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  1. Eeek! Not sure I like the sound of that!
  2. Thank you! No WiFi is a bonus as far as I’m concerned! Back to nature.
  3. Hi, they’re all boys! we have an inflatable 3 man kayak. Without wanting to sound stupid, how the heck do you manage a sailing dingy as well as a 40 foot cruiser?!
  4. Thank you all very much! I will get calling places today. Any areas good for a bit of low key fishing? Is there a must bring list anywhere? Also those who do it with teenagers- any particular tips? The first question I had was - is there WiFi?!
  5. Thank you both! Are we best just to go with the flow or have a vague itinerary? My husband thought the sea/tides sounded scary when I mentioned it to him Yes I can see busy would be good for tourism it’s just we’re not fans of super busy! Is there a boat company that people recommend? I like the look of the ones with a sliding roof/canopy. I was looking at Herbert Woods, is Potter Heigham a good starting point? Finally, is there a tipping point (not literally hopefully!) where boat length becomes too unwieldy. We’re trading off between space and manoeuvrability. I’ll check out
  6. Hi all This forum looks like a brilliant source of information so I’m hoping you can please help. We’re thinking of hiring a boat for the first week of August. We have 3 teenagers 18, 15,13 and think they’ll love it. We also have a dog. I’ve not rented the boat yet as I’m unsure of the best place to start. It seems North might be easier for novices but South quieter? We have an inflatable kayak and plan to take some simple fishing gear (we’ll get all the permits). Some nice villages/ pubs would be good but happy to cater too so maybe a mixture. Which parts would yo
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