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  1. Your not right in the head !
  2. Well we seem to have dropped lucky again, lovely quite mooring, apart from the boat that’s had his engine running for the last three hours, a private boat, I suppose I should feel sorry for the occupants, being obviously deaf. this last week we have found hirers to be more considerate than those that should know better, there are times when electric is very appealing but I’m fairly sure tasers are illegal.
  3. Varnish up to your usual shabby standard then!
  4. I don’t believe the current electric power we have at the moment is going to work for the boating future, diesel is here to stay for a very long time, the engine in my boat is 40 plus years old and will more than likely still be viable in another 40, I unfortunately will not , which in some ways pleases me, I like proper engines, electric motors reduce cars, motorcycles and boats to nothing more characterful than white goods, we are not saving the planet by removing engines from the world, the planet will live on its humanity that won’t sorry I didn’t see you Dave
  5. So , Mr big private boat has decided he can no longer live without running his generator again, 2 hrs now!, time to leave I think, once it stops raining
  6. Yachtists will be along soon to say I told you so !
  7. I have a silent generator, it is anything but! I have an easy start lawnmower, it isn’t! don’t get me started on tangerines, easy peelers? Rarely! I get wound up easily!
  8. I have every right to moan, I am a man of a certain age!
  9. I think they must read this forum, turned it off five minutes after I posted
  10. I think they must read this forum, turned it off five minutes after I posted
  11. I know we all get disgruntled when inconsiderate boats run their engines ,but what about generators? We found a nice quite mooring just the three boats, half an hour after we arrived one fired up a generator, has now been running 4 hours. Is it me?
  12. "Always assume a motorboater is an idiot" ! Invisible actually, we came down the river about 9.30 during the three rivers race, no wind, which seemed to make predicting where the boats were going more difficult, lots of reverse, lots of stopping but all done completely without being seen, I know this because not one crew member even gave us a glance never mind a thank you!
  13. The Pleasure Boat is not open at the minute, you can use the moorings though, nice walk to the Greyhound Don't shout it from the rooftops just how good it is above the bridge, we have just had 12 days without feeling the need to visit the dark side! Enjoy the trip, very nice people at Martham Boats Don't forget to buy their 75 year book
  14. Victoryv

    New Book

    Excellent new book, available from Martham Boats
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