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  1. Yes that is true the amount of anglers who are walking about today with just literally a rod + reel+ lure and little else is shocking, often they have no net, no forceps and more importantly no idea. I find a dead decaying Pike which has presumably been washed down from the Wroxham area in general nearly every other week, which I assume has become a victim of the aforementioned clients, which is a polite way of putting it.
  2. Walking near the river at Wroxham today I witnessed this chap see video) hook a Pike on a lure he had no equipment other than rod + reel, the poor fish was yanked from the river and as you can see he didn't have a clue what to do, hence putting his foot on the fish, at that point I went over and asked him what he was doing and in his limited English he said he had left his pliers at home. By this time the Pike had been on the bank several minutes so I put it back still attached into the water at that point another angler guy asked me what the problem was, when I told him and he said he had som
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