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  1. My mother (90 in March) had her first Phizer jab on the first day GP’s offered it in December and second on 5th January ( our gp’s refused to cancel already booked appointments ) and has had no after effects at all, not even a bruise or sore arm. I can’t tell you what a relief it is that she’s had it. I agree with Tim, when offered the jab please take it.
  2. What’s depressing is personally knowing 8 people who have died as a result of this awful disease, not wether we will get on holiday or not.
  3. Sorry I know nothing about boat fuels but why not drop them an email (got this address from their website) aspen@aaoil.co.uk
  4. Stunning photos as always Malcolm. Makes up for what we’ve missed out on this year
  5. This came in for up here in the North East from one minute past midnight this morning
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say about Bridgecraft. A fantastic company (we have used them for many years) We always feel that we are visiting old friends rather than just hiring a boat. Sadly we can’t get this year but will return
  7. Loving this write up. Belaugh Church mooring is one of our favourites. We will not be going this year due to cancellations and Covid so this is filling a big Broads shaped hole for me. looking forward to the next instalment
  8. This is from Microsoft. I had this continually a few months ago & Microsoft kept locking my account & refused to say what the problem was. they finally locked the account meaning I had no access to emails or any other Microsoft programs (office 360 etc. Linked to that account even paid for) fortunately I had the important emails & contacts backed up but it was one hell of a hassle contacting all the companies I was registered with to change my email ( most send a link to your existing account so had to explain I had no access) Seems this is a common issue from c
  9. We’ve always used a 3 mobile wifi unit all over the Broads and got great signal for streaming in most places
  10. I had commented above that you can heat the microwave packet rice in the pan then edited to say I’d just noticed Vanessan’s reply but the original quote vanished
  11. Thank you. No need to feel sad Jean, mum is quite well apart from her mobility hence we worry about her safety. We’d much rather have happy memories of the last few year’s great holidays than risk having any accidents and spoiling that.
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