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  1. How's this for a minor one, Many years ago I spent many hours researching then getting the parts and then started building a model of the family coal wagons... Then this came out before I finished
  2. Our decking, didn't last 15years, facing the north sea, meant all the so called coated screws self destructed... It's slowly being replaced by a raised patio.. Meanwhile the first task of this 12week isolation has been restoring the garage. I've discovered it was built by bodgit and run.. Over 40years ago Power sockets in the lighting circuit . The roof is secondhand asbestos sheets, not all the old screwholes were plugged properly and I found a crack, that they knew about but didn't fix, I know that because they offset one of the screws. The walls are only 2 inch thick breeze blocks!!! So I'll be reinforcing some of it. Today's task, replacing a window, that too was secondhand I could tell from unused fittings, with a rotten frame. ...
  3. Only about a £40 a week saving in fuel for me, I'm also lucky the company is making up the 80% to 100.% pay for the 12 week duration. About 10% of the factory staff are WFH, I would guess there are another 10-20% are on the twelve week enforced stay-at-home vulnerable group like me. The rest are at work with overtime trying to keep production up.. Our products are indirectly used by all the services including the NHS, as well as temperature monitoring for food stuffs by most supermarkets and their suppliers. Expenses will go up slightly as stuff I need to use to work on sorting the house maintenance will have to be delivered.. I'll have to go shopping Monday, I don't have a cloth mask, but I do have an industrial face mask with changeable filters, and heavy rubber gloves, that will put the frighteners on the others...
  4. Me too, at the moment I'm mostly rebuilding the sailing boat in the garden. Plus the usual garden / house maintenance. At some point I'll have to go down to the motorboat (10miles) to top up the batteries all 24 of them. It will be house, to landrover, to car park at the SC, row across the river in our tender, service the batteries and give the boat a wash and brush up. I'll take sarnies and drink, no usual cafe trip midday,. Then return, no contact with anyone. Time for a Muggacoffee then overalls on to go work on a keel.
  5. Please be careful using the NDR this morning, Both the Wroxham road and Coltishall road roundabouts have large diesel spills on them and the Wroxham road roundabout has added pea shingle.. I'm glad I'm not on the motorbike..
  6. Well the Norwich Model railway on April the 4th is Cancelled, so they are provisionally rebooking for APR 2021. For the foreseeable future I think we can say all model railway shows are cancelled until further notice..
  7. Horning and Hickling Sailing Clubs have cancelled racing and other events until further notice..( Though private sailing may continue) Not seen anything from any other club. The RYA have also cancelled all their events UFN.
  8. TheQ

    Horning Boat Show

    Website now updated show cancelled..
  9. TheQ

    Horning Boat Show

    Just seen elsewhere the 2020 show is cancelled / put back to May 1st 2021 (web site hasn't been updated yet)
  10. TheQ

    Toll Renewal

    Mine won't be paid until the end of March, they won't be getting a free loan from me..
  11. The government stopped the money for the free licences not the BBC
  12. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    OK then the Norwich - Wroxham - Stalham - Catfield road.. Adding to what others and I have said. Traffic jams from the brickmakers round about half way to the next roundabout, at the junction that all the kids come out of, there are 3 way lights but no obvious signs of work. From the park and ride round about to the top of the slope down to the NDR, no cats eyes. Expect road resurfacing From the green man to the end of the long straight no cats eyes. Expect road resurfacing. Just beyond the Barton turf junction the road works have been done, but there are new signs all the way to the dilham junction the signs which when turned over say traffic, in convoys, 20mph. The traffic lights for the water works, are very close to Stalham at one end. The other set should reach catfield this week.. I think they trying to self isolate north Norfolk..
  13. I regularly bulk buy frying oil in the summer.. I run the landrover on it..
  14. TheQ

    Subsiding House

    Wasn't that one just a Mobile home tarted up a bit?
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