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  1. with any luck thats all going to change again soon.. https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a47-blofield-to-north-burlingham-dualling/
  2. Not to the Taiwanese of the Republic of China (ROC)) it isn't, they are not under the control of the Communist party which controls The Peoples Republic of China or affected by Trumps tarrifs.
  3. NO, The outer Kerbing of the roundabout, at some you arrive and turn left in a gentle curve to the left to the next exit, at others you arrive turn left onto the round about, then curve right to go round the about, then turn left to exit at the first exit. Either way you are just taking a 90 degree turn onto another road. The NDR / Coltishall road roundabout has both of these layouts on the same roundabout.
  4. The NDR / Coltishall road Roundabout has a huge amount of cones around it, as they are replacing the demolished Signs. The small amount of cones left out when I went home yesterday, weren't in the same position this morning. Also parked in the entrance to the nursery was a Black Audi..... behind which was a blue flashing light police Car, one copper and one man standing outside, policeman taking details... you're nicked sunshine...
  5. Except they're not, the outer lanes are sometimes concave and sometimes convex with some roundabouts a mix of both.
  6. Having lived in MK the design of the MK roundabouts is much better than those on the NDR..
  7. Section 186 This section of the Highway Code explains the signals and positions required to exit a roundabout safely. Follow the rules and you will find maneuvering roundabouts to be much less stressful. When taking the first exit (unless signs and markings indicate otherwise): Signal left and approach the exit in the left hand lane Keep to the left on the roundabout and signal left to leave When taking an exit to the right or going full circle (unless signs or markings indicate otherwise): Signal right and approach the exit in the right hand lane Keep to the right on the roundabout until you need to change lanes to reach your exit Signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you intend to take When taking any intermediate exit (unless signs or markings indicate otherwise): Select the appropriate lane on approach to the roundabout Stay in the lane until you need to alter your lane to exit Signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you want to take
  8. TheQ

    Moving May Day

    In England and Wales.., In Scotland the Highers finished on June 4th, The Broads will now be invaded by the Scots!! My Niece Great niece, has finished Primary School and will be Starting in Bo'ness Academy on 21st August.
  9. The van driver is going straight on and doesn't need to indicate at that point. Even if the van had turned into Wroxham road at that point there would still have been an accident as it's a single vehicle exit.
  10. later in the morning than me i go round there about 06:15
  11. Talking about cameras, this morning they have set up a camera on each exit of the Wroxham Rd NDR round about. There is also a camera on each exit of all side roads on the Wroxham road toward Wroxham itself from the NDR. I note also there have been those rubber tubes across the road near the Wroxham road railway bridge. These are only very tiny cameras on very tall wobbley poles so I suspect it's traffic monitoring. Yesterday when I went home someone obviously didn't allow for braking on wet roads, as there was a fresh set of tracks across the Coltishall / NDR roundabout , from the Norwich Direction. An already partly demolished road sign was completely flattened
  12. Oulton broad , I'd say taken just the the right of where this picture stolen from the Waveney Class web site was taken, but looking across to the same set of trees.
  13. There has been a model of White Swan Yard. Heres some links. http://whiteswanyard.blogspot.com/ https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/brm/information/brm-cake-box-challenge-the-hole-in-the-wall-white-swan-yard
  14. A new model railway show has been announced, 17th August 2020, at the Atrium , Spencer Avenue, North Walsham, NR28 9HZ in support of the M &GN Society. Further details to follow when I get them.
  15. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    And back to the 3RR. The things brought up by people in this thread. With answers from the committee. Ludham bridge, The turning point was sited where it was because the boat yard could and kindly did, move moored boats on both banks to give the biggest turning circle. They don't own the bank further down and couldnt do that there. All the competitors had been told where the turning point was some obviously didn't listen. Richardson's said they would put a notice on every boat about the race, also the club put warning notices up the other side of the bridge, some people obviously didn't bother to read. For both ludham and South walsham, the club will look at some thing like a flag pole and flag to give a better warning of the turning point. The south Walsham turning point was sited where a motor boat could be moored and get a site line to check boats had cleared the turning point. Another thing that came up. Lifejackets are not carried on ambulances, ambulance crew have been therefore told not to get onto boats. They must call the humber Coast Guard, who will call Hemsby lifeboat crew and the fire brigade and only with their presence and assistance are they allowed to go to and remove a casualty from a boat... Every guard ship has first aid crew, and luckily the club rescue boat attending the 999 casualty at the incident at Acle bridge had as one of its crew... A GP on board. Our people removed the casualty from the boat to dry land for the ambulance to take away.
  16. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    Starboard and water calls only apply between sailing boats. It's highly unlikely you would hear a call from a sailing boat to a motorboat because you won't hear it over the engine. Normally they will just point in the direction they would like you to go or point at you first then point at where they want you to go. If you come across a sailing boat tacking from side of the river to the other whether towards you or away, stick to the right hand bank adjust your speed and as they tack away from your bank pass behind them to go forward. If they have the wind behind them going in a straight line in your way only move across the river for them or you to pass, if there is room. If there are a lot of boats doing one or the other, slow down, stick to your bank let them tack past you. If they have the wind behind them only cross the river to pass or let them through, if you are certain they are not going to go that way.
  17. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    Good job the race was't this weekend , forecast of gusting 40+mph .. it would have been cancelled. Most River sailers on the broads are used to this sort of argy bargy close quarter sailing. occasionally you get a newbie from wide open spaces who comes and joins in.. They get often get very uptight about the knocks and bangs and then go away .. they can't cope with it. It's very rare a broads sailor calls on their insurance or the other parties insurance in these matters. it would have to be something really major like a dismasting, or the other competitor deliberately ramming..
  18. but wil we then be able to keep red diesel?
  19. The old office at DRL went years ago, they were in an office near the ferry Inn last time i saw an advert.. Though that address has gone from the website, the telephone number 01692630530 is a Horning one.
  20. read the statement about DIY work on page 5 that is a statement by HSE not a discussion.
  21. The problem is finding out whether the uruguayan company has got itself permission to insure in the UK (it might have if they do big ships). When they used a greek company that wasn't problem.
  22. opps the link went missing.. www.hse.gov.uk/consult/disdocs/dde14a.pdf
  23. Considering I used to change 1000psi Gas pipes safely at Bacton, 30mbar is not a problem..
  24. You really must stop quoting inaccuracies, I suggest you read this document from the HSE, page 5. (yes it's old quoting Corgi not gas safe). you are allowed to diy yourself
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