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  1. Cranes are a fairly common sight above the magic bridge in wonder land !
  2. You can still do this on the fleet that is the Pride of Martham.
  3. Now where was I, oh yes, fish paste sandwiches, fizzy pop, the bay city rollers, punctures, the Simpkin brothers, again (some things never leave you), saturday jobs, P.E.teachers, marzipan, Mrs Bubb(next door neighbour), Austin Allegro's, school ties, socks that never stayed up, deely bobbers, oversize tartan hats, multi coloured doc martins, BSA Bantams, anybody with the name Nicholas at school, itchy fracture pots, younger sisters, tank tops, Mums wet paperback pastry, laundrettes, fibreglass curtains, shag pile carpets, Sindydolls, Cyril Lord carpet adverts, "these are carpets you can afford" no we couldn't!, liquorice sticks (what's brown and sticky? a stick!) hand knitted jumpers, busses, the Simpkin brothers, Popeye bubble bath, Birds mild coffee( I ask you, what's the point?) Wimpey bars, Blue Nun, Brut, anybody good at sport (school), anybody no good at sport (school), lager and lime, beakers, paintings of dogs smoking and playing snooker, babycham, fishing, mirrored sunglasses, the Simpkin brothers, bicycle chain oil on your new 501s. Still, there was a lot to love.
  4. One is supposed to be semi set, all our school meals were semi set !
  5. Hot-aches, pink custard, cross country running, sing something simple, black and white minstrels, camp coffee, cod liver oil, nits, tapioca, chilblains, on the buses, semolina, early mornings, tetanus jabs, P.E., sisters recorder practice, mashed potato, sundays, sister talking half way through recording top of the pops, flares, broken limbs, school football, smog, school cricket, gonks, pink blancmange, school rugby, austin maxis, sherbert, not knowing what happened to Lord Lucan, scooters, mother enforced crew cut, plastic sandles, nylon sheets, the Simkin brothers(its a school thing), national health glasses, skinheads, aztec bars. Cant think of anything else of the top of my head!
  6. Oh that's a lovely looking boat ! Its what happens Grendel when you don't think to hard.
  7. Memory may not serve me well here, Judith Windmill ?
  8. You were indeed, I can think of 4 with stepped decks. Happy New Year to you and yours Dave, looking forward to it.
  9. When buying a boat best not to think to much, just jump in!
  10. Don't care what day it is, as long as you keep waking up !
  11. Not the only one with a stepped deck, so has ours!
  12. Our black cat managed 26, cantankerous old bugger, still miss him.
  13. I agree, the cycling faction would appear to be day trippers, they prefer to park for free., so clog up the villages, not sure that they bring very much to the party, maybe a cup of tea and a bun at one of the cafes. We need tourism with a good spend, as do the Broads, I like the idea of promoting distance walking with overnight stays and sherpa service, a couple of years ago we walked coast to coast on the same basis, one of the most expensive holidays I have ever had ! I don't begin to understand the marketing philosophy behind our national park, we receive targeted magazines, promoting , generally, the benefits of cycling to people that live here, I understand the benefits of cycling, I also know that which ever way you go there is a big hill.Why not spend this hard earned money promoting tourism from outside the park ?
  14. Living in a National Park I actively welcome and encourage visitors, our livelihood depends upon it, but for the last 5 years the Peak Park have concentrated all there efforts on cyclists, to the point that, I am told we now have the greatest concentration in the country at weekends.Perhaps the Broads National Park will follow suit, sell it to cyclists, fill the flat, cycle friendly roads with pushbikes, blissfully they can't get in your way when on the boat!
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