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  1. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    The cones in Hoveton disappeared I never saw them used.. Meanwhile just north of Hoveton on Stalham road, at the first left hand bend there is one way traffic light controlled traffic. They are rebuilding the access to telephone ducting in the road..
  2. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    The road works outside Stalham Tescos has cleared, they appear to have partly installed a zebra Crossing, as well as building the new entrance to the MaCarthy and Stone homes site. The lights are covered up and there are no road markings yet. I note they've installed it in line with a road hump, a curved top road hump, that could be interesting for someone poorly sighted or on a disabled buggy... Meanwhile Cones have appeared in Hoveton, between the double mini roundabout and Roys, as yet they are stacked on the pavements along with narrow road signs I suspect works are about to s
  3. I suspect for most landowners it would cost more to pay for a water bailiff to patrol their waters than it would provide in income. Horsey being a nature reserve, the landowners had EA backing so it cost them nothing..
  4. Almost every Broad is owned by someone, as it was solid (ish) land before they dug a hole in it, therefore the owners have the rights for fishing and mudweighting. This has nothing to do with being tidal or not. Rights to naviagation only apply if it was granted in the past. Hence no right to navigate on Wroxham broad as there was no staithe and therefore no need to navigate across it. Wroxham broad being closed 1 day a year to enforce the owners rights to non navigation. Horsey has rights to navigate the dyke and Waxham cut. Therefore each broad would need a separate permit, unless
  5. His place of residence is Monaco, He has homes in Monaco, New York, Colorado. He does not pay taxes in the UK. Except for a very very tiny proportion . He has homes in Monaco, New York, Colorado. Note the picture below, all of those companies are not based in the UK so none of that money will be taxed here..
  6. But Hamilton doesn't live in the UK and doesn't pay UK taxes.. So until he does why should he have a say in anything in the UK..
  7. TheQ

    My Day

    Twice as a youngster when we moved each time for my dad's job, I was the one who found the overflow to the bath hadn't been connected.. I still like a full bath.... Well, another weekend nearly over, The keel was lowered to the floor, somewhat inelegantly, but it got there without damage to it , me , or anything else. The other side got cleaned off, and filleted. The garage workshop has most of the ring main complete, just an outside socket to reconnect. The remaining sheet of osb was demolished into pieces to clad the ceiling, on top of which fibreglass insulation was in
  8. Being of strange mind the thread led me to believe it might be of A Great Western Star class locomotive. Or this a Star class keelboat on Wroxham broad Horning sailing club have radio control racing one afternoon/evening a week but they only race the laser RC model.
  9. The run across the road from the works to the pub at lunch time was famous.. Trying to drive down there at that time it was just a sea of people..
  10. Of course part of the problem is they've been cleaning up the water. so all vegetation such as water lilies etc are growing like mad these days.. So the solution is.... Bring back pollution!!!
  11. There were 3 patches of Knotweed in my garden when we bought it,, Now down to one and that's on it's way out. The most effective way is to inject stems with roundup.. From what I've read Floating pennywort is edible, and tastes A bit like it's relative.. celery. Giant knotweed on the other hand is very poisonous..
  12. TheQ

    My Day

    My mains water isolator is in the gravel path running down the side of the house and involves lying face down with arm at full extension to reach it... There are no Isolators in the house other than those I've fitted.. Some time in the future the bathroom will get a refit and individual isolators will be the first task.. Meanwhile.. My Day or rather weekend, was mostly spent making and fitting internal doors to the workshop being built inside the garage.. They are made, they work, but still need handles and catches. The ring main was extended to 3/4 of the workshop area, so there ar
  13. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    The road works through Wroxham have cleared..
  14. Like Vaughan my model railways have to be in their home area, not a board full of track. Being 1950s the two tracks into the field made by the wheels of the fergie and trailers are correct.. What many forget is before ww2 there should be 3 tracks, one each side for the wheels, and one down the middle for the cart horse... Wonderful modeling again Vaughan.. We Broadland Model Railway Club, have somewhat hopefully booked Hoveton village hall for our club open day in May 2021.. as well as the more likely jubilee hall, Aylsham for our full Exhibition in October 2021,
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