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  1. Suspect you may well find that it was a premium number you accessed by pressing 1. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Very good reading Malcolm, thanks for taking the time. What struck me when you mentioned the emersion heater from shore power etc, have you not got an electric kettle on board??
  3. Dave, maybe you recall quite a kerfuffle was to be had on another forum talking about bubble testers!!
  4. Well said Paul from yet another aspiring fast bowler who was maybe not quite as fast as he liked to think!
  5. Sadly I have read that Throwers has been sold and that the new owners will only keep the post office. This is a great shame as I loved the deli there and just wandering around the rest of the shop. Unfortunately typical of the way local trade seems to be heading. Will miss that shop!!
  6. Possibly so Paul, my thoughts as well.
  7. Might be talking rollocks (often do!) but are either of them insulated??? Mine had quite a thick polystyrene?? covering. I also ensured it came with an emersion heater which was eventually wired into the 240 circuit..
  8. Obviously you didn't watch "War Of The Worlds" on Sunday then??
  9. Someone elsewhere has suggested the staithe is actually closed whilst works are ongoing??
  10. VetChugger

    Tolls 2020

    Sadly its a good way past that!
  11. I did and wish I hadn't! Thanks David!
  12. Ahhh, appears to found its legs again!
  13. Looks like Wood's wandering camera has ceased wandering for a while!
  14. Online treasure hunt?? Why not indeed! I'd give it a go Paul.
  15. Nothing like a bit of thought and application Robin! Good to read/listen to your musings once again.
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