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  1. I believe they are doing a reasonable job, there was no manual to follow. I have my own business and thanks to the grants etc have at least a hope of a future, I also have cancer, apart from my treatment stopping on the grounds that I was more at risk from Covid the service I have received from the NHS has been brilliant. The upside of not having treatment is, I feel relatively well,I would love to live life to the full before my treatment starts again, and would take and have taken , thought through risks, to make my life as normal and enjoyable as possible, chemotherapy has robbed me of nearly two years, Covid is not taking anymore.
  2. We have a trip helicopter flying tourists, during summer weekends it flies over our house twice every half hour, drives me mad, on a still day I spell out p*ss off in newspaper on the lawn in large letters.
  3. other things I have learnt, my wife is incapable of closing drawers and cupboards, I have suggested that we have time to conduct some training but frankly she doesn't seem interested. How the perennially stupid seem immune to the disease Bicycles now seem to be able to go where they choose And how much I like the sound of motorcycles on a summers evening
  4. Well said Martin, I always thought we had a lot to be grateful for, this period has just reinforced that feeling.
  5. I will never take pubs for granted again !
  6. The expensive one's are
  7. If you can't re live a very mis spent youth, second best is to buy the things you couldn't afford then. Perhaps if I had saved the money I spent on having a good time, I could have an MV Agusta too, sad day when my mother refused point blank to carry on sponsoring my lavish lifestyle!, sometimes life can be very unkind when you are young and lazy.
  8. I built this for my wife a couple of years ago, it was an american import, very unpleasant when it arrived. I had one when I was 17, re living my youth!, if only, I did have a very good time !!
  9. Add me to the list of interested for both bikes, please
  10. Already have a new bike (to me) sat in the garage not yet ridden, itching to get out, shaft drive too Peter
  11. Now then Griff, being one of the unsung hero's, ie the self employed, and unable to get out and earn a living, if you get really desperate for cash I could be persuaded to take this off you're hands, not my usual cup off tea you understand, so it would have to be cheap!
  12. Is there a scarier word than cancer? to most people probably not, but once over the initial shock of a diagnosis there is a job to do, get better or at least as well as you can, cancer affects every bit of your life both mentally and physically, its not your job to fight it, that's the doctors job, its your job to fight the fall out, family and friends need support and reassurance, that is, to a degree your responsibility, you owe it to yourself to do you're bit, exercise and diet, no negative thinking (easier said than done) A work associate asked me one day " are you still fighting the cancer ?" my reply " no.I am hosting it and politely telling it to f--- off every week" It needs to be treated with the contempt it deserves
  13. The symptoms of bowel cancer are often mild, a niggly upset stomach, tiredness, irregular and regular (very) bowel movements, if in doubt get checked, bowel cancer is the second biggest killer in the cancer world, don't just think its old age or diet, get checked.Leave it to long and it will do its evil work quietly and without you knowing for a long time, making inroads to other organs like liver and lungs, treatment works better on early diagnosis, no shame in getting checked if things don't quite seem right, don't be "a man' and ignore it. Left to long the only treatment is chemotherapy, that's the time to be "a man" its vile! get checked, don't leave it!
  14. Thank you, I too will raise a glass, this will be to my father who died 8 years ago on my birthday, he always was one for stealing you're thunder.
  15. I am classed as in the vulnerable , so locked down for 12 weeks, my treatment for cancer has also ceased for the time being, whilst this is a worry I am just enjoying feeling well for the first time in 18 months, so effectively under very powerful chemotherapy I have been in lockdown for quite a long time, a few more months won't make much difference. Today is my birthday, I have a yearning for a cheap and cheerful italian restaurant, pizza and to much red wine, followed by insomnia inducing espresso coffee and grappa, bliss! Still look on the bright side, Lasagne for tea!
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