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  1. I have used this stuff a few times and, although not cheap, seems to be long lasting and retains a good finish. https://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/
  2. Like Mark I was very happy at Brundall Gardens. Very relaxing place to be. My favourite mooring away from there is the staithe at Rockland. Not very far at all but there you go. I also always feel comfortable and content at Coltishall Common.
  3. There is the possibility that there are some among us who just can't be bothered to argue the toss! I only read this thread every few days now as it is not at all difficult to predict what will be here! Bored? You bet I am!
  4. There is some excellent viewing to had there Grendel! I watched a lovely filum this week by John Schlesinger called "Terminus" about a day in the life of Waterloo Station. Look forward to many more. "The Bargee" is being shown later today!
  5. When you have done your assessment of what might be needed you may or may not need some sort of financial support. I have a good idea what hosting fees are like for a site like that and, I, for one, am willing to consider a small regular subscription to maintain such a valuable resource.
  6. I sincerely hope that someone is able to take this on and maintain the database in his name.
  7. VetChugger

    Sad News

    I read the following with great sadness. I have "pinched" this from Richards site and am posting it as I read it. No doubt over time, many boaters and non-boaters alike will have met and / or corresponded with Craig, as well as referencing his excellent database. The latter being a marvellous resource, having been built up over many years. Approximately two weeks ago he suffered a heart attack, and very sadly it was learnt that he passed away yesterday afternoon. Being a founding member and knowledgeable contributor of this Forum as well as a respected ecologist, it goes without saying he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his wife and family to whom we send sincerest condolences. R.I.P. Craig. I lost count years ago of the times I have consulted Craig's database as I am sure most of the rest of us have. I sincerely echo the words of the post I quote from. A great loss.
  8. Thanks all, Seems like I missed an amendment to the home page addy. Working now.
  9. Anyone know what problem Richard is having with his site?? Its been down since yesterday with the usual "hamster" notice up. Granted, its not the most frequented site but I do still like to visit and read.
  10. Got one of these and they are a godsend in that they don't half save some pumping with the Pela I used previously!
  11. Hope understand you this! Related to moving the topic out of the general forum!
  12. Oh dear!! Would never do for the world to see just what level of discussion goes on here would it!
  13. Very well said Chris, I agree totally! I don't give a chuff what sort of person or people raise this issue so long as they continue to raise it! How many Bojo/Trump clones have we on here?? The comments around Greta Thunberg's appearance and/or need for a boyfriend are childishly pathetic! Some folk really need to grow up. I'm really disappointed at the level some people on here are "discussing" this and does no favours at all to support any pretentions of caring about our world or our environment!
  14. First one I bought only had 4MB memory!
  15. Not all school dinners were cr*p! At my secondary school we ate very well indeed. The school had its own kitchen with a dedicated team of "dinner ladies". We had the very same dishes as many have already mentioned but of a different class completely. We had wonderful meat and potato pie with a proper suet crust and proper gravy, once a week we would have a roast dinner with all the trimmings, We even had tasty salads accompanying meat dishes. The only ones I couldn't stomach were the liver and onions (although the gravy was lush) and the steamed fish. All my life I have only ever liked fish with batter on and chips!
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