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Bigger fish

Guest Misfit Reject

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Guest Misfit Reject

That elusive search continues but I love to get tips and ideas to try out so has anyone one got any tips on getting those bigger silvers while I'm on the broads? Last year I caught my bigger Bream and roach on Salhouse but never got anything bigger else where? I am open to most ideas but please keep them clean there maybe childen watching :lol:

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I've always caught bream at Ranworth, moored at the staithe, just off the front of the boat at dusk. I only use a 4m elasticated pole on an 18 hook, but have regularly taken bream to about 2 1/2 lb. No huge I know, but great fun on light tackle!

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Guest Misfit Reject
cheers Mark for the advice I'll see if I end up near Ranworth or not this year, gotta check with my better half te he
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After years of trying, i caught Bream up to 5 lbs at Ranworth Staithe, last July,late afternoon. Don't go for the big chuck, the deep water is just in front of the boat , a rod length or 2 out, that's all. Around 16 ft where I fished. If you go further out, its shallow.

Try using a polaris float with a half ounce or so arlesley bomb just maggots for bait, nothing fancy. It worked for me anyway, I'll be back there in July for sure !

A few people were doing well, an old boy moored next to me in his own boat, (lucky bugger) had a 7lb bream, showed it to all and sundry then went in saying he'd nothing else to prove!

What a day !

As people were pulling the slabs out, all and sundry were applauding ! wonderful stuff, have a go there mate.



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I always fish worm on the hook for bream and have a good few around the 6lbs mark, last year i heard reports of a few larger bream to 10lbs cought on sweetcorn, if you have the time to prebait try it and fish just away from your bait with a big worm or a couple of pieces of corn on the hook and you might just get a big bream, if not hope you enjoy catching whatever, Over the last few years ive had some megga catches of bream from oulton broad topped off by 212lbs last year all cought on feeder and worms, Anyway good luck to you.... cheersbar

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