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Just a quick note from the Tech team about posting videos.

Could we please where possible post videos to youtube then copy the link into a thread. 


We did notice a considerable increase in data traffic during Robins Indy thread when videos were posted direct to the page, rather than via youtube. we fully understand that in this particular instance this was the only option for keeping us up to date, so no blame is being apportioned there.

When videos are directly embedded in a thread, the forum uses the full data each time the video is viewed, but if it is linked via youtube (or any other video hosting site you may wish to use), then the data is used from youtubes servers not ours.

As part of our running costs are from the data we use in downloading and uploading to and from  our file storage, you will see that 500Mb of video, viewed 200 times soon adds up to a fair whack of data usage.

(its at this point I cheekily point out the paypal donation button at the bottom of the adverts to the right of the page>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

We could disable uploading of videos, but we dont really want to do that, because there are times when the alternatives are not readily available, so we wish to keep the functionality there, and are just asking you all to consider the alternatives before posting large files or videos.

Thanking you all for your support.


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