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  1. I had the Pfizer jab and feel a little under the weather today.
  2. Don't look as spring like as I once did, admittedly. I suppose cutting my own hair doesn't help !
  3. Had mine yesterday, though not in the age category, I restart my chemotherapy in a week so deemed necessary, feel a bit rough today but told to expect that. Got a few funny looks and one comment along the lines of what are you doing here, obviously being in a different age bracket to the rest of the queue, told him I slipped the doctor a few quid to jump my turn!
  4. The Estate that we live on is currently featuring on a TV programme aired weekly, my wife has been involved in some of the filming, the crew, in total, amounted to two, we watched some of the filming during the summer, technology, drones etc. seem to make filming very easy, even during the lockdown period.
  5. Have you noticed how many tv programmes are featuring Devon and Cornwall at the moment, perhaps the commissioning editors are indulging themselves by making these pointless cheap tv programmes to highlight their own second home backyard beauty spots, bet the ordinary inhabitants are going to love the outcome of that come the lockdown being lifted.
  6. I am lucky to live in a beautiful village in the Peak Park, it is an old estate village in the grounds of a grand house, we get inundated with tourists wanting to park for free, and avoid the couple of quid to park at the big house. All the residents have no parking signs , these are ignored. During the first lockdown our village like lots of other places was deserted, it looked wonderful, empty of cars, when viewed from the nearby walks. I have long been an advocate of not allowing cars into our village, even parking the residents cars out of site, this would be easy to do as we have plenty o
  7. I spent a couple of hours on my chemo ward last week, surprised just how quite it was, the nurses reckon they are operating at 20% of pre covid capacity, doesn't take a genius to work out the backlash of that one.
  8. The last photo looks a bit like Robin but can't be, has anyone ever seen the top of his head?
  9. Rotring pens were invented in 1928, earlier than I thought, so post 1928, feels more like it !
  10. If you look at the title at the bottom of the plan it is produced using a Rotring stencil, I started my working life on a drawing board and we used the very same stencil, I would say late 60s early 70s
  11. Our Judith looked in much better condition when we bought it, very expensive to put right.
  12. Well done! I hope your daughter responds well to her treatment, its a very uncertain new year for all the seemingly forgotten illness like cancer.
  13. Thank you very much! I want a kitten now.
  14. Make friends in a knowledgeable boatyard, Prepare for the unexpected ( how can a plank seemingly go soft overnight) Make friends with other wooden boat owners, Visit the wooden boat show at Beccles, without doubt a not to be missed weekend . Don't think to hard about it, its only money if it all ends pear shaped.
  15. I have been told that due to my health (or lack of it) that I will come fairly high in the list for the vaccine, just been for my government approved exercise in Chatsworth Park, it did cross my mind that the people also out walking in the fresh air with masks on, are probably more in need than I am, you have to worry about some peoples mental health. One of my work associates told me this week that he will not be having the vaccine, as it is the governments way of chipping us all, to late for him I think. I trust the science but not the scientists.
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