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  1. Looks very smart, I succumbed to a new bike this week too.
  2. Oh you know which buttons to push, espresso to finish ?
  3. I have never been in a Mc Donalds, I don't think I would know how to order etc, think its to late to start now, I am however, well aware of their littering policy, made obvious when I drive to work. The best hangover cure on earth is a whole Bakewell Pudding, handy when you live in walking distance to Bakewell.
  4. Typical, can't drink anymore !
  5. Why wait, you don't know what's around the corner ?
  6. 4RS, I shouldn't like it ,I can't justify it, but!!
  7. May live to regret this !
  8. Sorry Griff, just done my change of car, took 6 weeks, they had made a mistake on the new document that took another 4.
  9. Not many bikes comfortable enough for that, its 165 miles to the boat for me, used to do it without stopping, coincidentally that's about a tank full.
  10. I like Moto Guzzi too, incidentally yesterday was 100 year anniversary of the factory, Moto Guzzi owners were asked not to go out on their bike for a celebration ride as the RAC and AA are already under pressure !
  11. This is my current touring bike, now sadly up for sale.
  12. The boxer engined BMW are brilliant, we had an early GS, bought to tour Ireland, heated grips were a fairly new thing on a factory bike, perfect for touring in Ireland late August, I think it stopped raining for half an hour in 3 weeks. Last day thought we would have wander around Dublin before we caught the ferry, got back to the bike to find an old chap using the bike as a pulpit, wouldn't budge until he had finished preaching, only just got the ferry, only in Ireland.
  13. Oh dear, Griff, Audi I bought an A8 demonstrator from Doncaster Audi (very nice people to deal with, good job, I was there every week) It broke down, a lot, in the following months I think I probably drove every Audi model on the market, whilst mine was being repaired. We had owned it for about twelve months, my wife came home one night and said I think you better have a look at the car, its making a funny noise and there is smoke coming out from under the bonnet, I looked and there was a lot of smoke coming from the bonnet, I shut it and went to bed, just hoping that I would w
  14. Sold one of mine this week,Ducati Multistrada, just struggling to move it around the garage, going to buy something smaller and fun that won't kill me, 150bhp at my age is not sensible, might settle for about a third of that ! I like the Kawasaki Doug, they have to be a future classic, earlier Japanese are very silly prices.
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