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    Live in the South East. Have a sailing boat on the East coast. Considering migrating to a river cruiser on the Broads.

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  1. That's a shame. Fascinating thread but the pictures would have painted a thousand words, as the saying goes. I did wonder if if was just me that couldn't see the pics as I've only recently registered. Oh well. Thanks for looking into it so quickly.
  2. Ah, yes, a link would have helped! It's this thread: https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/topic/1302-evening-star-refit/ All of the posts by andyandsallyb only have links to pics - eg screen capture below (from first post in thread) but clicking on the links displays the error as per my first post.
  3. Is this the one that's for sale? Do you have a link to the listing?
  4. Hiring woodies makes sense. Then hand them back when you're done knowing the things you spotted aren't on your jobs list but someone else's (or should be). Perfect! Good point regarding length of beds. Being the 'wrong' side of 6 feet 2 inches I've had to dangle my feet over the end of a mattress many a time (no jokes please!)There should be a law against selling undersized beds. Just like there should be a law against low beams in olde worlde pubs. But that's another story
  5. I'm viewing a thread from 2010 that includes various pictures that are only showing as a link. When I click on any of the links I see the following page (image attached). Is this an error or is the Access Denied due to me being new here?
  6. Griff, thanks for the welcome and the pointer towards Goodnight Irene. I confess I have no idea what design of boat she is (a quick google hasn't helped) but the mention of timber topsides almost certainly means I'll never get acquainted with Irene! But if she's listed on a Broker's website (or privately) I'd be interested in having a nosey around the spec and pics.
  7. Ah! I think wooden boats are lovely, as long as someone else looks after all the wood
  8. Thanks to all for the commentary and fabulous pics. I have to say they almost had me breaking out in a cold sweat - someone said they saw 10 collisions in an hour I'm not surprised, looking at the number of boats and lack of room to manoeuvre. It all looked like great fun, but rather them than me! It seems this is one race where the spectating can be almost as exciting as taking part Assuming I end up owning a Broads cruiser the first thing I'll do is make a note of the three rivers race date and ensure my boat is safely tucked into her marina berth. Call me chicken! On a more serious note, if the hire companies are saying nowt about the race then that seems pretty poor. Many of the Skippers on hire boats will have little or no prior boat handling experience and might not be very confident on the water, so I can imagine a newbie being quite intimidated when suddenly confronted by a wall of sails heading towards them, all shouting Starboard! or Water! or something else they don't understand. Stress, pressure, a mistake, and someone goes overboard. Perhaps, as is often the case, it might take a Coroner's report before hire companies are compelled to inform hirers of known race dates. Apologies if this seems like grumpy old man territory but I've seen enough to know that accidents can and do happen, and can often be avoided. Thanks again for the fab pics. I know where I'll be spectating next year
  9. Thanks to all for the warm welcome and kind words. Grendel, I too have had scars like that although my hair tends to cover the scabs. Well, most of them As for raising the deck/cabin roof by three inches - well, never say never, but I'd only go down the route of GRP surgery if I really, really had to, after ruling out all other possibilities (and stooping ain't one of 'em ). I've considered another smaller sailing boat but having had an ocean-going yacht that easily sailed at low double digits (knots) and regularly saw mid teens and ran rings around most things I think it's probably time for something completely different. Also, us rag & stick merchants always tell ourselves that the wind is free - but keeping that stick up and those flappy things flapping can be eye-wateringly expensive. Amortise the costs of rigging, sails, etc, etc and pottering about the Broads burning 2 or 3 litres of diesel per hour seems positively cheap by comparison. At the end of the day as long as I can be on the water I'm happy. brundallNavy, do you mind me asking what type of boat you have that has 6'4" headroom?
  10. Hello all Another newbie writes... I live in the south east, have a boat on the east coast (one with a pointy stick and flappy things) and (very, very long story short) I'm considering transitioning - no not that kind of transitioning - to a stink pot on the Norfolk Broads. It won't happen overnight but it's something I'm toying with. For someone who has travelled the length and breadth of the country somehow the Norfolk Broads seems to have passed me by - probably with the Broads being an inland waterway - but having only relatively recently visited and really liking what I've seen so far I'm looking into things further. From lurking on these very forums I've already discovered that wanting full standing headroom (6'3") on a Broads cruiser and being able to pass under the low bridges might be something of a problem. Being tall is a curse I tell you. A curse! I shall be doing much reading...
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