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  1. Safety equipment. I don.t think anyone has mentioned fire extinguishers . on a 37' boat I think a minimum of three maybe four and a fire blanket in the galley. As for types maybe refer to the BSS manual.
  2. In my dubious experience if you read most varnishes claim to have this or that oil in their makeup. The crucial point is the preparation of the wood. So I can see no problem in putting varnish on oil but not oil on varnish.
  3. My apologies if you already know this but the fibre glass hulled boats were either Aqua Fibre or Broom 37 hulls. one of the hire boats was stolen off the Broads and found ( if memory serves ) inBurnham on Crouch . So they were capable of coastal passages even the North Sea or Channel.
  4. More likely an outage.
  5. It's odd isn't it how Kenneth Moore looks more like Douglass Bader than Douglass Bader does.
  6. The nearest I got to Douglas Bader was the drivers seat of his TD21 Alvis. Barnes Wallis one of his bombs and the testing chamber at Brooklands Chelsea never heard of them. The Busby Babes rule ok. Sir Stirling Moss once at Silverstone some sixty years ago and again at the festival of speed in the early nineties. and what an honor that was.
  7. Floydraser I think you are entirely wrong.I was on the support boat which was also second camera boat. They were quite lovely people and in fact enjoyed it so much they gave up their hotel room to stay on the boat.We all ate with them every night, they were very professional and often put in 10 or 11 hour days baring in mind they are both well into their eighties,and pru having dementure Timothy drove the boat at all times from the fly bridge .Pru had her mooring parts stage managed for obvious reasons, their daughter was also on board taking care of her mothers make up and wardrobe . All in all a very pleasant few days with an insight into TV program filming . edit to add they loved the way people waved to them when passing on the river.
  8. I discussed landamores numbering with Craig a few years ago. We both had a photo of lets say Vestella 2 each photo showed a different number. Also with Vestas' they built maybe 14 but the oldest which were sold off were maybe nos'7 through 12. the others had their numbers were changed to maked a consecutive run. I hope that makes xense.
  9. At one time while in my ownership it was going up in price to the tune of £ i1000.00 every month.. After some 18 months with the engine out awaiting a rebuild I was offered £ 33000.00 an offer I couldn't refuse so off she went for a total body off restoration. She is now painted red which tome is a shame as there were only ever 5 painted in the Dino blue in RHD.
  10. In the mid eighties I was really into cars. I drove up to Halifax to test drive a 400 I Rerrari. It was a manual which was reasonably rare in this model. It was glorious a 4 litre V12. Very soon I realised that it was out of my league, if it broke I would have been up a creek etc etc. So on returning to the show room I spied in the corner a 246 GT Dino in Dino blue a kind of French blue. The result we left our 911SC at the deajler and drove the Dino home for £12000.00
  11. £ 284.99 is my guess for better or worse
  12. I too spent the start of the 3 rivers at the cottage in Horning watching the start. I have known Craig a good few years now. Taking on his data base is not for the faint hearted he used to take 3 to4 thous\and photos a year of boats on the Broads whichthen had to correlated with the existing data base and all of us idiots giving him more information on our own pride and joy. I will certainly miss him RIP Craig and good thoughts to his wife and family.
  13. There was a chap I cannot remember his first name but his surname was chamberlin. he was I guess the foreman, what he didn't know about boat building really wasn't worth knowing
  14. Peter Smith was running thee yard in the early sixties, a really pleasant gentleman he was a real yachty and had some great yachts for hire such as Sabrina they were terrific sailing boats. Incidentally he was either great or great great nephew of George Smith. I had an ex Smith Windboat called Springsong hence my forum name.
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