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    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Well the first part of 1976 I was living in Milton Keynes Training at the Civil Aviation Authority School of Telecomunications Engineering... Which was in Bletchley Park I also took my driving test the day the summer weather broke in a huge thunderstorm, the emergency stop was interesting with all that water on top of the accumulated oil...
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    How Many Boats?

    There is a huge decline in hire boat numbers over that period, they are the ones that were out on the water a lot. There has been an increase in private boat owners, some of us have to work, others have other reasons they can't get out on the water all the time...
  4. TheQ

    England V Tunisia

    Many of the threads including this one, have a title that does not tell you whether it's for fans of something or for those against it. This title just Says England verses Tunisia, it doesn't say for the discusion of the football match or for fans of the match or for those that hate football...
  5. TheQ

    England V Tunisia

  6. TheQ

    England V Tunisia

    SWMBO was most displeased when i got home last night, BBC 1 Football, BBC2 Tennis, Channel 4 Horse racing...
  7. TheQ

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    When that mill was built there were still buildings along the river edge there, including a pub, it was still a busy area...
  8. TheQ

    Time And Tide

    The chart I use is on here http://www.norfolk-broads.org/index.htm It tends to indicate that the 4 hours applies to low tide as well, the difference being that more time is spent on tide going out than going in, as it brings the river water down and out. So may be it's 7 hours going out for 5 and a bit coming in. As is said, the wind rain and air pressure makes it difficult to predict exactly..
  9. TheQ

    England V Tunisia

    I don't know I've forgotten..
  10. TheQ

    England V Tunisia

    I succefully missed it all, two weeks more of missing it all to go...
  11. TheQ

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    One of the problems with allowing all this modern design is you are losing the broads as it was. When I first came here Wroxham by the river was a mass of wooden sheds. Now it's a lot of Identikit housing. The building that replaced the wooden fish restaurant is another Identikit building that could be anywhere. The fact that wooden buildings were all over the broads were part of the broads... A single story with thatched roof, would be much more in keeping with the broads..
  12. TheQ

    A Serious Question

    Spend a few million on an under rail refridgeration system... they have the oposite for turnouts (points) with heaters to stop them freezing up in the winter...
  13. TheQ

    No Greasy Spoon At Acle? Broads Briefing.

    http://www.edp24.co.uk/acle-bridge-visitor-centre-plans-1-5565396 I don't know about you but none of these designs seem" sensitive to the area". They are all too tall and stand out like a very sore thumb...
  14. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    I was the maintenance man at Tesco at the time, the plans which I saw at the store. It Took the current road through the staff car park across Upper staithe road then parallel to upper staithe road. With a round about there on the main road. The petrol station, was moved across to much of the site of the abbatoir, and the current road to the main road + the petrol station site became the extended car park. Sadly without expansion, the store is too small to shop for everything, and is overloaded. The Stores loading bay and warehouse are woefully small already. The Expansion plans included a .com, home delivery service, this at the moment comes from Blue Boar or Great Yarmouth. Stalham is expanding, in this case I think the management, have been short sighted with stopping their expansion in Stalham. Yes is was the former management that were found to be fraudlently reporting the performance of Tesco. that lead to Tesco cutting back on expansion plans..
  15. Another set of signposts knocked down on the NDR, the signs in the triangle of the NDR / Wroxham round about on the city side have been down for some time, now the ones on the Wroxham side have been demolished, large piles of sand absorbing oil on the Triangle where the sump must have been smashed
  16. Whilst not directly on the broads this road will effect everyone who lives on the broads or who comes to the broads. So I started this topic, so that we can let people know where the traffic jams and road works are, while they build it. They claim it will be finished in 2 years!!? One road I know of is already closed to through traffic is the small lane that passes the eastern end of Norwich airport ( it's actually the northern end of St Faiths road) which joins Quakers lane. Also on the Norwich to Horstead /Coltishall Rd near the Garden Centre are 30MPH signs and there are markers in the verges showing where the works will be for the Junction / Roundabout there. Anyone for 3 or 4 years of chaos?
  17. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    Further developements, electrcity installation vans at the cremated Swan, security and FIRE alarm instalation vans there as well. As an aside to this I see the Stalham Tescos has it's staff car park up for sale now...
  18. TheQ


    Horning Sailing club don't disable their home up and down river cameras, the computer does however trip out occasionally. So it needs someone with the right keys and know how to go in and reset the computer. It being a Thursday, there are people down at the club to get everything ready for the sailing school, so it has been reset, and soon you'll see lots of little future 3 rivers racers getting ready on the water..
  19. TheQ

    Electrifying News From Goodchild

    They generally didn't keep coal plants on standby, it was gas plants / nuclear, as it was press a button and almost straight To full power on them.. plus of course dinorwic
  20. TheQ

    Electrifying News From Goodchild

    Thats the problem with throw away Vehicles like Jeeps. 50% of all proper landrovers are thought to be still on the road, mines a youngster at 34. This isn't mine but it's the same model.. NO it's not a Defender..
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    You only need to come over Hoveton /Wroxham bridge to see the problem. Would all those holiday makers behave like that on an A road at home... no. But they're on holiday and think it perfectly correct to wander out in front of cars and seem most put out if you beep your horn to remind them your arriving in a ton of moving metal..
  23. TheQ

    Bridge Heights

    These are the enviroment agencies live river level gauges. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels With a bit of work someone should be able to tally the gauge readings, nearest each bridge with the level at each Bridge. Sadly It's not something I have time to do..
  24. TheQ

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Come past Horning sailing club, 08:00, each day 30th July to 3rd August and your wish will be given..

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