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  1. Very few, and the tip which is half a mile away won’t allow vans, even with just household, the lay byes get pretty full of old sofas and last year I was fortunate enough to find a huge pile of asbestos, reported it to the council and it was promptly removed within 10 days.
  2. Which one is easier to get a van too, I have a load of rubbish at work, may as well kill two birds with one stone next time we are down, October so darker earlier, cheers Dave
  3. I agree wholeheartedly, but rather than make a vocal stand sometimes a more undercover approach appeals to my sense of justice,I work as a picture restorer, usually on expensive works of art for respected galleries and individual clients, I have all my life been opposed to blood sports, but if a customer bought me a damaged fox hunting picture in for restoration, I wouldn't turn them away with a lecture on why I didn't want to do the job, I would be civil complete the project, charge them a little extra and give it to the league against cruel sports. There is always more than one way to skin a cat (god forbid) .
  4. Forgot to mention, Im left handed and did get persecuted at junior school for it, is it to late to make a claim against my school and dead headmaster for distress ?
  5. We are hoping to be back for two weeks!! in October, circumstances allowing, I have missed my broads trips this year having only had about 10 days, very expensive boat ownership. Worth every penny!
  6. Must admit I hadn't read bigotry in most of the posts and certainly didn't intend any in mine, I actually get more offended by business that aligns itself with football, as though we all pray at this same alter . What people as individuals believe in is up to them, and unless it is threatening to those that don't agree with them, then really why should it be anybody else's business.
  7. Why do business feel they need to label themselves with their own personal beliefs, all I want to know is can they do the job competently, I don't really want my customers to know my private life. I'm registered disabled and like supporting cat charities, if I put a sign on my door to this effect, I would be viewed by potential customers as odd at the very least. Not saying I am not odd, just don't want to broadcast it, good loyal customers are hard enough to come by.
  8. Dave and Doug, surely not still out enjoying yourselves! its not right and its not fair!
  9. I have 4 of the posters left if anybody is interested.
  10. Are you still out ? you lucky people.
  11. That looked low Doug, what height did you have, I must admit I find that way, down river, harder than coming up.
  12. Wish I was their, hopefully early October
  13. Special place above the bridge, If you pass Ross on his river trips say hello from me.
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