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  1. We had a lovely relaxed mooring on White Slea during the week, very quite mainly due to the fact little could get under the bridge, sat watching the wildlife, cranes and kingfishers, perfect. The peace was very spectacularly broken by a rib piloted by a grey haired lady of advanced years on the plane at serious speed, the wash had our boat rocking very uncomfortably. My wife was incensed and on clearing up the spilt tea decided to report the incident to the BA, I told her that without a photo there was little to be done, we did however get the boat number, the BA were very helpful and did inde
  2. That’s how it’s done, lovely and quite above the bridge with the water high
  3. Thanks Peter, still quite high then, might be a few days above the bridge
  4. Have the river levels dropped at all Griff ?, hoping to get under ph bridge next few days
  5. This is straight off the top off my head without thinking to hard about the logistics, but every day boats with experience of Breydon cross it, would it be possible to set up some sort of guide system, where somebody with experience could shadow the less confident as they cross. Not sure how it would be implemented, but not beyond the realms of possibility.
  6. As long as the cats are ok, nothing else matters, lovely weekend at Beccles
  7. Two posters left, snap em up quickly!
  8. As per usual we have produced a poster to mark the Beccles Wooden Boat Show, due to a lower number of attendees this year I decided to do something different for this years charity poster, this is a lino cut printed in oil on A2 cartridge paper, the total print run being 35. We have 4 prints left, if anyone is interested I will happily post them out, we suggested this year a minimum donation of £10 and so far from the lovely generous people that attended raised over £500 for Macmillan Cancer Charity Nurses. I am happy to cover the postage costs, anyone interested please mail me. Many
  9. Thats me and Jbx5 happy
  10. Just double checked with HMRC, no vat reduction on boating, seems its your boat yard that is wrong.
  11. So have I for members of family, one of the boatyards is wrong, hope its mine.
  12. Face masks as from Friday! even more discomfort now, what with the stab jacket as well.
  13. Apparently the vat reduction is only applicable to fixed accommodation, therefore boats carry the full vat amount.
  14. Thought we got away with that!
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