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  1. TheQ

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Congratulations now you have to watch out for tacking boats cars on the river road it's is getting near Christmas and New year... Hic . PS you thought you had problems getting boat insurance, wait till you try Car insurance for a new driver...
  2. Going home yesterday (15:15) there was a car parked on the Wroxham Road / NDR roundabout. This Morning there is a Car parked on the Wroxham Road / NDR roundabout. A different one.. So much for the much vaunted new signs and road marking. A few bits of paint and palstic signs doesn't make up for making a complete cock up of the design..
  3. TheQ

    My Day

    A little late, but Sunday of course was sailing day, after we had lowered the flags for the 2minutes silence. This week it was our turn on duty I was on the rescue boats, while my sailing compatriot ran the racing. Due to the strong winds, several small dinghies capsized. Most sorted themselves out, we had to rescue one laser with a broken mast, another that washed up on a Lee shore. The other rescue boat collected a few boats too. In other news, Broadland model railway club is getting ready for the October 2019 show with 13 layouts, 6 traders and one trader booked so far.
  4. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    The Cremated Swan, doesn't look so cremated now, the outside has been painted, lighting installed on the front of the pub and the fencing along the front has been replaced. There is now an out of working hours security man staying in a motorcaravan guarding the place, I saw him wandering around with torch while I was waiting at the lights. So I guess the expensive stuff is now being installed inside.. The house next door has had it's roof battoned out ready for thatching..
  5. TheQ


    Today at 11:00 11/11/2018, I have the Honour to lower the flags at Snowflake Sailing Club, Horning, as we do every year .
  6. TheQ

    The View From Work This Morning

    The view from Work this morning.... No I haven't forgotten to post a picture, except for about 5 years mostly during training some years ago (out of 43 years so far), I've never worked where I can see out of a window. in fact most places had no windows.. Time to ...head to the window less laboratory..
  7. The problem with that is after a few years there will be a need for a bypass of the NDR, IIRC much like Newbury needed a bypass bypass. There is a crash this morning on the NDR Wroxham Roundabout, since the recovery vehicle was there along with 3 police cars I suspect by 08:00 it will be cleared. It on affects those wanting to go from there westwards on the NDR from Wroxham or Postwick. It looks like a black Audi has gone straight on from the Norwich road, into the signs and the round about. Oddly there is an optical illusion that when you come from Wroxham, the accident looks like it's beyond the Norwich exit. so you get in lane for the right hand turn round the bout, to find you are diverted into Norwich. Now of course being totally in the wrong lane with cars coming up from Postwick blocking your exit..
  8. TheQ

    Coke Oven Reach

    sadly faydens map of the late 1790s doesn't name the dyke. But is does show that what we call Potter Heigham was called Potter Furlgate, whereas Potter heigham was that part near the church. Also what we call Sutton Broad was then called Stalham Broad..
  9. TheQ

    The Poppy Appeal

    From the EDP yesterday 12,000 lives were lost in Norfolk during WWI, the greatest sacrifice made by any part of the country PUBLISHED: 13:56 04 November 2018 Derek James The 12th Norfolk (Norfolk Yeomanry) returning home Picture: Archant library You'd have thought the EDP could have least honoured the men by getting it right 12000 me were Lost BY Norfolk in Northern France and Belgium, not IN Norfolk
  10. TheQ

    The Poppy Appeal

    Most British Legion Clubs have a pensions Officer, My dad was one in his spare time. A great many servicement were overlooked for a variety of reasons. During the 1980s he was still arranging for ex far east prisoners to go and have specialist tropical disease treatment because both the military and the NHS had missed treating them. Ireland had a particularly bad record of treatment of ex WW2 servicemen. They were being deliberately denied normal benefits, as were their families through till the 1990s.
  11. TheQ

    My Day

    Saturday, Went to Spalding MRC Model railway shows, 31 layouts, loads of traders and society stands as well. Spent too much money, some very good layouts on display. very crowded later. Probably the effect of the great Model railway Challenge on TV, which has been give a contract for a second series for next year. This years final is 20:00 Friday channel 5. Sunday, sailing three races, the middle one marred by a couple of sailors who need to brush up on the racing rules. Then A private Ex hire motor cruiser barged it's way through the fleet shouting and swearing at the sailors, causing much evasive action. The strange thing was it was towing a beautiful wooden sailing dinghy with mast. You would have thought he knew how to go through a fleet of sailors. I believe he was probably drunk, as after he cleared the fleet, the boat started head nose first towards the wrong bank, before violently correcting it's course on up river.
  12. I see your're criticizing BA Broads tax again
  13. TheQ

    3 Rescued From Water!

    Following his gps? (some used to show there was a crossing there)
  14. WD 40 being a water dispersant not a lubricant, However I don't think you can spray enough to keep the water out.. PS you forgot the Duct Tape..
  15. Not quite, the law is, if you don't know the speed limit the default is 30mph. Technically to go above 30mph is a permission not a right.. Meantime Back in costing us money land 'cos they got it wrong first time but will never admit it.. http://www.edp24.co.uk/motoring/repair-works-planned-norwich-ndr-roundabouts-1-5755928

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