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  1. PorSche...... BoxSter.... I don't have my silver toy anymore Mike....
  2. I tried the cold turkey route....... I would never wish my 2 day mood on anyone again..... so I went to vape, if I do not have my vape thing with me, I don't worry as much as if I had run out of fags.... But I still stand by my thoughts that if someone smokes/vapes they are not the scum of the earth (maybe I am) and if pubs allow it then that is the choice of the pub, and it is up to anyone who wants/ or doesn't want to go in to do so. Now I know the reply from some, I don't vape and don't like it so I won't go in, but that will be evened out by those who do and those who aren't bothered one way or the other.
  3. WELL DONE............ I didn't know you had a dog called Patches...
  4. Nicotine is a very addictive drug................... It wasn't always fround (spelling) upon to be a smoker, we got addicted, I don't smoke anymore, from 40-60 a day, I vape. Breaking the habit is HARD, VERY HARD, but a lot of people have done it, a lot of people are still trying, but I know what I don't want to hear, and it is people who have been lucky enough not to get addicted telling those that are/have been how to live. Like I said before, fumes from cars, even boats (topics on here about fumes from another boat entering your boat) are as bad or even worse. ...... shush now..... before you go too far DG
  5. Stop driving your car and I will try to breath fresh air.....
  6. No idea..... All I know is one team will win it.....
  7. I think I recognise a door handle like that.... Does the make start with a P.... and end in orsche
  8. I have watched every game, Russia are doing better than anyone thought.... Germany and brazil, not as good... I am not a betting man, but there is only one team that is going to win this years world cup, and I put my house on that......
  9. Hi Rich, Welcome to the forum. You are right it is Robin, he has a good thread running here about a Trader he has just got, "Indi, maintenance and care"
  10. Are you saying that some crew cheat..........
  11. It is still there, went in last year and will probably go in this year.
  12. Didn't know I had any, so won't miss it...
  13. I did..... It just got bigger on my screen, and a nice big firework thing flew up into the sky heading south I think....
  14. Also, why advertise free glass to take home.... Isn't it normal to take your empties home with you to recycle...
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