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  1. VetChugger

    Brundall From The Air

    Another big bonus about Brundall that has yet to be mentioned is Brian Ward's chandlery! Tanya and Nick will always try and source items for you even if they don't stock tham. Great advice as well.
  2. VetChugger

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    Better hope that they don't contract the parking out to such as that eyeball lot!
  3. VetChugger

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Unless you indicate right and turn left!!!!
  4. VetChugger

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    " brand new Vitesse 2.0 litre convertible " I'd be cursed with nightmares for life if I had committed such a terrible sin as writing one of these beauties off!
  5. VetChugger

    Old Woodies

    I suspect something like this must happen at Martham where they have the only "boat graveyard" that I've ever seen. A lot of DIY work goes on there as well.
  6. VetChugger

    Playing Norfolk Trains

    Wills made a cracking model of an old cast iron urinal. Good enough to persuade me to buy it rather than try and make my own!
  7. I think I am right in saying that most of the Martham motor Boats have the galley in the forepeak.
  8. As a mere yoof I used to do this every week on the top shelf at the newsagents! Nowadays, if it was the size of a volume of Encyclopaedia Britannica, I'd consider that heavy reading!
  9. That is one horrible looking effort! I would love to know what Langford Sr would make of that!
  10. VetChugger

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    So this is the typical young Broadsman! Courtesy of Yarmoth Mercury
  11. VetChugger

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    I'd suggest the answer to that is definitely yes David. There were/are some minor vaiations in window layout etc but the basic design concept certainly originated on the Alpha yard.
  12. VetChugger

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    David, you are right about that design of boat and this was actually the second such example at least of this innovation. Langford Sr also produced the Alphacraft CC class of which an example is shown below courtesy of Craigs website. This boat then appeared in fleets all over the country including the Thames and there were also some over on the continent. Yes, He has certanly left behind a legacy of design and boat building that many have tried to follow. Can you tell I am a fan?
  13. VetChugger

    Food On The Broads

    I agree as well but I must also say that, over the last 5 years or so, the general standard of food available to the Broads boater has improved beyond all recognition in a lot of places. I can recall, not that many years ago really, that, once you discounted the gems like the Kings Head at Coltishall, Sonias at Surlingham, Nelsons Head at Horsey, the majority of pubs were expensive badly cooked and presented mass catering. The chings of the microwaves reverberated around the bar! Of course there were also the cafes such a Roseys, and the occasional restaurants so this is not an exhaustive list, but you get my general train of thought? ( I didn't mention Woodbastwick establishment as I've never been minded to walk there)
  14. VetChugger

    Mtb 102

    Don't know if anyone watches Antiques Road Trip but, this week, Trevanion was out on MTB102 and they had her going at full chat of 35 knots allegedly! Certainly looked very impressive.
  15. VetChugger

    Langford Jillings Snr.

    I totally agree with Boycee and Graham. We had at least one and often two holidays every year with Langford Senior from 1973 and went through his whole fleet. At the time the zenith for us was a fortnight out on "Samarkand" (later "Jaguar") Langford and John Cressey spent almost two days working in the engine room at Yarmouth Yacht Station replacing a damper drive. I last saw him at the London Boat Show and he was really fed up and frustrated at being kept away from the actual boat building. "I simply want to build boats" he told me and I swear there were tears in his eyes. I really liked the bloke! Rest in peace.

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