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  1. They be outside toilets in them days at the bottom of the school yard
  2. Double mooring the outer boats crew walk over the inner boats deck and may use their handrails..
  3. Only bin twenty yare? you'll wun't be gettin your Norf'k passport yet, I spent 26 yare livin hair and many months of visit between living hare, no sign of me paasport Yet
  4. Depends how many want to come on board and which boat. The half decker fleet are easily big enough for crew to sit up front ish and helm at the back and remain 2M apart, let alone 1M+ Couldn't see any dinghies on their web site..
  5. Horning sailing club, has moorings, across the other side of the river, club rowing dinghies supplied. Free car parking, use of the clubs toilets and showers. There is a hose for topping up boat water tanks. Club membership per year £133 for a family ( which includes children and grandchildren of school age) £89 for a single, mooring fees are less than half most commercial moorings. You have the option, not a requirement, of joining in the club social events, and sailing / racing events. It is expected of you to do one days duty each year between the end of March and the end of October, on a Sunday, be that rescue boat or Tea bar . Here, is the club website, https://www.horning-sailing.club/ there is a video of the club on the front page, you can see the moorings on the left, in the off river section if up to about 22ft on the river if larger. The more expensive moorings on the club island itself are reserved for those who race, those on the Swan green side of the club dyke, can be anyone but there's a long waiting list from those who already have a mooring. .. Details of who to contact, are on the club home page. Note, we are a small friendly club with only one paid person.. The cleaner after each racing day or event. So not everyone that is a club office holder available all the time every day... Some are still working like most members.
  6. It's probably not legal now to ban single sex parties, especially if some or all of the group were lbgtq+ or any other letters of the alphabet..
  7. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    Well, the internals are being rebuilt with new refrigeration units, I believe the counters will be rebuilt. externally they have cleared the " island " between the Tesco car park road and the station forecourt of vegetation, what's happening with that I don't know, the big sign outside is covered in scaffolding. It's likely all the signage on the front of the building will be replaced. The pumps themselves are likely to stay they are only a couple of years old, though some trim and signage will probably be replaced. Yes of course 13th to the 16th of July...
  8. TheQ

    Road Works 2020

    Again not roadworks but does affect drivers, the Tesco Stalham petrol station will be closed from the 13th to the 16th June inclusive for a rebuild...
  9. With the previous lack of money coming in, I'm betting if it was a lilo they'd hire it out at the moment..
  10. Hmm a death roll in one of those would be spectacular.. And expensive...
  11. if it floats.. yes. We often find fishermen mudweighting in the river at Horning, I gently warn them If I'm in the club rescue boat that they are going to be buzzed by lots of sailing boats and that what they are doing is illegal.. Once or twice all I've had is abuse back, 20 minutes later with a couple of dozen sailing boats going past a few inches away they decide to leave... With the fishing regulations Buried in the Navigational Regs, I doubt many fishermen have read them (let alone motors and sailers) I believe it would be better if they were separately published and available as a pamphlet for fishermen..
  12. As with all broads, mud weight at the windward end under the shelter of trees to reduce the chance of Dragging... If you're going to mud weight on Wroxham broad, then please keep out of the way of the racing marks, and generally out of the middle of the broad. If racing has resumed and your in the middle or by a buoy, you'll get a very annoyed rescue boat coming for a visit to tell you to move.. Oh mud weighting in the navigational channel, even if next to the bank is Technically illegal.. (Broads reg 64) which just about means any river.
  13. if you were there, You would be at you are here!!
  14. Most of the time you can get a mooring along St Benets Straight without mudweighting.. and walk from there to the Dog Inn Ludham.
  15. first had haggis with school dinners
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