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  1. ginbottle

    3 Rivers Race 2017

    We were returning back to our riverside shack last night at 11.30 pm and there were several boats around up river from Potter Heigham bridge, one crew paddling like crazy even in the dark...dedication? Or just a bunch of nuts?
  2. ginbottle

    Nhs Attack And Thoughts

    Good luck, Mr. & Mrs. HemsbyPie, hope all goes well with the little one! The idiots responsible for this cyber attack should be charged with the most serious offence possible, as it has affected the most vulnerable people, the sick and the elderly. Doctors have been unable to check patients' medications, etc. This is no joke...it is threatening lives! As Regulo said, lock them up...a fine is certainly not enough!
  3. ginbottle

    Country File On The Broads

    The fact that they have a pre-printed letter ready to send out to people regarding this certainly speaks volumes!
  4. ginbottle

    See You There On Saturday?

    Looks to be very interesting! I wonder if it is dog friendly...we've got four?
  5. ginbottle

    Anyone Tried One Of These?

    I can't even manage to copy and paste properly, Andy!
  6. ginbottle

    Anyone Tried One Of These?

    I reckon with a bit on ingenuity, you could rig this up to some kind of motor...... I reckon we might be sadly lacking in the necessary ingenuity...
  7. ginbottle

    Anyone Tried One Of These?

    I must admit, that was my first thought! In our case, easier and cheaper to gaffer tape a sponge to the end of a stick and reach round the side of windscreen!
  8. ginbottle

    Anyone Tried One Of These?

    The windscreen wiper motor has burnt out on our little Norman 20 and while trying to find a replacement, came across this... https://www.asap-supplies.com/electrical-components/windscreen-wiper-systems/hand-operated-windscreen-wiper#menu
  9. ginbottle

    New - First Family Holiday

    Hi, Christie! Welcome from me, though I haven't been on here all that long myself, I am finding the helpful advice most useful. We have never hired a boat, as we bought an old cruiser so that we can float off whenever we please! Always wear a life jacket and of course, your children too! We have four small dogs and insist they always wear one, when on the boat. I've lost count of the number of times my husband has almost slipped into the river, while getting onto and off our boat! It looks really funny at the time and has been the cause of many chuckles, but wouldn't be so funny if he actually did fall in, as swimming fully clothed in very cold water would not be easy! I'm fairly sure a hire company would supply life jackets? Have fun and enjoy your holiday!
  10. ginbottle

    Trying To Eat Healthy

    Isn't it strange, the number of people (myself included) who are gluten intolerant? All the larger supermarkets now stock a range of gluten free products, so it must be a huge and growing problem! What is being added to wheat these days and why? When did 'they' decide it was ok to add whatever it is, without any warnings to us unsuspecting consumers? I am so relieved that gin is gluten free!
  11. ginbottle

    Has The Nbn Got A Future? A resounding "Yes"!

    I would like to add a HUGE thanks to NBN members for all the free help and advice they have given me. In the short time since I joined the forum, I have been really impressed by the kind and friendly attitude, mixed with a little crazy frivolity...long may it continue, please!
  12. ginbottle

    The Lounge Has Been Changed To The Broadscot Lounge

    I've been without wi-fi for weeks (feels more like months) so have missed this sorrowful news, R.I.P. Iain.
  13. ginbottle

    Spy Camera

    MauriceMynah...you make me giggle!!
  14. ginbottle

    Hickling Broad

    In fact, I like all the above posts and many thanks to you all for posting them!
  15. ginbottle

    Hickling Broad

    MauriceMynah, I'm not allowed to like your post, but being the rebel that I am...I do like it!

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