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  1. New cities Like MK the road drains go into the streams and rivers, just house waste into the sewers. Some of the parks in MK are classed as wet /dry, that is they are normally dry, but fill up with water at times to slow the flow into the rivers. If you look at the NDR, the road water drains off the side into the ground / leads into waterways no hard kerbs keeping the water into drains.. there are wet dry drainage ponds to take the excess. With the change in the rules, the water companies are going to have to spend a lot of money diverting rainwater out of sewage systems.. That money will come from ... You.
  2. Ha!! read page one missed page 2 and it had been said, but here was what I was going to say anyway.. The maximum permitted width on the Ant (Or Chet ) is 12 ft 6 inches, as can be seen by this quote from the regs.. SCHEDULE Size Restrictions Part 1 (Beam Restrictions) (a) Vessels having a beam of 3.8 metres (12ft 6ins) or less. No restriction. (b) Vessels having a beam exceeding 3.8 metres (12ft 6ins). River Wensum: Upstream of Foundry Bridge River Yare: Upstream of Trowse Eye Bird’s Dyke and Surlingham Fleet Dyke Rockland Boat Dyke, Fleet Dyke and Short Dyke Langley Dyke Hardley Dyke River Chet: The entire waterway River Waveney: Geldeston Boat Dyke River Bure:Upstream of “The Rising Sun”, Coltishall Upton Dyke Hermitage Dyke, Acle River Ant: The entire waterway and its navigable branches including Barton Broad River Thurne: Upstream of Dungeon Corner Catfield Dyke and its branches Waxham Cut Meadow Dyke Candle Dyke Womack Dyke and Womack Water
  3. The Yeoman class use flag Y.. (which means I am carrying Mail) Therefore I have a tie in those colours... I have been accused of being a member of the MCC
  4. When the broads boats were forced to have sewage tanks, it actually didn't make that much difference. The improvements to the Sewage works and the reduction in waste / fertilizer from farms made the most difference.. It's very noticeable in the last 10 years the clarity of water has improved everywhere, it used to be you only saw the bottom of the dykes in mid winter. Now you can see the bottom all year round.. This has a disadvantage... weed.. Black Horse Broad never had weed in the last 40 years, and the river through Horning is lined with lilies. This is catching on sailing boats rudders and keels and clogging water inlets on Motorboats.. Hickling broad and the way to it is particularly bad for weed.
  5. I don't think you'll get a broads boat up the river to Figheldean.. The Bishops mill's in the way.. An Aunt lived just down from there in the grounds of Salisbury cathedral, a house right on the riverbank.
  6. Welcome to the site from someone who used to live in Wiltshire, I've still got relatives in Ludgershall and the other side of the county near Longleat (close enough to hear the Lions roar). My only recommendation on boat's is to get one low enough to get under the bridges, Above Potter and Hoveton are some of the best parts of the Broads..
  7. TheQ

    My Day

    Congratulations to Roger Hannant with crew William Symonds who won the Tri Icycle in a Yeoman Keel boat..
  8. TheQ

    My Day

    Well if you're out on the water the Tri Icycle will have started. Due to the wind being in an awkward direction the start was moved to the water works from 11:00 onwards. 48entries this year's which is very good.. from an OK dinghy up to a 40ft broads cruiser..
  9. I've always heard it pronounced Burh .. no ruh
  10. just for fun, I think water levels are going back up, with the switch to Northerly gales flood warnings all along the coast... https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/alerts-and-warnings?v=map&lyr=mv,ts,tw,ta&ext=1.037302,52.593732,1.803779,52.796178&fid=flood.054WACDV2B
  11. TheQ

    Lost Pub

    There was a 4th pub in Horning the Half Moon, but long gone by 1972. "looking from the river garden to the right" sounds very like the Ferry . This site might help. https://www.norfolkpubs.co.uk/norfolkh/horning/hornhm.htm
  12. I have reed and plaster ceilings and one small room still has reed and plaster to brick walls. Back in the early 80's the previous owners removed most of the the reed and plaster and replaced in with modern cements along with an injected damp proof course, which seems to be working.. As for insulation it will have to go on the outside the rooms are small enough as it is..
  13. We may not have had easterlies but we have had northerlies until Sunday when it switched round to the south that kept the water high. The forecast for the rest of the week is south and west except for Thursday night Friday morning. So the levels should drop this week..
  14. Since that's online only this year hopefully I can fast forward, bypass or otherwise avoid him.
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