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  1. Koolwabbit

    Boat Fendering

  2. Koolwabbit

    Brundall From The Air

    Hi I thought it was illegal to find drones over built up areas. Koolwabbit
  3. Koolwabbit

    Visitor Toll

    Thanks everyone for suggestions. Going to tape to boom. Koolwabbit
  4. Koolwabbit

    Visitor Toll

    Morning all, just going to launch my GP14 that I have just acquired. I will be buying a weekly toll as it will probably have to be pulled out again for repairs to leaks. The question is , Where do I put the ticket for the ranger to see, especially with this wet weather ? Thanks Koolwabbit
  5. Koolwabbit

    Mooring On Southern Rivers Needed

    Hi not the best but try loddon marina. They are cheap and cheerful and a very handy mooring for bus access to norwich or beccles. Koolwabbit
  6. Morning all, I fell in a couple of years back on my first solo voyage . Another story but I almost drown as I didn't know how to get out of the water. I was saved by a young kayak sailor who climbed onto my boat and retrieved a mooring line , tied a loop in the end and told me to use as a step. EASY AS PIE !! Koolwabbit
  7. Koolwabbit

    Waste Facilities For Boaters.

    Loddon Staithe and Pyes Mill no more. Koolwabbit
  8. Koolwabbit

    Loddon Pubs

    Definitely Kings Head. £1 a pint off and free shot everytime England score. As for the Swan used once never again . Vodka orange cost me £1.50 for shot of orange. Koolwabbit
  9. Koolwabbit

    Fishing Season

    Hi been up loddon all day . Feeding the fish with bits of bread , should be a good season, but that's not what I want to talk about. Hire craft pulls in and a very snooty male gets out a rod and starts fishing. I politely said that he should be careful or he would be caught fishing out of season. He unpolitely said he was fly fishing and was allowed. I says never heard that one to which he replied he had phoned up to check and was told he could. Is this correct ? Nigel (roll on the 16th )
  10. Koolwabbit

    River Trip Along The River Ant 1940s

    Look at my thread new film channel.
  11. Just watched a movie on this channel that might be of interest. Only ten minutes long but called A River trip along the ant and about a couple on holiday on a cruiser reg number B 753 . The film was made in the fifty. Had a good shot of The Kings Head at Laconic. Nigel
  12. Koolwabbit

    Boating And Drinking

    I believe I have found the answer to my OP. Since I retired I have been out on my boat for a few days every week and forgot others are not so lucky. So getting out on the water is special and is used for recreation and relaxation. Both go well with a relaxing drink. Especially when on holiday. I don't drink but my partner and our five adult children do . Probably 100's on the broads don't either. Nigel
  13. Koolwabbit

    Boating And Drinking

    When I started this thread I wasn't saying anything about not having a tipple. What I was getting at was , as has been mentioned, it seems one feels that being on a boat means getting out glasses and pouring a drink whilst on the move or stationary. When I get in at home or on board , or even visiting , a cuppa is normally offered . There again I would never ever consider a drink whilst behind the wheel of my car so what is different about a boat ? Nigel
  14. Koolwabbit

    Boating And Drinking

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I did 10 years in the army and loved my booze but one night down the local, having a p**s and in walks the landlord. He says, "love you drinkers, buy a pint then chuck it away in here. Money in my pocket". Not touched a drop since, better things to do with my hard earned cash. Even been called unsociable in the pass. Nigel
  15. Koolwabbit

    Boating And Drinking

    After following this forum for a number of years one would believe , to be a boaty one must also like their booze. I am a total teetotaller but still let others drink if they want on my boat. What are others thoughts ? Nigel

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