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  1. the big show always has something 304mm to the foot scale parked in the middle, this year its
  2. Living on the coast of NBN network land, we've Tesco 5 miles away, Sainsburys or Roys 10 miles away, the rest 20+ miles away. The travelling cost to make choices is more than the savings..
  3. You May remember the destruction of layouts and stands at Market Deeping by vandals.. The Market Deeping Clubs layout which was badly damaged has been invited to the Warley Show now that it has been restored... What is the Warley Show? Warley (near Birmingham) Model railway club gradually expanded their show until they needed to hire a hall at the NEC, Now it's even Bigger and hires the Biggest Hall at the NEC. 90+ layouts a vast amount of traders, demonstrations etc. One of the biggest Model railway shows in the world.. and it's on this weekend.
  4. I too carefully chose my house, but just by observation no maps required. By those maps we would be on an island, but I still wouldn't be able to more at the bottom of the garden, but 400 Yards away..
  5. basically Network rail don't want to pay the Christmas overtime to keep a man on duty..
  6. If the bridge is open for river traffic then someone, the other operator must have opened it, he can just close it again to get his replacement. You can see the network rail vans parked to the left of the track north of the bridge it's just a short walk.. The announcement is the bridge is Closed to river traffic!!! A total wrong excuse for illegally keeping the bridge closed.
  7. The will be roadworks at the mini roundabouts in Hoveton… I don't know when but it's because overnight someone has hit the pedestrian barriers round the junction.. BE AWARE, that if you are turning from Horning Rd towards Norwich the damaged metal barriers are sticking out into the road by about 18inches..
  8. I think they have not many takers, though some have slept in them..
  9. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/more-safety-work-on-ndr-roundabouts-1-6357380
  10. The Official report on the NDR is out.. There are design problems with the roundabouts causing a high level of crashes.... no kidding batman.. The council will learn from their mistakes... yeah... Till the next time..
  11. Build enough wind generators or tidal generators out there you'll slow the tide and storms deposit more sand and the problem will be fixed either way..
  12. If brexit occurs it won't be 2020, it will be 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024,2025 as they discuss the trade deal afterwards. If brexit doesn't occur it won't be 2020, it will be 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024,2025 as they discuss having another vote because the brexiteers were robbed..
  13. This isn't really a local show but it's the furthest I go to at the moment. I like this show.. It's this weekend and the bacon butties aren't too extortionate it being hall catering.. Take the road off the new peppermint junction roundabout.. to Spalding.. https://www.spaldingmodelrailwayclub.org.uk/exhibition/
  14. The sand scaping at Bacton has actually helped the area in the photo, much of the sand has been trapped there.. Why not put that type groynes at Bacton.? There are dozens of pipe lines going into Bacton from the gas Rigs and from the continent. Dropping that load of stone on them would like cause an interesting explosion...
  15. We've had the tree cutters in next doors garden trimming back a huge oak that the lines go through. Before the wiring change we'd occasionally get a pheasant land on the wires and cause them to touch, causing a huge flash and a pheasant leaving in a hurry with much squawking..
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