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  1. I love your ideas folks. but i think the wife might insist on me being castrated if i suggest this to her maybe if i slip her some secret medication she can be convinced lol
  2. Fellow forumites, as i said to moderater during a private message. It would not be fair to mention the culprits untill myself and the other party have resolved our differences. I will however update all members on my outcome, and if any lessons have been learnt or not. If however things continue to be strained and unprofessional i think it would only be right to name and shame, i wouldn't want anyone to go through the same experience as me. I would like to offer my thanks for everyones kind words and advice. and hopefully we can move forward from this and maybe holiday aboard a boat
  3. I am gratefull for everyones help. Rod - i would appreciate those images, they would go a long way to helping me. i hope the rest of your break has been enjoyable.
  4. So am i right in thinking that most broads cruiser type rudder will be 'set back' from the stern of the boat. Ie the stern offers a degree of protection whilst reversing the boat. And the ***** will protect whilst going forward. with the most vurnerable time being during stern swinging at speed?
  5. I should add, it does not need to be 100 percent accurate, i only require it to create an understanding of a bigger issue.
  6. Can anyone provide a picture / technical drawing of a typical rudder placement in relation to hull/***** and rear of boat. I off course am after the typical broads cruiser type. I understand that every manufacturer would vary, but the basics should be the same?
  7. Many thanks for your kind words. Maybe we are still just raw because of the scare we had. As for boat share, we would not have dived into it, but it was something we were going to investigate as something to do in the future. maybe in the future we will reconsider boats, but not jus yet.
  8. the reason is rather long winded but i will do my best to explain. Apparently the rudder post was sent through the hull. I will at this point stress that at no stage did i hit the boat. I may not be the most able helm when it comes to handling the boat, but i take things very slowly (ask B17, he witnessed me first hand), and remain in controll at all times. now we moored in the yard at approx 1800. we had reported the batterys earlier in the week because they failed to hold their charge. we were advised to turn down the fridge. it appears that the batterys failed, preventing the bi
  9. I don't think it would be fair to say the name of the yard at this stage, maybe once we have resolved our issues then maybe i can inform you. as i said the holiday itself was incredible, aside from last nights issues. In fact it was soo good, that we were considering making a second trip this year, and were even looking at the possibility of buying into a boat share The scariest thing of all was that my daughter was in bed, and had we not been awake............. well i dread to think to be honest. And this fact seems to have by-paassed the person concerned. Unfortunately, it is
  10. Let me start by saying the holiday itself was nothing short of amazing. but the service and treatment we received from our hire company was utterley disgusting!!!!! Day 1 - collected the boat, asked for some extra tuition on stern mooring, was talked through one example, that went very wrong. but was told you will be fine, drop me off over there. so off we went to rockland staithe, lovely little spot and amazing pub. and so we continued over the next few days without any hiccups. that was until we came to depart the waveney center. I was stuck between a current and a boat and was
  11. We won't be at the airshow, but we are planning to be at lowestoft on thursday. we may see you there
  12. I think a roller blind may be more effective than a curtain other than that, perfect design. someone should pass this to clive, after all he did an ok job of his last boat buid.
  13. Blimey, that pilot has balls of steel!!!!!
  14. Folks, thank you very much for all of your helpfull advice. I was slightly concerned that i would get conflicting advice, but you all seem to be giviing the same general advice, with some personal tips. I intend to take all of this info on - board. Hopefully if we do see each other, it will be under a failrly professional and controlled manner. the one thing that i promise all fellow boaters, is that if i do bump you, it will be slowly and purely accidental, followed very quickly by an apology. as for losing the mother inlaw at the airshow....... more chance of me getting lost there,
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