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  1. Probably was run off as it dissappeared, the farmer must have been wasting a huge amount of water... Coltishall road just on the outskirts of Norwich by the Rugby pitches, the road has been covered in numerous coloured markings, then just round the corner at the Beeston Lane Junction onwards for a hunhdred yards, more of the same, I suspect a vast amount of chaos will ensue as they'll have to go down to single lane working when they start..
  2. Well it's 10 days since I last bumped this up, Appologies to those who have seen it, 21 days to go..
  3. No that's the one where the yanks can't play rounders, the Canadians play as well.
  4. That should read 2019 not 2020. The further details are. open 10:00 to 16:00 Full adult entry £5 juniors £2 , concessions £4. Family £12 Free parking, Layouts in 0, 00, and N .trade stands and demonstrations Featuring 60th anniversary of the closure of the M&GN railway .
  5. That must have been repeats as the goon show finished 1960 and the absolute first cassette tapes were 1962, for most people much later than that..
  6. Left hand down a bit.. Yesterday I was listening to Anne Shelton on the radio... She was singing on Glenn Miller's last ever radio show.. This was her 1956 hit.. (PS my radio has dab and memory storage on it)
  7. Just come down to the Swan Green in Horning at a weekend and you'll often see a little tent up and the Fishermen there all night. These days they tend to use sounders which go off if something fishy pulls the line,.. They go off when you catch them with your keel as well, fishing just there during the start of a race Sunday morning isn't a good idea..
  8. I've upset a few Fishermen over the years, mostly when tacking a sailing boat and needing the whole of the river. I've also upset a few during regatta week, as I've gone out in the morning putting the buoys out and stopped to let them know what's going on. they don't like being informed that having hired a place for a couple of thousand the first week in August to go fishing. That they'll have up to 150 boats sailing past them all day for 5 days.
  9. TheQ


    I've never come across a sailing boat that can sail on the main rivers, that can't get under Potter, you can always take the mast down. There will besome that can't get past the bridge not because the bridge is too low, But because the water isn't deep enough, tide permitting you can stand on the bottom under the bridge it's only about 4 ft deep. This picture fairly well shows the depth of the river, it's more shallow and a harder bottom under the bridge.
  10. and anything else people use to fall into the water from..
  11. The count down continues, just a bump up to keep this in vision for those that may need the information..
  12. Real Landrovers, That is Series 1, 2, 3, 110, 90 and Defender, wave to each other as they pass.. As for assisting others, for the last 40 plus years, I've rescued more tourists than sailors. everything from broken gear boxes, loss of steering, unable to get off the bank due to the wind, plus falling in canoeists, rowers and paddlers who can't make it against the wind (an increasing number) to the normal questions, how far to the nearest Pub? and how far to AH-cle. Only a four weeks till I do it all again.. Horning Regatta week is coming..
  13. Just south of Wroxham there is a long straight, at the Wroxham end, there is a burst watermain, So... A, be careful through the water, (it's not that deep) B, expect road works sometime soon..
  14. Seen the camels many times, they are on the left after the first range of hills from Scotch Corner. There are also Lamas At the Lama Karma Cafe just before you get to Penrith. Also near there is a BP station, much cheaper than filling up on the M6 /M74... Edinburgh spent all it's money and then some, on the tram system. If you have to go into Edinburgh, use the park and rides and get the tram / bus . The tickets are about £5 for all day, any bus and tram..The Parking in Edwins borough is expensive.. Some times I choose to use the A 696 or 697 across the hills to the A68 then the Edinburgh bypass. It's a nice scenic route not much slower, but every straight once in Scotland, has a camera, you've got to be very carefull going down hill... Just beginning to plan my next trip up to see my Parents, sisters, nephews, nieces, great nephews and nieces etc..
  15. The Germans announced they had Bombed a major boatyard, (Probably Herbert woods Potter Heigham) it's actually thought the Bomber saw the lights of a car arriving illuminate the side of the Ferry inn and dropped them. 22 died and 4 were injured. It used to be that you could stilll see the half moon shapes in the river bottom on the hydrgraphic survey, but with dredging going on in the area last year I'm not sure thats still the case..
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