are never a problem"?. Just another example of the fact they ARE. Either way, it does`nt go any way to repairing any damage done to your boat. A couple of years back, we had a couple on one of Silverlines boats reverse full throttle into the bow of Lightning bending the bow roller all out of shape rendering it useless. The couple DID`NT stop, but lucky for us owners, there were 8 eye witnesses who all shouted several times at the couple to stop, one of them being the harbour master (at Beccles yacht station), and when contacted, Silverline were straight forward and held their hands up and paid ALL monies for repairs and replacements. I sincerely hop you have no problems with Richardsons.
  7. We love to moor at Hoveton Viaduct Moorings, because it`s a 5 minute walk to Hoveton (always known as Wroxham), and is very peaceful, with good fishing. Last year, we walked into Hoveton, bought fish and chips, and sat on Lightning fishing into the dark. It looked stunning in the evening, with the river looking like a mill pond with a mirror like surface. It`s also great for the wildlife too.
  8. There`s a video on youtube of a guy who spends a few days canoeing and camping on a trip from Bungay to Gldeston. I think, though not sure, that there is also the same sort of thing for the upper Bure Navigation.
  9. Put the kettle on have a mug of tea John ..................................... Ok, i`m off.
  10. RUBBISH. This forum is full of threads (probably thousands of them?) that have gone off topic several times. Personally, i think we should start a thread about boats, then somehow change to many other subjects and eventually end up with the thread talking about the local zoo, via Scotland with a steam engine taking it elsewhere on the way. Or maybe i should just get out more?...................
  11. It`s just before 10am, so you`re on your way. If you are able to get this before you get there, why not divert, if it`s not too much trouble, to Loddon, and have lunch at Rosie Lee`s. If you do, please say hello from us (Neil and Karen, her Dorset regulars lol) and say we`re looking forward to seeing her again at the end of June. Hve a great time, i`l be keeping an eye on this thread, and looking forward to hopefully many pictures of Broadland etc in the sun.
  12. Too many things to list, but here`s a few. Sailing on the southern rivers, too busy on the northern ones. Be able to moor up at Irstead shoals for the night, and do some fishing there. Either canoeing (Karen won`t even try it, so maybe a small one man rowing boat?) beyond the limits of navigation on the Upper Ant, Upper Bure, and Upper Waveney. Moor at Coltishall Lock, went there in Lightning last year for the first time, but moored back at Hoveton Viaduct Moorings and did some fishing. Go beyond the hire boat limit of navigation at Norwich on the Wensum. See all the upper stretches of the rivers restored back to full navigation status (Beyond the locks etc) Live there. There are lots more, but so many to list.
  13. A very good point there Vaughn, and i must say i did think they looked "very white"?. But i did`nt even consider things like numbers etc, so maybe Miss Whiplash could be right after all?. I think the expression "watch this space" could be very appropriate at the moment?.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that Andy. I did believe you were originally based in Horning, so very glad you`ve put me right. It`s really good to see BBCs boats all in the water again, and looking so clean and smart. I seem to remember somebody on the forum hired from them last year, and gave them a good report, so great to see they`re enjoying continuing success.
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