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  1. "Juliette 2" looks in fine fettle! Four weeks and three days....... counting!
  2. VetChugger

    Locks Pub

    As an illustration of what appears to be the minority opinion here and not on The Broads of course. My local was really struggling due to the demands of said leeches (pubco's), it did that poorly that they eventually put it up for sale. Taken over by a brewer who refurbished the place very sympathetically and also established a micro brewery. You won't find any fizzed "beers" and only Kronenberg and a Czech lager that I can't remember the name of. The rest are his own creations plus a few worthy guests. No food at all except the odd nibble on its quiz night. THe place is packed to the gills every night and is a relaxing delight to imbibe in with a lovely beer garden out the back. Has been thriving for some four years plus now. Wonderful place!
  3. I managed to reverse a Juliette the full length of Horsey Dyke, no problem at all. Boat was solid as a rock to steer in any direction and the wash was impressively minimal.
  4. VetChugger


    That's a sensible suggestion Dave! You not feeling so well???
  5. Bit behind with this...... it was amended and resubmitted and is under consideration. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/plans-for-homes-and-houseboats-on-river-bure-at-yarmouth-redrawn-1-5988602
  6. Great read once again David. I think your Upton picture might be Rockland though!
  7. He doesn't know any better sadly! Funny sort of folk from Cambridge land!
  8. What's Nick Griffin got to do with it all??
  9. And a non-running engine??? Will only attract liveaboards in that sort of condition.
  10. VetChugger


    As far as I know the very same applies even if you remove your boat to another waterway or scrap it! It would be refreshing to be corrected?
  11. This would be the fairest move of all.
  12. Now that is what I call a proper organ! Love the sound they make.
  13. VetChugger

    River Bure

    And I seem to hear it as "Parrrtrum"!
  14. I suspect the Freeman will fall into the same sort of classification as Dawncraft and Normans as a classic of the rivers and canals, especially at entry level Vaughan. Some Normans/Callumcraft are now 60 years old!
  15. Nice boat but I think I might be just a tad disappointed to find the rather primitive flavel two burner on a boat for that sort of money!
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