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  1. I too spent the start of the 3 rivers at the cottage in Horning watching the start. I have known Craig a good few years now. Taking on his data base is not for the faint hearted he used to take 3 to4 thous\and photos a year of boats on the Broads whichthen had to correlated with the existing data base and all of us idiots giving him more information on our own pride and joy. I will certainly miss him RIP Craig and good thoughts to his wife and family.
  2. There was a chap I cannot remember his first name but his surname was chamberlin. he was I guess the foreman, what he didn't know about boat building really wasn't worth knowing
  3. Peter Smith was running thee yard in the early sixties, a really pleasant gentleman he was a real yachty and had some great yachts for hire such as Sabrina they were terrific sailing boats. Incidentally he was either great or great great nephew of George Smith. I had an ex Smith Windboat called Springsong hence my forum name.
  4. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=2358&BoatHistory=3249 johnash could this have been the boat from Geo Smith called Sable. Click on the link above
  5. I think Mr. Tunmore bought it from the accountant who , it was he who introduced also owned the boat yard the Hamptons name honeymooner. Anyway the Tunmore family business was pub type gaming machines hence the Tunmore Automatics. A very successful business. Another snippet of useless information.
  6. Emily B Friday and Saturday Alan & Barry
  7. Charlie what can I say that hasn't already been said. I am thinking of you and Mrs G. stay well Barry
  8. Not Ranworth island I concede but just to show how things on the Broads have changed over the years. The first shows Womack in 1952 I think it was a free mooring side on albeit probably April. The next two Ranworth the first side on from the staithe looking up the broad towards the entrance this taken in 1947 and 12 years later in1959 in August. The first Ranworth photo is prior to either the small moorings at Broad house or the clearing of the island.
  9. Ah well there by hangs a tale of a complete lack of computer skills and a war with passwords , but you should know I am not that easy to side line Vaughan, but thank you for the glowing epitaph.
  10. Having looked it up launched in 2015, I was worried about them last year. they were drop tested and all came out fine. Free next day delivery to Martham Boats,
  11. https://www.tayna.co.uk/ I'm afraid my memory for dates is nonexistent but we have had four leisure on house and two on the inverter the starting is included in the four domestic..
  12. I nearly bought one of those albeit with only one 5.3 V8 Chrysler. would you believe it was in a garage of a house on Dereham Road just up from Waterworks Road. I didn't buy it £3000 was quite a bit in 1983. I later heard the fellow who bought it ripped the bottom out doing a high speed turn on the Thames.
  13. Bean counters are to blame for most all of the high street woes. He tells the retailer he doesn't need to carry all this stock leave it to the wholesaler who says leave it to the manufacturer who says bu++er that we will make them to order .
  14. I could well be wrong but I feel she may well have a teak hull, this of course does not make her unsinkable but reduces the risk of terminal rot as with mahogany.
  15. She makes Katinka look a trifle expensive.I was on board a few years ago and she is extremely comfortable with a gentleman's club feel to the accommodation which may not suit everyone,it does me and if I had a spare lump of cash I would take a punt.
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