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  1. thats called the Breydon water agreement..
  2. I thought they had dropped the football closed season..
  3. you can keep the dredger it's the little blue box they need...
  4. Oh good.. There will be no increase in me catching anglers..
  5. A different Kind of Model railway show... The Great Model railway Challenge 2019.. Each week 3 teams build a model railway in competition with each other.. I'm guessing our local team is the one called The Muddle and Go Nowhere... For this years series. 8 shows instead of 6, each 1 hour 15 minutes instead of an hour.. So it must have been successful last year. First show Should be, Friday 30th August 8pm Channel 5.
  6. The NDR, yes this is the right thread, they are closing one lane each way today and tomorrow between the Coltishall and Wroxham road roundabouts. I guessing to repair the broken crash barrier under the Bat bridge.. And the short cut between the Hoveton - Stalham road and the North Walsham road, At Beeston St Lawrence is closed..
  7. People with tinted windows, should remember when the light is switched on they are perfectly visible...
  8. TheQ

    My Day

    Longest shifts.. At RAF Staxton Wold and at RAF Neatishead, In both cases, worked a normal Day shift , By which time we were snowed in, Spent the Night driving a snow Plough landrover, which at Neatishead Included going down to the mini roundabouts at Hoveton, rather than try to turn there. I went Down to the Station, then to Roys then back. At least I had the snow plough on my military driving licence, the others were out shovelling.. Then did a full Day shift, by which time the main roads were cleared and the night shift came in.. So twice I've worked 36 hours.. Certainly several times I've worked 24 hours for the military.. Most of my working life I've worked 12 hours shifts with up to an hours travelling either end. Now it's a mere 8 hours at work with 3/4 hour travelling either end.
  9. No sign of roadworks yet but there will be, it looks like the demolition team have moved onto the old abatoir site Next Door to Tesco Stalham. So I would expect some traffic disruption when the demolish the tall metal building. This will of course lead onto more disruption later this year. The Site is being developed by Macarthy and Stone, who build retirement homes and "retirement hotels". As someone I know put it, they build on scraps of land where they hope the elderly won't hear the road noise, but describe the sites as near to shops.. and countryside.. eg "Escape to one of England’s most uniquely beautiful landscapes, where the delights of coastal villages and the tranquillity of the Norfolk Broads are both within easy reach." But they don't mention it's trapped between the A149 and Old Market Road. https://www.mccarthyandstone.co.uk/retirement-properties-for-sale/stalham/
  10. So i was told the next day but i forgot to mention that
  11. And the sailing report from yachts and yachting magazine. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/220848/Horning-Sailing-Club-Regatta-Week-2019?source=email
  12. A compilation video of the regatta mostly concentrating on the children's classes..
  13. See my post on road works 2019. About Sutton bridge if you come that way...
  14. OK this one's not on the broads but it's going to affect many on here, including me.. There will be two periods of scheduled works on Sutton bridge - the first for two unspecified days during the week starting Monday, September 2 and the next for four weeks starting during the week commencing Monday, September 23. There will be periods of single line working with traffic lights and periods of total closure with diversions... Wisbech anyone? The road surface is being replaced...
  15. Somehow my report of the last day said scattered showers it should say scattered clouds...
  16. She was quite happily sitting in the club house the following morning.
  17. The seaweed inspectors, got it very wrong yesterday, slightly drizzly early in the morning, then scattered showers and sunshine, a beautiful day for sailing, Norfolk reached 28C yesterday. We lost just a couple of late on races for juniors due to the increasing wind Just after 16:00 a large hire cruiser coming out of Black Horse broad reported a Richardson day boat broken down in the entrance. So I went in to find them tied up to the gate posts, There being no mobile phone signal there, they had been tied up for some time. Radioing the race control box, they couldn't get through to Richardsons day boats anyway. So they gave me instructions to tow it back to the club. On the way back I also had to do a shortened course for a sailing cruiser race, which is interesting towing, holding up flag, pressing button for horn, steering controlling the speed all at the same time. I had gone up River earlier on my own, to do another shortened course and stayed up at the top of the course to guide tourists through and act as another pair of eyes, there were two or three other rescue boats out elsewhere on the course.. Gratifyingly I somehow managed a perfect tow in and drop off in front of the audience of club members waiting for the end of racing and the double cannon fire.. Someone from the club gave the hireboat crew a lift back to wroxham So after 164 races over the week, it's all over for another year, the racing seems to have gone well and 99% of non competitors travelling through behaved themselves. I didn't hear of any genuine complaints by the non competitors. I'm now going to empty the landrover and give the washing machine some work But first a Muggacoffee.
  18. Sleep well err. After packing up the buoys and a wander down to the Chinese for food, I set to work lifting the floor of the motorboat, then Removing the covers of the battery boxes, then topping up 24 2V cells with water. At that point I had the meal which had cooled enough to eat.. Then I hooked my DMM and Started battery testing, as last time out, the pack voltage collapsed to 30 V and the electric drive system shut down. Could I make it do it again.. No, every cell checked out OK even with full power on pulling at the moorings, it only dropped to 40 V after some time, and then returned to 48v + on shut down. So I packed away and lay on the berth to think about it, about 20:00, 23:55 I woke up.. And went to bed.. 03:55 the rain arrived with the leading edge of the forecast storm. It's now very dull with a easterly wind. Last race Wednesday a Reedling keelboat ( 20ft dinghy with a keel really) was leaving the moorings, and a lady broke her arm fending off a moored broads cruiser... So yesterday her husband was on rescue boat duties instead of sailing. It was uneventful as far as errant motorcruisers .. The wind was lighter than forecast, southwesterly in the morning,  At lunchtime the various cruiser classes set off in practically no wind, we shortened one lot after nearly an hour.. They had travelled 400yards.. The taller masted cruisers had set off before, and did a Mile each way some taking nearly 2 hours The first afternoon race the south westerly returned, then having tacked their way to the first mark rounded that as... The wind did a 180 and they had to tack their way back... The wind gradually became stronger to something reasonable later.. The last race yesterday was the water babies.. That is juniors in fixed keelboats. Very trusting owners lend a 20ft to 25ft open keel boat to an under 16 to race.. Not surprisingly this is held entirely within view of the Clubhouse.  With a running start from the Clubhouse they all arrived at the buoy at the same time, turned and... All completely underestimated the effect of a 2 knot incoming tide on a keelboat.. There were so many infringements you'd need a slow-motion video to work it all out . There was however no damage, but a fair amount of pushing off..   Time to finish this coffee... They might need some rescue boats if we race...  Today's picture how to terrify tourists heading into the pack..
