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  1. AdnamsGirl

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Fantastic turnout of boats at Beccles - well done and thank you to everyone involved. It was a wonderful sight and lovely to catch up with people and to put a few new faces to forum names. I just wish that we could have stayed and chatted for longer and nosied round a few more boats but parking was really difficult in Beccles this year, and we only just made it back to the car before our three hours ran out! Lovely photos of the event too. Carol
  2. AdnamsGirl


    I have a feeling that the wherry in that last postcard on the Waveney was Bramble. Was this image used as a cover for one of Blake's brochures in the 30s? There are some lovely memories out there on the internet from someone who lived aboard her at Beccles during the war: http://www.sailing-by.org.uk/born-aboard-wherry-bramble-1940/ Carol
  3. I came across this yesterday ... does anyone remember it happening in Horning? Persevere to the end for the Look East TV interview about the stunt - it brought my laugh out loud moment when they revealed that Horning had been the subject of another hoax a few years previously when the vicar had crowned and kissed the winner of the village beauty contest, only to discover later that it was actually his teenage son on drag! Carol
  4. AdnamsGirl


    That was The Golden Hinde being moved in 1963 to Camping Boats where she was used as a houseboat for a while. The photo was posted by "fendoff" in another place a few years ago as it was his grandfather who owned Camping Boats and the Golden Hinde at that time. I'll check with him later, but from memory, I think Andrew's research indicated that eventually ended up on the Orwell at Pin Mill but is believed to have been accidently crushed and was broken up. The old postcard below shows her in her heyday at Loynes yard c1934. Carol
  5. This is quite timely as I have come across another Broads MTB which is new to me. I bought myself a copy of the 1951 Hoseasons brochure which, among it's houseboats, lists "Otter" which it says was the Fairmile D MTB 729. Going back through the notes I have on ex admiralty boats on the Broads, this doesn't appear to be one which has cropped up on my radar so far. It was listed as being at Oulton Broad and a quick Google infers that she was built by Brooke Marine c1942 and was sold by the admiralty in 1947. It doesn't correspond with the numbers of the two Fairmile D's which were owned by the Sea Scouts at Norwich, (MTB's 724 and 740) or the one which I have photographs at at Horning in the early 1950s (MTB 653). Does anyone have any information or thoughts on Otter? Carol
  6. AdnamsGirl

    Norfolk Broads 1981

    Another great bit of Broads cine footage - not one of my mine, but uploaded by another YouTube user earlier today. A church choir holiday in 1981 aboard a couple of Herbert Woods boats - one of many similar trips they took they took reading the attached info. Early in the season, I suspect this may have been over the Easter week. Carol
  7. I managed to get a quick bit of film editing in this week and have uploaded the final film from Vaughan to the Broadland Memories YouTube channel this morning. This is super - ice yachting on Wroxham Broad during the winter of 1963. Vaughan's parents are seen along with Leslie and Tricia Landamore and their daughter Anna. Many thanks once again to Vaughan for allowing me to share his family films.
  8. AdnamsGirl

    My Day

    We had a rather different Christmas this year as we spent it up in Matlock, Derbyshire with a last minute booking of a holiday cottage on the edge of the town. We love the Peak District and a few days rest and recuperation was just the tonic! We wandered down to watch the annual Boxing Day Raft race which runs along the Derwent between Matlock and Matlock Bath. It's a massively popular event and was great fun to watch. For those who think the competitors in the Three Rivers Race are mad, they have nothing on this lot who are stark raving bonkers! The video link at the bottom is not mine but features onboard footage of this years race from the "Nessie" raft. Utterly brilliant but completely nuts! Not only do they have to negotiate bridges, fallen trees, fast moving currents, weirs and one another, there is also the bombardment of flour, eggs and water from spectators along the riverbank to contend with. Carol
  9. AdnamsGirl

    Tv Last Night (29/12/17)

    Yes - it was a fascinating programme and a bonus to have a bit of old Broads cine footage in there too. Carol
  10. AdnamsGirl

    Call Me Captain (1961)

    It's been a while since I had a trawl of YouTube for the most recent Norfolk Broads related uploads but the British Film Institute have added this marvelous offering to their collection in the last week. I still have a huge grin on my face from watching it! Call Me Captain dates from 1961 ... there is so much I could say about it ... and a good few artistic licences were taken in it's commentary ..... but I'll leave it for you to watch and enjoy. It's an absolute belter ! Carol
  11. That's really good to hear. I look forward to seeing Patricia out on the rivers. Carol
  12. AdnamsGirl

    My Day

    Another hospital trip yesterday morning, but I got back to the news that the bid I'd left on a lot at my local auction house was successful and I became the very proud owner of these two rather lovely oil paintings. Horsey Mill will just about fit above our fireplace, but the wherry painting is just far too large for the house. It will go in to storage for now and have pride of place when we move. I'm chuffed to bits with these. Carol
  13. I really enjoyed the programme and also thought the production company did a superb job. It was a lovely taster of what the Broads has to offer, and a very nice, concise history of the region too. Well spotted Peter - yes, I did supply some photographs for the programme from the Broadland Memories archives, but there were also some really interesting photos from other sources on there too. I didn't supply any historic information other than what they might possibly have gleaned whilst trawling through Broadland Memories looking for photos. Carol
  14. AdnamsGirl

    Been A While, So Guess Where

    I think you might be on to something there Geoff. And you've reminded me that the Plantation Garden has been on my to visit list for a while. I seem to get sidetracked by pubs, antique emporiums and jackfruit baps from the market whenever I visit Norwich! Carol
  15. AdnamsGirl

    Been A While, So Guess Where

    Yes ... those arty-farty Ludhamites and Womackians with their highfalutin ways! (Sorry Howard, that made me chuckle!) I have no idea where it is though ... is it anywhere near Zaks in Norwich? Carol

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