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  1. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for the words of caution.... think I will be able to find the watching grunters, always an abundance of them I've found! There is only what really amounts to severe cosmetic damage to the rubber and I only intend to replace 2 sections on each corner of the transom about a metre each so they wrap round and join the original on a straight but joint. These I will cover with stainless tubing sections . I have had a dry run with the split stainless tube and it looks really good and a snug fit. The flange I think has not been damaged, certainly there is no evidence
  2. I intend to replace sections of the gunwale rubber on my Bounty 34 , locks and hire boaters having taken their toll over the years. It is the black 50mm MDPE/Alkathene as used on many Bounty designs.I read an article on the process a few years ago but cannot find it. I would welcome any advice/help on the best way to do this , particularly from any member who has done this job. I think that I am aware of the basics including the cutting and steaming necessary but any links to articles will be helpful. On the one article I did find it refers to a ' tool to spread the pipe ,' any
  3. Hello Does anyone know the current whereabouts of a Bounty34 on the Broads, preferably close to Brundall? A local steel fabricator is making a stern/ guard rail for my boat (which is based in France) and needs to confirm some measurements in addition to the info I have sent him. Hope someone can help Regards Dave T
  4. Hi Grendel Am sure that these are exactly what I need, will be ordering them ASAP, Many thanks for your time and help Regards DaveT
  5. Hi Grendel Many thanks for your reply I presume they are guides but they do take the load of the window both in the closed and open positions, it's not particularly heavy but being an angled L (about 110 degree ) shape, is a bit mauling to carry. They would need to be U shaped profile as you can see on the original post, there are 4 in total, 2 at the top corner and 2 at the bottom. This is a picture of the window open, you can see the 4 nuts on the outside if you can expand the image, any bolts holding the bearings in place would need to be flush or thereabouts as per the orig
  6. No luck with the 3 options today, none of the companies stock these bearings, hope someone will be able to come up with a solution, there seems to be lots of boats with sliding access windows/doors and all must use bearings of some sort.The bolts holding the bearings to the frame are quite substantial but I forgot to measure them and live a long way from the boat's winter mooring but you can see the proportion clearly in the 3rd image Many thanks to those who have responded earlier.
  7. I need to replace the U groove nylon sliding window roller bearings on my Bounty 34CC. I can find lots of almost similar examples on line but they come in lots of 100! Is there a local supplier /repairer who might have these or could advise me where to look or have any owners with similar types of sliding windows been able to source them. As far as I can see the bearings are 8. 32. 10. mm but suspect they may be imperial measurements. I am not sure if the bolts are integral to the bearing as I could not remove them without destroying the original and can't do that without replacements
  8. Grease nipple Solved Going back to the original post, many thanks for your advice especially Vaughan and tjd, I'm almost certain after looking on their site that the motor is a Dowty and the grease nipple is on the thrust bearing , which I will grease with confidence! I am based in France on the Saone in the Cote D'Or. Without wishing to tempt providence my hydraulic system is smooth and quiet and cruising is very economical on my Broads built Bounty 34 CC which has been extensively refitted over the last 2 years. Regards DaveT
  9. Hi tjg The nipple is on the rear of the motor and could be on the bearings, which is not something I had thought of. Unfortunately the only pic I have is of poor quality but you can just make it out in line with the shaft, .Regards DaveT
  10. Can a member please advise which grease to use on my boat's hydraulic system, There is a grease nipple on the final drive. The system is gear pump and vane powered by a Perkins 4108, but I do not know who the maker is, If it helps the unit with the grease nipple is blue in colour. Many thanks Dave T
  11. Many thanks for the responses.You do not need a CEVNI to hire a boat on the French canals but as the owner/skipper it is needed! Thanks Clive for your offer to post a letter to the owners of Dominica I will make contact when I get back to the UK as I am in transit at the moment.I have seen the pictures of San Valentino which looks brilliant,but is not mine. My boat is currently having a major refit in St Jean de Losne but I intend to do as much of the work as I can myself,business permitting Regards Dave
  12. Greetings All Well in my quest for sizes of the rubbing strake on my Bounty 34 I set off for eastern lands on Thursday to seek enlightenment personally. Thanks to Andy at Freedom Boats in Thorpe St Andrew for his brilliant advice and technical help, and Paul at Swancraft in Brundall, again a mine of information on Bounty boats but what is truly amazing is that he had an original section of the rubbing strake, and some of the galvanised bar! Thanks gents, most sincerely. Had a great time over the weekend visiting various boatyards and marinas, was staggered by the scale of operations at Ri
  13. Hi Everyone Just joined the forum having enjoyed the articles and posts for some time. My boat is a Bounty 34 cc, now nearly 30 years old, based on the Saone in Burgundy, and am looking forward to contacts with like minded spirits/old tars etc and other owners. I have already posted a question in the technical section and am looking forward to responses My first boating experiences were on the Broads as a teenager, which I recall with great affection. DaveT
  14. Hello David and Iain and Alan Thanks for the welcome. I am intending replacing about 4xmeters , but need to have the profile or cross section measurements taken about midships so I can have them cut .( See attached files) Ideally I would replace with original grp section but the chances of finding that after nearly 30 years is not very likely! Regards Dave boat side.pdf Measurements.pdf
  15. Greetings all, from a newbie from Merseyside The lowest GRP rubbing strake (close to the waterline) on my boat, a Bounty 34 cc has a large section missing which you can see from the attached file has at some point been replaced by a rubber section.I intend to fabricate a new piece in wood to match the original and protect with a new band also. I need to know the profile of the original GRP section, The boat is based in France and I forgot to measure it when I was last there, but hope to complete the repair when returning in May along with a million other jobs! Could a Bounty owner wit
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