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  1. Something like this on that site is long overdue.
  2. It wasn't that strong, but one gust and it was over. Still, there's some great photos of Brograve Mill for you so, sit back and feel my pain.
  3. I hired one of these on the Caledonian Canal about 8 years ago. It was an incredibly nice boat.
  4. Some FB Wilds boats had BMCs and other Perkins, from memory. Really would need to see your installation to give you any further idea. Some, I think, were pumps embedded in the hydraulic tank. Others (which is more common in most other installations) had pumps coupled to the flywheel with separate tanks. Retrofitting might be challenging as its the issue of mounting that's the sticky spot. I have what I think is a Dowty pump at the yard that's looking for a new home, but, before I try to find that home, why are you asking? What is wrong with your installation?
  5. We had people last year trying to cancel because the pubs might not be open. It's amazing how petty people can be. Are you coming on a boating holiday or a pub crawl? The two aren't irrevocably intertwined and if its not possible to have a good time without a pub, maybe there are cheaper ways to have a pub crawl than hiring a motor cruiser for a week.
  6. The strength in GRP comes from it s thickness, but with that comes weight. To create solid, rigid structures designed not to deflect in either direction, we laminate with various light-weight core materials (such as foam or balsa) to create strength without weight. Various calculations can be made to determine the flexibility (in deflection in either direction) of a sheet of fibreglass depending on the thickness of the outer layer, the core and the inner layer. Roof-structure, decks and wells are typically created with core materials. Hulls of Broads-type cruisers do not usually conta
  7. I think the Great Yarmouth Crickets were particularly locust....
  8. I have been tempted by the Fuji. It seems to be a stunning bit of kit and much favoured by many landscape photographers. Not remotely tempted by full-frame now. I have had a Fuji S2-pro for years which is why I went to the Nikon D90. I suspect my next purchase will be a 12-200 zoom so I can continue to travel light. I might sell the Nikon and Fuji stuff as I don't use it much any more.
  9. Well, The OM20 (I mis-typed it above) was my Father's camera and it still has the original battery in it from around 1995. I use it rarely now, but have a bunch of Ektar film I need to use up, so will go out exclusively with film for a vlog or two in the coming months. I bought the OM-D Em10-Mk3 because I was increasingly unhappy with the noise from my D90 and Olympus had an incredible offer on a bundle in June last year that I couldn't refuse. Prior to that, I had no experience with MFT. I love the size and weight of it, but really want a 5Mk3 now for the extra functionality.
  10. When I saw this topic heading, I immediately though of the story of the Scotsman found asleep in his car at Winterton last week by the police. He was fined for driving from Scotland to Great Yarmouth to buy...... Crickets for his reptiles..... I kid you not.
  11. My latest Broads photo vlog is live on YouTube. This is my first of 2021, so I'm a bit late with it, soz!. It would really help my YouTube channel to receive Likes (or dislikes) and comments on the channel itself. Any interaction on the videos themselves is a big plus on YouTube. Hope you like it.
  12. Meetup? Sounds like a Festival location. We need a headline act.
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