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  1. At the moment I'm going via Coltishall, to avoid the Hoveton bridge. The road works for BT north of Wayford bridge have gone. Not quite in the area But Fifers lane where it hits St Faiths road, is being dug up for gas works from APR 1st..
  2. Horning Sailing club have moorings available, they are across the river, but there are a couple of club rowing dinghies always available. Even with having to be a member, it's vastly cheaper than a normal mooring, and you get the use of the club, car park, showers / toilets and water. if you look at this front page there is the email address, https://horning-sailing.club/ You also get the chance to join in any social events if you should wish..
  3. May I point out in the Koran (Islam is roughly 500 years younger that Christianity) it actually says that Christians and Jews should be allowed to find God in their own way as they are sister religions. So that would in their terminology (infidel) make Jews and Christians not Infidels.. Sadly many confuse teritorial disputes , Israel, Kashmir etc with religion..
  4. if they're stuck behind a norfolk tractor what difference will that make?
  5. Went on amazon to find a new washing machine. Found the one I wanted the cheapest, noticed the company supplying, it was Hughes, so I went to their web site, ordered it from North Walsham, went and collected it and got a further discount!!.. Meantime... I recieved yesterday some micro strip from the cheapest supplier via Amazon... It arrived in a large cardboard envelope big enough to hold a very thick A4 note pad all the way from the USA. Microstrip... ten pieces, 300mm long 0.5mm thick, 2mm wide.. Plastic, for the making of several cattle grids on roads on a N gauge railway layout.. Oh if you go on line and order from: Angling Direct you'll get it from the head office of that company in Wroxham Ropes Direct and it will come from Ropes Direct, Hurst's Yard, Ludham Road, Catfield, Norfolk NR29 5PY Roys of Wroxham, order on line They'll deliver from Hoveton.. Go Online support local companies!!
  6. Ałl the little chefs closed, some have been reopened as Kentucky fried cluck, or burgler king or submarine way, or moonbucks, most are on very much reduced hours... Access to toilets is much reduced to...
  7. For added extra fun two more roads works, Leaving but still in Hoveton toward stalham, new gas pipes, traffic lights Just after the hotel and next door nursery, BT traffic lights.
  8. well there is... on a set of plans for tescos when they were going to take over the abatoir site..
  9. Ok folks the road works at Hoveton bridge are back in full swing with concrete barriers where the men are working on the bridge outside the "liberty". For added fun the A149 between Staham tescos roundabout and the entrance to Stalham staithe by Richardsons is also under traffic light control as it's being resurfaced.
  10. The advantage of North Norfolk, green recycling, black rubbish, brown garden if you need one. And that's it. Amazon and eBay Regularly used, often for stuff that's difficult to obtain locally. I've lived from the outer hebridies, to coastal Somerset to Norfolk, finding shops and obtaining things can be difficult. Even From here on the coast of Norfolk to buy stuff is often a 45 mile round trip either to GY or norwich so add 2gallons of petrol to the higher price in the shops. It's just not economic.
  11. Theres now a sign on their front fence It appears to have opened on time.. https://www.theinghamswan.co.uk/ The cremated Swan is no more, welcome the Pheonix Swan..
  12. TheQ

    Closed Season

    My own experience is most fishermen are good, however from St Benets down river there are often competitions with spots pegged out for hundreds of yards. They are very reluctant to remove their rods when you are struggling against tide and wind to tack up or down the river.. We all know few boaters, of any sort, have read the Broads Navigation regulations, and I suspect Fishermen even less , Navigation what has that to do with them? So I'd love to be able to go to each pitch before their competition and post on it.. FISHING 29 (1) Subject to paragraph (2) no person shall conduct any fishing or any associated activity from a power-driven or sailing vessel which is underway or cause or permit any net or fishing line to hang from such a vessel into the water whilst the vessel is underway. (2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to a vessel which is: (a) engaged in the handling of licensed eel nets; or (b) under the control of the National Rivers Authority in connection with its fishery duties. (3) Any person fishing from a boat or the bank shall show reasonable consideration to any other person using the navigation area and shall ensure that his rod or line does not obstruct the passage of a vessel along a channel. Ps Fishing poles with the advent of carbon fibre have got longer and longer, they are now on sale at over 40ft in length and this for me is a large part of the problem.
  13. TheQ

    Closed Season

    That is certainly one problem we already have.. in the open season...
  14. I'm sat here on a fairly new pc (though this one doesn't have a solid state drive many of them do). The internet connection is fibre to the building.. The EDP is still slow to load as are all the newspapers, it's the fact they load all their adverts with pictures that are often moving...
  15. Wouldn't work at Horning, we're a self help club, we'd just suppose you were an intruder from Worxham... that would make you a target...
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