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  1. Hope you leave the keep net at home next year! Yes, I may well be a miserable parentless offspring but I just don't see the need to chuck all those fish into such a small environment at all!!
  2. A goodly while ago my Norman failed on this very item. The examiner said the drain was too high from the base of the gas locker and needed to be no more than ??? Well, I can't recall the measurement he said but I ended up fire claying some heavy glazed floor tiles into the base. I also had to put some restraining straps on the bottles themselves.
  3. More than that, it used to be one of "THE" go to pubs on the Broads. Shame but it is sadly happening to far too many pubs.
  4. That is an amazingly detailed picture, as are the others that follow. Thanks for posting.
  5. You will find all the answers to your questions here methinks! https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/
  6. I'll also give a supportive shout out for Brundall. I was moored at Brundall Gardens and it was a grand place to be. Short chug to two of the best pubs on the Broads and much quieter and stress free boating down south.
  7. I suspect that the disposal of whatever you happen to cut down would be the problem and could well be an expensive part of any said work.
  8. Nay! Don't be sending your cruise rejects to our gems of god's county!
  9. Good result today you Canaries! Enjoy your Lancashire trip??
  10. Maybe so, but at least it is a "proper" game for real athletes who can run with the ball and pass, not simply kick and clap!
  11. Cas upholding the honour of the white rose tonight! Cracking result considering.
  12. Ahhh must be a worshipper of the god Agar! He thinks a gale might rescue them from their downward spiral!
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