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  1. TheQ

    Only One Cooking Ring?

    Circular ones with three sections have been available for years..
  2. TheQ

    Village Life

    From where I live... what's a bus?
  3. TheQ

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    Dog on bed no, dog on couch yes when covered in blanket. Of course I pat the dog first, he comes running to the door when I arrive home, SWMBO is sat in the living room or cooking. No we don't change plans for the dog, we only make plans that look after the dog.. As for the rest 100%
  4. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    When I came home from work, the scaffolding had gone, when I went to the model railway club at 18:30, the traffic lights were being loaded onto a lorry.. Yippee!!!!
  5. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    The road was closed past the cremated Swan yesterday, as they craned the scaffolding roof sections off of the adjoining building. They have at the moment still left all the vertical scaffolding and the traffic lights in place..
  6. Or arrive at a junction where there are two signs pointing in oposite directions... Diversion and Diverted traffic.
  7. Morning, there is another car on top of the NDR / Wroxham road roundabout, it's been there since before 15:00 yesterday. It's taken out the road signs from the airport direction. However there is a lot of damage to the left hand side of the car, which suggests it may have had help getting onto the roundabout from another vehicle. As an aside to this there is water pouring out of the undergrowth at the A149 / Stalham- Palling road junction, by the Tescos petrol station. This will cause major chaos when they no doubt take most of the road to fix something that is not on the road. There was a Anglian water man investgating kicking the mud with his boot yesterday..
  8. TheQ

    Sweater Weather

    I note your disappointment about the Wroxham Model exhibition, I suggest you visit a real model railway show rather than a commercial operation. So for the Broads area, I've just posted "Model railway shows 2019" in the Broadscot Lounge. Being a bit biased I can recommend our Broadland Model Railway Club show in October that's only £5 to get in and we will have 13 to 16 layouts plus traders and demonstrations (and a tea bar). Also our friends at the Norwich Model railway club have a slightly bigger show in April at Hellesdon High School also £5. They also have demonstrations, traders and tea bar as well..
  9. This year I thought I'd just give a list of shows at the start, and then present the details as the shows approach. No doubt there will be shows I've missed and will add later. Saturday 2nd March, 10:-16:00, Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow gauge modellers, at Blyburgate Hall (Former St John Hall). Saturday 9th March, 10:00-16:30, Norfolk Railway Society, at Poringland Comunity Centre. Saturday 13th April, 10:00-16:30, Norwich Model Railway Club, at Hellesdon High School, Norwich. Sunday 28th April, 10:30-16:30, Stowmarket Model Railway Club, Mid suffolk Leisure Centre Stowmarket. Saturday 5th October, 10:00-16:00, Broadland Model Railway Club, Jubille Centre, Aylsham. Saturday 19th-20th Oct, 10:00-1600, Halesworth and District Model Engineering Society, Ormiston Denes Academy Lowestoft.
  10. TheQ

    Royal Tartan Interior Plan

    I do hope the interior will be upholstered appropriately., As subjects of HM The Queen, anyone can use this one. Royal Stewart. You won't get this second tartan without permission of HM The Queen. Balmoral tartan designed by Prince Albert in 1853.
  11. TheQ

    One Extreme To The Other

    According to Shorebase /tides it's neaps today.
  12. TheQ

    Beccles Bypass Bridge

    Corrected for you.
  13. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    The second hole in the ground has been filled, most of the plastic wrapping round the adjoining houses has been removed. I predict in the next few weeks they'll close the road for a day to crane off the scaffolding . Once that's gone we may loose the traffic lights...
  14. TheQ

    My Day

    Sailing again today, forecast wind westerly 5 to 15mph, we got 0 to 6mph, and a strong outgoing tide all day. So I'll just say we supported most of the others...
  15. TheQ

    Take That

    My last music teacher loved" land of hope and glory" didn't go down well with many... This was in Inverness...

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