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  1. Not sure you have time for all this free advice Doug, Soon be August you know !
  2. He looks a fair bit younger than me !
  3. I think we are all annoying at some time or another. My wife is always trying to get on her high horse!, and Im reluctant to get off it.
  4. I don't think you're the smirking type !
  5. I think my Superman One"sy through him off balance.
  6. No, he had his partner in crime, looked at me like I was mad !
  7. He was on the edge of the day boat mooring adjoining the hotel, and directly under our window
  8. Wouldn't mind but he thought it was perfectly reasonable to keep it running for another 15 minutes. In my not quite awake state, I did say to him that it was to early for a Sunday morning, he corrected me and smirked that it was actually a Saturday morning!
  9. Thought we would escape to Norfolk for a couple of well deserved days rest, and check out the work on our boat. The boat is presently out of the water so alternative accommodation was sought and a deal done at Hotel Wroxham. Lovely well presented room overlooking the river, very peaceful and relaxing, lovely meal in the restaurant, excellent staff, nothing at all to complain about. UNTIL 6.45 am Saturday morning, awoken from a very comfortable sleep (excellent beds ) by what sounds like a diesel engine at considerable revs, quick look over the balcony and a Richardsons boat sat with his engine roaring away right under our window, now I'm comfortable so give him the benefit off the doubt for ten minutes, half an hour later he"s still at it. out of bed, into some clothes, down through reception around the front of the building and rattle on his door (he is sat inside comfortably reading the paper) gives me a very puzzled expression when I ask him what he is doing and then proceeds to tell me his batteries are nearly flat, and the yard have advised him to run them for 3 hours a day. I calmly point out that this is not the way to make friends on holiday and that it is 7.30 in the morning and byelaws are being broken, to which he replies no its not its 7.45, I"ll just keeping running till 8 and then turn it off ! He did, I despair!
  10. Never owned a camper van but always had an open mind, I do however love motorbikes and boats, so we have just ordered a race van, sleeps 4 people and has a garage in the rear for two bikes. Somewhere comfortable whilst working on our boat and a nice old motorbike to potter around Norfolk, bliss !
  11. To be honest it never ran long enough to need indicators.
  12. Seen his work van, passed it in Donny on the way to the Audi garage !
  13. Griff, Sorry to change the subject but who did your tiling ?
  14. Victoryv

    Broads Ahoy

    Tie, bow tie, lost me there ! Mooring ropes, takes a little longer but always looks a bobby dazzler .
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