  19. Just a few extra words, I've been watching a couple of Marsh harriers up where I direct the floating traffic, alternately the male and female. Yesterday a enterprise dinghy decided the tack in front of yeoman keelboats boat which had nowhere else to go... 200lbs of enterprise verses 3/4 ton of yeoman... The enterprise will not be taking any further part this week.. Today is the big day, the original horning regatta day, many more boats will appear from other clubs Talking of anniversaries, its the 125th year of the NORFOLK and Suffolk boating association, they are holding a big Doo at Coldham hall club on the 8th Sept.. Sadly I won't make it..
  20. The morning went well, not too much problem. The afternoon was a bit different, a hire motorboat cruiser broke down, between two of our buoys.. Although they had thrown their mud weight in extreme to the bank, the combination of wind and tide had them hanging out into the river, 35 ft of hire boat across under 100 ft of river is a big obstruction... It took about 4 hours for the engineer to fix it.... Meanwhile I was sheparding tourists round the obstruction to keep the racing going.. One tourist coming the other way had to have it explained to him that keeping to the right hand bank did not mean just to the right of the centre of the River.. Later on I approached a motorboat and a head appeared to give me a lecture the he didn't need instruction on how to avoid yachts, Mr high and mighty I recognized from a certain other club, how I'm supposed to recognize him on top of his gin palace looking into the brightness I don't know. Shortly after another boat gave me a lecture that he didn't need advice as he was experienced, funnily enough from the same sailing club... He promptly wove his way through the boats zigzagging away towing his dinghy. It says a lot about the attitude of members of that club, I wouldn't join it even if I could afford it.. Neither would many others. Shortly after it started to rain, so I put my waterproofs on... So the sun came out.. Today's picture.. A dories. Eye view of a broads sailing cruiser...
  21. It's raining.. Oh no it isn't it's the Window cleaner who arrived at 06:00... The other club cleaner for the inside arrived just now 06:34. Yesterday was a day of sunshine and showers ER well down pours, sitting in an operation dory in the rain is not pleasant even in full oilies. The first rescue attempt was for a topper dinghy who sailed into a tree.. Didn't look up as he smiled by the river bank. I say attempt because he got himself out just as we got to him. At lunch time, I'd just delivered a crew across the river to their sailing cruiser, when a 45ft motorboat completely messed up going round the bend at the club, with no outside assistance or Involvment of sailing craft. He got blown onto a club members motorboat (luckily sea going steel built) , and his bow was threatening some varnished Rebel class keel boats. I managed to quickly get a line from. the bow, and using Max throttle in reverse, get the bow out pointing into the river. Mean while a crew member of the errant boat had gone ashore t o fend off.. He got left behind.. So I then went and collected him drove up to the motorboats stern and by pushing it kept the dory steady so he could step aboard. The rest of the day was uneventful except for the rain. Which of course killed the wind leaving the very last boat of the day to motor home. This evening was quiz night which went very well, there were I think 16 teams, we came 7th, I suspect the fact the team of 5 I joined consumed 6 bottles of wine over the evening didn't help the score... A picture of yesterday's racing
  22. I've certainly heard it, as I stand 20ft behind Ron counting down, to when he fires the cannon, at that point I haul up the flags.. 65 different boats out yesterday, a bit down on normal, but some will have chickened out with us having rain several times yesterday. Rain forecast for this afternoon... It's 06:45 the first buoy is in the water as I dropped it off on the way from my motorboat mooring, a Muggacoffee is being consumed before getting the other rescue boats ou and hook up the flags ready.. Today's picture my chariot for the week
  23. A picture from today from our clubs facebook page..
  24. Afternoon all, I went to put up the flags at 07:58 and couldn't find them, I'd left them at the bottom of the mast.. Then I looked up,, they were up.... So I took them down, ready for the 08:00 cannon. Due to a misfire the cannon went off at 08:00:15. But I put the flags up at 08:00 anyway. 08:05 go to put buoys out 08:45 Back to Clubhouse for bacon butty and coffee 09:15 on the water for vast hoards of juniors sailors.. In the first race series 10:30 the adults join in, 6 starts at five minute intervals, 12:00 ish return to club house for a pasty and salad.. 12:30 towed out a yacht from its mooring on a Lee shore., 13:45 back on water for next series, and the next two series. Only one motorboat tried to weave it's way through the fleet, not successfully One hire day boat questioned Why he Was stuck behind a sailing boat.. It was a non competing hired hustler class sailing, boat nothing to do with us.... Only one laser needed rescuing from a Lee shore. A laser and enterprise were not finished for rounding the incorrect buoy, the rest of the fleet rounded the correct buoy but then missed their shortend course signal and did an extra lap.. 18:10 buoys retrieved. 18:35 I'm off to get sausage and chips from the van that has been organised.. A few pints might go with it.... No pictures to day I couldnt risk this tablet in the rain...
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