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  1. A very warm to the NBN Dave, from me and the Wench (some call her Inge) ... Its so that members get to know you a little, but equally you get to know the members a little bit as well. Any ways enjoy. Regards Charlie
  2. A warm to the NBN Spyder Regards Charlie
  3. A very warm to the NBN Gary, from, me and the wench (some call her Inge) Charlie
  4. TOWIE never done Brentwood a single favour, unless you want to orange they now have loads og places to get mainted orange...............................
  5. Only an English Teacher could work that out Polly lolol
  6. This is all frog to me ................................ Maybe get a frog caster to translate for the old git .....
  7. No not Essex Man pops TOWIE orange males and females please................. That program has so much to answer for fella, listed buildings destroyed, a quaint old fashioned town is no more now.
  8. Hope your both well, not sure where this year has gone already Warmest Regards Charlie and Wench
  9. Well at the moment our car is cloned in Surrey keeps speeding in a 20mph area. The met police are slow in doing any thing, DVLA I had to send photo copies of log book mot and ins by royal mail and proof at to where i was for each ticket. Dartford crossing was easy done in less than 24 hours via a little sticker I had to stick on our car. This is still on going for last 6 or 7 weeks now
  10. Sadly not as I remember the long hot summers of the 50's and 60's. Also the scorcher of 1976, in April I forecast this as in 1976 0n 20th April there was nearly a foot of snow. June 1st the sun came out like this until October ... These extra hot summers and cold winters come around nothing to do with global warming my friend
  11. Could even be recorded for posterity, and saved for future generations
  12. Snap I did the same last july the getting out was the really hard bit, until a big dog otter showed me its huge teeth.
  13. Interesting points there JW indeed, i have never heard of such research on this but I stand to be corrected on that.
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