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  1. daf4trucks

    Pyes Mill

    Anyone been down to Pyes Mill recently? Last year due to I think to a change of land ownership it had become untidy. Grass was no longer being cut, broken mooring posts were not being repaired, and it wasn't what it once was.
  2. I think you might find it is the LOA not the hull length x beam that is used to calculate the toll.
  3. A 25% increase over two years. They of course are well aware we live in an age of low inflation, low interest rates etc., they also know there is no effective watchdog looking over them, and of course if you can afford a boat then you can afford to pay. Phillistines to a man.....and woman.
  4. Why is it in this age of extremely low inflation, and RPI containment are we seeing a 6% increase year on year for our River Licence? Council Tax, Gas , Electric, Water, home insurance, boat insurance, RFL, mooring fees, TV Licence, petrol, diesel, food, beer, wine, spirits etc., etc., all contained or subject to small percentage increases, but not the dear old BA Licence. Is it due to lack of regulation, competition, or are the leisure boating fraternity seen as an easy touch?
  5. Alan. Not sure about the 8 month rule, but I do know my son pays in excess of 4k for 12 months. The boat is a Sealine S28, makes our lovely Broads rates look almost reasonable! Steve.
  6. Alan. My son has a boat at WMV, apparently they did the same this time, credit to them. There is video footage of staff actually in the water doing this. Perhaps someone could come up with an idea which can release secure ropes off the top of the pontoon pilings when the water is that high, not sure what you can do with springs. Dodgems would be preferable to sinking's. Steve.
  7. Taken on Windermere post Desmond. Feel so sorry for these people, this is what can happen on non floating pontoons when you cant access your ropes. Still I suppose its far worse for those whose homes and livelihoods have been affected. Windermere 1.pdf Winderemere 2.pdf
  8. Apologies for the delay in replying to the last comments. Have'nt been sat here wondering how to respond, honestly. Replacing the starboard side should'nt produce too many hilarious moments, simply because that is the pontoon side. However, the port side is a different matter. I don't intend upon turning the boat around because starting is a non option due to winterisation, and not having her lifted because of cost. Therefore, her indoors will have to go down the port side standing up and balancing in the dingy whilst attempting to insert the new tape into the rubbing strip. Now that might produce something special.. Steve.
  9. Once again thanks for all the responses and information. JanetAnne, someone said either hot water, or warm air(hairdryer) might help, think ours might be past this but will give it a go. Thanks. Kind Regards. Steve.
  10. Thanks Alan. Ours is blue, and it is this which has come away. The strake itself is fine. Because it has become brittle it will not go back in. Will do as you suggest and pop into Brian Ward's this weekend. Started the thread thinking it might be a regular occurrence and a quick fix. Maybe not. Thanks to all for the info. Kind Regards. Steve.
  11. Thanks for the prompt response and the links, forums at their best. Alan, think it will be similar, or same as yours, ours being a 320 Challenger.
  12. Please forgive if the term rubbing strake is incorrect. The said item runs around the boat roughly where the hull meats the deck. This is screwed into place and then covered by some kid of rubber tape, which apart from looking good hides the fastenings. Mine as come away and as it started to happen the weight pulled it down all the way along the starboard side and back down the port side. It is proving almost impossible to re insert mainly because it has become brittle. Anyone had this happen? if so any idea what the ' tape' is called and any tips on replacing. Thanks in anticipation..
  13. Thank you all for your kind words and warm welcolm.
  14. Hello. Having previously been a member of, and a limited contributor to the 'other Forum and becoming somewhat disillusioned, we thought it was time to softly re-engage with all matters concerning Broads Boating. I stopped getting involved on the 'other' Forum about 18 months ago after it became in our opinion an unfriendly place sometimes in which to air your views. I know having continued to visit and view your Forum that some others have come across, whilst others tend to use both Forums, nothing wrong with that I guess. There is no doubt we see your Forum, or perhaps I should say our now that I have been accepted into the fold, as being a friendly, informative, and also opinionated, and hopefully we might be able to contribute something useful over time. Glad to be here. Steve & Sue.
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