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  1. Bit chilly at the moment Clive, I doubt it would get noticed even.
  2. Hi Paul, I haven't posted much, if at all on the forum for the last few months, largely due to the negotiations finalising, and opening of my new depot in South Dock Marina London alongside normal operations, it has taken up all of my available time. I make the following observations and ask questions, what model of Ebo do you have, different models have individual foibles, blue smoke is most unusual, white or grey yes but not blue. The issue with evaporate heaters is everybody thinks they are simple, and indeed the simple things are simple and a monkey could deal with them but often the untra
  3. Went to the Paralympics yesterday afternoon / evening, what an experience with people from all over the world striving for excellence despite having to overcome major obstacles. As in the title it was both humbling and uplifting and not a little exiting. It made me want to run home along the towpath but I was able to resist . Highlight was David Weir winning 1500m gold but the downside is I think I may have gone deaf from all the cheering.
  4. Simples, after you have saved a draft if you go back to the topic at a later time and hit the reply to topic button again, you will see and extra button where the save draft one was called load draft so just hit that button and your draft will appear in the text box ready for posting or editing, all proper stuff
  5. I think Dan was being facetious Matt I am very surprised at your insurers attitude Alan, most are perfectly comfortable with rafting (or double mooring as you call it) it is not unusual in some marinas and harbours, particularly on club visits or when busy to raft four or more deep.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  7. Welcome Richard, hope you find the site useful.
  8. You are right in your assumption that it probably not the most efficient way to do it. Though a fridge may only consume the small wattage provided from say a 150w inverter the inductive load when they start up will be considerably more so you would need a decent inverter, and probably a pure sine wave one if you wanted the fridge to last, so the numbers probably don’t add up. It is also worth remembering that domestic fridges are not really designed to be rocked about, possibly not such an issue on the broads but still a consideration.
  9. Does look a nice little thing for a couple on the face of it with a permanent aft cabin which can be kept free for immediate use as its intended purpose, I wouldn't worry too much about it being a petrol, there are few diesel outboards anyway and they are loud and heavy really, suited to high usage commercial operations. With something like an 18hp at northern broads speeds one would need very little petrol anyway, say a couple of 25l outboard tanks (one in use, one back up) they are easily portable and fillable on the way to the boat, best done at the last filling station you pass. Petrol is
  10. http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/local/vandals-destroy-boat-to-steal-engine-1-4213929
  11. Nothing wrong with mentioning brokers names, please feel free. As you seem to be amassing a budget for this why not continue to do just that and put yourself in a position to get something that will be safe, reliable and suit you better. You already have a boat that will keep you on the water until you can achieve that goal and even if it takes you until the spring of next year it’s not so long. On the other hand I can just about remember the impatience of youth so I do understand where you are coming from
  12. Indeed, as Mark says, the link to the ebay item is what is required.
  13. I can certainly vouch for the stuff Perry uses Dave, not used it myself as I prefer just to scrub Teak with soap for that "Earnest Hemmingway" look but it certainly works well.
  14. Some boats don't Mark, it's usually done to ground all the screening, my reason for mentioning it is that it can sometimes cause more issues than it solves and many installers simply ground the screen to DC 0v anyway.
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