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sounds strange , " cooking with grapes , ? surely you make wine from them " trust me , what you need

olive oil  and some butter,4 fresh chicken breasts, 1 small onion sliced ,a packet of parma ham , a jar of green pesto, about 15-20 grapes sliced in half,a pot of mascarpone cheese, a bottle of medium to dry white wine , some salad stuff , lettuce, tommies , cucumber  etc , and some fresh crusty bread .

how to do it.

roll 4 slices of parma ham up , easy to do it to start with , then slice along one side of your chicken breasts making them in to pockets, which you put the parma ham in .next heat up about a table spoon of olive oil on you pan and add a knob of butter , heat  gently until it sizzles , then add your chicken breast pockets , once they are browned on both sides approx 5 minutes take them out of the pan . then add to the pan the sliced onion and about half of the jar of pesto and a glass of wine , stir for about 3 minutes then put the chicken back in to the mix , stir and cover , leave to simmer for about 25-30 minutes , have a glass of wine cheers, right now that the chicken is alomst cooked put the grapes in  ,stir and cover  and leave for another 10 -15 minutes , dress your plates with your salad , and slice your bread , check your chicken , i do this by getting the biggest bit out and slicing it open , if it's cooked take the chicken out of the pan and arrange nicely on your plates , then turn up the heat and add the mascarpone cheese to the pan ,stiring constantly until you have a green sauce , spoon this over your chicken , eat  with crusty bread while finishing off the bottle of wine .cheers, of course there is nothing to stop you from opening another bottle one you have finished the first . Bon Apetit  :wasted:


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Thankyou deebee29 , a lot of people have asked " why no salt " ? there is lots of salt in the pesto and parma ham so it doesn't need it , however a little pepper after it's on your plate goes well, it's one of my wifes' favourites .i'm glad there is this " share your recipes " section i have lots  of my own recipes cheers

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