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  1. I will be down on Sunday, if you haven't made it before, hoping to get through myself later that day.
  2. Hope you didn't scratch that varnish under the bridge !
  3. Not all they're cracked up to be, usually poorly organised and attended, just a load of old firewood !
  4. I have tried to keep the style of painting in keeping with the average age of the boats and back to a simpler age !
  5. As part of last years Beccles Wooden Boat show, we produced a poster to celebrate the occasion, these we sold at the show to raise funds for charity (we raised £340.00 for a stroke charity) . This years poster is now available at £15.00 each inc p&p or available at the Beccles show for £10.00 each, poster size is 600x400. The original artwork is to be auctioned at the show by our very own forum auctioneer, Griff (thank you Griff) As the original artwork and the prints are donated to the cause, all the proceeds are to be donated to charity, this year it is MacMillan Cancer and Weston Park Cancer charities.
  6. Hope your wrong about Mercedes vans, I took delivery of a Sprinter on saturday, just waiting for the conversion people to turn it into a camper.
  7. Little bit of trivia, the cap and sails apparently weigh 17 tons !
  8. Griff You would get up Catfield, its the problem of turning once you get to the end, we have been up there loads of times but turning around always seems to present a different challenge. Your boat is longer than ours but if you had a few people fending off you should be ok. Feels very wild and remote on the way up.
  9. It will be Ross. A finer man you would struggle to meet.
  10. Awful, nothing up there worth bothering with, best not to bother ! That bridge is doing all those boats that can't get under a huge favour, just old crappy wooden things up there generally, crappy pubs, run down moorings and very built up, makes Yarmouth look scenic. What you doing on one of those wooden things Peter, you could be on a nice blingy thing for that money.
  11. Not sure you have time for all this free advice Doug, Soon be August you know !
  12. He looks a fair bit younger than me !
  13. I think we are all annoying at some time or another. My wife is always trying to get on her high horse!, and Im reluctant to get off it.
  14. I don't think you're the smirking type !
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