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  1. Finally.. with the sailing events half over!!
  2. and the final Bump as tomorrow it All starts.. Unfortunately it looks a fairly damp one tomorrow, though storm Evert should have cleared through by then.. packing tonight... waterproofs... XXX awful weather Waterproofs... slightly damp weather.. Sun tan cream bottle... bought when I was in Saudi... I left in 2001 Anti mozzi "Avon Skin so soft".. used lots of that.. ETC If you wish to watch something better than the Olympics, please come along, As we're on Black Horse Broad Saturday and Sunday please moor round the edges of the broad unless you like being buzzed by very close sailing boats..
  3. The Uk is currently in line for 7 medals for sailing At the Olympics.. Have you seen any on BBC or even a mention?.. Thought not..
  4. TheQ


    In Norwich yesterday several short downpours... Out on the coast beyond Stalham, a little light drizzle for a short time and that was it..
  5. The international 2.4mR sailing class, wheelchair bound sailors can compete equally with able bodied people. It's an Olympic class but the Japanese didn't want Paralympic sailing this time. But.... You won't make much money. Sailing isn't good TV.. More importantly they can be sailed at Horning, we have a club member who just missed the Rio Paralympic team for them.
  6. Much more important than the Olympics or F1 is this weekend is the start of Horning Regatta Week. Don't watch Participate.
  7. No Idea, that's all handled by a contracted company who does out IT..
  8. That 's pretty good considering that, That is not the original design, they were designed to have a small cabin up front and you trundle your own caravan on the back.. Though the floor must be pretty solid.
  9. I work for a multinational company spread round the world, computers everywhere, I use 2 regularly and use up to another dozen, have 4 running at the moment.. The company uses... Windows defender..
  10. The refresher course went OK about a dozen of us on it this time. We've had our social events programme issued, No disco this year, not that I attended that anyway, all events arranged to be socially distanced . Still keeping one way systems through the club house and masks on inside. Monday to Friday is the traditional programme, first race 09:25, last race about 17:00 start. 23 programmed one hour races per day, but some starts such as the juniors may be split into 3 starts, as so many turn up.
  11. One week tomorrow so it's time for a bump of this thread.. Rescue boat refresher time tomorrow, though I spend more time rescuing tourists that competitors..
  12. it's still a lot more than £10 and hour though and any school leaver today is looking at 52 years till retirement, I'm sure computers will be in use long before then..
  13. A bit out of date on the wages , the average salary of a lorry driver is over£29,000 and HGV over £32,000 There is however a better reason for a school leaver not to become a lorry driver... In a few years the lorry driver will be a computer..
  14. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    The Long running road works By the Church in Hoveton for the new housing estate have finally gone. I note there is a drain cover slowly collapsing on the Norwich bound side just up hill from the car park . It's been covered in paint marks which suggests action soon. Also the same direction just over the railway bridge another drain cover is collapsing , so far with no markings on it..
  15. Technically Cockshoot broad is the wrong side of the river for Horning, The Ferry Moorings south side of the river are in Woodbastwick Parish, and most of the Cockshoot is in Ranworth Parish, the border between Woodbastwick and Ranworth appears to run down the dyke but which side I'm not sure..
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