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  1. I nearly bought one of those albeit with only one 5.3 V8 Chrysler. would you believe it was in a garage of a house on Dereham Road just up from Waterworks Road. I didn't buy it £3000 was quite a bit in 1983. I later heard the fellow who bought it ripped the bottom out doing a high speed turn on the Thames.
  2. Bean counters are to blame for most all of the high street woes. He tells the retailer he doesn't need to carry all this stock leave it to the wholesaler who says leave it to the manufacturer who says bu++er that we will make them to order .
  3. I could well be wrong but I feel she may well have a teak hull, this of course does not make her unsinkable but reduces the risk of terminal rot as with mahogany.
  4. She makes Katinka look a trifle expensive.I was on board a few years ago and she is extremely comfortable with a gentleman's club feel to the accommodation which may not suit everyone,it does me and if I had a spare lump of cash I would take a punt.
  5. My Grandfather lived at the other end of the village on the Sandling Junction road in a house called Slaybrook.
  6. A sad loss indeed I came to know John through the MOB and I concur with every thing said, a mild mannered gentleman. I feel honored to have known him
  7. Well done Dave & Alli when I heard about the more bottom planks .Still all 's well ETC .ETC.
  8. Henry Motoring Crumb put the hand brake on Min, it doesn't suite me Henry.
  9. How infuriating you are of course right with name so I am wrong yet again.
  10. This was the sad end of the "Toad Hall " Wave chief she was all wood as you can see. She was I believe an Arnott Fowler design along with some of the Brink craft when Mr. Brinkhoff was running it, also Loynes Loch Loyal class.
  11. The sheds on the other side of Loynes dyke do indeed belong to them, they were their building sheds. The sheds right down on the corner I think were W.K. Barnes which became Barnes Brinkcraft which was just around the corner and into Daisy broad, and was pwned by a Mr Brinkhoff.
  12. This is a film of my grandparents my parent and my uncle and aunt on holiday on a Robinsons cruiser Golden Eagle. This is on the utube site of that wonderful Lady Carol of Broadland Memories
  13. There used to be a boat yard in Hoveton where Fineway cruisers was called Ralph English. he had mainly day boats some of which were Brooke. He also had a cruiser Reverie unusual in that it had a reverse transom. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=1916&BoatHistory=2433
  14. Thank goodness for that, she was beginning to surfer outdoors there.
  15. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=10025&BoatHistory=16137 Hopefully the link will work, if were not to work she is called Romany ans appears to be a Robinson boat.
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