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  1. They did look at a barrier some years ago, but there is a problem. There is less water going out of the exit to the North sea than comes down the rivers. Where does the rest go, ? Under Yarmouth from the airfield to the exit, GY is built on a gravel spit and leaks like a sieve.. You build a barrier and you could well wash away GY, which may or may not be good news..
  2. Wales had the highest air pressure since 1957 overnight, since high pressures generally move eastwards I would expect our highest to be in the next couple of days..
  3. The only competitive sailing going on on Sunday 15th is: Norwich Frostbites at Thorpe st Andrew, Snowflake sailing club at Horning, Rollesby Sailing club (good luck on getting Lightening up there) The following Sunday is near enough the same, except Horning Sailing club start sailing for the summer at Horning..
  4. Just seen the weather forecast, they are predicting a high air pressure deeper than anything seen in the last 50 years. This will lower the water levels considerably, if the northerly wind is not to strong. If it happens, it's likely to be followed by a fish kill when the salt water rushes to refill the broads.
  5. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    The NDR / Coltishall road road works have gone, having been there for a few days, causing chaos. The only people I saw working were those putting out the signs. I can't see any work has been done to the roundabout.
  6. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    Which contravenes this.. Rules for Drivers Approaching a Zebra cosssing is made aware of the crossing because of its black and white poles with flashing yellow beacons and zig-zag road markings. ... (Yes I know the English is awful, I just copied it..) A bit like Norwich's Cycling Zebra Crossings, no such thing according to the highway code.. Meanwhile having , gone a different way last night , I found having blocked of part of the NDR with roadworks, they've blocked of the equivalent part of the old ring road /boundary rd just outside of the ATC huts.. good planning that..
  7. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    ok they've completed the road works on these but... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/earlham-road-transport-for-norwich-pavement-design-slammed-as-dangerous-1-6465237
  8. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    There is a gathering of the Cones at the NDR/Coltishall road roundabout for repairs. Single line working, on the NDR both ways, a single carriageway round the about. work will continue till Thursday.. https://www.edp24.co.uk/motoring/roadworks-causes-norwich-ndr-delays-1-6464629
  9. https://www.edp24.co.uk/motoring/norwich-northern-distributor-road-wroxham-road-roundabout-video-1-6457416
  10. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    The above roadworks have gone, it appears they have been clearing ditches, and removing grass/ turf that had overgrown kerbs..
  11. TheQ

    My Day

    Only saw snow in the Outer Hebridies a couple of times, didn't settle. The inner Hebridies.. The school bus going across Skye followed the snow Blower From Kyle to Uig, it was only rarely we could see out above the level of the snow. Some years later, followed a snow Blower from Dunblane to Oban, first car through in 3 days, But Oban Itself hardly any snow at all.. God created the world and all it contains... But the Hebridies ... They belong to Macbraynes..
  12. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    On Norwich road, just the Norwich side to of the railway Bridge there are temporary lights and a digger.. No idea why they were just setting up this morning when I went through..
  13. https://www.edp24.co.uk/motoring/map-of-every-crash-on-the-norwich-northern-distributor-road-1-6454143
  14. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    And Horning Boat Show Is Saturday May 2nd..
  15. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    Entry forms for the 60th, 3 Rivers Race, 30th May-31st May 2020 are now available on the website...
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