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  1. Marmalade for sale? Have you told Paddington?
  2. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    Just a reminder Wroxham / Hoveton bridge closes for overnight works from 18:30 tonight till 06:00 tomorrow and the next three nights. There was a preparatory team removing yellow lines this morning, and there are signs in position from the mini roundabouts in Hoveton all the Way to the NDR. The official Diversion for vehicles under 12ft 6inches high is back to the NDR then up to Cotishall. For big vehicles, it will be via the NDR and Acle.. I can just imagine a big artic arriving at the bridge from Norwich.. and having to reverse back to turn round.. You can guarantee some c
  3. Milton Keynes is a town where just about everyone is an incomer.. A quite strange place.. I didn't find it particularly multi cultural, we worked, based in a factory of over 1000 people. 99% white British, just a couple of Indian / Pakistani descent and one of more direct African descent. There were none of foreign Descent on the street we lived in.. The whole staff were mostly Londoners who'd moved out. (Note the company had security aspects, meaning yourself and your parents had to have UK allegiance, also the company itself had moved out from nearer London). We moved to Nor
  4. I've noticed an out break of "for Sale" boards, I suspect a lot are trying to sell / move just as the restrictions end.
  5. My boss got the call two days ago, 63 no conditions.. There was an NHS lady on the radio this morning saying all over 60's in Norfolk should have had a call or letter..
  6. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    The road works in Hoveton at the Horning road church road junction have gone.
  7. TheQ


    My tradition was to hear my first cuckoo of the year. while drifting along during the evening of the 3 Rivers Race the beginning of June..
  8. Received my Bill yesterday, they won't be getting any money till it's actually due. For my being rebuilt sailing boat they won't be getting any money till she's launched. She's within site of, but outside the defined broads area. Although the keel is still 50ft from the hull, I applied for and got her New Number so I could paint it on the stern, which it is. A few more coats of varnish required, on deck, unite the keel and hull, connect up the steering gear then I can come and worry you on the water..
  9. how do you now the satellite view was taken in August?
  10. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    Probably tying in the housing estate they're building the other side of the church..
  11. Hmm, 8 garages 12 flats, so 4 will have to park outside. there are 18 spaces outside, some will be needed for staff. So maybe 10 for restaurant goers.. That going to be tight for parking.. and I bet many of the flat owners will fill their garage space with junk and park outside.. Also of course grokles will park anywhere and take spaces unless gated off.. Other than that it doesn't look too bad, it doesn't look like something the broads Authority would choose for themselves..
  12. Motor boating Always down the boat is stable so they only hit the water if there's a wave. Sailing always up except when moored, A, The boats are not so stable s the leeward side is always closer to the water, and you don't want the drag. B, You need every bit of river, that extra six inches can make a big difference, and you don't want a fender catching on the bank..
  13. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    Both the road works at the top of the slope above the mini roundabouts in Hoveton and the roadworks north of Hoveton before the Barton Broad turning have cleared.. It's getting near roadworks on the Hoveton / Wroxham Bridge. The road will be temporarily closed from 9th March 2021 to 13th March 2021 (Night closures) from 18:30 to 06:00
  14. yep No one will know the real figures till a couple of years after everyone ish has been vaccinated . then they can look at the full totals of excess deaths over average number of deaths.
  15. I notice that the Omni vaccination calculator with my details typed in, has gone from how many people in front of me, to "contact here" (here being an NHS link) to arrange a vaccination.. I don't need to It's tomorrow
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