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  1. Both the Hoveton-Coltishall road and the Hoveton-Horning roads are now showing they are open. The last of the abatoir in Stalham has been demolished there are just heaps of rubble left on site.. I suppose that will be it there until they build the new entrances..
  2. Horning Road from Hoveton is closed at times (it was yesterday and this morning) Around Hoveton Church area the works may continue until... 20th DEC!!! The Road is closed around the area of RRH (RAF) Neatishead entrances till 20th Sept..
  3. You should get a good signal at Horning Staithe, there is a repeater is on the back of the sailing club starters box..
  4. The Coltishall - Hoveton road is closed near the Colishall church. There is a way round but it's devious.. the official route is to go back to the NDR and use Wroxham road..
  5. Ifyou looking at the TV guide for the show... it's not there, They've changed the date .. see below..
  6. The traffic lights on the Hoveton to Stalham road have been removed again... Again with absolutely no sign of having done any work,,,
  7. That's good news for the next journey to Scotland on the 28th...
  8. There are temporary lights and one way working on the Hoveton to stalham road at the bottom of the hill up to the round towered church. Its the second time they've put them there and again there seems to be no work going on..
  9. And the answer is yes.. However most of the losses were long before The big four railway companies. There was a broad opposite Horning over the south bank of the river, you can still canoe (with permission) through what is a mass of rivulets from decoy broad to halfway along horning lower street. . Lessingham broad is long gone, and I believe wherry sized access up muck fleet to Filby broad was once possible. Many other broads and navigable rivers have been lost..
  10. thats called the Breydon water agreement..
  11. I thought they had dropped the football closed season..
  12. you can keep the dredger it's the little blue box they need...
  13. Oh good.. There will be no increase in me catching anglers..
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