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Waste holding tank relocation?

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My Seamaster 813 has a waste holding tank under the forward port berth, which is next to the toilet compartment . Because of space limitations, this tank has a capacity of around only 10 gallons and has to be pumped out every 3 or 4 days of light use.

I have been thinking of putting a larger tank in but the only place this could go would be in the space under the cockpit floor. My dilemma is that, being so much further from the heads, would the extra capacity that I would gain be compromised by having to use more water to flush the 10 or so extra feet of waste pipe that would be needed to connect the tank to the toilet? Also, would there be any additional downsides to making this change?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Steve, I see no reason to worry about 10 feet, many larger vessels have an even longer run with no problems, indeed our own boat has a run of about the same. Make sure you use double clipped odourless sanitation hose with sealer at the joints and take the opportunity to put in a good size breather pipe (about 35mm) or possibly one each side to encourage cross flow of air as the best anti smell additive you can put in your tank is oxygen. It is probably a good idea to renew your Joker valve at the time to assist with restricting back flow of fluids and odour. As you are starting with a new tank you may wish to consider ditching the use of any of any chemical additives at all as a correctly installed tank should not need it. :-D :-D

A useful link http://www.leesan.co.uk/index.php

An even more useful one http://www.tek-tanks.com/marine_sanitation.html

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