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  1. Congratulations Robin! I know how much it means to you to finally own a boat! Griff letting me take BA through Wroxham bridge is one of the highlights of my time on the Broads!
  2. When they start whirring at 4am in the summer it's not much fun!
  3. Sue and I went to the Yim Siam for the first time last night for our wedding anniversary. Not been here before but had heard some good things. Being a Monday night, there was only one other couple in there so it was a little quiet! I enjoy Thai food but don't really know much about it. The menu was a bit bewildering with all the unusual names of the dishes, but the English explanations made it a little easier to decide. We opted for a mixed starter to share, and then I went for the Gang Pa (a spicy broth type curry) whilst Sue had a Penang (red sweet curry) with coconut rice and vegetables to share. The food was very good I am pleased to say. Nothing fancy and quite basic in it's presentation, but the lovely fresh vegetables and fragrant ingredients spoke for themselves. We will certainly return in the future, perhaps on a Tuesday night when they have an all-you-can-eat buffet for £14.95. The food was very good, even if the decor and presentation, whilst pleasant enough, were nothing particularly special. http://www.yimsiam.co.uk/
  4. Coldham Hall are holding a Pork and Ale festival over this bank holiday weekend.
  5. Best place for advice like this is Brian Wards in Brundall. If you measure the lengths you need, they will make you up proper battery cables while you wait with heavy duty crimp connectors (and mention the forum to get 10% discount!). Just had all mine done, but with 5 batteries, went for 40mm2 cable.
  6. I tend to agree with the idea that perhaps Wherries, if owned by charities or other non-profit organisations, should be exempt from tolls. They are, after all, part of the history and heritage of the Broads and I love seeing them out and about. I do object, however, to the tired old scape-goat of raising tolls on larger twin-screw craft. We already saw our tolls go up far more than smaller boats a couple of years ago, although this has to some extent been redressed. What a lot fail to realise is that by the very nature of the larger boats, we cannot access all of the Broads due to the height restrictions of the bridges at Yarmouth. Therefore we pay just as much toll as every other river user, for use of only half the system. That effectively means we are paying double toll per usable mile of river (approx). That is our choice.
  7. mbird

    Boat transport

    We used Beverly Transport to move Secret Lady from Newark to Brundall when we bought her. Highly recommended by us.
  8. Was good to have your company for dinner Robin, and glad the curry was ok! I don't normally use sauces from a jar, but needs must on a boat...... and Lloyd Grossman does do an acceptable curry
  9. We fitted a Status 330 a couple of years ago and have been pretty happy with the results.
  10. The sign doesn't state private or hire craft so I would guess either, since they are affiliated with Hoseasons, but it would be best to check I think. I know it's a bit pricey at around £18 per night with electric.
  11. I did notice on Monday that Brooms now advertise visitor moorings. They are by the side of the fuel quay and look like they would only available when the hire boats are out. Private boats can always call up Tingdene for an overnight mooring if there's one available, and hire boats should be able to use any of the hire yards in Brundall I would guess.
  12. Hi Alan Yes, it's just past the NYA sales office. Just turn left into the marina and drive down past NYA. The car park is on the opposite side, and East Hills is above the Marina Office. You can't miss it, as it has a big banner on the side now.
  13. The East Hills Cafe Bistro opened it's doors last week. It is situated in Tingdene's Brundall Bay marina, above the marina office, in what used to be the club bar of the Brundall Motor Yacht Club, and is open to all. It is now owned by a Brundall resident and has been completely refurbished. There are plans for an outside seating area for the summer for those less able to climb the stairs up to it. Sue and I popped in there for lunch last week for a break from cleaning the boat, and had a couple of baguettes. They were very tasty, and not too badly priced at £5.80 considering the location, served with salad and coleslaw. More details on the website http://east-hills.co.uk/
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