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  1. Firstly I would like to say I agree with most of what has been said and in the winter does it really matter if you stop longer than 24 hrs at a BA mooring. Well if we are going to be relaxed about the 24 hr rule then why not be relaxed about the Anglers giving way rule! You can not have one rule for one and not another. Rule 10 (v) says shows reasonable consideration for persons fishing from boats or the banks. It then goes on to say it does not relieve the person fishing of his (and it should say their as women fish as well) obligation under Bylaw 29. I have done some checking up on this section and the understanding is, that if no other mooring is available then the angler will have to move but the person in charge of the boat has to give fair warning that they wish to moor in that spot and then has to give sufficient time for the angler to remove their equipment from the water and clear the area of the bank to allow a safe mooring to take place. I have been told by a friend in the police force that if the boat operator proceeds to just drive into the quay head and damage the anglers equipment that is criminal damage and all evidence should be collected including photographic and video. So yes there should be give an take by ALL parties just not one side.
  2. Bigbream I agree with you totally I am an angler and if I have to move and boat owners quote the bylaws at me telling me I have to move then expect me to quote the bylaws right back and point out the 24 hr mooring period. Yes there has to be give and take and I was the angler at Sutton Staithe when X rocked up in his yacht and even though the top end of the moorings was free he wanted to come right where I was. He them posted that he met Dumb and Dumber sour faced and old well I have news for him after serving 40 years as a Captain in the Merchant Navy I am not so dumb. After speaking to the BA and EA the understanding is that the angler will have to move but the person in charge of the boat has to give fair warning that they need that space because no other space is available. They then have to allow sufficient time for the angler to remove their lines, nets and equipment from the area concerned to allow safe mooring to take place. I have also been advised that if a boat proceeds to the moorings before the angling equipment is removed and the said equipment is damaged then gather all the evidence I can as an act of criminal damage has taken place.
  3. As boat owners / users are we becoming more and more selfish, Broads Authority Moorings are signed and say quite clearly 24 hrs only and return after 24 hrs and yet I have seen boats moored at Sutton Staithe for three or four days at a time. One boat is un-lived on and just left there another is moored up across the emergency escape ladder which clearly says leave clear. These boats are blocking access to water and electricity for other users. If these were cars they would have been clamped or towed away, we all pay our fees, taxes what ever to the Broads Authority they should be doing more to police these moorings so we all have a chance at some where to moor.
  4. I stand by my previous comments, and those who think we should lighten up and let common sense prevail better read the By laws these By Laws are a legally binding document and will be used to prosecute in the event of an accident. It would do some people good to read the section on navigation lights some think that by sticking a couple of flood lights on the bow this allows them to travel around in the dark. Wrong! The one thing that annoys me is the section on mooring people moor in front of a board that says you can stop for 24hrs then you have to move. How many of us have been looking for spots and seen the same boat in the same place day after day. There are two boats at Stalham Dyke these are the subject of many a debate at the local council meetings they are permanent live aboard boats and from what I can see dubious suitability to be afloat but the point is the Broads Authority has the power to move them on. As an angler as well I have to move from a BA mooring if its needed by a boat yet boats that over stay by days, weeks months even are ignored something not right here.
  5. Hello my prefix is CaptDave that's because for 40 years I was Captain in the Merchant Navy and the sector I worked was the Offshore Supply Vessel where I manoeuvred vessels from 50 meters to 90 meters and lived my life by the sailing rules. The answer to this post is very simple and very clear. If to Starboard Red appears it is you duty to keep clear If upon your Port is seen a Steamers Starboard Light of Green there is not so much for you to do as Green to Red keeps clear of you. I was taught that in 1968 and it stands true today therefore the vessel coming down the Thurne should have slowed down and let the other vessel cross its bow and proceed up the Thurne on the right side of the channel. But and there is always a but as far as rule of the road is concerned the stand on vessel should have monitored the situation and if a close quarter situation was developing then they should have turned to Starboard (right) so they are turning away from the danger. If a collision had occurred with a possible fuel spill the MCA would have given a large proportion of the blame to the boat coming down the Thurne but a percentage would have been given to the other vessel as they did not follow the rules correctly. If it could be proven that those in charge of either boat did not know the rules then the insurance could be in jeopardy.
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