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  1. K's? Tiny radar work continued with working on the skinning of the aerial.
  2. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    This week I and many others are carefully studying the wind for the Three Rivers Race. With the tide behind them everyone should get away easily, the tide making the apparent wind stronger. Unusually it looks like a solid easterly for the whole weekend, fairly light at 10 to 15mph, so 100ish tacking boats till the river Ant, which itself would be easy with beam winds as would be South Walsham dyke. Then tacking to Thurne mouth. Easy beam reaches down to the lower Bure buoy and back to Womack dyke then long tack short tack in the narrow river either side of Potter Heigham. to the turn to Hickling near Martham boatyard. After reaching the Thurne again, just about the rest of the way home would involve a easy run. I suspect many would like to try to get to the lower Bure buoy before the tide changes at about 12:40, at worst arriving 13:40, the slower boats maybe leaving the short legs till the way home. It will be race that favours the light wind boats, A Raters, Punts, and Broads Cruisers with tall topsails. Pity it's been virused off..
  3. I used to carry a donor card until.. I Got a medical tag round my neck... It says. Susceptible to Malignant Hyperpyrexia under Anesthesia . Not a good idea to transplant my bits into someone else.
  4. It depends on the period you model, pre WW2 the progression from locomotive cleaner to fireman to locomotive driver was long and involved. Passenger locos were well looked after. During and Post WW2, there were great shortages of manpower. Progression was comparatively quick, so in general only the mainline the passenger locos got well looked after, the odd loco in the 1960s was still running around with pre 1948 company lettering on them under the dirt, sometimes cleaned off by those who had realised nationalization had not provided the utopia they thought BR would bring. Once the dieselisation programme was up and running steam really got ignored.
  5. Many people use piano wire running in ptfe tube for manual. Point switching.
  6. This entirely correct, but also remember the distance, I've been building a model of a Type 84 radar, like the listed one still at RAF Neatishead. When working on it I see all sorts of errors and imperfections. However the other day I realised the viewers at an exhibition would be looking at a scale 600ft away and not see the detail. Here's a picture of the building and partly built support frame work taken from a scale 200ft away.
  7. TheQ

    My Day

    Just been told I'm back at work from the 1st June.. It will only be 40 hours though the department I work for doesn't have an overtime budget, I'm the only one in the department that earns so little I could claim it. I've not done as much to my sailing boat as I'd hoped during the lock down, I'm still working on the keel. I really do need to strip and revarnish the deck this summer.
  8. I've cruised and raced all my sailing boats, some were built for cruising, some were built for racing. I just want to finish off the rebuild of my boat to get back on the water. I think the recession the world has been pushed into by the virus will have more effect than the virus itself. We were coming up to another recession anyway, they happen every 10 years or so, but this one I fear will be deeper than longer than most. Pubs have been on the decline anyway, most are no longer pubs, but restaurants that serve beer . With a recession they are going to struggle. Boat yards, not that there are many left, will struggle with reduced custom. Their problem will be too many boats for the business they have, but selling off old boats will become more difficult.
  9. DIY, is what I've been doing, 80ft of Berberis purpura trimmed, Double garage roof cleared of Ivy , old patches on roof repaired, which was built with secondhand sheets of corrugated asbestos cement sheet by the previous owners That also showed the lean to log shed built by the previous owners against the garage about 50years was about to Fall down, so after emptying , I helped it. The area is now being cleared for a new shed. Many bricks blocks and slabs moved to make new trailer park. More slabs to move. Much melting of lead for the keel, still some to do. 150kg total needed. The final land scenic board is under construction for the model railway, that will leave the sea and pier to do. As a diversion I'm building Type 84 radar for the layout, that's the old one you can still see at Neatishead.. With the change in the rules, I'll be going down to the boat soon to check the batteries, I need a couple of new corks though, the ones in the rowing dinghy will have dried out and shrunk.
  10. If all else fails phone the Chinese in horning, they deliver, as do some other takeaways..
  11. Luckily the camera missed us going through that year.. It's easier to shoot the bridges, in a proper broads cruiser or something like a White boat ( Yare and Bure one design) , the tabernacle is designed for it. That year ( and many others) I did the race in a Yeoman, shooting the bridge in one of those is only really possible in very light winds, as if it's more, the wind pressure will twist the mast in the small deck mounted Tabernacle causing breakages.. On 30th May at around 08:00 I should have been getting a Hickling sailing Club rescue boat out, loaned to the race for the duration.. Taking the turn mark, radios, lights signs, safety equipment and food for 24hour to the end of the Hickling SC pier to await the arrival of the guardship loaned to us by Martham boats. We would then load up the the guardship, move out onto the broad, deposit the turning mark, set the guardship a short distance away. Set the rest up and do radio checks back to Horning Sailing Club before the start of the race, which this year would have been 10:30. We then settle in for a relaxing morning on the broad, till the fleets start arriving, listening in to the radio, for the positions of boats in the race. When the boats round the buoy leaving a tag in a basket attached, they call out their race number, which is listed with time passing on our charts, because we are "an end " they don't have to say to where the next guardship they will pass. Every 6 to 10 boats we radio back to control, " Race Control, Race Control, this is Hickling guardship, we have boats for you" on receiving , "Go ahead Hickling" we list the race numbers of the boats and the times passing. So it continues, till either we run out of boats to record, or those that have no hope of finishing, have been persuaded to retire. Once the guardship and rescue boat has been returned, I take all the equipment back to Horning SC, where we, the guardship crew meet up for the Famous 3 River Race Breakfast . A similar day will have occurred for the others in the dozen guardships, each having 4 crew and their own rescue boat . As it is the 60th 3 Rivers Race has been cancelled this year, and will be run on 5th / 6th June 2021.
  12. A neighbour walked back from Sea Palling yesterday, the car parks are closed, so there were cars parked all over the place, a police car was seen heading in that direction. I saw more cars / cyclists / walkers head past us along the coast than on a normal bank holiday...
  13. I've not read every post but a thought that maybe has been brought up. I can see boat hire being available before pubs and eateries open. So if you pre booked a boat some time ago, and now cannot cancel. Then are of the type of person who eats out every night and or treats the broads as a pub crawl what are they going to do?
  14. You should have done, I've always worn it for sanding and in particular for removal of anti fouling... It meant I had a few masks available when this all started..
  15. TheQ

