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  1. The There's a trade off here though: £6k plus for a new engine install or £200 or a waterpump which you'll only ever change once unless you're doing 8 hours a day every day. Incidentally, I can get these rebuilt on an exchange basis.
  2. There are few places that openly allow residential moorings others turn a blind eye. The BA has a history of persecuting liveaboards and looks, again, to be readying for an attack on the residents of Thorpe Island having previously reiterated that there are no rules being broken there, seem to have suddenly discovered that rules have been broken. In essence, living aboard your boat is permitted. Doing so on a mooring that may not have the requisite permissions is a different thing entirely and the BA has form.....
  3. A BMC 2.5 is a drop-in replacement if that's an option. Neither engine has a solid supply of spare parts now.
  4. There is a tug boat in the Horizon Basin that I assume is Richardson's.
  5. I had the Canal & River Rescue contact me some time ago about helping them out with a job on the Broads. I declined as we didn't have any resources spare, but it appears that they do farm out the work to local yards. I suspect they must have a list of preferred suppliers on the Broads but I have no experience of the service from either end.
  6. They have a couple of day boats. I sold my Rapier to Bridgecraft last year, so their fleet is increasing. Very nice people and a great yard with a long family history. Way too few yards left like this now.
  7. That tidal range has got to be wrong.
  8. Did you know that Henry Rolls is said to have designed the grill for the motor cars in Southrepps, just south of Cromer? Plus, I can see Rowan Atkinson with pencils sticking out of his nose and underpants on his head......
  9. My latest vlog is available on YouTube. Sorry, it's not the Broads, but I will get out soon with my new drone. But, it is a river and there's some nice piccies......
  10. Absolutely Lovely job on Tideway, Clive!
  11. Perception of a problem is an individual thing and often open to horrendous pre-conceptions. In your example of a courting couple, that pre-conception might be that someone is snooping regardless of the angle of the lens and wide-angle nature of it. People often also moan about things like this if they're caught doing some that is itself illegal, illicit or otherwise frowned upon - dare I say that urinating in your garden in full view of a public footpath.....
  12. Yes, but they don't have to be visible to spotters on the ground. Characters need to be a minimum of 3mm tall and the marks can be put inside battery compartments and so on, just so long as they can be found without having to use tools. As has been said elsewhere, there are a number of idiots out there to give responsible pilots a bad name and it's an easy target right now. Not at all dissimilar to the inevitable comments about poor handovers when someone slips into the river or runs aground on Breydon. On the other hand, it's far removed barrage of calls to Ban Driving when there's ther
  13. This is what got me into it. More recently, I have been using them for video too and a couple of weeks ago went to North Yorkshire on a job providing drone videography services for a Television pilot as a result of someone seeing my drone work on YouTube. Because of that job, I bought a DJI Mini 2 drone (which took the shot that started this debate) which I can fly almost anywhere because its weight hugely lowers the risks of flight. It's an awesome flying camera that I am sure will get significantly more use than my large drone because of its portability. I will continue to share drone shots
  14. Whilst I appreciate there may be some jest in the suggestions of taking down a drone, it's worth pointing out that that amounts to criminal damage and it's something that worries me still as I had someone threaten me with a shotgun whilst inebriated for flying near them. The A-hole accused me of watching him urinate in his garden where the irony (lost on him) is that his garden has approximately 80ft of river frontage with a well-used footpath directly opposite. To quash some other myths. My small drone is barely audible when in flight (yes, my large one is noisy, by no noisier than a BMC
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