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  1. Jmorris

    Opening Day Reports

    Hi Simondo. We caught plenty of bream and roach at Acle bridge. Groundbait feeder with maggot and corn was working.
  2. Jmorris

    Advice On A Trip To Great Yarmouth..... Help!

    Thank you all for the advice and suggestions, it is much appreciated. The posts above have given me many things to consider. ?
  3. Jmorris

    Advice On A Trip To Great Yarmouth..... Help!

    Thanks everyone for the above comments. Would anyone recommend Stokesby as a stop off. I was thinking of getting transport from there.
  4. Dear all, A few months ago I asked for advice on our first boat trip to the broads, I received so many helpful replies from you all. As my trip approaches ( next week) I thought I would do the responsible thing and read my 'skippers manual.' We plan a trip from Potter Heigham to Great Yarmouth on the 16th June. The thing that has confused me is the timetable for the 'low tide' and when I should ideally look to arrive? Also could anyone recommend a suitable mooring spot in Great Yarmouth? I am mindful that as novices' we should beware of the tide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, John
  5. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    Thank you Katie, as you say this may become a regular trip for us. If you guys are anything to go by we will not be able to fault the warm welcome from the fellow boaters. Wyndham, I love the idea above. Sounds like a plan!
  6. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    Thank you John, yeh the boat company are happy to have an all lads group. We will abide by Norfolk law as Katie says above!
  7. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    I like the rule about stopping at all pubs that are open! Thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    Thanks again to you all for the great welcome and suggestions above. I had to laugh at Jenny's post above - "fleshpots of G Yarmouth." My friends and I are all looking forward to exploring what we hear is a beautiful place. Best wishes, John
  9. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    Dear all, thank you for the advice posted above. We would be looking for pubs that do good home cooked food along with good local ales. Also with the time of year ( football world cup) we will need pubs on the radar that are having the football on. Thanks again to you all. John
  10. Jmorris

    Advice For A Newby Please

    My friends and I are going to spend four days on the broads in June. We start from Stalham. The 6 of us are clueless and we are in the process of getting ideas together for: 1) Good places to visit. 2) Recommended pubs. 3) Any Norfolk events taking place betwee 15th -18th June. 4) Recommended course fishing spots. Any advice for a bunch of northern 30 something year olds would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. John

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