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  1. Seems they (and at least one other yard) have let a few boats out today! Sneaky!
  2. Both cameras with a technical hitch at the same time?? Sounds like very bad luck to me!
  3. Hmmmm... what do Herbert Woods not want us to see?? They have disabled the pontoon camera and the panning camera is stationary on the bridge!
  4. Apart from the four poster, that is a cracking layout for a couple. Enjoy and relish!
  5. The Falcon seems to have been for sale for a very long time!
  6. Maybe use one of these batteries on the B A models??
  7. There is very little I don't really like that involves beef suet! Especially suet crust on a meat and potato pie!
  8. All hire boats used to have a dip stick for the tank. I was always suspicious after this stopped. I once asked the yard, prior to departure, how much they were charging for fuel. Refused to tell me and very sternly insisted I do not even think about filling up prior to return.
  9. We used to stop there often at least 10 years ago, maybe more. There used to be a really good sunday carvery on offer that was cooked right just as your Mum used to!
  10. Another example of this sense of humour? No smiley this time??
  11. Maybe I am being fussy but the sales blurb states gelcoat finish! Has it been re-gelcoated as it was yellow topside!
  12. There are not very many "Treasurer/Admin" badges Mr Modelling Wizard!
  13. Now that is a novel new enticement to holiday! Hire a wife! That should have been on Dragons Den!!
  14. Lets see if this survives the T & C's! Clues ......... Kenny Everett's alter ego "*** Snot", Panthera leo, adjacent to a large white example of Don Quixote's mortal enemy!
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