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  1. Victoryv

    Tudor Reformation

    So, sat on my lovely wooden boat looking at a glass of malt whisky about the age that I learnt to drive, I know how wonderfully fortunate I am. The fact is ,to get RT to Beccles needs a fair bit of graft. I for one am up for another go, and feel sure that one or two that experienced the first weekend are feeling the same. So Doug , What’s the chance ? Cant believe as a self employed old grump, I am offering my somewhat restricted talents for free. must be something in the Norfolk water ( read beer )
  2. Victoryv

    Tudor Reformation

    Do we need another push ?
  3. Victoryv

    England V Tunisia

    Sorry, thought this was a forum about the Norfolk Broads! Just one of the reasons I dislike football, it insinuates itself into most aspects of life. No offences intended, by the way.
  4. Victoryv

    England V Tunisia

    I hate to wish my life away, but I will make an exception for football! Be on the boat later today, searching out pubs without at TV.
  5. Victoryv

    Emily B

    Vodka !
  6. Victoryv

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    You can always tell a yorkshire man. You just can't tell him much !
  7. Victoryv

    My Day

    The thing is with motorcycles, the older you get the smaller they need to be, I built this over the winter for my wife to ride, I had one when I was 17, so for me its a joy.
  8. Victoryv

    My Day

    Apart from having no lid, very little clue as to what it is?
  9. Victoryv

    Advice On A Trip To Great Yarmouth..... Help!

    You could argue that your waiting for the tide, and not pay !
  10. Victoryv

    Martham Boats

    Sorry, no pictures of the interior, there were to many people working onboard trying to finish it. I have long been of the opinion that there is a hire market for wooden boats, or traditional looking boats with plastic hulls, fitted out to a high standard.
  11. Victoryv

    Martham Boats

    Cheers Paul You and your Dad were brilliant, next time you are out let me know where, I may just follow you just in case!
  12. Victoryv

    Martham Boats

    Just want to make public the brilliant service we received from Martham boats last week. We broke down on wednesday with a failed alternator, rang the yard and within an hour they were out to us with a new one, problem was once fitted the batteries were so low it would not charge them for love or money, we managed until next day without power but managed to start the engine, later that day they delivered 4 new batteries on loan. All this despite the fact they were working flat out to finish their stunning new yacht ready for its first hire today and entry in the 3 rivers race (hope the crew do justice to the boat). As its our own boat, we appreciate service when its beyond the expected. Many thanks also to Mick (owner of Nice One) and his son Paul who both gave up a lovely afternoon to help. Warms your heart1 Look out for the new yacht, I think its called Jacander, check out the interior if you can, a class of its own.
  13. Morning Griff Give Judith M a wave as she passes going the other way, sadly not with me on it. Crap weather for it !
  14. Victoryv

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Would still be there if it wasn't for work.
  15. Victoryv

    Restoration Of Judith

    Been there, seen it, done it, couldn't afford the T shirt afterwards! You're more than welcome to look over our Judith.

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