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  1. TheQ

    Next Best Image To That Of A Sailing Boat?

    Next best thing to a picture of a sailing Boat..... Lots of Sailing Boats... Picture courtesy Holly Hancock (Yeoman Nationals 2015 Black Horse Broad)
  2. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    The temporary scaffolding roof has now been removed from the cremated Swan, and she looks resplendant in her new thatch. She is still surounded by scaffolding though, and the outside needs painting. The properties next door still have their scaffolding roof, and I can now see their roof is being boarded out..
  3. TheQ

    My Day

    Well, I spent the weekend mostly lying underneath my 16ft sailing boat sanding, the area where the rudder box was has been rebuilt, and has been glassed, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, and just needs a little more sanding before painting. My arms gave out..,. OH why don't I turn it over.... it weighs about 245kg... My boat is just a little 16 footer, having admired the river cruiser classes on water and in the photos on another thread, My arms and wallet could not afford a river cruiser.. For the rest of my free time this year, work on the boat will be on inside. The next project will be rebuilding the helming position and modifying the tabernacle for the new mast (Well it's probably 30 years old, but new to me). I now have old sails, to use during development, and found a boom that fits that was hiding in the shed.. The only problem being the boom is rigged for an aft traveller and mainsheet. I need to get my end of the mainsheet forward to in front of me, sat in the middle of the boat, facing forward and I'm not drilling holes in a near 50 year old aluminium boom (ex Lark Dinghy 158).
  4. TheQ

    Playing Norfolk Trains

    Beautifull Modelling, I remember the LNER Buffet cars, Back in 1977 the SRPS acquired one, just out of use from BR. We had just got it and I believe restoration to teak had occured when BR borrowed it back again!! It was used on our railtours till recently but is now undergoing a full restoration..
  5. TheQ

    Playing Norfolk Trains

    Ah B17 "Woodbastwick Hall" Oh and the Broadland model railway club, show is 6th October 2018 10:00- 16:00. Jubilee Centre Aylsham
  6. TheQ

    Smart Meters

    I've so far refused to have a smart meter because of this coclup in being unable to use the same meter across several suppliers. A year or so ago they sent a letter to us saying a man would come round to check for the installation of a water meter but would would not be required to use it, a few days before the date they cancelled... we've never heard a thing since...
  7. TheQ

    My Day

    Religious Swallows, having a fry up, what ever next, the terrible things you see on the broads..
  8. TheQ

    Model Railway Shows 2018

    Just a bump for the above show, my task list for the show has arrived!!
  9. TheQ

    My Day

    Afternoon All, Another weekend of working on my Sailing boat, apart from more sanding of the join, I decided to rebuild the rudder box. It was set us as a cassette that you could withdraw the rudder while afloat. Something that was needed when i was in Saudi. Now however it's not needed, so I'm changing it to a convemtional external rudder with shaft through a tube. this will save weight and complacations. At the moment Im considering the tabernacle, it was built for a wooden mast 4 inches square at the bottom. She will now a have an alloy mast that is only 2.5 inches wide. Some sort of holder to fit in the tabernacle will be required and maybe some sort of changes to height. Meanwhile in a couple of weeks time is the RAF Neatishead reuniion, which is part of the RAF 100 celebrations. For any former members of RAF Neatishead , here's the details and how to get tickets.. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/raf100-neatishead-reunion-september-23rd-2018-tickets-48249464447
  10. TheQ

    My Day

    Really, it's Single seater, although I could carry a passenger, But as a single seater it would not be permitted in the 3RR. Also I'm doubtful it would be ready, As I have to redo the deck surfacing over the joins, (clear fibreglass over wood) and we are runnning out of warmth for fibreglass work. Also once I have the weights, I have to get the keel modified, and then fitted to the hull, once that is done I have to get the trailer modified to fit the new layout... I am hoping to have finished in time for regatta week next year, if not certainly by the time of the Tri Icicle. The latest revision, of the details of the boat, in the computer programme, gives a target weight of 0.463 Imperial tons (470.4KG).
  11. TheQ

    My Day

    My day, well really the past 3 weekends, have been rebuilding my sailing boat. a couple of years ago I took 28 inches out of the middle. It's now all glued back together, and the join has had it's fill /sand/ fill. This weekend will start with another sand, then followed if required by another fill /sand. Other work has been creating the control panel. Control Panel on a sailing boat? Well when you are sat in one position you need space for all the control lines to come to you like this... Meanwhile a 1 ton strain gauge has arrived, so I can weight the boat, then the current keel. After that if I add my considerable weight to the total, I can see if it matches the 500Kg total a computer programme says I need to be correct on her lines... I'm hoping to add a lot more ballast to the keel..
  12. TheQ

    Visitor Toll

    A rail or a stauntion on a GP 14?, I'd be tempted to stick them on the boom rather than risk ripping paint off.
  13. TheQ

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    The Managers ( and Staff) at Tescos used to hate it when the Easter eggs arrived. They knew cages of them would sit in the back of the warehouse blocking space. While all the punters were buying 4weeks food for 1week over the Christmas new-year period. The huge increase in through put over the period means they end up with cages of food, lining corridors and every available space. Many stores hire in a freezer container just for the turkey.
  14. TheQ

    Model Railway Shows 2018

    It's now the count down to the Broadland Model Railway Club Show 6th October 2018 10:00 till 16:00 Adults £5 children / concessions £4 under 5s free Free parking at the Bure Valley Railway Ticket holders on that day, on the BVR with Full return. Free entry to the show. EXHIBITORS and TRADERS Due to building works our show is at two sites this year, with a free routemaster bus trip between the two At the Jubilee Centre Longstone – Gn 15 South Town – OO Nibley Knoll – 009 Fen Lane – OO Crabbies – N Coldfair Green – P4/4mm Thomas and Friends – OO Beyton Bridge – OO Peckston – N Yoxton – N Alsop en Le Dale – N Hindenbach – N Daconby Town – 3mm Nigel Fisher – Trees and Track Loco Doctor Traders in the Jubilee Centre Bob Pearman Books Joe Lock Models Train Terrain Train Tech Just in Case Coast2Coaster At the BVR Station Oma Park – BMRC ‘N’gauge Advent Modellers DCC Advice North Norfolk Model Engineers B17 Steam Trust Friends of the BVR BVR Second Hand Stall
  15. TheQ

    Model Railway Shows 2018

    It's the count down to our show, Saturday 6th October 2018 10:00 till 16:00 Aylsham Our poster... Aylsham%20Model%20Rail%20Poster%20A4%20V3.pdf

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