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  1. As my beautiful avatar went to rainbow bridge yesterday, I no longer wish to be a member on here any longer. This forum is now the pits. Moderators please remove me and all my posts. It used to be a friend y forum but no longer. Goodbye for good.
  2. Civilization is skin deep.
  3. I see, let him get it ready before you go
  4. Ideal time to do it, saves rinsing it
  5. I refer to my earlier post. A lot of you are just arguing for arguments sake. Aren't people allowed to do anything adventurous any more? It's only one day for heaven's sake.
  6. I think this event is a grand idea, if you don't like it don't go near it.
  7. Welcome, another purist boater. Ban all motor boats and the broads would be a fine place.
  8. Are we now the same time as you Vaughan?
  9. Has everyone overslept, it very quite on here.
  10. I'm surprised it doesn't do it automatically, like computers, tablets etc.
  11. I don't have any clocks, watches, etc. that need changing nowadays, they do it automatically.
  12. Take no notice of some of these so called "experts", X as in unknown quantity, spurt as in drip under pressure. As you seem to be doing a good job.
  13. Don't forget this website was set up on the instigation of the yachts Russian owner, so some of it's content maybe slightly biased from the point of view as to how Oyster handled it. Not tht that detracts from that fact it was bad design/construction. Sorry, this is going off thread.
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