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Emergency Rope Ladder - Temu

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Temu: I watched a video on Youtube the other day by an American guy who was comparing listings on Amazon against listings on Temu. It seems that Temu are trying to compete directly with Amazon and look to be making a good fist of it for now. The Youtube video featured workshop tools. The listings on both websites used the same manufacturer's photos but Temu's prices were slightly more than half those of Amazon.

Over here Temu have free postage and free returns. We put an order together and part of it was this rope ladder:

It was delivered on time by Evri but if it's late you get £5.

Anyway, about this ladder, what does the team think?


It's a very simple but clever design; one of those “I wish I'd thought of that” ideas. The stitching is very solid and causes the loops to form the “steps”. I still have an RSJ across the underside of my garage roof so I hung it up there for a test. There's no video so don't ask, but I was for a while, swinging like a monkey trying to climb up this thing and to make it even harder (in the name of scientific research), in my gardening “crocs”! I did manage a couple of rungs.


It said it's 2m long: That fence is a 1ft gravel board, 4ft panel and 1ft topper. 

While not in the Premier League with Griff's on Broad Ambition, it'll be better'n nowt! I just need to work out a good way of emergency deployment and I can't do that until I get over to the boat again.


In an emergency situation I would think it easier to hang to the loops than a plain rope.


Edit: just checked the price. I paid £10.34. Best to search because sometimes the same item is listed more than once at different prices!

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That's an interesting design. Maybe slightly more difficult than ladder rungs to wrap one leg round it and put your foot in from the other side to stop it swinging, but do-able. As you say, a loop (or a ladder rung for that matter) is easier to grab hold of than just a piece of rope.

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