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  1. That's a great accolade ST. šŸ‘
  2. We had a really good laugh at that bar and about 10 of us drank it dry of champers šŸø... A great experience šŸ‘
  3. Fairly high in south side but nothing alarming and dropping now
  4. I'll have that pint anytime and yes keep on rambling lšŸ‘
  5. Thats not an answer to the question!
  6. Is it possible to set a forum or a thread to be ignored so that they don't pop up in unread content? I've had a look around but nothing seems obvious Cheers
  7. It seems in and out with the service provider has been ok mostly but I'll have a ganders at weekend... Bivvied up at a lake now šŸ˜²
  8. Do you mean the brundall one as its fine
  9. It may also be of benefit to know that the Brundall Boat Show is on the 16th May
  10. Seems OK now but I've not done anything
  11. I was driving from Cheshire to Brundall on Wednesday night and had a full tyre deflation on the A14 about 5 miles from Brampton, this was 8:30pm. I managed to make my way off the A14 to a pub after stopping twice and putting air into the tyre. I then used the inflation stuff that comes with the car instead of a spare. This just oozed out all over the car park. So I rang the asistance line and this is where the fun started. I could go on and on here but to keep it short their solution was to lift the car and take to a secure compound, get me a taxi to Brundall and then with some hope put the fixed car in a dedicated delivery van and deliver it to me at Brundall. How much would that of cost (I'm talking generally as it wouldn't have cost me a penny as its all covered!). Anyway the driver came to take the car at 11pm but there was no sign or telephone call (that I should have received) of anyone coming to collect me. I waited half an hour and the finally got through to the emergencey line, there had been some mix up and nothing yet had been arranged so I couldnt let the driver take it. Instead I spoke to the pub people who were really friendly and made a room up for me. After which I rang the assistance line and said why can't they just get a mobile tyre company to fix my tyre where it was. Eventually at 11 the next morning thats what they did... Can you believe all that for a flat tyre!! I've spared you all the phone calls and angst! but surely their solution is far worse for the client, the planet and costlier than a spare.
  12. I fished all day today on the Yare and the level kept coming up for a good while after the tide turned on the ebb. Didnt get too high though. Fishing was good but dont tell anyone
  13. A good number of years ago I used to work for McVities making Jaffa Cakes and as well as our own branded version we made a number of other brands for well known supermarkets. We did use a different ingredients mix so it could be classed as unique but the difference was that slight you would never know...however the price ranges on the shelves were quite dramatic!
  14. You may or may not be aware of the proposed works on the Hoveton Great Broad and how it directly affects fish movement and spawning. There is a new update here for you to digest: - https://basgonline.org/hoveton-great-broad-update-nov-2019/?fbclid=IwAR10b6p4IFnv1ox3WRUKfHcGPrPAz2xc4-DNP537_4Hd_DgUQOhDr6xHM1Q
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