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p.s the quest nearlly got off to a great start when i nearly fell into the water at the boatyard trying to load up while princess and jan just laughed thier socks off a good job boat yard staff were ther to stop me falling

what a great start don't suppose they had a camera :naughty:

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hi gandalf

i see you met the fire breathing chain clanking dragon of the south aka the reedham ferry, a fearsom beast.

i have cast a spell of fine weather in honour of or meeting and i am looking forfard to seeing your methane propelled


i will be comming in desguise dressed as a residential boat hippy.

i will be accompanied by my apprentice lisa, witch of the verbals

greetings to the fair lady martina


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Guest JoeReu

That was hilarious. :lol::lol::lol: Very entertaining!

Gosh, if i tried that on my holiday, it'd be as dull as dishwater!

Will you do it again next time. More! More! More!

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Guest princess tina

but gandalf you could have had me on posing, on the pub one ,or was i too drunk lol.the last one needs removing it will scare people

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Guest pipewelder


i am both impressed and amazed.... a northerner with a sense of humour, gandalf you will have to buy me a beer ( is that going to far 3 out of 3 lol) soon,think it could be a fun evening.


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