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  1. Anyone can transmit on the PMR channels without a licence of any form... However.... there is a maximum transmit power that the PMR frequencies can use. Unfortunately even selecting the lower power transmitt option in the settings, the Baofeng is just over this limit. So technically not legal. Who will check this violation? I guess if there are complaints then advice followed by prosecutions may follow. Personally I have not heard of any prosecutions as yet. There are a lot of people using them for this application, even on the higher powers, and 8 miles is possible..... so I am told... of course...
  2. I agree with most, if not all of the comments posted. But to be fair we have a very biassed audience from folk on the forum. there were a lot of opportunities lost. 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the programme' we had had enough. Yes we recorded it, yes one day when we get withdrawal symptoms we will watch it again. To be honest, I preferred the threads and posts leading up to the visit and the pre filming pics etc that we had on the forum, just a few months ago.. We expected more to be fair, in fact, we got more enjoyment when Drew Pritchard visited Martam boats,, in a programme last year. Richard and Roz
  3. Just remember, it is easier to take material off than to put it back. Buy a decent vernier and measure as you go. What material are the tolerances being measured on? Richard
  4. I think I was called Grumpy lol... Congratulations, welcome to the world of Grandparent hood. Now you can do for your Grandkids what your parents did for yours lol... ice creme or chocolate half an hour before dinner.... course you can... lol. Our eldest (via daughter) just turned 4, youngest 2 1/2 (son's) with their other on the way in March. Magic. Fantastic if you are in a lucky position to be blessed in this way. Best wishes to all. Scalectric, train set, or model boat coming up for Christmas I guess. Richard
  5. Fender bumping is often more of a problem. so we often lift all fenders that aren't required, and change the rope length to suit on the others. Doing this at 2:00 am in your pyjamas and life jacket is not recommended lol.. especially in a force 6. Best advice... listen to the weather forecast, and use a flag like the NBN one to indicate the current wind direction. Richard
  6. I agree entiirely with what has been said, and also during my struggle with my health issues, I have been able to post about my journey, and the support that I have has been getting has been overwhelming. We are a family, we also have a gentle way of keeping things in hand. Great forum, great members, and I have to say a great moderator team, who respond well to member's comments. For example, we are a family group, partners and youngsters together, and I must admit, I am one of the first to pass comments to the mods re bad language. (Very rare on this forum), Who manage to keep things well, on track, and also the odd .scuffle between strong minded members with their own opinions. I like discussions when based on true facts lol... We the members, are the forum guys, it is our forum. Long may it continue. Richard
  7. Can I have a set of 4 please ! Two sets of crew in the river, with boat rescue too. A half decker in the reeds on the way to Hickling. A yacht on it's way back to his home mooring at Barton Turf. They all have one thing in common... They were all reg and stick.
  8. It's never stopped us discussing pub names in the past has it?
  9. I think it is very difficult without going into detail of your personal or financial affairs to give advice. For example, your age, if still in work, or able to draw down a pension, or are currently drawing a pension or planning to in the future. Your assets, including shares, property etc I am certainly not in a position to advise, but we recently changed our wills so our children and grand children could not be bypassed in the event of either my wife or I passing first and remarrying. A situation that happened to me, my mother died first, then my dad who remarried, he sold his house, spent "his" collateral lived in her house, then he died, then recently she died, there was allegedly no will, or shall we say " No Will found" according to her brother who was first on the scence., so all the assets whent to my step mother's brother, who she was astranged from. If this was France, legally, her brother would have got half, and the remainder (50%) split equally between my sister and I. I am not money grabbing, I made provision and monitored it over the years. and people should not expect hand me downs. Good job too. However, I believe it is not the wishes of my step mother that her astranged Brother gets it all. It is so essential to make sure wills are water tight under all conditions, but sadly people take poor advice or no advice at all. You might want to get professional support to see what you are entitled to, as you might be classed as " Of no fixed abode" and I wonder if you should take advice before you declare you have a boat that you could live on. Might be better to be actually "evicted" in writing, then the local would have to home you. Hope it helps. Richard
  10. Our thoughts are with you, as a sufferer myself, you often forget about the people, friends and family around you, that are suffering in a total different way. For your sister the journey is over, she no longer feels pain or torment. For the family left behind, there is still a long painful journey ahead. Many forum members are still on this journey, but as the long journey continues the travel, does get easier. With fellow forum members supporting you it will be easier, or less traumatic. I will raise a glass to you and all the family later. Richard and Roz
  11. All very true, but the last comment mostly... "It's just a bit more grown up" So true.
  12. You are so right... especially when looking at it over the top of a glass of dalwhinnie malt, served neat in a cut glass tumbler. The above oberservation is currently taking place, and might need a second opinion. Richard
  13. My son visited Gibraltar a few years back, and bought me a Red ensign. However, I said to him, as I was not a resident of Gibralter, or a visitor from Gibralter, it would be wrong to fly this on a GB owned private cruiser in GB? Was I right? Richard
  14. Knowing the mess the highways agency get into on the roads around the West Midlands, I often wonder what qualifications the engineers have who design and build these roads and bypasses. I have come to the conclusion that some don't even have a degree in Scalectric lol.... That reminds me... I had an Airfix slot car racing system, banked corners the lot ...still in boxes in the loft lol. Probably all the tyres are perished!
  15. On a similar topic, I once picked up an outboard engine cover from a boat show, to put over the manufacturer's engine cover to protect it over the winter. Hmmmm...... BIG mistake... The Honda 15 used acrylic paint, and the cover maintained a wet layer between the cover and the paint, so water penetrated the paint and formed huge blisters, under the paint, which when the cover was removed took most of the paint with it. The cover also provided a sealed but damp environment for rust to build up on the flywheel. One of my biggest boating errors in 30+ years. Richard
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