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  1. Encountered this on face ache. Seems quite an impressive electric dayboat. Have a look on the following link and scroll down! https://www.marthamferryboatyard.co.uk/boathire The one I noticed is Apollo.
  2. As I recall, this was the one and only holiday we lost all or part of our deposit on! We took a bit of a chunk out of the bows getting into a bit of a kerfuffle at Potter Bridge!
  3. Go on! Admit it! How many more of you looked it up? I did! "Aotearoa is the Maori name for the country of New Zealand. The literal translation of Aotearoa is "land of the long white cloud"."
  4. That's really beautiful looking boat if I may say! Well done to all concerned.
  5. Just had a quick look at the Acle webcam. Yes, I know its night time! It looks a bit wintery!
  6. How about a "new" one for you camera addicts on the Broads? Seems Broads Boating have one! https://www.bbcacle.co.uk/webcam/?fbclid=IwAR0cUpwHT_fl8SgACXoUwBtgiF0aOz2XEgPyoImQ8y53RXpxtosqJJMoo98
  7. You have one of those AIS thingies on "Snowbird" Dave?? You really need to try Staithes, Filey and Robin Hoods Bay as well. Robin Hoods Bay would suit you well, pub on the beach! Have a good one.
  8. I also did the "forbidden journey" last week. Cracking night in both the Pleasureboat and Nelsons Head. Defeated by the weed trying to get to West Somerton though.Its almost impassable! Got as far as Martham Broad. Was wishing for a weed hatch!
  9. I "fish" regularly and totally love it. Only thing is I don't try too hard and release anything caught straight away. I just love sitting there perusing and watching the world go by. Having a boat allows periods of horizontal perusal as well. I'll wave and smile at all boaters also! What's not to love?
  10. Excellent! Please go find another immediately!
  11. I was under the impression that gas fridges were OK as long as they are of the "room sealed" variety!
  12. A brief scan of these suggests to me that there may be some basis for an "debate" on being charged for what is supposedly a public staithe!
  13. That photo of the titan crane is impressive although it doesn't quite get over the sheer size of the thing. Its a lonely and sad reminder of the once thriving Upper Clyde Ship Builders like John Brown. Think Lusitania, Queen's Elizabeth and Mary and QE2 plus Hood and Repulse. Impressive history.
  14. I could really go to town on this subject! I do worry, likely needlessly, about just how much we rely on technology! There is little in this world that is more certain than one day it will go t*ts up! No cash for that eventuality?? I also think dismissing cash is part of an establishment plot to get folk to part with money. Simple as it sounds, I do think people are more aware of the actual value of their money in actual cash form. Plastic makes spending frighteningly easy and there are many people living in debt, misery and are also homeless as a result. Nuff said! This can really get me angry! Apologies for the thread drift.
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