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  1. VetChugger

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    Away from the Broads one Ernie Wheeldon began building grp cruisers in Shaw, Lanashire in 1959 initially alongside Callumcraft but. eventually, as Norman. These quickly became a somewhat less expensive way in which to start a lifetime of boating. I was fortunate enough to graduate to an 1966 Ernest Collins built Moores "Glenmore" which was a fabulous boat and I do have some regrets for letting her go but I was not using her enough and also keeping up with the wooden topsides had already cost me thousands and were clearly about to empty my pocket even more, so I downsized and moved back to the rivers and canals of Yorkshire.
  2. VetChugger

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I'm curious why we no longer seem to see anything of Ricardo here? I always appreciated his interesting contributions and they add to the enjoyment of this forum.
  3. VetChugger

    My Day

    Was proudly watching the eldest son do his Geezer Butler bit in Leeds and had some very refreshing and quaffable "Yorkshire Lager" which hails from the Great Yorkshire Brewery out near Pickering. A good night was had!
  4. VetChugger

    Normal For N...

    I think "ducks" is much more East Yorkshire and the Hull area.
  5. VetChugger


    Surely the interest level on a forum is generated by the discussion provoked by points being made? This obsession with "thread discipline" is alien to wide ranging discussion and discourages contributions. Cal is a relative newcomer and is hardly going to feel encouraged by this sort of comment. In this instance, the variation ran from comments made about the state of readiness on takeover of boats. I really don't see a problem and appreciate the contributions made.
  6. VetChugger

    Comfy Helm Seat

    I managed to find an old draughtsmans seat with a spin to raise and lower adjustment. Was just the job for my Norman 23.
  7. VetChugger

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    There are other behavioural factors behind the why's and wherefores of feeding bread to our feathered friends. They get so reliant on the source then cannot feed properly when all the holiday makers go home. Devils advocate to a certain extent, I suspect the majority of mass produced bread nowadays has a vastly different nutritional content to what it did in years gone by.
  8. VetChugger

    Night Navigation.

    Slightly puzzled as to where you are talking about Mark? I assumed you were still at Brundall Gardens. New tenants??
  9. Lovely picture of "Isabel" (Star Glory 3) from Jack Powles. Thanks for posting.
  10. VetChugger

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I've heard that I have been 'moderated' on this thread! To be honest, I hadn't noticed but now that I know, I thought policy was to inform folks of moderations and the why's as a 'friendly' way of guiding posts.
  11. VetChugger

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Bill is absotlutely right in his comments and I will take it a step further. This oh so noble forum spent 30 plus pages saying why this should not happen and would only end in calamaty, alrm, disaster and pestilence! Lo and behold, the swim has gone very well with no problem whatsoever and shows promise for future such events. Is this forum spending another 30 plus pages of hot air congratulating the success?? Is it heck, its busy trying to think up more excuses to have a go! The majority seem to be suggesting that it as some sort of fluke that the event went off without a problem. Absolutely bloody typical of the holier than though attitude of many on here. Its almost laughable.
  12. VetChugger

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Swimmingly apparently! No problems at all.
  13. VetChugger

    Somerleyton Bridge Now Operational

    JP appears to have visited "another place" giving details of some sort of preventative soaking of Somerleyton Bridge.
  14. VetChugger

    Tudor Reformation

    Absolutely love these threads and watching the gradual rebirth of these magnificent boats. Lots of pictures please, also from Socrates and "Broadland Grebe".
  15. VetChugger

    Hello From Cal

    Welcome Cal, does this mean we won't be able to read about your adventures on Canalworld anymore??

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