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  1. The Wind Energy Museum at Repps with Bastwick is a little gem and well worth a visit when they reopen. It was put together by Bob Morse, who also bought and restored Thurne Dyke Mill back in the late 1940s. https://windenergymuseum.co.uk/ Carol
  2. Great, thank you for the confirmation. I was struggling with the white building in the distance, but I think it must be this one opposite the yacht station which had been bare brick, but presumably must have been painted white at the tail end of the 1960s.
  3. This is really bugging me, and I suspect I will kick myself, but .... I'm in the middle of captioning a collection of colour slides taken in the late 1960s and the location of this one is eluding me at the moment. Is that a pub in the distance? I have a few thoughts, but I thought I'd hand it over for further opinions. Carol
  4. Many thanks for the additional info about Bradbeers.
  5. I've uploaded a fabulous old scrapbook to the Broadland Memories website this week which I thought may be if interest to some. It was compiled in 1957 by a family who took a two week holiday on the Broads in June of that year aboard the motor cruiser "Somari" which was hired from H.E. Woolmer of Oulton Broad. I picked It up a few years ago, but hadn't been able to do anything with It as It is too large for an A4 scanner. I finally managed to rig up a frame to photograph it instead, which isn't ideal, but It really deserves to have a wider audience so will do for now. It has around 40 pages wit
  6. According to the Boat Database, "Firebronze" joined the Waklin Cruisers fleet in 1981 and left in 1988 - I've had a scan through the 70s Blakes brochures and can confirm it isn't in any of those, which corroborates the info on the database entry below. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=3123 Unfortunately, I don't have any of the 1980s Blakes brochures but perhaps someone else can help? Carol
  7. Hi Caroline was new to the fleet in 1972 - I've attached the entry from the Hoseasons brochure of that year for you but, as it was new, there was just an illustration. I've also included the entry for 1973 which includes a photo. Carol
  8. I did a 'Then & Now' of this postcard for Broadland Memories a few years ago ..
  9. The brochure didn't provide a location guide I'm afraid. I had a quick search on Street View (the brochure claims it was 400yds from the beach) but can't see any likely candidates at the moment.
  10. Here is the entry for Dongarra from the 1968 Hoseasons brochure.
  11. This is a really enjoyable watch - an excellent documentary about the River Yare in Winter from 1975, uploaded to YouTube by the Norfolk Windmills Trust recently. https://youtu.be/pd0xCF6_rKY
  12. The first photo is certainly one of the earlier editions but I suspect may be slightly later than 1951 if it is a 12th impression. Don't quote me on that one though! It is quite possible that they may have taken a trip on the Broads during their honeymoon. The second version you have is definitely later- the copy I have with that cover probably dates to the mid/late 1970s as it mentions that Hannaford passed away in 1972. If they were regular visitors to the region in the 80s, perhaps they were a charity shop find? A couple of my copies have found their way into my collection via a local
  13. The booklets were produced by Broads Tours and feature the artwork of owner Charles Hannaford who took over the company in the 1930s. They were published as souvenirs for customers who took day trips on one off the large fleet of passenger launches which operated from the Broads Tours base at Wroxham/Hoveton. Hannaford was an accomplished watercolour artist whose artwork was also available to buy from Broads Tours. I was kindly given access to a huge collection of photos belonging to Charles Hannaford, dating from the 1920s to the 1960s, many of which were taken as aids for his artwork, s
  14. Slightly earlier - 1968 to be precise - but I stumbled across this whilst searching for something else and thought of Howard. There was apparently a resident band at the Dukes Head in Somerleyton during 1968 - a duo comprising two local lads (keyboards & drums) who played 5 nights a week. The keyboard player obviously started to put together a blog about his musical escapades and this post has memories and photos of some of those lively gigs at the Dukes Head. https://earlybandays.blogspot.com/2010/01/1965_9244.html Carol
  15. What a wonderful bit of colour film - thanks for sharing it. I especially loved seeing the footage of the various Roy's branches in Hoveton. Ive still got three large reels of colour 16mm film from the 50s/60s to get transferred and online when I can find someone to digitize it. Sadly, the chap who has been digitizing film for me is unable to do 16mm now. I've got three more 8mm films from the 60s on my PC waiting to be edited though, and hope to make a start on those soon. For anyone who may not have found it, there are lots of old films of the Broads from the 1930s to the 1990s o
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