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Majestic Gem

Guest ewanlee

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Hi there,

We've just booked Majestic Gem for next July. This will be our first time back on the broads since 1991, I can't wait.

In the meantime does anyone know how many boats there are in the Majestic Gem class and does anyone have any details or pictures of any of them?



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hi ewen, welcome to the forum. we have majestic gem 1 at easter next year and had her for easter in 2007, nice boat :-D there are 2 in the class

i will get hubby to post you some piccies of the inside ( i am a technophob and really don't get how to do it! :? )

we had two faults with her : the first was the steering pin falling out midriver, which was actually very funny and richardsons response couldn't have been better and the second was gaps in the canopy once it was closed. made it a bit drafty at night but we have found this on other boats too.can't be bad we have booked her again! :clap my piccie is of us all sat in the back well which is a fantastic sun trap.

hope you enjoy your hols.

And we will update you when we get back !!!!! :dance:dance

ice slice mandy ice slice

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I'm surprised to hear there are only two in the class, as every time we go out on the rivers, I seem to see a Majestic Gem somewhere along the way, and assumed there must be loads of them, as they always seem a popular boat.


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Hello Ewan

Here's a few pictures I have of them.

Quite reasonable, good value, mid standard craft I've always thought, though I've always thought whoever thought the blue & orange was a good combination must have been colour-blind! :-D There are more luxurious boats but not without spending a lot more so quite good boats for the money I think. This style of boat tends to be very quiet as the engine is normally outside at the rear, and the back 'patio' area can be nice to sit out on in good weather, as can the central saloon with lots of seating and that great canopy that can be lowered to enjoy any sun!

Have a great holiday,







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We had Majestic Gem 2 a couple of years back, great boat, loads of room for 4 of us and dog, but it was very heavy on the steering. It seemed to take ages for it to respond once you turned the wheel, even Gus at The New Inn Horning remarked on it as he helped us moor. I'd still book it agian though no problem.


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