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  1. Victoryv

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    So firmly back on topic, Whats under the ponytail ?
  2. Victoryv

    Time Share

    We tried it, didn't work for us, petty issues can get blown out of all proportion. I thought it would be good for us as we both work, and to a point it did. Decided to sell our shares (easier said than done) and buy our own boat. That was ten years ago and the restoration took 5 years and a lot of hard earned, we still don't get as much time as we would like as we still work to pay for it. Boat owning or syndicate owner, both need compromises, we have tried both and know which we prefer. On the positive front the cost per night is now coming down after 5 years afloat, I reckon about £500.00 a night !
  3. Victoryv

    Starlings At White Slea.

    Seen it many times from that area, always special
  4. Victoryv

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    We have a friend with a stutter, starts every sentence, but, but,but. Lovely bloke though is Outboard Dave
  5. Victoryv

    My Dahlia

    Those sockets are coming along nicely
  6. Victoryv


    Sort of, mobile phone controlled
  7. Victoryv


    So you should, I can see your boat
  8. Victoryv

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Stop it now !
  9. Victoryv

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    As promised a slightly better image. I have 2 posters left if anybody interested, all proceeds to Dave's chosen charity
  10. Victoryv

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    I still have a few left if anybody wants one all proceeds to the stroke charity. Pm me and I can post on, £15.00 inc post etc. I will post a better picture when I get home, the size is a2, Dave I have a little more money, will be in touch
  11. Victoryv

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Perfect ! the usual view whilst transiting. Just don't want to add to the paint marks, already left some in the past.
  12. Victoryv

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Anybody know what its looking like under the bridge today ? need to be through it tomorrow .
  13. Victoryv

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    6'4" , Hope we have that thursday, don't want to miss Beccles.
  14. Victoryv

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Now, now, don't get to excited !

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