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  1. Hi, Just a hello to everyone who knows me. My Father has purchased a Sealine 24 a couple of months ago, moored at a lovely marina at Horning. Its not the ideal boat for him, but hes looking to change it next year for a more `Broads Type` boat
  2. I remember the late 80s when there was a water Based firework display at Wroxham (the capital of the broads) 1000s would stand on the bank around Wroxham hotel and Wroxham bridge to watch them, it was FANTASTIC !
  3. It was very cold in the evening, Forcast was 4 degrees, and it gets close to that in the Galley, which is why we called the after hours engineer. Janice, the boat you were moored up next to, was it the one with flat batteries ? So back to Coltishal. We decided to see how far we could go up towards the mill in a RC45 We did get a little way, but the river suddenly narrowed to about 7 feet, so i spun her around and headed back to Coltishal. Snacks were prepared, hot dogs and bacon rolls ! We then sailed back to Wroxham at a very relaxing 3mph. We moored up opposite the Entrance to Bridge Broad. We walked into Wroxham and visited the new Model Centre. If you like Models, Railways, Scaletrix, then this is worth a visit. The displays were very detailed, all controlled via computer software. We spent about 1.5 hrs there. We then walked to McDonalds, a few of us would have rather stopped off at a local cafe next to the River, but the kids wanted Mccdees so thats were we went. In the evening the boys and the girls went out rowing into Bridge Broad and had a great time !
  4. Saturday Morning, Full English fry up on the Boat We decided over breakfast to aim for Coltishal, we phoned the Pilot when we were leaving Salhouse Broad. He would meet us at Wroxham Bridge. Arriving in Wroxham there were many hire craft reaching the bridge and turning around, causing the usual mayhem ! All seeming to be in a rush. The pilot was waiting on the bank, i pulled up alongside and he jumped on. We already had the screens down and the roof fully open. It was going to be a tight squeeze. He reversed the Voyager up and then all ahead full ! This has to be one of the most exciting bit of our Broads travels, getting such a large boat through a small opening. We made it through with 2 inches to spare ! We dropped off the Pilot and thanked him, and we continued on to Coltishal. It was a lovely sunny morning, this stretch of the river is always quiet, its like a different world, a more peaceful side of the broads. Bealugh was the same as it always has been, the boatyard hasn't changed since the 80s, stuck in time so to speak. Lots of character. We arrived at Coltishal at Lunch time, we had a game of football on the green while other went to the shops to buy ice creams. Football next to the river, is never a good idea. The tender was used again to chase the floating ball down the river ! Im glad we had the tender
  5. So Friday Evening, Moored up on Salhouse Island Get bed set up in the Galley /Lounge for the 7th member of our crew... No Bedding, could be found. The engineer said it was under the seat, but there was nothing. We decided to ring the call the yard out of hours number. We explained the problem, and the call out engineer said he would sort it. 5 mins later a call back saying sorry it was missed off the intinery. So we agree to meet him over on mainland, he would phone when he got to Salhouse Broad car park. Being on the island, we decided to use the Tender to row across to the mainland. It was now dusk, so it was now - A Mission ! Engineer phoned and we rowed across, met him down the path with lots of bedding, blankets and pillows. Rowed back in the dark with LED torches as Navigation. Mission Completed. We all slept well that night
  6. Alan and Dave, what a fantastic thread, I have just read it from the start. SO much work in such a short time ! I wish i had you passion for renovating boats. Brian
  7. The Journey to Salhouse Broad was a lovely one, The Riverside properties at Netishead get more and more beautiful every year : The River Police were at the exit to Barton Broad with their Radar gun. The Moon Voyager had a very accurate LCD screened speed. We were well under the speed limited so waves all round Our first bit of excitement was at Ludham Bridge, We quickly got the roof back and screen down, we made it through with plenty clearance. We decided to moor on Salhouse Broad Island, as the main moorings were very busy. We fed the ducks and watched some HD Free View TV Cooked tea, which was ham rolls and salad The Children had their showers, and got ready for bed.
  8. Ok back on track now using Safari We arrived at Moonfleet yard at 1pm, Boat would be ready in about 20 mins, so we got our Lifejackets sorted, we were the only ones three at this time to take a boat Very friendly staff. There were 7 of us. Me, Rachel, Clare and Marcus, Bexley (rachels sister) and her boyfriend and his son. The engineer showed us the controls and was very proud of the next yard where the RC45s are built. We were off down the river with the engineer showing me the controls. I completed the course with a on the dial 180 degree turn, with out using the bow thrusters I took the engineer back to the yard and we were on our way. 1st stop to be ..... Salhouse Broad !
  9. Grr just wrote a write up and added a picture at the end, but the picture didn't load and I lost the whole write up grrrr
  10. Roy's shop complete farm to fork and fish visited also , car packed and ready
  11. Stopping off at Roy's for supplies on the way to Stalham ( only a few miles trip for us) Collecting the boat at Lunch time .....
  12. Im planning to drop by Farm to Fork and Fish at Horstead on our way to collect the boat at Stalham. They do lots of good BBQ food. It is possible to walk there from Coltishal Common, it about a 20 min walk.
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