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  1. Thanks for that Jean! Another to gaze and wonder at!
  2. Stick to soap and water and the 20 second rule. Far more effective.
  3. I'm going to be just a bit more blunt about this. Can we cease all debate discussion and crusading on the national park issue whilst this crisis is ongoing. To harrang the BA about the NP status in response to work they are doing and arrangements they are trying to put into place is beyond my own tolerance! Also to see valued members with opinions and stories to share being driven out by this is unforgiveable! Please take heed!!!
  4. And this must be the first time I have seen the carpark at The Wherry Hotel completely empty!
  5. But of course! Notice that the pergrine is in the midst of a long sit! However, watching the cameras is tinged with a bit of sadness seeing the deserted rivers.
  6. Snap Ian! Have to admit it was a tad unerving to say the least!
  7. And a happy birthday from me Ian. Hope you have a good day despite what is happening!
  8. That certainly was and still essential listening for me. Thanks for the link you posted. Yourself, Ali and the lovely mutt take care of yourselves! You must be mourning Sonia having to shut up shop!
  9. And please please please keep it up! I too am one of the old codgers with underlying conditions who is under house arrest! I need pages and forums like this to read and keep my spirits up. So, please keep it coming! Thanks.
  10. To say mine is rapid is a bit of an understatemnt in terms of this class of motor. Your enthusiasm I reflect entirely! Thanks.
  11. On a more modest scale, its always been my dream to have a Skoda Yeti! I've always really liked them and, since a certain motoring journalist said it was the best car he had ever driven, I resoved to have one. Mine is not a new one as they ceased manufacture a year or so ago. I've had this for about six weeks now and I am well satified. Its a Yeti Outdoor 2.0 TDI CR [170] Elegance 4x4.
  12. Can a mod please delete the previous post please? I was trying to insert an image and clicked the wrong one but can't seem to shift it! Thanks in advance!
  13. I seem to recall the government saying very clearly "anyone doing the right thing will not be penalised"!
  14. Is it my ignorance of flappy things or is that one heck of a tall mast??
  15. You forgot a good selection of beer mats Steve!
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