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Eberspacher D4

Guest Jupiter Mist

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Hi all,

Mariotech and I have come to the painful conclusion that it is the ECU in my D4 airtronic that has packed up after having exhausted all options.

Does anyone know where I can get one of these at a good price? The best price I have found so far is just over £300 :roll:

There are none currently on e-bay...doh!!

Its the 12v version part nr 225101003005.

adam... :pirate :pirate :pirate

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P F Jones have them ex stock at £288 if that's any help Adam, have you checked all the output signals from the ECU against the timing and curves to confirm or are you just assuming that because you can't find anything else that it must be the ECU. Glowpin conforms to resistance spec ? sensors conform to spec ?

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Hi david,

no I havent checked ...and wouldnt know how to :naughty: . However, the Eberspacher fault chart suggests that if just the fan spins but nothing else happens (stage 1 in the sequence), then its either replace the overheat sensor or the ecu. We swapped the D4 unit with johnathans/mariotech spare D2 and it did go to the next stage of the firing up process, which suggests that everything external to the D4 itself appears to be working (ie fuel pump, fuse, thermostat controller).

Our final attempt was to swap over the overheat sensor from the D2 (as it is the same part) but still no luck so we know its not that.

Unfortunately, the D2 ECU is not the same part as the D4 so we couldnt test that.

What I am trying to avoid is the potential bill from Panks for a new ECU fitted , which we know from painful experience was £500 on the D2 we had on Jupes.

Bit of a rip off when we know that we can obtain one at £288 which already includes the dealers profit margin. So even after making their margin on the product, it would appear that I was charged a further £212 to come and fit it, and lets face it, the fitting is so damn simple (easier than Lego!!)...even I can do it!!! two gunstwo gunstwo guns.

So far, Mellors do appear to be the cheapest supplier.

If anyone has any other suggestions, or another D4 we can test the ecu theory on, I would be grateful to hear from you.

adam aka Lb :pirate :pirate :pirate

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You can test the glowpin output quite simply with a bulb Adam, if you still have the old glow pin I'm certain Jonathan can make a test lead for you and even if not he will cobble something up to suit. (hark at me finding work for the poor bloke) The pump is straighforward as it either ticks or not. As a last resort you could always take the unit into a commercial vehicle Ebo service place for diagnosis, they will be far cheaper. Shame it's not a Webo or I have some kit I could loan you for diagnosis.

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