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  1. Slightly earlier - 1968 to be precise - but I stumbled across this whilst searching for something else and thought of Howard. There was apparently a resident band at the Dukes Head in Somerleyton during 1968 - a duo comprising two local lads (keyboards & drums) who played 5 nights a week. The keyboard player obviously started to put together a blog about his musical escapades and this post has memories and photos of some of those lively gigs at the Dukes Head. https://earlybandays.blogspot.com/2010/01/1965_9244.html Carol
  2. What a wonderful bit of colour film - thanks for sharing it. I especially loved seeing the footage of the various Roy's branches in Hoveton. Ive still got three large reels of colour 16mm film from the 50s/60s to get transferred and online when I can find someone to digitize it. Sadly, the chap who has been digitizing film for me is unable to do 16mm now. I've got three more 8mm films from the 60s on my PC waiting to be edited though, and hope to make a start on those soon. For anyone who may not have found it, there are lots of old films of the Broads from the 1930s to the 1990s o
  3. Thanks Grendel I'm not sure why the URL in the signature went haywire, but it should be sorted now. I haven't actually set up an https yet - something else which was on the to do list! I'll look in to it. Thanks again Carol
  4. It's taken me a while to get this sorted (a house move got in the way!) but, further to discussion on here a few weeks ago, I've now managed to set up my own hosting account for Broadland Memories and it was migrated across from Craig's hosting account this morning. Hopefully, everything is there that should be there, but if you do notice any issues please let me know. It's all paid up for the next year now so I can breathe a sigh of relief! Thank you to the kind souls who pop a donation over to Broadland Memories during the year to help towards running costs - it is greatly appreci
  5. I may need to call on your technical assistance too at some point in the near future. As I mentioned, Craig had a business hosting account to host the database and other websites - Broadland Memories is one of those and I am going to have to find a new home for it. I will give the company Craig was using a call and see whether it can be as simple as me setting up my own hosting account and having them migrate it for me. Unfortunately, Craig used to deal with this side of things for me so I am a little clueless! Carol
  6. I was contacted last year about a family journal, documenting a two week holiday on the Broads taken by a group of businessmen from Bath in 1914, which had been discovered in a loft. The family kindly photographed the pages and emailed me the results. My winter project whilst stuck in house sale/move limbo (still ongoing - don't ask!) has been to transcribe the text and remaster the 118 accompanying photos and postcards for Broadland Memories. It's a fabulous read, full of humour, with some lovely images of the holiday party and crew. As always, I am humbled to have been given permission to pu
  7. It was a massive shock to read the news this morning. Such a sad loss. We spent time with Craig and his wife on several occasions and were honoured to spend a few Three Rivers Races aboard their boat at Horning. A genuinely lovely couple. It became the norm to bump in to him at the Beccles Wooden Boat Show too in more recent years. We could natter for hours about boats and the Broads! As some will know, Craig has also been hosting Broadland Memories for me via his own hosting account at a nominal charge to cover his costs. He gave invaluable help with the technical side of things ov
  8. I notice that Conflict of Wings is being shown on Talking Pictures (Freeview channel 81) again this afternoon at 2.35pm. A perfect way to occupy a very rainy Sunday afternoon! Carol
  9. What a lovely set of photos and a wonderful addition to the Ludham village archives. Carol
  10. Found them! I hope Peter doesn't mind, but these are the images showing the old reach names that he posted a few years ago which might be of interest.
  11. Yes, Howard is right - Dungeon Corner is the tight, almost 90 degree bend in that stretch of river. I've attempted to discover how it got that name a few times in the past, but have yet to come up with an answer. Carol
  12. I noted in the past that it was also referred to as Kendal Dyke/Dike in the late 19th century by both P.H. Emerson (in 'On English Lagoons') and by George Christopher Davies in his "Handbook to the Rivers & Broads of Norfolk & Suffolk'. I often wondered if it was a dialect thing in that they wrote it down as they heard it pronounced. Having said that, there are other instances of places being known under slightly different names like Dydler's Mill which I've also seen as Dydall's Mill. Whilst on the subject, and in the Upper Thurne area, does anyone know why Dungeon Reach and Dun
  13. I think I can beat that .... I did actually complain to Tesco a few years ago when this was the amount of packaging used for the four (quite small) items you can see to the left ordered via Tesco Direct to collect in store. Boxes within boxes, reams of bubble wrap and sundry other plastic wrapping. Carol
  14. Just to add - Belvedere was still on hire at Wayford Bridge in 1958, as listed in the Blakes brochure for that year. I then have a big gap in brochures, my next point of reference being 1966 and I can't see her in there. If anyone else has the brochures in between, they may be able to tell you when she disappeared from hire. Carol
  15. Hi James The photos sound very interesting Here are a couple of brochure entries for you. She was hired (and presumably built) by W. Hewitt's boatyard at Wayford Bridge. The first brochure entry is from 1929 which states that she was built in 1926 - interestingly, she was listed as "Belvidere" with an "i" here and also in the 1933 brochure. The second entry is from Blakes 1935 brochure which has the spelling of "Belvedere". Looking forward to seeing the photos. Carol
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