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  1. Welcome from another newbie! Having just renovated a boat myself, expect it to take three times as long and cost twice as much!
  2. Welcome from another newbie. I first went out on the broads with my parents 40 years ago, and now it's my turn to take my own children out on my boat. The Broads has changed over the last 40 years, but it's still the best inland waterway in the uk as far as I'm concerned. And, you can still find stretches of water without anyone else for miles (particularly at this time of year). Enjoy!
  3. Rich


    Thanks for that, I'll have another look. I've got my new engine and the auxiliary registered, but I didn't know you could list your boat too. Cheers, Rich
  4. Hello, from a fellow newbie! I only joined a few days ago, and I'm also working to get my boat fixed ready for the spring.
  5. Rich


    Loving the sticker idea, don't think I'd be popular though!
  6. Rich


    They advertise them as tamper-proof, so difficult (but not impossible) to remove. Knowing my luck I'd remove the hood and then lose it! lol Like other members have said, anything to make it less attractive than the one next door!
  7. Rich


    Thanks for the advice. I've registered the new engine and you get WARNING stickers which act in a similar way I guess?
  8. Rich


    Thanks for the advice. The worse part was the damage they did removing it. It had a lock and a chain, so they smashed the lock and broke off the cleat which the chain attached to. This caused a lot of damage to the transom, and several days in my garage getting covered in fibreglass to patch it up!
  9. Rich


    Thanks. I actually keep my boat on a trailer and just launch and recover for days out. The engine was stolen during a fishing trip in the Lake District over the winter. I've registered the new one with secureoutboardssolutions.com and it's got warning stickers all over it, so hopefully it should deter people in a similar way to the Police hood covers other members have suggested.
  10. Rich


    Thanks. It wasn't a particularly expensive outboard, so I've not claimed. Just bought another second hand one from eBay. I've registered this one and it's got warning stickers on it, which should make it less likely to be stolen.
  11. Rich


    Thanks. I'm a boat owner, but nothing posh. Just a little Shetland. Someone kindly stole my outboard over the winter, so I need to get the new one fitted before I next venture out....
  12. Rich


    Just saying hello. Looking forward to getting on the water again as soon as the weather breaks!
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