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  1. 19 minutes ago, JennyMorgan said:

    Nigel, easy enough to make a tabernacle out of timber.

    Would rather a metal one as mast is heavy alloy 27ft but if others think a wooden one would be strong enough I shall look for a design .

    Thanks Nigel

  2. Hi , I am looking for a mast tabernacle for Aquila. The width required is approx. 2.75 inches. Anybody got one stashed away or know where I could get one made up ?

    I am in Lowestoft but can travel. Oh, and also, I have found a great chandlers for old boat bits and pieces in Oulton Broad. Right Aladins cave. Roy Marshall by Lowestoft Marina.

    Thanks Nigel

  3. Yes there are other costs but if I was a drinker there would also be other costs like babysitter taxi home etc. If I was like my brother I would have to find thousands for golf things , clubs ?

    What I was getting at is I feel BA use my small contribution very well. Reedham is a very good example, I solo most of the time and really appreciate the help when mooring there!!

    And free moorings well kept and clean are very much welcomed !!

    Try going down to Surrey and cruise , £90 per month , graffiti everywhere and muggers galore. 

    Rant over Nigel

  4. A gin palace compared to my valacrity 650 lol. My point of the thread was actually the amount of fenders. What is a minimum  amount one should have on your vessel ? At the moment I have 3 per side and 1 on each stern corner.


  5. Hi all, I love watching brink crafts Web Cam. Always wondered about the "gin palace" moored along the mainstream just before bridge. Must be an accident black-spot as have just counted the amount of fenders on the starboard side. 12 ?


  6. Thank you for the welcome.  Must add I am a complete newbie to boating and have tried to self teach myself ie this forum , books and advice from friends but nowhere anything about what to do if you fall in. Could someone put a guide on here?

    Now got one of these on boat



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