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  1. Bridgecraft are also closed from today according to Hoseasons website. we were due to be down the week after Easter
  2. Very sad news Our condolences to Mags and family
  3. I think I just used a cushion (when it was dry) but I didn’t have too many problems. Yes, not the most comfortable seat but at 5’10 I managed ok
  4. Here’s a write up that I did a few years ago when we hired Swan Rapide
  5. Hi John I recognise that video Lovely looking boat. Good luck with the sale David
  6. Sadly missed, Fondly remembered
  7. Alan I would also like to offer our heartfelt condolences at this very sad time Stay strong David & Family
  8. Here’s a link to the forum Handy Information section with loads of Attractions listed https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/handy-information/attractions-places-to-visit/ Have a great holiday and as others have said don’t try to fit everything in
  9. Well Vaughan your prayers have been answered but a little misplaced. it’s just started lashing down up here in the North East (Geordieland)
  10. And a third from me. Brilliant yard. we had Fourth Bridge 2 in 2014 & loved it. The engine is indeed inside below the upper helm and was well soundproofed, I don’t recall it being excessively noisy. The only slight downside for us was the access for mum (now 87) was a bit tricky with the back being very high and having to get along the decks to the upper helm and down the steps to get in. But other than that we loved the boat. we were last with Bridgecraft for a week in April on Westminster Bridge and have it booked again for 2 weeks in September (can’t wait) and the same for April & September next year
  11. I was 16 & remember being burnt to a crisp after falling asleep on Whitley Bay beach after consuming a number of tinnies. Later in the year when the summer finally broke we were in a rowing boat in the middle of Coniston Water in the Lake District. The lightening storm was amazing to watch but a bit frightening being in such a small boat surrounded by all that water as the wind got up & the heavens opened and lightning going round the lake touching the mountain tops. Rowing back was interesting, we had to pull in & let my mate off with his young sister so they could walk back to the camp site. she was terrified and screaming her head off. Ahh Happy days
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