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  1. VetChugger

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I remember this very well indeed! Mainly due to a rather tender and well roasted pair of shoulders. We were out on "Morgans Treasure" from Bucaneer Boats who were ex Pirate Craft at Brundall. My mate was out on Alphacrafts "Mustang". A lingering memory is being outsde at the "Loaves & Fishes" by the yacht station at Beccles for rather a long time and managing to get through rather a lot of falling down water! Loved it! As was a trend at the time among a few, we had hair way down past our shoulders along with the multi patched Levis and tie dyed grandad shirts! Yes, we were 60's leftovers.
  2. VetChugger

    Broadland Grebe

    That is simply magnificent. Very well done.
  3. VetChugger

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    I did wonder if Martham Ferry had opened a yard down by the salty stuff but then wondered why on earth they would!
  4. VetChugger

    Dream Time

    Always did like the look of Castle Craft's boats at St Olaves. The navy blue hulls were/are smart. Was a shame to see them go.
  5. VetChugger


    Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer are seeking tench in Norfolk somewhere tonight on the Beeb!
  6. VetChugger

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Robin's post is most relevant and interesting in its proposals. I would heartily agree with them although I would exclude Abellio. Remove the need to pay dividends to shareholders. Its no accident that Europe's succcessful and modern railways are all state owned. Its also interesting to note that the government successfully ran the East coast line for six years before Virgin and Stagecoach greedily grabbed it in 2015 and have had to hand it back because of the costs. So even Branson and Brian Souter couldn't manage it! Apologies for going off on a political bender but it is something I do feel a tad strongly about and is the best way to find money to repair ageing bridges. Just a footnote ......... please don't throw that old chestnut "Don't you remember British Railways of old???" Playing with trains has changed beyong any recognition.
  7. VetChugger

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    I reckon its up at the Stalham/Sutton end, not that far off Richardsons.
  8. VetChugger

    My Day

    As far as I know (not very far!) bumble bees are particularly important because of the major role they have in pollination. A key to many other activities!
  9. VetChugger


    Recently, every time I load this site I get a message asking me if I want to allow the site to send me notifications.. Why do I have to say "no" every time instead of just the once? You may have guessed I do not want notifications!
  10. VetChugger

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Rhinos???? Now that is terminal, my sympathies! Cas are THE Yorkshire team!
  11. VetChugger

    Bit Of A Stretch

    I suspect Baryy has it! The reference to "pushing the boundaries" indicates the Waveney, it being the Norfolk/Suffolk border.
  12. VetChugger


    Seems Horning Sailing Club have disabled their webcams which is disappointing. They usually run all year round although on the delayed reload. The only one still running is Herbert Woods Potter view. A shame for all us distant Broads viewers!
  13. VetChugger

    Something Has Gone Missing!

    "Please don't throw stones at this sign"???
  14. VetChugger

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Looks like one has flitted! And flitted back!
  15. VetChugger

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Lots of furious wing flapping ......... they look ready to flit!

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