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As I get more involved with Sea Jem I am finding the mist clearing in my mind.

I addition to the "tidy up" of my engines and fuel, I have been speaking to Clements Engineering the prop people. They have been most helpful and rekon I have the wrong props fitted which will cause the the engines to be held back. Currently I have 17 x 18 and these need reworking to 17 x 16. Fortunatley they provide a same day service for this so Sea Jem can stay in the slings.

Hopefully I can get this done in the next week or so.(and I can complete the engine jobs so SWMBO can finally get rid of all the oily handprints :oops: )



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Good news Wayne, hopefully you will be able to dispel any worry's of problem engines once they hit the right revs.

It may have been painful and there may be a few bruises but you now know a lot more about your engines and boat than if you had paid someone to do it, and you have saved a few quid to boot. :Stinky:Stinky

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Hi Wayne that's good news. Make sure you have someone with the right tools to take the props of for you and when you bring the props back they will be red hot so have a rack to put them on for transport. This is assuming your marina charge by the hour in the slings. you could save a few hours.


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Just a word of cation. Prop sizing is not an exact science although Clements seam to be one of the best at this black art.

If it were me I would fit new air filters and new diesel filters filled with forte diesel additive. Give her one more good run on Breydon this should give the best possible performance and may well solve the problem or will give Clements a clear starting point. This could possible save the cost of two lifts and prop tweaks to get back to where you are now. The way Sea Jem was black smoking it would suggest she is over propped or staved of oxygen.

Jonathan :Stinky

ps Still plenty of time until Whitsun

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Hi Jonathan

That seems to be a good plan. I now have all the service items and some forte advance stuff. I did ask the supplier how many I needed and he said two so that's what I got - recieved today and that will do 200 litres - what about the rest of the tank? - As you say I can put a good dose in the filters when I fit them.

I think I'll aim for Breydon on a Sat lunchtime - hopefully that's changeover for most people so it will be quiet.



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