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  1. Dutch Bounty is a lovely boat. A different layout to ours inside.
  2. Hi Bluebell. Where do you moor your boat. We are at the Ferry Marina in Horning. Really pleased with ours.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Gunner is a friendly boy and he is 131/2 years old. He's not keen on some dogs but ok with others. Hopefully will catch up with you sometime. Is your username as in Triumph. David
  4. Thanks Jean. I have been reading your posts about your adventures. You make it sound so interesting.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. We are finding out about the empty pocket club but as you say, definitely worth it. Hopefully catch up with you at Ranworth sometime. Such a nice place to moor up.
  6. We will definitely be there for a meet up at Salhouse. We are going out again on Tuesday for a bit more practice. Nice and quiet on the river last Wednesday when we went out, so a good time to practice.
  7. Thanks Ray. Looking forward to many new experiences and hopefully meeting up with some forum members sometime.
  8. Hi everybody. We only started our boating experience when we bought our boat the first week in October. We had only previously hired a day cruiser for 4 hours to see how our Welsh Terrier, Gunner, reacted. He was fine so we went ahead and purchased our boat. We are moored at Ferry Marina in Horning which we find a very nice place to be. We have been out a few times but I am still learning how to moor up properly. Sometimes everything goes ok and sometimes not. We have been to Salhouse Broad and Ranworth Broad and have managed to moor stern on. Glad that it was quiet when I did though. I must say that we are thoroughly enjoying our times on the river and Gunner makes himself at home while we are travelling.
  9. Really nice to read your write ups and see your lovely photos. We passed Thunder as we headed back to Ferry Marina on Wednesday afternoon.
  10. Such a shame that we were leaving Ranworth just as you were arriving. It would have been nice to meet you all. As we are so close to you in the marina, no doubt we will see you sometime.
  11. I thoroughly agree about the Clubhouse on the marina. Very friendly staff and nice food. We use it regularly even if just for a coffee.
  12. Hope the wind drops by tomorrow as it's quite strong at the moment. After some rain tomorrow the forecast for next week is good. Hope you have a great holiday.
  13. The name is from my dog in my profile photo. His name is Gunner. My dad was a gunner in the artillery during the war so named in his memory. Saying that he was an Arsenal fan as well
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