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  1. Check opening hours most not opening normal hours most advise booking in advance.If you turn up 6 o`clock you may find you are to late fully booked
  2. colino

    Keep Safe

    I`ll wait till next week clean the boat this week on rush have rest of summer to go out
  3. colino

    Keep Safe

    When you see a day boat with 9 young people acting the fool all from two households ?
  4. Air con gassed up on coffee no papers you lucky
  5. colino

    Keep Safe

    Lets take it steady if you have you own boat we still have the rest of the summer if we mess this up we will end up back in lock down and every body loses.
  6. my one you credit card has been used for 600£
  7. Have answer phone on three rings.As soon as they hear the lady they ring of .If genuine I pickup phone or call them back people who know me wait for me to pickup phone works for me.
  8. Decide on make and model then look look look before you buy
  9. Lots of hires do not me(boat owner}
  10. Did the broads hotel have any moorings? It had a building on river side of the road(many good night in the broads good old days)
  11. Depend on wear you hire from fill up before you take the boat back
  12. Think it will float about as well the one on the ant near Stalham
  13. Houseboat wears the boat I see no boat yes shed. Don`t think so
  14. colino


    In the 80ts I had a freeman no holding tank at all.Straight out the side
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