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  1. Hi ...I'm Alex btw Mum is fine, thank you It is a pleasure to finally find someone who knew Sqdn Ldr K.P. Clarke I have very little idea of my Dads work colleagues...only some of his work -- he went off to the Empire Test Boscombe Down, where I spend a sizable chunk of my childhood; Having our daily display of old Harvard's Jet provost's, EE Lightnings... and my favourite the F4 Phantom. I'll go into the loft and see what other photographic memorabilia I can find.... somewhere, there is a shot of Dad Very-pistol in hand -, Mum stood watching ... and me on a baby blanket, a few months old, shrieking my head off... as a group of Vulcan's are taking off. Guess which noise would have dominated? All the very best -- hope we meet in a pub one day
  2. I Have images that may interest you -- they have something in common and are on my office wall.
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