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  1. VetChugger

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    I agree with Lulu! " Dont rush into buying. " On all the occasions I have bought a boat the looking has been the most enjoyable part to some degree. I almost regretted finally settling on one as I wanted to go and look at others. And, before anyone says "go and look at some then", its not quite the same when you are not actually considering buying what you see. However, am I the only one that is just a tad sad that pumpmedic has passed on this boat?? Although it had some limitations, there is a certain attraction to it. Having said all that, keep looking and the very best of luck in finding your dream boat!
  2. VetChugger

    James Knight's Blog

    Careful MM! You do realise you are witnessing the second coming of the messiah seemingly according to some!
  3. VetChugger

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Just looked at the "Pisces". The helm position up top looks well awkward. It appears as though they may have simply planted a seat and screen, with a helm, on the roof! Not much feet and leg room as such! There does appear to be what might be a very narrow gangway.
  4. VetChugger

    Advice Please!

    Thanks very much for the advice and suggestions so far. I am just about persuaded by the revive the wood then use danish oil treatment. As it happens, I was a smidge off being persuaded down the oil route with "Glenmore" before I settled on the supposedly "safe" option of six coats of varnish and, to this day, regret not doing that! I'm yet to be finally persuaded on the brass work though. I really like shiney brass but I also appreciate the patina of years going by and all the handling etc. Is it possible to use a lacquer or clear sealer of some sort to help preserve the brass finish? I only ask this because, in the back of my ever shallowing mind I seem to recall reading something like this. Thanks again for the interest and advice.
  5. VetChugger

    Advice Please!

    I have acquired a, new to me, boat wheel that caught my eye. I need to decide by just how much I should try and restore/revive it! I keep hearing about folk banging on about keeping "the patina" but I'm tempted to rub it down and do a good varnish job and use whatever polish etc to brighten up the brass. First question is should I? The one that follows is how is best?? Here are a couple of images of said wheel.
  6. VetChugger

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    I've just had a peruse of all those photos and she certainly is an impressive craft if bought at the right price. The look of the window arrangement has a vague suggestion of that used in the Dutch steel boats like Stevens and Linssen. Oddly enough I found myself hummimg a certain song! " Oi! Where's me tiger head "?
  7. VetChugger

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Seems we are on the same page Gregg!
  8. VetChugger

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Looking at a recent faceache post, it seem WRC did, after all, bring some of the Ferry cruisers down to the southern base. Sadly, they seem to be the butt ugly ones!
  9. VetChugger

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    I got a couple of these! One for the trusty boat but more for hot summer use! However, it does blow exceedingly well and will clear misted screens promptly. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002C2KMZC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. VetChugger

    Bb Webcam

    On the http link it mentions webcam2. Wonder where or what webcam1 might be!!
  11. VetChugger

    Windboat Tradewind

    She looks like a cracking boat and is a credit to you. Yes, more pictures please!
  12. VetChugger

    A Winters Tale

    Nay, if you were touched you might be seeing Seaman Staines!
  13. VetChugger

    New Webcam

    And another positive vote! Thanks.
  14. VetChugger

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Do we know for sure that all the hire boats were included in the sale of Ferry Marina??
  15. VetChugger

    A Winters Tale

    Thanks for that, She's my old boat, thought I recognised her. Built by Moores in 1966. Was really sorry to see her go but the costs of maintaining the topsides were a tad intimidating.

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