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  1. As the saying goes, "don't bite the hand that feeds you" If you are in business, and wish to stay in business, then there will be times when you will have to smile and suffer a fool, as his money is as good any ones. Again, as the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen", especially when it involves a customer facing role. I have nothing negative or positive to say about Norfolk Marine, as I have only dealt with them on-line, and they did no more, or no less than I would expect of a business. Had I gone into the shop, and been met with the attit
  2. Thanks for the 'heads up' from me too. Have now ordered a copy. Dave
  3. Spent something like 20+ years towing caravans, including around most of Europe. In the early days, with 2.0L petrol engine cars (mainly Mondeos), before moving over to a 2.0L diesel a diesel engine Mondeo in 2003. The difference between the petrol engine and diesel engine vehicles for towing, was like 'chalk & cheese, with the diesel being far superior in terms of both pulling power (Torque) and fuel economy. In 2006 ( the year we eventually gave up caravanning and bought a boat), I bought a 2.2L diesel Nissan X-Trail, which without any shadow of doubt, was the best vehicle t
  4. Hi Jonzo Thanks for the prompt response, and confirming that its an inherent 'skin' design' problem. In the overall scale of things, it isn't a significant issue, but one for the 'back burner', perhaps to be resolved when more important issues have been dealt with.. Although I'm familiar with pbpBB and Word Press, this software is a bit of an unknown to me. Dave
  5. Maybe it me "not seeing the wood for the trees", but the default set for avatar images seems to be at a 1:1 aspect ratio. The are very few in any cameras in common use, that produce images with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Since the software upgrade, in order to take a standard format image, and use it for an avatar, it either has to be shrunk in the horizontal axis, or stretched in the vertical axis. Either way, it distorts the image. Alternatively, a lot of unnecessary background has to be included in order that the image can be 'cropped' to produce a 1:1 aspect ratio. This of course def
  6. Know the boat, and its previous owner At one time it was moored at the same marina as is my boat. Welcome aboard Dave
  7. Ok, problem sorted and the Propex 1800 is now working Went down to the boat today, to have one last attempt to get the unit to fire up, before ordering the new design of ignition module from Propex (circa £50). When the boat was out of the water, I had removed the 'baffle plate' on the 'through hull' balanced flu, and blown (via mouth) up both the inlet and exhaust pipes, as suggested by Propex, to try and free the combustion air input fan. This didn't work, so I connected the pipe from a dinghy inflator pump, and tried blasting it with this. Again no joy. Today, I disconnected th
  8. I too like Beccles It has retained its quaint small country town feel, and the toasted tea cakes, or afternoon cream teas in Twyfords are lovely. Never used the toilets or the showers at the harbour, so I can't comment, but they would have to go a long way to beat those at the Waveney River Centre, which are excellent. The little ice cream shop at the harbour sells really tasty soft ice cream, but their prices are a bit on the high side, IMO. As for the harbour itself, the moorings are good, and it isn't too far to walk up into the town, The loss off the harbour master last ye
  9. Your comments seem to align very nicely with the multitude of other Propex users, in that it is a VERY common problem. When the boat was out of the water, I removed the baffle plate from the flue fitting on the outside of the hull, stuffed plastic pipe up both the intake and exhaust, and blew for all I was worth, to no availl. I then tried it with a high volume dinghy inflator, but again no joy. So if it is case of the fan sticking, it is well and truly stuck, I tried just about every sequence of turning it on and off, but no go. Basically, its a 'crap' design, which is supporte
  10. I have Propex 1800 on my boat, and it doesn't work. More specifically, it starts up with the normal 30 second fan blast to clear the combustion chamber, but then won't ignite, and the LED on the control panel flashes a five pulse sequence, which = failure to ignite. A Google search revealed that it is a very common problem, and usually due the failure of a small fan on air intake side of the balanced flue. Apparently, if the unit isn't used regularly, this fan sticks, and it doesn't spin, the electronics see this as a fault condition, and will not let the unit ignite. Having spoken
  11. I have a Carbon Monoxide detector fitted in the cabin of my boat. But of course, unlike a smoke detector, there is no easy way of testing it. I can only assume (hope) that it will work if its ever needed to. Dave
  12. Not surprising really, this sort of behaviour is very much 'par for the course' with some elements of todays society. Sad, but true unfortunatley, and I can't see it changing. Dave
  13. Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC EX series lens. Mint condition - fitted with UV filter from new - Sigma case - in original box. Reason for selling, am buying a Canon 24-105mm L series lens, which will mean taking fewer lenses when travelling abroad on holiday. £85 + p&p, or buyer can collect. Dave
  14. Maybe being based near to the Oulton Broad end of the Waveney, it is quite likely that we are in fresh water. In fact, given the fresh water fish that we catch down there, it would seem to support this. I will check to see if there is an electrical connection between the engine and the 'pop-shaft', although I suspect that there is. Life is never simple is it Dave
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