    My Day

    Half an hour after my last post, the lead melting pot arrived, working on something hot might be an idea tomorrow even if I have to have the garage doors open to let the fumes out..
  16. TheQ

    My Day

    We've been clearing brambles, reorganizing trailer parking, preparing for the new shed. also moving a lot of bricks and slabs. Yesterday 400bricks, 20 Heavy duty breeze blocks, and 4 2ft square 2 inch thick slabs 41kg each!!! Another 400bricks and 30 of those slabs to move. Having had problems melting the lead safely, I've bought a proper lead melting pot, which should arrive in the next few days according to the parcel tracker. Talking of parcel trackers, on clearing the Ivy off the garage, it was discovered the lean to corrugated iron shed was on the point of collapse, so a new shed was ordered.. The tracker showed all 4 parcels leaving the depot together.. After a wander around Germany, they arrived separately in Oldbury the other side of Birmingham, Leicester, and direct to Snetterton. They then arrived in three separate deliveries from Snetterton , on three consecutive days . On one day, the tracker showed the driver had 128 deliveries between Sheringham and Potter Heigham as far inland as Hoveton . He left the depot, at 08:30. Reaching us, delivery 123 at 16.45. The courier is just one of many companies, it just shows how much ordering is online these days and why shops are closing. Time for a Muggacoffee then start on moving bricks...
  17. TheQ

    My Day

    Well the Ivy was finally all cleared off the garage roof about couple of days ago, and holes patched. But yesterday's downpour showed I'd missed a couple of holes, and in some places water backed up between the layers of the asbestos roof so there is work still to be done. The keel work still goes slowly on, experiments in lead melting should commence today. The model railway procedes, I'm working on a Type 84 radar at the moment, familar to those who've looked north from Horning, first picture Neatishead's T84, second picture the model of the building on the hill on Tiree . The actual radar support structure has just been commenced.
  18. That's brought it mostly into line with the other forums I belong to. But they say the heart means " sympathy "
  19. The wooden with foam filled voids, stub keel for my 16ft keelboat. I'm currently making the fibre glass skin/ mould for the 150kg lead lump on the bottom. Once filled and bolted to the stub, the entire thing will be fibreglassed over.
  20. Well. Just over a week ago the company asked for those that are merely vulnerable and not extremely vulnerable to return to work as they have sorted out 2M distancing. It did however give you permission to say no. After a conversation by phone with my boss, I got a letter from HR that I'm furloughed for the duration, it also said in my case it was entirely understandable that I did not wish to return. I have 2 conditions on the vulnerable list and an unlisted because it's rare third condition... Meanwhile I've only been out to pick up a prescription once or to walk the dog once a day. We are lucky? to have 1.5 acres of jungle to slowly turn into a garden, also I've been working on the sailing boat and model railway. Our dog walk is very quiet in 20 + years of living here, we've only met people on that tour half a dozen times. Though of those, 3 occasions have been strangers since lock down. A picture of one thing I've built since the lock down.
  21. Well, I'm here to predict the 60th 3 Rivers Race WILL occur on 5th and 6th June 2021, I got the prediction wrong last year... The first start is 1 hour 15 minutes after high tide so it should be for getting the boats away.
  22. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    It's hardly a surprise, but the 2020 3 Rivers Race, has been officially cancelled. See you 5th 6th June 2021 for the 60th Race..
  23. Our deliveries have been done by a friend, who brings stuff from Stalham Tesco .
  24. I could walk to the beach from home and still be within the " reasonable distance " from home. But we don't it's comparatively crowded down there, as all the second homers bailed out of London to their houses by the beach just before the travel ban. Also if it weren't for trees I could see the nearest broad... Through binoculars. We are near a lost broad, walking the dog, we go to the area that would have been marshes around it, when it still existed. In all the 20 years of walking that route, excluding farmhands and the pheasant shoot, we've only seen people half a dozen times. But three different pairs of those have been in the last 3 weeks. We are seeing many strangers walking and cycling past the house. When they stop and pull out a map or peer at a smart phone, you know they are not local. As for what we are doing, it's a continuous never ending weekend. So today, House maintenance, mow the garden, 1.5 acres of jungle.. Work on the sailing boat, sanding a board which will spread the weight of the new keel onto the hull. Work on the model railway, which normally would have only been worked on a Friday evening at the model railway club. I retrieved that from the MRC the day before the ban came in. Each day I'm doing as much work as would have been done in an evening. The scenic work is being started on board 6, which will also hold the traverser, for which I'm awaiting parts from the house of strong ladies. On a weekday I'm still doing a limited amount of official work, writing a spreadsheet to interpret a set of data in a certificate into a format a customer needs to down load into a computer program.
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