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  1. Hi Vaughan I rather think it is a Colvic I think the model is a Northener but I am sure it is a ColvicI remember you coul dbuy them for home comletion or ready fitted.
  2. Late to the party as usual but my view is sapele . it looks a little wrinkly to my eye so maybe veneered
  3. Coming through Tombland ou Magdelen St to The artichoke pub with its flint walls and I almost forgot The Sampson and Delilah at the Maids Head all land marks from my view out from the back seat of whatever fathers car was at that time.
  4. Thanks for that Carol a great film. I have told Malcolm who I think owned Cadilly at that time, I rather think that actually him bending over with the the mast.
  5. This is Martham slipway nice and gradual.
  6. I thought Moores were an independent yard neither Blakes nor Hoseason or any other. come to that.
  7. Morning Robert After a bit of hunting here is the only photo I have of Norvic taken moored outside my uncle and aunts house at Irstead. We used to cause all kinds of problems when mooring three boats or even four at times on their front.. Far too much to do at age 16 to worry about photos. That incidentally is a very young me on the fore deck. Parents in those days used to hire Landamores although as we started hiring our own boats they started using Baltimore from Moores.
  8. This gives one an idea of the size difference
  9. Ionly learnt this word a couple of years ago discombobulated it means discombobulated.
  10. Fortunately do not have to attend the Norfolk & Norwich hospital very often but I always try to arrive at least I hour early, luckily I had brought the dept. telephone number with me as I waited an hour and a quarter to get parked . Luckily I had brought the dept. telephone number with me. so phoned them .
  11. When she had been relaunched Nick Truman came to OBYS to give her his "blessing".Odd how life goes the owner of Star Premiere Is married to Nick's daughter and we were line astern in the Martham DIY shed for several years.
  12. The later Lady Beryl see here tps://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/1960sgallery2.html is at present moored in Somerleyton at what was the old Alan Johnson boat yard.. page down to the photo of Windboats yard.
  13. Safety equipment. I don.t think anyone has mentioned fire extinguishers . on a 37' boat I think a minimum of three maybe four and a fire blanket in the galley. As for types maybe refer to the BSS manual.
  14. In my dubious experience if you read most varnishes claim to have this or that oil in their makeup. The crucial point is the preparation of the wood. So I can see no problem in putting varnish on oil but not oil on varnish.
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