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  1. Ok which Bright spark has decided this weather is perfect for planting more trees around the Wroxham road roundabout yesterday, when already many of the fir trees planted along the NDR have died..
  2. TheQ

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    A quote from Wiki something Ray Greene, who had studied plastics while a student at Ohio State, had been working with Owens-Corning on fiberglass composites. He had made composite boats as early as 1937, but was searching for just the right plastic to use for boats. He received a shipment of the polyester resin in 1942 and produced a daysailer. I believe the first Production fibreglass boat in the UK was the Kestrel dinghy, designed By Ian Proctor in 1955
  3. It's interesting that of the four roundabouts I regularly use, two of them now have the cameras on, and one will have reduced speed limits while they do repairs. The fact that the repairs are scheduled to take 3 weeks, shows you the amount of damage caused by the accidents in just 3 months of use. I've not spotted all the cameras but certainly they have them on all the approaches, I hope they have some looking at the roundabouts themselves. it's the only way they'll realise having up to 3 lanes of traffic merging into one exit lane over one car length is a recipe for accidents. Meanwhile they were shoring up the embankment on the Wroxham road roundabout again yesterday, ( on the left as you exit for Wroxham)
  4. TheQ

    Hickling History

    cousins were involved..
  5. Just a little bump up as it's now down to 13 days till we start.
  6. The Heat wave will end on 28th of July.. How do I know this? That's the Start of Horning Regatta week and I'll be sitting in an open resuce boat for the week..
  7. TheQ

    Hickling History

    Not 100% sure but Highly likely, he was fairly short lightly built and practically lived in Overalls. He did a fair bit for the sailing club as well..
  8. If you have let the glassfibre / resin go off it's advisable to wipe down / clean the surface with acetone before putting the next layer. As some resins have a wax in them which floats to the surface, and may prevent bonding of the next layer.
  9. TheQ

    Where Can We Moor At Wroxham

    The Moorings are not the Bridge pilots to let you stay on, they are council / parish owned for the picking of the bridge pilots and the dismasting / re-masting of yachts..
  10. Drove down the NDR to the A47 on the NDR for the first time over the weekend, although the design of the A47 junction seems wierd, I went both ways without problem
  11. TheQ

    My Day

    Saturday left home 12:00 ish, drove to Yorkshire, Knaresbrough to be exact, got there at about 16:30 which in a 34 year old landrover is good going.. very hot trip though, Imediately given I nice cold pint by my brother, and we sat on his verandah overlooking the river.., 18:30 wandered along waterside under the railway viaduct up to the venue for my Brothers 50th birthday party. They had hired a hall, which luckily has a enclosed court yard out the back. The court yard was all decorated up, a band (in which his wife sings occasionally) and disco on. Vast amounts of food available, large amount of their friends plus their daughters friends. A very good night. Got back around 12:30, to bed in the back of the landrover, (they had so many visitors their daughter was in a tent in the garden). 04:30 sunday morning got up, setup the woman in the black box with instructions for home, and set off in the nice cool air, by 08:00 all windows and vents open in the landrover. One idiot Porche driver coming down Leadenham bypass the wrong side of the double white lines... Got home around 09:00, went to bed for a couple of hours...
  12. TheQ

    Hickling History

    I've found out why you confused , according to Hazel, there were three Harry Nudds in the area all related. The one on the Hickling voices site, was Hazel's Harry
  13. TheQ

    Hickling History

    Hazels family came up from london-ish When she was a teenager, and ran the shop in Hickling. What she did once when the shop closed, I don't know. But recently I know it was not retail..
  14. TheQ

    Hickling History

    That's because Hazel is a Londoner (near enough somewhere between there and Watford I think) I should see her Friday...
  15. TheQ

    Hickling History

    A friend, Harry Nudd, was one of the first to be recorded for it, (wearing the brown hat, on the meet the voices page), Sadly he died early last year, If he was in full Norfolk mardle mode not many will understand him.. A genuine Mashman he was Born in the house alongside a windpump as his father was the keeper of the pump.. I've inherited his model railway and a few of his tools..

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