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  1. I shall not bore you with a Sunday spent on the beach, at least no more than is necessary to call back to mind those wonderful, warm sunny days. It is raining here, it has been raining here for nearly two months. In fact it has rained so much over the past few weeks I'm considering installing an electricity post in my driveway and letting it out as moorings. In recent days there has been a real change, the rain has turned cold, really cold. Did it really never rain in those long remembered summers or does our subconscious self erase the memories of the rainy days, leaving only week after week
  2. And so the great wheel turns. In the blink of an eye another summer has come and gone. The plans we made in springtime are now committed to the file marked "memories". Some of those plans bore fruit, others did not but we look forward to one last trip to our beloved Suffolk next week, a final hurrah before the fading year and changing clocks turn evenings into night. It's been a strange summer, one moment boiling hot with temperatures over a hundred degrees, the next moment wet and windy. For the first time in many a year we have had to water the trees in the orchard only to see subsequen
  3. And what dreams they were ….
  4. Once tea was over we helped with the washing up (do you remember those days, when children helped with the washing up ….?). With everything ship shape we returned to the wheel house and Billy produced a pencil case which contained his drawing pencils and set about decorating the front cover of out boats log. "What's your boat called" I asked. Well it don't really have a name Billy replied. Never gave it one. It has to have a name I said, what will we put on the front of the log book. We can hardly call it Billy's Boat! I know Billy said, we'll call her Harnser. And so Harnser it was. We'l
  5. There is a short but interesting piece relating to a pair of Brookes belonging to the Richardson's fleet when it was based at Oulton Broad on Carol's excellent Broadland Memories site HERE I wonder if the two I am thinking of moved from Richardson's to Camping Boats when they moved to Stalham in 1957. Clive might know if any were left behind.
  6. According to the Suffolk Archive there is a photograph of him showing hirers over a launch on Oulton Broad at Lowestoft Library. I already have a list of pictures in that archive I would like to view, I have added this one to my list. Hopefully when we visit next month I will find time to pop in.
  7. Eating below decks was quite a treat. Uncle Jonny's boat was always immaculate and a children's tea party below decks would have given him apoplexy. Let me describe the boat a little. It was, by Uncle Jonny's own proclamation, a mongrel. It had been a fishing boat, then a work boat, then finally a houseboat. During the last conversion the open foredeck had been enclosed and a superstructure added forward of the wheelhouse which contained two cabins and the head. The raised wheelhouse was accessed by a sliding doors to port and starboard, and contained not only the helm but also a map table and
  8. Only in respect of Baron Morris, the former Labour politician and Life Peer. I studied much of his work, and once heard him lecture on social history, though I doubt it is the Alf Morris you refer to.
  9. as well as a range of wooden dinghies and later grp dinghies and covered day boats, (the "seamasters") there were four wooden launches at Camping Boats. The three I knew were Jock, the largest was an open clinker planked boat with an inboard diesel roughly amidships in a wooden enclosure, which you had to squeeze past to move from the front to rear of the boat, but made a marvellous picnic table. She had an open bow and seated 10 in total. I'm pretty sure she was not a Brooke. The other two looked remarkably similar to the two boats in your original photo. One was called Skipper and very simil
  10. Hi jwb. Do you have any history of Brooke's on the Broads? A company called Camping Boats hired out three wooden day launches on Oulton Broad in the 1960's and 70's, two of which I believe were made by Brooke at Lowestoft. I wonder if you know anything of them?
  11. Spare a thought for the children of today. They will never have many of the opportunities which we had. Never will they know the joy of walking into a sweet shop with a thruppenny bit and buying two ounces of "mixed" …. Sherbet Lemons and Pear Drops. Never will they experience the thrill of the rattle of those little morsels of wonder as the shopkeeper shakes the glass jar to loosen them. Never will they know the suspense of waiting to see if the balance would tip, or if that last precious candy, teetering on the lip of the jar would make it in to your brown paper bag. Nor, I doubt would
  12. We decided that a proper plan should be made. More than that, a log should be kept. That meant a log book, and a pencil. We ran through the park and to the shop in Oulton Broad where a small notebook and an HB pencil were acquired for twelve pence. The next port of call we decided should be the harbour master's office where we could obtain details of the tides for the rest of the week. When travelling along the Waveney in an unpowered boat travelling with the tide was essential. Even an eight year old knows that! We ran along the boulevard but the harbour master was nowhere to be seen. His off
  13. I'm not sure Rush were too good on Roller Skates ….. Do you find that time seems to move faster now than it did? Are there less hours in a day? I set myself a list of tasks to complete on Friday ahead of a garden party and barbecue today. I knew yesterday would be taken up by shopping and baking so was keen to have everything in the garden ready. By 7pm I was nowhere near finished. I should explain that we are undertaking a major redesign of part of the rear garden, removing, piece by piece the paraphernalia of the builders yard that our garden once was. needless to say I was
  14. Isn't it funny how sometimes a completely random, unexpected event can awaken a memory of so many years ago? I had cause to drive up to Edinburgh today to fulfil a promise I made some years ago to attend the opening of a friends business. Today was the day it finally happened and so rather than take the easy option of flying I decided to make an early start and drive. I left early, very early. My plan was to put Newcastle behind me before the day was truly awake then stop for breakfast at a favourite haunt just of the A1 south of Berwick Upon Tweed. All went to plan and it proved to be an enjo
  15. Saturday usually began at or just after first light. The trusty “torpedo” camping stove came out and the first thing on was the kettle. Whilst the girls walked the dog, named Sandy who was a basenji, for those who have asked, I was despatched to tell father that the kettle was on. This was an implied instruction from mother that it was time he was packing up. Tell your mother I'll have one more cast was the invariable reply as I was press ganged into service as a donkey, carrying the little bits and pieces like his net bag whilst he catapulted the last of his ground bait into the river and pac
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