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  1. Its good to hear of southern broads investment, I just hope we dont loose visitor moorings to make way for a hire boat fleet, really enjoy visiting WRC.
  2. Hi Michelle For us owning gives us the ability to spend time on board when we want, if its raining all weekend we can stay at home and not feel we have to go to the boat. However as im sure you will be aware this comes at a price, how much of a price does depend to some degree on the size and type of boat and your ability to carry out maintenance. One major thing that is perhaps overlooked is worrying about your boat, bad weather, high / low spring tides ect. when your sat at home miles away.
  3. Simon


    Same here, tip in cash, Gets my back up when a tip is automaticly added aka a "service charge" . I wonder were that goes.
  4. I do enjoy your write ups Jayfire, and your photos really seem to capture the magic of the broads.
  5. I Moor in Brooms, not the prettiest marina but does have floating pontoons which does make life easier, Cost wise i thought was inline with the others we looked at
  6. Are you the type to jump on board and get cruising or do you like to stay in the marina, What about getting to the marina by car, distance to travel is it a factor for you.
  7. Hi Norfolk Spirit and thanks again for taking my rope at Oulton Broad last Saturday. You left shortly after i arrived but i wanted to say how stunning your 37 looked.
  8. I thought that was an a boat / ship tracking app, AIS i guess, but im not 100% sure.
  9. I seem to recall thefts recently around Beccles, where those Charming upstanding members of the community caught? are these Oulton thefts being carried out by the same people? What can we do to help, stop this sort of thing happening? Neighbourhood boat watch for marinas and moorings perhaps, could this be something NBN get off the grouund, a suspicious activity reporting system, members feeding in to the group (the reported info hidden from all non admin team) with a single point of contact who liases with the local police.
  10. Not long to go now, never been to one of these gatherings before, looking forward to it. The list looks a bit short though.
  11. Using the chain ferry as an example I think the way some people comented was disgusting, totally un called for. I feel for all parties involved, an all round crappy day that even without social media comments will linger in their memories for some time. Facebook or the forum, id choose the forum anyday, yes it still gets heated at times, we are passionate at times on certain subjects but i think in general comments are respectful. Personally i would not post on any forum or facebook post what i would not say directly to someones face. And that has nothing to do with having my nose broken twice ?
  12. Do you think its possible some arrive late deliberately, wanting to raft up so they get the better views.
  13. Ive asked myself a couple of times wether i should get involved in this being new myself to this forum. But here goes, my opinion only and im not saying its right or wrong just its mine. If im mooring in a fast flowing ares i am reluctant to leave the boat until other boats are moored up in any gap around me, i dont care if its private or hire anyone can make a hash of it me definetly included especially on windy days. The thing is you have no way of knowing a skippers ability on the approacing boat, again private or hire. But i am guilty of assuming the private boat owner might care a little more about damaging their own boat, thats not saying someone hiring doesnt care about the boat they are on. In addition i have to admit i also assume the private boater would of had more practise, i know this isnt always the case and doesnt automatically mean they are going to moor the boat any better. Ive seen some first class mooring from hire boaters in fact ive been on the broads just over 3 months now and not witnessed any bad mooring or incidents from private or hire boaters, except my own re attempts at mooring after getting it totally wrong. My other half has even said theres more chance of me hitting something than us being hit. ? To me the broads is what it is not just because of hire boat money being spent here but i think seeing people, talking to them listening to holiday tales is magical. I love chatting to the people hiring a boat on their holidays. Reminds me how lucky i am to own my own boat. And get to do tjus all the time. Surely a forum like this is for all to comunicate, learn, help and advise and make friends.
  14. Hope you have a great holiday Cal. I could just do with a pint in the Woodcocks right now. Will give you a wave if we see you on your travels
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