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  1. I think you've struck the nail on the head there. I've seen too many posts incorrectly accusing the BA of this, that, and another, that I now take everything I read from those posters with a pinch of salt - like you say, it's only damaging their own credibility.
  2. It was a good race to watch as a spectator, not so sure about some of the racers... a lot of boats were reefing, many turned back, and several boats lost masts, booms, etc because of the wind. My photos from the race: http://www.flickr.com/photos/petelawren ... 887992042/
  3. 3 Rivers Race webcams can be found here: http://3rrcams.horningsc.co.uk:81/ The URL is slightly different to the one on the official site - but will handle more traffic.
  4. So I had another attempt the other night at photographing some meteors following my disappointing attempt last time (viewtopic.php?f=80&t=7312&start=0) This time I headed out around 10:30pm on 12th August and almost immediately was seeing meteors shooting across the sky. I set my camera up on its tri-pod aimed towards the cassiopia constelattion (NNE). As it wasn't quite so dark as last time (August v's December) I set my camera to take 15 second exposures, in an attempt to reduce any light polution coming from Stalham washing out the photo. I managed to catch a couple of meteors on film (memory card), here is my favourite one...
  5. how about a "yes, with caveats" option?
  6. Took this a few weeks ago at Gays Staithe, but only got around to posting it here. He and his mate (I think it was a male) quite happily swam around the staithe hunting for fish for about 45 minutes, not minding my presence at all.
  7. Took a trip down to Happisburgh last weekend to take some photos of the coastline. The results can be seen over at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/petelawren ... 025315356/ (I've also attached a couple to the bottom of this post. I think the photos demonstrate really well the power of the sea that is causing the residents of Happisburgh so many problems; but also that the power of the sea has a real beauty about it.
  8. As mentioned a few weeks ago I purchased a circular polarising filter for my camera. Here are some examples of photos taken with and without the filter, to give an indication of how the filter effects a photo.
  9. Just added a link to open up the map in a new window
  10. Open in Google Maps Like this? [googlemap]http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=52.739202,1.496544&spn=0.029984,0.077162&t=p&z=14[/googlemap]
  11. Pete

    Filters and Hoods

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I've just ordered a hood and a circular polarising filter. Once the sun makes an appearence I'll try to post some photos both with and without the hoods and filters to try and illustrate the results.
  12. Hi all, Recently I've been looking into purchasing a polarising filter and lens hood for my Canon 500D in order to try to eliminate rogue light getting into the picture. Has anyone had any experience with using polarising filters and lens hoods? Do they make a noticable difference? Do any of you use any other sort of filters to enhance your photos? Thanks, Pete
  13. It was a misty morning this morning, so went out to get some photos of the mist. I'm really happy with how the sunrise one turned out, the others were taken looking towards the sun, so they don't look amazing, but thought I'd post them as they may be of interest to some.
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