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  1. Even though it was only open for six months of the year?? Something tells me that this six months were not to serve the residents of the village! Sorry, but I do get a bee in my bonnet with this sort of exploitation.
  2. Having read the Loddon PC minutes, it seems a "Boatyard Owner" is wanting to manage the Staithe at Loddon. Anyone know which one?
  3. I don't really want to dwell on what might go on in the kids "Stake" Park! (LoddonPC minutes)
  4. Not only do they treat employees poorly but also, the next time you go to that ever so useful shop round the corner or in town, it will be boarded up and gone for good! Your high street will become wall to wall bars and nightclubs or else a deserted row of more boarded up shops. Yes, use Amazon for hard to get stuff or music/dvd stuff but use your locals as well.
  5. Totally by accident I "stumbled" across an auction house whilst browsing. They were advertising sales of seized vehicles, ex company car/main dealer auction and also police seized assets and lost and found property! I had a bit of a browse and there were some wierd articles and vehicles on offer but also, according to pre sale estimates, some bargains to be had! Passed a few minutes!
  6. I had a Victor with a three gear column change and bench seats (very inconvenient for casual nookie!), cost me £12.00! One christmas day on the way to work (hospital) the bloody thing snapped inside the colum and the lever was stirring fresh air. Student nurse wages didn't run to a repair and it was replaced by a Mk1 Cortina for £24.00!
  7. Yes, I had the very same problem with Sky! I was watching the Leeds game and the t*at said in the middle of commentary that Hamiltons got pole! Spoiled my highlights of qualifying!
  8. Sadly, Channel 4 only have one live race this year. That, at least, is the Silverstone GP. I would have much preferred the Monaco though even though there is little or no overtaking. I like that street course.
  9. First Broads holiday I ever had was out for two weeks on Alpha's wooden "Spitfire". A small yet very sturdy craft. We had made the target of the two weeks to visit every beer mug on the Hoseasons map. We managed it but, I think, it was on the fifth or sixth night we were in the bar at Stokesby and my mate turned to me and said "the bar is going up and down"! I was so relieved he said this as the bars had been going up and down for me for a couple of nights and I was convinced I was just wierd! It was shortly after a spectacularly rough crossing of Breydon water with waves breaking over the whole boat and the stern lifting so high that the prop was screaming away! They would have shut it nowadays. Did I enjoy it??? You bet I did, I loved every bit of it. We went through the whole of Alpha's fleet over the next three years!
  10. Yes, I recognise this response as well. What they fail to acknowledge is the hanging about and waiting at accessible places eats into your holiday quite significantly if you are out for one week!
  11. The list of "features" seems to have been put together by someone less than clever! There are a number of repeats! Unless she has two sets of bow and stern thrusters maybe!!!!!
  12. There's a fair bit of mysterious back scratching goes on in those places! Phoenix have a place topside of the bridge. Deals can be done, funny hand shakes etc!
  13. Where I think HW are missing a trick is that they could moor a couple of day boats above the bridge for hire on that side. I'm thinking those picnic boat type. A bit like Whispering Reeds boat which seems to book well.
  14. I'm a keen pleasure angler and just love sitting there watching the water. Doesn't matter a bit if I catch nowt! It always struck me, when seeing these things, why not go fish the other side????
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