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  1. Yes we said exactly the same thing! Forget the electric it's a pain in the bum. She's a lovely boat other than that but don't think we'd have her again! Might not be so bad if we'd have stayed north, with lower speed limits and less tide.
  2. Day 2. 1st October Up about 5.30am after a terrible nights sleep. Whisper has to be the loudest boat we have ever stayed on. Not much sleep was had last night due to the noise of waves splashing against the bow, bloop, bloop, bang, bang, bloop!!! Gav makes us bacon butties for breakfast and we tidy up the boat a bit. Thank goodness for paper plates saves on the washing up (this boat stores all the waste water onboard and we are not yet sure how big the tank is). I ring YYS at 8.20 am and leave an answerphone message. 20 minutes later we get a call back from a really helpful guy who says it's 8’6” and dropping so we can come anytime. Hair still wet from the shower I quickly dry it off and forget about straightening it (one of the best things about this boat is that I can use my GHDs onboard)! Off we go! We leave on electric and it a weird feeling, sailing along completely silently. We cruise along pretty uneventfully, it quite quiet out there, the generator kicks in at The Stracey Arms and we are back to running on diesel, it was fully charged when we left so it appears you really don't get long on electric. Phone YYS from Marina Keys, we are still ok to cross, we give the quay attendant a wave on our way past. We are struggling to make 5mph and the battery charge is dropping like a stone even with the generator running. Off Breydon and we put the oven on ready for pie in a can. I eat half of mine whilst travelling but Gav wants to wait until we moor at St Olaves. We are still struggling to make 5mph and it turns out this will be a problem that will continue all week. Finally we moor at St OIaves at the free moorings, the battery is down to 50% charge. We eat our lunch with the generator running and plan tomorrow. We have booked a mooring at the Waveney River Center and decide it might be better to moor under the bridge. Gav is convinced there are public moorings so we miss a spot at The Bell to go looking for them. The moorings are not where he thinks they are so we turn round and go back to The Bell. The tide is running fast and we moor between a Richardsons bath tub and a private boat. Fair play to Gav it is a perfect parking maneuver, we finish tying up but I can't finish the last rope as the private boat is leaving and it will get in his way. They seem to be struggling with the tide and he re ties up and starts again. I ask if he would like any help but he refuses. We watch with interest they inch closer and closer to our boat, please don't hit us, they don't! We wander up to the pub to find out that they close early on a Sunday, so we book dinner for 5.30pm. After a little walk we go back to the boat for a little cider up top. The noise from the bow is unbelievable and the wind is picking up so we decide to give turning the boat a go. We manage to get her turned and tuck Whisper into a corner nestled against the reeds. It's just us and the Richardsons boat overnight and I think we sit next to them over what turns out to be a very nice dinner. The Big Bell Burger for Gav and the Halloumi and Mushroom Burger for me, followed by chocolate fudge cake and lemon blossom pie for pudding. We are absolutely stuffed! We enquire about breakfast and are told they serve it from 9-11am, guess we will be back in the morning! Back at the boat we turn the satellite tv on, it takes an age to get a signal but we finally get one and watch a couple of hours of junk tv before turning in before 9pm!
  3. No apologies needed, I like reading all your posts and it hides the fact I haven't got round to another update yet
  4. Yes the sinks went into the holding tank too. We ate out a lot to be fair. The shower on whisper is lovely and not at all cramped but still no match for the showers at Waveney, my favourites.
  5. We had shore showers wherever we could, had very short daily showers when we had to onboard and managed without a pump out the whole week. We were getting a bit nervy the last day though!
  6. They do sound and work like traditional bow thrusters pretty much, the generator I don't think is as loud as a traditional engine.
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