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  1. Have to disagree with this. The mooring charges on the Broads are substantially more than on the canals. I'd suggest that, overall, they are pretty even. There is also access to a lot more facilities (showers toilets, elsan disposal ect) on the CRT waters than the Broads.
  2. Seems the BA are in the process of adopting the staithe as 24 hour moorings with a commitment to address the overstaying! Good move by the BA I would venture to say!
  3. Points raised elsewhere include the fact that there is no real indication that there is a need for further holiday lets in that particular area. Call me cynical if you wish, but it was also pointed out that if the letting idea failed, after 12 months application could be made to change the designation to residential which would hugely inflate the value!
  4. I really fail to see the need for any such designation as "official gathering"! After all, its just a few folk getting together for a social event. A few folk club together to book some moorings. What is the need to label it??
  5. I really like "Repair Shop", especially Steve Fletcher the clock maker, Will the carpenter and Dominic, the metal worker. The skills of Steve remind me very much of our own Grendel! I really can't abide Jay Blades though! I've never seen him do anything except rub flesh and order things!! Even dresses up in his craft apron and unrolls a bag of chisels I've yet to see him use!
  6. Up here in our chippy we get lovely chips 99 times out of a hundred. Ours are cooked in beef dripping though and only fried the once as Mike says. Our chippy only cooks in small batches as well so the chips you get are likely to have only just come out or are being fried as you queue.
  7. Thanks once again Malcolm. Some real candidates among those photos for any possible calender. I especially like the "portrait" one with the fence. Lovely composition and colour.
  8. Don't be fooled by Dave's modesty here! He is a very fine and generous host who cannot do enough for guests! Plying them with food and drink and seasonal bonhomie. One would be very foolish to miss out on this rare opportunity! He'll even don a santa suit upon request! A most unusually generous character in that there is also an open tab for all comers at his local! Miss out and regret deeply!!!
  9. You will also need a few reliable batteries to keep a large inverter going if you are using such appliances as microwaves and kettles plus a suitable alternator/battery management setup and then cruise for sufficient hours to keep this up! Nothing like as simple as it may sound.
  10. Suspect you may well find that it was a premium number you accessed by pressing 1. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. Very good reading Malcolm, thanks for taking the time. What struck me when you mentioned the emersion heater from shore power etc, have you not got an electric kettle on board??
  12. Dave, maybe you recall quite a kerfuffle was to be had on another forum talking about bubble testers!!
  13. Well said Paul from yet another aspiring fast bowler who was maybe not quite as fast as he liked to think!
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